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									 Ron Eakes Contributes To A
Number of Charities In The Best
        Way Possible
Ron Eakes is a respected businessman and a highly
social personality in Plains, Kansas. He is the proud
owner of a successful construction company, Mid Plains
Constructions in Plains, Kansas. The company makes
steel buildings to fulfill the needs of both the commercial
and agricultural industry. They also have huge forte in
Asphalt driveway restructuring, foundation repairs, floor
leveling, grading services, general construction, concrete
ready mix sales, and advanced concrete construction.
They have hired over 70 full-time employees and
provides an assortment of services that include concrete
construction for schools, hospitals, churches,
constructing grain storage for the agro industry, and
commercial property projects. He also owns three
concrete ready mix plants with trucks and equipment,
and has partnership in two large scale dairies. In
addition, he is also a member of National Register of
Who’s Who in executives and professionals.
Besides business, Ron Eakes consistently
contributes his precious time and effort towards
charitable works. He is deeply linked to numerous
social causes and charity events. He is a
dedicated    member      of    several    charity
organizations which always strive to make the
society a better place. He plays an important role
in the development of his community and the
people. He is associated with Lion's Club since
quite a while. This is one of the most prestigious
and popular clubs in the world. In 1971, the club
was began by Melvin Jones and since inception,
they have been expanded into a large
organization. Presently, it has more than 46,000
clubs in more than 200 countries and the club
focuses on enhancing the community.
Ron Eakes is also an honorable member of American
Cancer Society, which is a voluntary health organization
that aims at terminating a deadly disease like cancer. He
is involved in several events organized by the
organization in order to spread awareness about cancer
amongst people. He also supports County Economic
Organization, Kansas Peace Officers, Children's Miracle
Network, Knights of Columbus, Church Council, Save the
Children, and Special Olympics, etc. He thinks that it is
necessary to nurture the children well because they are
the future of any country, this is why, he helps many
organizations which work for the welfare of the children.
He is ever ready to participate in events which not only
promote education and health among children.
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Ron Eakes

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