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									                                                Smart Console Full V2

General information:
This console allows players to use some extra features in the multiplayer mode of Armed Assault. It is contained in an
encrypted pbo-addon and does not modify game files. Its primary function is the execution of ArmA scripting commands on
local and on remote computers (http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_ArmA).

1.0 How to Run the console:
1.1 Copy the file “wms_smcFv2.pbo” and the key* into the “Addons” folder.
For example “C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\AddOns\”
Copy the files “start.exe” and “x.dll” into the “ArmA” folder.
1.2 Run the game by “start.exe”, during the game press “ESC” and press these buttons on the screen:
“Settings” > “Close” > “Continue”
* - key is the file “wms_smcfv2.key”. You can download the “CL” key from

                                                                                                      Key types
                                             Features                                            CL      PU        СU
         Execution of ArmA scripting commands on a local computer                                +       +          +
         Ability to check any variable values on local/remote computers
                                                                                                 +        +         +
         during MultiPlayer game
         Execution of ArmA scripting commands on local/remote computers
                                                                                                          +         +
         during MultiPlayer game
         Unique key for the computer                                                                      +

CL – Common, Limited; PU – Private, Unlimited; CU – Common, Unlimited;

If you want a “PU” or “CU” (for groups) key, you should contact me through smcfv2@gmail.com. In the message, include your
e-mail, nickname and usercode (you can get it using “Smcfv2UserId.exe”
 I will give you PU (CU) key that has a limited period of usability if you agree not to use the console against friendly units in
multiplayer and not to crash any dedicated servers.

2.0 How to execute commands:
2.1 Pick the computer(s) on which you want the commands to be executed in menu 3: “DS” – Dedicated server; “ALL” – All
the computers, including “DS”; “LOCAL” – execute command on the local computer; If any other computers are found, like
those of other players, they will be added to menu 3.
2.2 Write the command in 2 or use menu 4 (History menu). Double mouse click in menu 4 for the “quick paste” feature.
2.3 Press the “EXEC” button (6)

3.0 How to check a variable value:
3.1 Pick the computer(s) on which you want the check to be done in menu 3.
3.2 Write the variable name or expression in 2, or use the history menu 4 for “quick paste” (2.2).
3.3 Press the “Value” button (7)
3.4 The value of the variable will appear in 1 without delay if you selected “LOCAL” in menu 3 and with a delay of about one
second if a remote computer has been chosen (for example “DS”). If the console can’t connect to the remote computer or the
variable is undefined then “Variable is undefined / Receiver is not available” will appear in 1.

4.0 Delete useless commands from history menu (4) - choose the command you want to delete and press the “D” button on
the keyboard.

5.0 To move the console on the screen – drag it using 5
6.0 Extra Abilities
The console has some special functions that give the player special abilities. To run/stop a function (plugin) - change its name
in menu 4 and do steps 2.2, 2.3. These functions are indifferent to 3, except “Kick”, “FindPlayer” and “NoAccess”.

6.1 Lambert
The Lambert highlights all living units which are located within a radius of 1000 meters from the player. All the sides have
their separate colors. It also shows the weapon direction of enemy soldiers with a special drop vector. If the enemy soldier is
unarmed or his weapon is non-standard, than the vector will show the direction of his view.
 (East - red, West - green, Res - yellow, Civ - blue, the rest - white)

6.2 Spy
The Spy function allows the player to watch units from above or through their “own eyes”.
The camera is controlled through the mouse: Drag & Drop + mouse cursor near the edges of the screen will move the camera.
Button ”SETPOS” - sets position for player, ”NVG” – night vision for the camera, ”LMBRT” - enable ”Lambert”, ”SWITCH” –
switches the camera to internal mode.

6.3 FindPlayer
Tries to find the player, which you selected in 3. It uses Spy function to show the result.

6.4 GodMode
If any damage to the player or his current vehicle is found – this function will restore both.

6.5 Speedhack
The speedhack increases the speed of any land vehicle that is controlled by the player. The maximum speed is ~150 km/h.

6.6 Aim(bot)
Tries to find the target that the player wants to shoot and aims the bullet in that direction. The targets can be air vehicles (the
bullet will reach the head of the pilot) and men. The function identifies the bullet type and works for rifles, machineguns, and
pistols only. Efficiency: ~90% - target recognition, ~85% - hit precision for paratroopers, ~80% - hit precision for men, <15% -
hit precision for pilots. This function does not recognize targets that are more than 600 meters away from the player. Work
efficiency is indifferent to static objects (bullets can go through walls etc).

6.7 Teleport
Teleport sets the position for the player or his vehicle at the point which was indicated on the map (mouse click on the map).
It keeps the altitude counted from the ground/water surface (it is handy for air vehicles)

6.8 Kick
Writes “wms_smcfv2 Kick plugin: You should leave this server or your ArmA will come down in ~10 seconds!” on the screen
and crashes ArmA in ~10 seconds.

6.9 EndMission
Ends current mission (in MultiPlayer too).

6.10 NoAccess
Prevents remote command execution for selected computer(s) thorough smcfv2.

6.11 Nolimits
Tries to remove restrictions in a mission (supports only popular missions).
7.0 Version History

V2.31 (10.01.2008)

Added and Improved: “Nolimits” plugin, supports “Sahrani Life” now.
Improved: keys authentication.
Improved: addon implementation.
Removed: “SMCF_Owners” and “SCP_Owners” plugins.
Added: new key type support CU (“Common, Unlimited”).
Fixed: problems with “Doolittle Anti-Cheat System” V5.
Renamed: “Armor” to “GodMode” plugin.
Renamed: Names of key types (“Limited” to “CL”, “Full” to “PU”).

V2.30 (22.09.2007)

Added: “SCP_Owners” plugin.
Added: “NoAccess” plugin.
Fixed: problems with internal anticheat system for smcfv2 on evolution maps.
Improved: “Armor” plugin.

V2.28 (08.08.2007)

Renamed & improved: “Deadstop07+msg” to “Kick”, message was changed, delay was increased.
Removed: “Ctrllock00+msg”, “Deadstop90”, “Deadlock00” and “Nolimits” plugins.
Improved: “Core”; send/receive data in Multiplayer (methods).
Improved & Added: "SMCFV2 owners" plugin; search method; It can also show “KeyID” value now.
Fixed: "Aim" plugin; Error message was appear on DeathMatch maps.
Added “FindPlayer” plugin.
Fixed: “Lambert” plugin; player’s fighting machine could acquire a target which wasn’t unit or vehicle.
Removed: “Spy” plugin; bomb and destroy features.

V2.27 (05.08.2007)

Fixed: "SMCFV2 owners" plugin; Error message did appear on remote computers sometimes.

V2.26 (04.08.2007)

Public release.

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