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第一部分:听力(共两节,每小题1分,满分20 分)
1. What were the speakers talking about?
     A. Transport.                              B. Training.                    C. The speeches.
2. What does the woman want her husband to do?
     A. Wash his trousers.                      B. Hang up his trousers.        C.     Keep     his
trousers on.
3. Where does the conversation probably take place?
     A. In a shop.                              B. On a campus.           C. At a fashion show.
4. How does the man feel about the result?
     A. It is unbelievable.                     B. It is too hard for Henry.         C.    It    is
5. What can we know about the woman?
     A. She found a new job.               B. She quit her job.       C.    She     felt   terrible
第二节 听下面5段对话或独白。每段对话或独白读两遍。
6. Who is the man?
     A. A teacher.            B. A student.                                     C. A manager.
7. Where is the newcomer now?
     A. In the classroom.     B. In the dining-hall .                                 C.     In    the
听第7段材料, 回答第8至9 题。
8. What are the speakers talking about?
     A. Oil price.                                B. Oil crisis.           C. Oil quality.
9. How does the girl want to go to the library?
     A. On foot.                                  B. By bike.                         C. By car.

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听第9段材料, 回答第13至16题。
13. How are the hotels there?
     A. Excellent but expensive.                  B. Cool but dirty.                 C. Cheap and
14. Where do the two speakers possibly live?
     A. In the United States.                     B. In Venezuela.                   C.        In
15. What’s the best thing to buy in Venezuela?
     A. Clothes.                       B. Office equipment.                C. Gold jewelry.
16. What do the two speakers want to do?
     A. Talk to the Browns.
     B. Go to Venezuela for a trip.
     C. Collect information about Venezuela for their report.
听第10段材料, 回答第17至20题。
17. What is the purpose of setting up the museum?
     A. To promote his products.
     B. To help educate school children.
     C. To attract more visitors.
18. What do they mainly make in their company?
     A. Computers.                          B. Electronic products.         C. Video shows.
19. Why does the speaker invite teachers before the museum opens?
     A. Because he wants to get their advice.
     B. Because he wants to introduce his company.
     C. Because he wants to show his company’s computers.
20. What is Mr. Tom Silver?
     A. The manager of the company.               B. A teacher in a high school.      C.      Mr.
Brown’s assistant.

第一节: 单项填空(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)
21. Tom came _____ first in the International Maths Olympics, which was ______ great success
    both for himself and our school.
    A. /; the            B. the; a             C. /; a                    D. the; /

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22. Some experts are warning that the step the US government has taken to deal with the
     current crisis is ______ of much risk.
     A. ones                          B. one                   C. that                     D. those
23. She had prepared carefully for her English examination so that she could be sure of passing it
     at her first ______.
     A. try                      B. attempt              C. purpose                   D. hope
24. Because of the limited time, he didn’t go into details on the subject. He only spoke ______.
     A. in common                     B. in general                  C. in particular                D.
in public
25. Life is like a long race______ we compete with others to go beyond ourselves.
  A. which                       B. what            C. that                       D. where
26. ______ by his grandparents in the countryside, he isn’t accustomed to ______ in the city.
     A. Having brought up; live                                B. Grown up; living
     C. Growing up; live                            D. Brought up; living
27. The printer is of good quality. If it _______ break down within the first year, we would repair
     it at our expense.
       A. would                 B. should                   C. could                   D. might
28. ______ is a fact that English is being accepted as an international language.
       A. There                  B. That                 C. This                           D. It
29. ----How about eight o’clock outside the cinema?
     ----That ______ me fine.
       A. fits                B. meets              C. satisfies                      D. suits
30. For more information about Cambridge, _______ our website at www. Cambridge.org.
       A. visit                    B. visiting              C. to visit             D. visited
31. Nowhere else, as his mother told us, ______ except the cabin in the backyard.
       A. did he go              B. he did go                  C. went he                     D. he went
32. It is not how much we do but how much love we put into ______ we do that benefits our
     work most.
       A. who                   B. that                     C. what               D. how
33. Even if you are in a rush, pushing someone _____ you can get into an elevator is just bad
       A. if only                     B. so that                  C. in case                       D. as
long as
34. ---- You speak very good French!
  ---- Thanks. I _______ French in Sichuan University for four years.
       A. studied                     B. study                       C. was studying                 D.
had studied
35. ---- I’m going to London next week.
     ---- _______ ! So am I .
       A. What a coincidence B. Congratulations          C. Don’t mention it               D. Good trip


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     Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together. However, I was not
thinking about the golden chain when I had to help people who __36__ their way and parked in
front of my house.
     I was growing tired of helping so many people. Almost every __37__ I was awaken during a
sound night’s sleep and had to __38__ someone out. Many times I was __39__ by some
penniless motorists who did not even thank me for the helps that they received and some even
complained that I could have done __40__.
    One day, a young man with a week—old beard climbed out of a __41__ automobile. He had
no money and no food. He asked if I could give him some __42__, offering him gasoline and a
meal. I told him that if he wanted to work for me, he could cut the grass, but __43__ the work
wasn’t necessary.
     Though sweaty and hungry, he worked hard. After working all day, he sat in the shade
to__44__ himself. I thanked him for his work and gave him the money he __45__. I then offered
him some __46__ money for a task particularly well done, but he shook his head, __47__.
     I never saw him again. He probably thinks I helped him out that day, but that is not __48__
it was. I didn’t help him. He helped me to __49__ people again to repay their trust in me. He
helped me to once again want to do something for those who are __50__. I wish I could thank
him for __51__ some of my belief in the basic __52__ of others and for giving me back a little of
the __53__ I had lost. Because of him, I once again felt part of a golden chain of kindness that
__54__ us to others.
     I may have fed his body that day, but he fed my __55__.
36.A. fought                       B. found               C. made                  D. lost
37.A. morning                      B. afternoon           C. night                 D. evening
38.A. bring                        B. help                C. carry                 D. drive
39.A. taken for granted            B. put up with         C. turned down           D. taken up
40.A. less                         B. more                C. worse                 D. enough
41.A. fashionable                  B. famous              C. flashy                D. shabby
42.A. money                        B. food                C. help                  D. work
43.A. actually                     B. specially           C. particularly          D. generally
44.A. enjoy                        B. cool                C. feed                  D. think
45.A. asked                        B. begged              C. needed                      D.
46.A. old                          B. extra               C. small                 D. good
47.A. accepted                           B. received            C. refused               D.
48.A. the situation                B. the thing           C. the issue             D. the way
49.A. believe in                   B. watch over          C. look after            D. care about
50.A. in trouble                   B. in danger           C. in tears              D. in fear
51.A. forgetting                   B. losing              C. restoring             D. finding
52.A. goodness                     B. happiness           C. pleasure              D. nature
53.A. weakness                     B. strength            C. optimism              D. pessimism
54.A. adapts                       B. adjusts             C. devotes               D. connects
55.A. heart                        B. soul                C. head                  D. mouth

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      第三部分:阅读理解(共两节,满分40 分)
           Susan Williams went to a boarding school. Here is one of the letters she wrote to her
      parents from the school.
      Dear Mom and Dad,
           I’m afraid I have some very bad news for you. I have been very naughty and the school
      principal is very angry with me. She is going to write to you. You must come and take me away
      from here. She does not want me in the school any longer.
           The trouble started last night when I was smoking a cigarette in bed.This is against the
      rules, of course. We are not supposed to smoke at all.

           The principal says that the fire was all my fault and you must pay for the damage. She will
      send you a bill for about a million dollars.
           I am very sorry about this.
           Much love, Susan.
           P.S. None of the above is true, but I have failed my exams. I just want you to know how bad
      things could have been!
      56.Susan wrote home ________.
           A.to tell her parents about the fire
           B.to ask for a million dollars
           C.to tell her parents she had failed her exams
           D.to tell her parents she had to leave school
      57.Susan told her parents about the fire ________.
           A.to warn them about what the principal would do
           B.to make them feel worried
           C.to make them less angry at her real news
           D.to make them laugh
      58.How true was the letter before the P.S.?
           A.Partly true.                              B.All true.
           C.Completely untrue                         D.The story doesn’t really tell us.

                                      Classified Ads Business Opportunities
WE BUY MACHINE TOOL                                        MODERN BEAUTIFUL APARTMENT
COMPANY NYC will buy machine tools                         For sale. Near station.

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Reply 7832673                                            Call Dora 6041360
WEST COAST FAST FOOD                                     FAMOUS DELI For sale
For sale Upscale quick food.                             Quick takeover and catch season
Most popular in county                                   Owner will train. Very profitable
Only serious inquiries                                   Call Rity 2299689
WANT TRUCK BUSINESS                                      GOURMET SHOP in the heart of wealthy neighborhood
Doing consolidator, containers                           is seeking buyers for this outstanding operation.
Import/ export, l truck or many                          Call Greg 5755718
Call 3328725
Aunold Bread Clearwater Fla                              AUTOMOBILE BUSINESS NOW
MUST SELL some financial possession                      FOR SALE
Call Walter 5304017                                      Will talk deal if terms are agreeable.
                                                         Call Mr. Kent 9497221
WANT TO OWN                                              If you own a small successful business but have no
A BEAUTIFUL APARTMENT                                    time for yourself, I am an honest woman looking to
Good location and good service                           become a working partner in your business.
Call Stein 6560232                                       Call Mrs. Meikle 4783784
       59.If you want to buy an automobile business, you should call         .
             A.3421577              B.6560232           C.9497221                D.3328725
       60. Whom should Dora call?
             A.Mr. Kent             B.Stein             C.Walter                 D.Mrs. Meikle
       61.Mrs. Meikle wants to        .
             A.apply for a position                     B.employ a working partner
             C.run a business                           D.show her talents in business
       62.How many selling ads are there in the chart?
             A.Four                 B.Six              C.Eight                   D.Ten
             Read our guide because ---trust us--- you don’t want to be the one everyone’s rolling their
       eyes at.
             GO RIGHT AHEAD:
             GOLDEN RULE: Home is pretty much the only place where you can safely blab (闲聊) about
       anything without having to consider the needs of the people around you.
             HANDLE WITH CARE in these places:
             Waiting rooms: People here tend to be feeling anxious about their news --- not yours.
             Shopping: Chatting while you’re in line will slow down checkout and make other shoppers
             GO RIGHT AHEAD: Make calls quickly and quietly, and be respectful of those forced to
             DON’T DO IT in these places:

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      There are places we go for peace and quiet --- it’s not proper to disturb others.
      Movies and plays:
      People pay to hear someone other than you perform.
      Elevators/ bathrooms/ beauty salons/ public transportation:
      No one around you can escape. Why force them to listen to your chitchat?
      People come here partly to get away from ringing phones and enjoy their conversations , so
don’t subject them to yours.
      GO RIGHT AHEAD: Put your phone on vibrate (振动) if you must get a call but always wait
until you are outside before you start talking.
      While driving a car:
      It’s rude to put other drivers in danger. So instead of going by the Golden Rules above, use a
voice-activated phone (免提电话)--- and use it as little as possible. You are four times as likely to
get into a car accident if you’re on the phone while you’re driving.
      Hang up already:
      How to politely ask that loud cell-take to speak softly:
      If you’re in a place that has a manager, ask him or her to do the dirty work. Otherwise, put
on your sweetest smile, tap the offender (冒犯别人者) on the shoulder, and try one of these
carefully worded lines:
      “Would you please end your call? I can’t hear what they’re saying?”
      (Try this when you’re watching movies and plays.)
      “Excuse me, but you’re making it really hard for me to concentrate (专心).”
      (Good for museums, libraries, and places of worship.)
      “Is it possible for you to speak a little more softly? I have a bad headache.”
      (This will usually work just about anywhere.)
63.This passage is mainly about ____.
      A.cell phone manners                                 B.how to make phone calls
      C.where to make phone calls                          D.where you can use your cell phone and
where not
64.The most proper place for you to chat freely on your cell phone is ______.
 A.in a bar           B.in a cinema            C.at home                D.in a waiting room
65.You are not supposed to chat on your cell phone_______.
 A.while shopping     B.while driving a car C.at work              D.in a lift
66.The underlines phrase “the dirty work” in the passage probably refers to ____.
 A.some cleaning work                          B.asking the offender to speak softly
 C.some dangerous work                         D.making the manager angry

      In our culture, the sources of what we call a sense of “mastery” —feeling important and
worthwhile—and the sources of what we call a sense of “pleasure”—finding life enjoyable—are
not always the same. Women often are told “You can’t have it all.” Sometimes what the speaker
really is saying is: “You choose a career, so you can’t expect to have closer relationships or a
happy family life.” or “You have a wonderful husband and children—what’s all this about
wanting a career?” But women need to understand and develop both aspects of well-being, if
they are to feel good about themselves.

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      The concepts (ideas) of mastery and pleasure can help us identify the sources of well-being
for women, and correct past mistakes. In the past, women were encouraged to look only at the
feeling side of life as the source of all well-being. But we know that both mastery and pleasure
are important. And mastery seems to be achieved largely through work. In our study, all the
groups of employed women rated significantly higher in mastery than women who were not
employed did.
      A woman’s well-being is developed when she takes on multiple (多项的) roles. At least by
middle adulthood, the women who were involved in a combination of roles---marriages,
motherhood, and employment---were the highest in well-being, in spite of warnings about stress
and strain.
67.It can be inferred from the first paragraph that        .
     A.for women, a sense of “mastery” is more important than a sense of “pleasure”
     B.for women, a sense of “pleasure” is more important than a sense of “mastery”
     C.women can’t have a sense of “mastery” and a sense of “pleasure” at the same time
     D.a sense of “mastery” and a sense of “pleasure” are both necessary to women.
68.The author’s attitude towards women having a career is            .
     A.negative              B.positive       C.Neutral(中立的)                    D.realistic
69.One can conclude from the passage that if a woman takes on several social roles,         .
     A.it will be easier for her to overcome stress and strain
     B.she will be more successful in her career
     C.her chances of getting promoted (提升) will be greater
     D.her life will be richer and more meaningful
70.Which of the following can be considered as a source of “pleasure” for women?
     A. Family life                                 B. Multiple roles in society
    C. Regular employment                           D. Freedom from anxiety
     You might not know it, but there is something wonderful at your fingertips. ___71___
     ___72___ When people are touched, the quantity of hemoglobin – a type of matter that
produces the red color in blood --- increases greatly. This results in more oxygen reaching every
part of the body and the whole body benefits. In experiments, bottle-fed baby monkeys were
separated from their mothers for the first ten days of life. They became sad and inactive. ___73___
     ___74___ Some years ago, a scientist noticed that some well-fed babies in a clean nursery
became weak. Yet babies in another nursery were growing healthy, even though they ate less well
and were not kept as clean. The reason, he concluded, was that they often had touches from

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     ___75___ And nearly all doctors believe touch helps to reduce patients’ fear of treatment. Of
course there is time when a touch is now welcome. But even if we don’t like being touched, a
smile can make us feel better. Smiling increases blood flow and starts the production of “happy
brain” chemicals.
     So let’s have a big smile and don’t forget to keep “in touch”.
A. Doctors say that body touch is a kind of medicine that can work wonders.
B. You can make people happier, healthier and more hard-working just by touching their arms or
holding their hands.
C. Everyone knows that body contact can make people happier.
D. Experiments show that most people like being touched.
E. Human babies react in much the same way.
F. New-born baby monkeys should stay away from their mothers.
G. Studies showed the monkeys were more probable to become ill than other babies that were
allowed to stay with their mothers.

第四部分 写作(共三节,满分45分)
第一节:单词拼写 (共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
76. Jack is late again. It is t__________ of him to keep others waiting.
77. The company has been t___________ from a family business to a big company.
78. To our great d____________, it rained every day of the trip
79. The exercises are designed to s_____________ your stomach.
80. He was suffering from physical and m____________ exhaustion.
81. A terrible accident happened, ___________ in(导致) three deaths.
82. At this stage the plan was _____________(绝对地) secret.
83. The crowd ____________(恐慌) at the sound of the gunfire.
84. All children should be encouraged to realize their full ___________.(潜能)
85. Does she say anything that ___________ to(吸引) you?


阅读 56-58CCC        59-62CBAB     63-66ACDB       67-70DBDA      71-75BAGED

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