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Brochure - North Carolina Dental Hygiene Association


									               President’s Message
                Dear Colleagues,
                                                                            2012 Fall Scientific Agenda
                                                                                        Saturday, October 6th
                Welcome to the North Carolina Dental Hygiene
                Association’s 2012 Annual Fall Scientific Meeting!         7:00am – 4:30pm       Registration Open
                                                                           7:30am – 8:30am       Continental Breakfast
                As healthcare professionals, we all desire to              8:00am – 4:30pm       Exhibit/Trade Show Open
practice in a safe work environment. One way to achieve this
environment is by following protocol to minimize occupational              8:30am – 11:30am      Morning CE Session - Karen Gregory
exposures to blood borne pathogens. This fall, NCDHA is hosting            9:00am – 9:30am       Student Representative Meeting
three great speakers with extensive knowledge regarding standard
                                                                           9:00am – 10:00am      Table Clinics and Exhibits
precautions and infection control procedures. We trust that you will
join us as we focus on methods to ensure the safety and protection         10:00am – 11:45am     Student Session - Maria Sampson (P&G)
of ourselves and our patients in the work environment. As always,          10:00am – 10:15am     Morning CE Break - Visit Exhibits
NCDHA strives to provide you with educational opportunities that
                                                                           10:15am – 11:30am     Morning CE Session continues
will help you advance as a professional.
                                                                           12:00pm – 1:30pm      Lunch, Visit Table Clinics and Exhibits
The theme this year for NCDHA is “Connecting with Compassion”.             1:30pm – 2:15pm       Student Afternoon Session - Ashley Hale
We are all compassionate about being dental hygienists.                                          (Phillips Sonicare)
I encourage you to take that compassion and use it to connect
                                                                           1:30pm – 4:30pm       Afternoon CE Session - Peggy Skirball
with others to expand and strengthen our profession. Be a leader
                                                                                                 and Jessica Wilson
and make a difference. NCDHA continues to work diligently to
embrace its members and make positive professional changes. What           2:15pm – 2:30pm       Student Afternoon Break - Visit Exhibits
will be your role in the movement of our profession?                       2:30pm – 3:30pm       Student Afternoon Session continues
                                                                           2:45pm – 3:00pm       Afternoon CE Break - Visit Exhibits
                                                                           3:00pm – 4:30pm       Afternoon CE Session continues
Jessica Huffman, RDH, MDH                                                  4:30pm                Conference Concludes
                                                                           4:30pm                Registration Desk Closed
North Carolina Dental Hygiene Association

             Vice President’s Message                                          McKimmon Center - Raleigh, NC
                Hello Everyone,                                                          McKimmon Center (NCSU)
                                                                                           1101 Gormon Street
                                                                                            Raleigh NC 27606
                 This has been a fast and exciting year and we are
                 now off and running again! Most of the vice                                     Directions
                 president’s job is about planning meetings and          From west toward Raleigh:
                 those details never seem to end until the meeting       Take I-40 West toward RDU Airport. Take Gorman Street Exit
starts and then it’s show-time!                                          #295. Turn left onto Gorman Street. Go approximately 1 mile.
                                                                         McKimmon Center is on the right past Avent Ferry Road,
I am grateful for the opportunity to serve again as Vice President of    before Western Boulevard.
NCDHA for 2012-2013. Last year we tried to bring interesting             From east toward Raleigh:
speakers with new formats and I hope by planning aggressively we         I-40 East to Raleigh. Take Gorman Street Exit #295. Turn right
will be able to continue to keep our scientific meetings challeng-       onto Gorman Street. Go approximately 1 mile. McKimmon
ing, feasible and appealing.                                             Center is on the right past Avent Ferry Road, before Western
We want to learn, have fun and have surprises and favors for all.        Park in the front lots of the McKimmon Center. (There are
These items are usually donated by components, members of                three smaller parking lots on each side of the Center that are
NCDHA and our vendors; we care about you and our profession.             reserved for University employees. Visitors are asked to park
All of this can only be made possible with the help of our officers,     in designated visitor parking spaces in order to avoid
CCI and you. So come on, attend, and let’s network.                      ticketing.)

Darlene L. Shore, RDH
                                                                         NC Dental Hygiene Association . PO Box 20875 . Raleigh, NC 27619
Vice President                                                          (O) 919.510.0944 . (F) 919.782.9470 . Website:
North Carolina Dental Hygiene Association
                                              2012 FSM Speakers
                                                                                                  CREATING A CULTURE OF SAFETY
                                                                                         Focusing on Patient Safety/ The Basics of Infection Control
                                                                                   Course Description
                       Peggy Murray Skirball                                       We will look at the typical methods used by dental offices to process instru-
                       Regional Account Manager                                    ments and compare them to a proven, effective and safe system specifically
                       Hu-Friedy                                                   designed to manage instrumentation. We will cover what emerging trends
                                                                                   mean for the modern dental practice regarding investment, savings, safety
Peggy Murray Skirball received her Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene             issues, implementation requirements and liability when dealing with
from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She practiced dental         Infection Control Systems.
hygiene in clinical practice settings for 23 years and joined the Hu-Friedy        Course Objectives
family in 2006 as a Regional Account Manager. Peggy’s passion to bring             • Discuss current advancements in all areas of Sterilization Protocols
updated information to improve the lives of professionals comes through in         • Review current CDC Guidelines and the NC Infection Control Law
her upbeat seminars.                                                               • Identify gaps in Infection Control Systems
     Peggy is a member of the ADHA and is a member of the Dental                   • Recognize best practices in documentation of sterilization protocols
Hygiene Advisory Board at Wake Technical Community College. She lives              • Identify differences in infection control products necessary in the
in Holly Springs, NC with her husband, Bill, and cats, Bella and Max.                dental practice

                                                                                           INFECTION CONTROL IN PRACTICE COURSE
                             Jessica Wilson
                                                                                   This seminar will introduce to you the infection control principles and best
                             Instrument Management
                                                                                   practices pertaining to sterilization and disinfection of patient care items as
                                                                                   well as dental unit waterlines, in accordance with the CDC guidelines. You
                                                                                   will learn strategies to assist you in maximizing safety and efficiency of
                                                                                   instrument processing. In addition, you will learn how to optimize the
Jessica Wilson is a speaker, trainer and educator                                  quality of water that you deliver to your patients.
focused on Infection Control. As the Instrument
Management Specialist for Hu-Friedy, Jessica is                                    Course Objectives
involved with educating and training dental professionals on current steril-       • Proper steps of instrument processing
ization techniques in their day to day operations to ensure the safety of          • Proper flow of central processing areas
staff and patients. Jessica continues to stay on the cutting edge of Infection     • Benefits of various products and practices related to instrument
Control changes within the dental industry attend several continuing educa-          processing that can help you increase efficiency and safety
tion courses throughout the year as well as continued professional develop-        • Need to treat waterlines
ment as an educator. Her passion for assisting dental professionals with time      • Need for your office to “clean” and “maintain” waterlines
management practices, instrument maintenance, reduced staff stress and im-         • Dental unit waterline technologies and treatments available to achieve
proved safety in the dental office comes through in her fun and interactive          recommended water quality level
presentations. Jessica is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island in          • Gain a thorough understanding of proper hand hygiene methods and
Mass Communications, and certified in Dental Public Health from A.T. Still           indications
University in Mesa, AZ. She is a member of the ADHA, Atlanta Dental                • Learn strategies to minimize skin irritation and dryness
Hygiene Society, Georgia Dental Hygiene Association, Organization for              • Understand how to choose appropriate hand hygiene products
Safety, Asepsis and Prevention, and the National Speakers Association              • Learn effective hand hygiene application techniques
Georgia chapter.

                                                                                                  FOCUSING ON EMPLOYEE SAFETY
              Karen Gregory, RN                                                    Dental practices perform procedures daily which create the potential of
              Director of Compliance and Education                                 exposure to blood or bloody fluids. Additionally other processes in the
              Total Medical Compliance                                             practice may expose staff to hazardous chemicals or elements putting them
                                                                                   in harm’s way. Would you consider your practice a safe working environ-
Karen Gregory has over 20 years’ experience work-                                  ment? One incident could impact the health and welfare of workers and
ing in the outpatient environment, both at the front                               produce a financial impact on the practice as well.
line delivering patient care and in the management                                      This session will outline practices which create a safe working environ-
arena. She is passionate about both employee and                                   ment for all and define standards which lay the groundwork for the safe
patient safety, and takes every possible opportunity to improve the quality        delivery of patient care.
of healthcare for all involved.
     Karen joined Total Medical Compliance in 2006 as Director of                  Course Objectives
Compliance and Education where she is responsible for the development              • Discuss the requirements of the blood borne pathogen standards
and supervision of compliance programs within the organization. TMC                • Describe the process for selection and implementation of safety devices
provides onsite OSHA, infection control, HIPAA compliance solutions to             • Identify hazardous materials found in dental practices and required
dental and medical practices as well as seminars and webinars on various            training and documentation which must be in place
compliance issues.                                                                 • Identify the elements of the newly updated Hazard Communication
     Karen is a requested speaker at local and state medical and dental meet-       standard to include GHS guidance
ings, and was a presenter at the 2010 Hinman Dental Meeting, the 2011              • Recall basic electrical safety requirements
OSAP Symposium and the 2012 Federal Dental Services Infection Preven-              • Discuss basic emergency response standards relating to fire safety
tion and Control Course. She is on the Editorial Review Board for Infection        • Explain respiratory protection methods to protect against exposure to
Control in Practice and is a frequent contributor of articles in local and state    respiratory illness
organizational newsletters and magazines. Karen has been recognized as a           • Discuss prevention methods to reduce the likelihood of workplace
Hu-Friedy Thought Leader.                                                            violence situations.

                                                                                          NCDHA would like to thank our Fall Scientific Sponsor
NCDHA is a recognized sponsor for continuing education by the NC State Board
 of Dental Examiners; the NCDH Academy of Advanced Studies; the Academy
  of General Dentistry; PACE and the Dental Assisting National Board, Inc.                            HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS

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