Types of Radiator for Your Home

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					Types of Radiator for Your Home

Modern radiators are becoming increasingly advanced and stylish, varying in colour, size, and design.
However, while the range of options continues to increase, when purchasing a radiator it is
important to remember its main purpose: heating the home. When choosing a radiator for your
home, you need to ensure that you select the right type for a particular room; otherwise it may be
ineffective and result in wasted energy.

Convector and Flat Panel Radiators
Convector and flat panel radiators are the most widely used and are suitable for every room in the
home, space permitting.

There are five types of radiator in this category:

       Single panel radiator – These radiators were the first to be fitted in modern homes and are
        designed to fit flat against a wall, giving out radiant heat. While they are not as common
        now, many homes will still have them installed.

       Double panel radiator – Similar to the single panel variety, but with an extra panel for extra

       Single panel convector radiator – More modern convector radiators give more even heat by
        moving air over and under the radiator. These radiators are available in numerous sizes.

       Double panel convector radiator – a common feature in households, this type of radiator,
        along with the larger double panel double convector, give out a lot of heat, but do command
        considerable space.

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      Compact radiators – featuring a top grille to hide the convectors, these modern, stylish
       radiators are perfect for small rooms and designed to sit flat on the wall.

Tower Rail Radiators
Towel rails are becoming increasingly common in bathrooms and some kitchens and are lauded for
their stylish appearance. These types of radiator should not be considered as an option if decent
heat output is required as they are lacking in this department. However, for warming towels they get
the job done.

Electric Radiators
Quickly becoming the radiator of choice for homeowners, electric radiators come in several
different outputs and are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit any room in the home. The
great thing about electric radiators is that they can simply be mounted and plugged in anywhere and
easily removed when required, without affecting the water or gas supply.

While there are numerous options available, electric radiators can be
grouped into four categories:

      Standard radiators – operating like 'wet' system convector radiators and accommodating
       any room.

      Vertical radiators – like standard radiators but designed specifically for space saving.

      Conservatory radiators – complementing the existing heating system, can be mounted or
       freestanding to provide heat in a conservatory.

      Bathroom radiators – the perfect alternative to the towel radiator, with better heat output.
       These radiators are wall mounted to save space.

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