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					    DID YOU KNOW…?                                 DID YOU KNOW…?
   that less than 9% of the world’s
    population speaks English as a first
                                                 that studying a second language
                                                  can improve one’s skills and grades
    language? (The journal Science,
    February 2004)
                                                  in math and English and can
                                                  improve entrance exam scores —
   that more than 20 million students in
                                                  SATs, ACTs, GREs, MCATs, and
                                                  LSATs? Research has shown that                      A PASSPORT TO
    Japan study English while less than
    51 thousand high school students in
                                                  math and verbal SAT scores climb
                                                  higher with each additional year of                   THE WORLD
    the US study Japanese? (Digest of             foreign language study, which
    Education Statistics, 2002)                   means that the longer you study a
                                                  foreign language, the stronger your
   that 85% of the public feels that the         skills become to succeed in school.
    ability to speak another language is          Studying a foreign language can
    very or somewhat important to                 improve your analytic and
    competing successfully in a global            interpretive capacities. And three
    economy? (American Council on                 years of language study on your
    Education, 2001)                              record will catch the eye of anyone
                                                  reading your job, college, or
   that over 170 languages other than            graduate school application.
    English are spoken in North Carolina
    public schools?

   that in North Carolina alone, there
    are over 800 international firms. The
    United Kingdom, Germany, Japan,
    and France have the largest
    number of firms?

   that the majority of American
                                                 FOREIGN LANGUAGE ASSOCIATION
                                                      OF NORTH CAROLINA
                                                                                                      How knowledge of other
    employers, according to a national                                                              languages benefits children
    survey, consider the command of a
    foreign language a useful skill?                                                                     in our community
                                            For more information about foreign languages in North
                                                 Carolina, please visit the Foreign Language
                                                  Association of North Carolina website at:
I have an elementary-aged child.               What about languages and middle                  World languages and the high
     What do I need to know?                           school students?                                 school student

According to Dr. Susan Curtiss, Professor      You wouldn’t expect a student to be           In addition to “looking good on a high
of Linguistics at UCLA, “...the power to       “proficient” in playing the piano after       school transcript”, studying a foreign
learn language is so great in the young        only two years of lessons and students        language during high school has many
child that it doesn't seem to matter how       with only two years of language               benefits to students. Children who know
many languages you seem to throw               instruction are still basic learners. Since   more than one language…
their way...They can learn as many             learning a language takes time,                have high cognitive and academic
spoken languages as you can allow              beginning language study during middle            skills (Armstrong & Rogers, 1997)
them to hear systematically and                school and continuing all the way              achieve higher scores in all subject
regularly at the same time. Children just      through high school just makes sense!             areas tested (The SAT College Board,
have this capacity. Their brain is just ripe                                                     2002)
to do this...there doesn't seem to be          Studying languages in middle school            gain a competitive advantage in
any detriment to...develop(ing) several        prepares a student to …                           career opportunities (Carriera &
languages at the same time”                     function in a multicultural society             Armengol, 2001)
                                                adapt to the influx of non-English
In light of that information, beginning           speaking groups                            Studying foreign language at the high
language instruction in the elementary          interact and work with individuals          school level is not just for college bound
school can benefit students in a variety          from diverse cultural and linguistic       students, however. Students who leave
of ways. Children who begin studying              backgrounds                                high school and enter the workforce need
other languages in elementary school…           achieve higher proficiency than by          a knowledge of other languages because
 develop creative inquiry and critical           simply studying foreign language            one out of every six production jobs in
     thinking skills (Curtain and Pesola,         once they get to high school                  the U.S. depends on foreign trade
     1994)                                      earn high school credit while still in       four out of five new jobs in the United
 are more creative and better at                 middle school in some cases                   States are created as a result of foreign
     solving complex problems                   students who develop some degree               trade
     (Cummins, 1992)                              of language proficiency prior to            in South Carolina alone, there are over
 show improvement in the verbal                  entering high school may be able to           500 internationals businesses.
     and non-verbal skills that enhance           begin learning a third language prior         Germany, Japan, France and
     overall school performance (Brown            to graduation                                 Switzerland have the largest number of
     University, 2000)                                                                          firms
 are more likely to develop native-                                                          each year 200,000 Americans lose out
     like pronunciation (Strozer, 1994)                                                         on jobs with business because they do
 increase their knowledge of English                                                           not know another language (The
     grammar and vocabulary (Curtain &                                                          Tongue Tied American)
     Dahlberg, 2004)


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