Timelines and Calendars by a93840ran


									                             Timelines and Calendars
                                    Man’s Fascination with Time
Origins of Calendars
 As man began to live in more complex societies, he began
  to track solar and lunar time.
 This was done to mark religious events as well for
  agricultural purposes.
 Virtually all early societies had some form of calendar.

Current Calendars
 Christian- August 30, 2007 Tracks from the birth of Jesus of
 Jewish- Elul 6, 5766 Tracks from the creation of the world.
 Islamic- Sha’ban 5 1427 Tracks from the flight of Mohammed from
  Mecca. (Hegira)
 Chinese- 4704 Year of the Dog Tracks from the first emperor.
 India- Bhadra 8 Saka Era 1927-28 Lunar/Solar Calendar
Common Date Usage
 Most countries use the Christian calendar for business purposes.
 BC= Before Christ
 AD= Anno Domini “year of our Lord”
 Recently and in your texts, a new form is being used.
 BCE= Before common era
 CE= Common era
Using a Timeline

 It is a negative number line without a 0.
 Time moves forward (left to right).
 Instead of zero, there is a common event.
 You are either moving towards or away from that event

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