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                 Official Publication of the Slovene National Benefit Society
                                                                                                                                                                                 brief ly
                                                    WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2012
                                                                                                                                            USPS: 448-080                           Late Feb. meeting set
ISSUE 4                                                                                                                                   ISSN: 1080-0263
                                                                                                                                                                                    for Lodge 371 members
                                                                                                                                                                                    CLE ELUM, Wash. — SNPJ Lodge 371

The search for Miss SNPJ 2013 begins                                                                                                                                                has scheduled a meeting Sunday, Feb. 26,
                                                                                                                                                                                    at the home of Katy Kladnik, 612 E. 2nd
                                                                                                                                                                                    St. in Cle Elum, beginning at 2 p.m. Top-
                                                                                                                                                                                    ics will include the election of officers for
              by KEVIN RICHARDS                       member of SNPJ for at least three months at the       SNPJ 2013 will win a $2,000 scholarship, and                            2012 and planning events for the year. For
             SNPJ Fraternal Director                  time of the pageant. A brochure containing an         an official crown, banner and trophy. Miss SNPJ                         more information contact Lodge President
IMPERIAL, Pa. — The SNPJ Fraternal                    entry form will be mailed to all eligible female      will also have the opportunity to travel to SNPJ                        Ken Kladnik at (509) 929-0896.
Department is pleased to officially open the          members. You can also download an entry form          activities across the country, and she will appear                                                     KEN KLADNIK
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Lodge 371 President
2012 Miss SNPJ Pageant. I’d like to extend an         from the Miss SNPJ Pageant page on our web            on the 2013 SNPJ calendar.
invitation to all eligible SNPJ young ladies to       site,                                      The winner of the Miss Activity title will be
become part of our Society’s history and enter            The pageant will take place July 13-15 at the     awarded a $1,200 scholarship, and the winner
this year’s pageant.                                  SNPJ Recreation Center; these dates coincide          of the Miss Talent title will receive an $800                           Comets Lodge 715 has
   Contestants must be single females between
the ages of 17 and 25 by Dec. 31, 2012, and a
                                                      with Slovenefest XXXI.
                                                          The young woman who is crowned Miss
                                                                                                            scholarship award. Participation in the Miss
                                                                                                            SNPJ Pageant fulfills the SNPJ Scholarship
                                                                                                                                                                                    March 22 meeting plans
                                                                                                            Program activity requirement.                                           UNIVERSAL, Pa. — The next meeting
                                                                                                               Each contestant who enters the pageant will                          for Comets Lodge 715 will be held Thurs-
                                                                                                            receive a $50 participant award. As an early bird                       day, March 22, beginning at 8 p.m. at the
                                                                                                            special, those entering the pageant before June                         Bo Club on Hill St. in Universal. For more
                                                                                                            1 will receive an additional $50 bonus.                                 information, contact Lodge 715 Secretary
                                                                                                               I’ll see you at a fraternal event soon...                            Ann Evanish at (724) 693-8739.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ANN EVANISH
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Lodge 715 Secretary

                                                                                                                                                                                    Stay updated on SNPJ
                                                                                                                                                                                    athletics through e-mail
                                                                                                                                                                                    IMPERIAL, Pa. — The Fraternal De-
                                                                                                                                                                                    partment is collecting e-mail addresses
                                                                                                                                                                                    for SNPJ athletic programs. If you would
                                                                                                                                                           PERIODICAL MATERIAL
                                                                                                                                                                                    like to receive periodic e-mails contain-
                                                                                                                                                                                    ing information about these programs,
The 2011 Miss SNPJ Pageant field [left to right]: LINDsEy mEgLICh (53), HEAtHER                                                                                                     e-mail Fraternal Director Kevin Richards
hOLEvA (6), ERIKA BECCARD (89), Miss Fraternalism 2012 OLIvIA KAmICKEr (721),                                                                                                       at
Miss SNPJ 2012 DANIELLE brAND (6), Miss Talent 2012 mOLLy KOhLEr (153), Miss                                                                                                                                   KEVIN RICHARDS
Activity 2012 NICOLE wrIght (6), EmILy pOKLAr (584), JuLIE rOCKwELL (138) and                                                                                                                               SNPJ Fraternal Director

                                                                                                                                                                                    Have you recommended

   Star attraction
                                                                                                                                                                                    a new member lately?
                                                                                                                                                                                    IMPERIAL, Pa. — Take advantage of
                                                                                                                                                                                    SNPJ’s Recommender Program which
                                                                                                                                                                                    offers members an enhanced benefit for
                                                                                                                                                                                    encouraging family, children, friends and
Lodge 6 takes top honors                              with plenty of bragging rights!
                                                         The Star Lodge Reward Program is continu-                                                                                  acquaintances to join SNPJ. The recom-
 in the 2011 SNPJ Star                                ing in 2012. Lodges can qualify to be designated
                                                      as a Gold Star Lodge, a Silver Star Lodge or a
                                                                                                                                                                                    mender will receive $10 for each valid
                                                                                                                                                                                    referral. Every valid referral earns the
 Lodge Bonus Program                                  Bronze Star Lodge. See page 2 for the program                                                                                 recommender one chance in the quarterly
                                                                                                             call for                                                               drawing for a chance to win $100 and an

                                                      details, along with a listing of the 2011 SNPJ
              by KEVIN RICHARDS                                                                                                                                                     additional opportunity in the year-end
                                                      Star Lodge designations.
             SNPJ Fraternal Director                                                                                                                                                drawing for a chance to win $500. See page
                                                         All Lodge secretaries should have received
                                                                                                                                                                                    6 for the Recommender coupon or pay a
IMPERIAL, Pa. — The Fraternal Depart-                 a special mailing from the National President’s
ment is pleased to announce the results from          office containing their New Member Goal for            National board region 4                                                visit to the SNPJ web site,,
                                                                                                                                                                                    to complete an online Recommender form
the 2011 SNPJ Star Lodge Rewards Program.
One Lodge earned the SNPJ Super Star desig-
                                                      2012, as well as a Lodge Activity Planner. Your
                                                      Lodge Activity Planner, indicating the four
                                                                                                             position Open                                                          and get a head start on your reward.
nation in 2011.                                       activities the Lodge plans to sponsor in 2012,         This announcement serves as an official call for
                                                                                                             candidates for the SNPJ National Board position
   Congratulations to Lodge 6 in Sygan, Pa.,
for being named an SNPJ Super Star Lodge,
                                                      must be completed and returned to the Fraternal
                                                                                                             of Region 4 Vice President, which encompasses                                             THE
earning $500 for their Lodge treasury, along
                                                                    SEE StAR HONORS
                                                                          ON PAGE 2                          the jurisdiction and representation of all SNPJ
                                                                                                             Lodges in Ohio with the exception of Belmont
                                                                                                             and Jefferson counties. The vacancy will occur

Music, books fill Lodge 786 meeting                                                                          April 1 as a result of the resignation of Region 4                     The next two PROSVETA issue dates
                                                                                                             Vice President Dorothy Gorjup.                                         are March 7 and March 21. All material
                                                                                                                                                                                    must be received by Monday, Feb. 27,
                                                                                                             An election will be conducted by SNPJ National
                                                                                                                                                                                    for the March 7 issue, and by Monday,
                by JEAN KOCI                          Temecula, Calif. We were happy that we could           Board members during the March 30, 2012,
         Lodge 786 Secretary/Treasurer                                                                                                                                              March 12, for the March 21 issue. If you
                                                      reserve this great facility once again. The caterer    National Board meeting. Only candidates whose
                                                                                                                                                                                    are running short on time and concerned
ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. — The first                     who has served us in the past agreed to take care      eligibility has been verified will be considered
                                                                                                                                                                                    about making the deadline, send an e-
meeting of Lodge 786 in 2012, held Jan. 29,           of this year’s event. We discussed details and         as nominees.
                                                                                                                                                                                    mail to or submit
was a huge success! We had a great turnout of         made a few preliminary decisions.                      • A candidate for the National Board must                              your material via the publications area
members, several guests joined us, and an ex-            Also during our meeting, voluntary hours               have been a member of the Society for at                            of our web site,
ceptional social followed. Typical of our group       were reported and our annual audit was held               least three continuous years prior to March
of loyal members, some traveled long distances        after the main business was taken care of. We             30, 2012, and have attended at least 50
to be with us, coming from areas such as Palm         signed cards for two of our members who have              percent of regular Lodge meetings held in
Desert, Victorville, Sierra Madre, Temple City        been ill, Kay Nowjack and Pauline Bužan. Those            the last 12 months, and must have signed
and all over Orange County.                           were delivered in person by Dorothy Jerneycic             his or her name in the Lodge attendance
    During the month of January, the basic plans      and me the next day.                                      book which shall be a bound ledger.
for our annual Wine Tasting Picnic were set.                          SEE LODgE 786                          • A member cannot qualify as a candidate
The date is Sunday, June 17, at Wien’s Cellars in                         ON PAGE 7                             for the National Board for any of the fol-
                                                                                                                lowing reasons: (1) while he is suspended
                                                                                                                or expelled; (2) if he has been found guilty
                                                                                                                of defrauding funds of the Society; (3) if he
                                                                                                                is on the National Board or is a local lodge
                                                                                                                secretary of another fraternal organization;
                                                                                                                (4) if he is a representative of any commer-
                                                                                                                cial life insurance company; and (5) if he
                                                                                                                is a Personal Producing General Agent or
                                                                                                                sub-agent of the Society.
    DON mILEK                                                                                                      Resumes for this position should be
  and NORBERt                                                                                                       forwarded by March 19, 2012, to:
 entertained with                                                                                              slovene National benefit society
 their accordions                                                                                               Joseph C. Evanish, National President
during the Lodge                                                                                                     247 West Allegheny Road                                             • Kylie Q. Jerneycic
     786 January                                                                                                        Imperial, PA 15126                                                  Born July 26, 2011
         meeting.                                                                                                                                                                    Orange County, Calif., Lodge 786
                                                                                                                                                                                 Lodge 786 welcomes its newest member,

Nominations open for National Athletic Board
                                                                                                                                                                                 Kylie Quinn Jerneycic. Kylie is the daughter
                                                                                                                                                                                 of Dan (786) and Laura Jerneycic, sister
                                                                                                                                                                                 of Lucas Jerneycic (786), granddaughter
                                                                                                                                                                                 of Frank Jerneycic (786), and great-niece
             by KEVIN RICHARDS                           Candidates must be an SNPJ member in good             The Society has six athletic districts:                           of Dorothy Jerneycic (786). We welcome
           SNPJ Fraternal Department                  standing for at least two years. He or she must          District 1 includes Cambria, Somerset,                            Kylie to the Society and extend best wishes
IMPERIAL, Pa. — The SNPJ Fraternal De-                have practical knowledge of the Society’s major       Luzerne, Fayette, Washington, Westmoreland,                          to her entire family.
partment is currently accepting nominations for       athletic activities. Athletic Directors play an       Indiana, Elk, Warren and Armstrong counties
the National Athletic Board. This body regulates      important role in our Society; they are aware of      of Pennsylvania, and the states of New York
and manages the athletic programs, tournaments        athletic needs in their district, and they encour-    and Florida.                                                              Make
and events of SNPJ. The National Athletic Board       age participation from youth and adult members           District 2 includes Allegheny and Beaver                             your first stop for
is a six-member body that meets twice per year,       in both local and national competition. Athletic      counties of Pennsylvania.                                               SNPJ information
at the National Bowling Tournament, usually           Directors oversee all regional and national              District 3 includes the Borough of SNPJ,                                     on the go.
held in late April or early May, and at National      tournaments, and they report activities at the                SEE sNpJ AthLEtIC bOArD                                           Scan the code
SNPJ Days during Labor Day weekend.                   two National Athletic Board meetings.                                     ON PAGE 5                                             to get started.
2          PROSVETA
           February 22, 2012

                                                                                                                                           Congratulations to the 2011
           (USPS 448-080)
          (ISSN 1080-0263)                                                                                                                  SNPJ Star Lodge Bonus
  the Official publication of the
    slovene National                                                                                                                         Program participants!
     benefit society
  247 w. Allegheny road
 Imperial, pA 15126-9774                                                                                                                     2011 sNpJ star Lodge Designations
  phone: (724) 695-1100
         toll-Free:                                                                                                                                         super star Lodges ($500 award)
 1-800-843-7675 (thE sNpJ)                                                                                                                                       Lodge 6, Sygan, Pa.
                                                   During the annual Lodge 158 meeting held Dec. 11, 2011, Loyalites elected
    Fax: (724) 695-1555                            their officers for the 2012 year. Serving Lodge 158 are [from left] President PAt
e-mail:                          NEVAR, Treasurer gINA vOLpE, Sergeant-at-Arms EILEEN mArKusIC,                                            gold star Lodges ($300 award)
  web site:                           Auditor ELEANOrE gODIC, Auditor DONNA hELmACy, Recording Secretary
                                                   KArEN O’DONNELL and Auditor COLLEEN FrANK. Lodge Secretary Linda                                               Lodge 106, Imperial, Pa.
                                                   Gorjup is missing from the photo.
             Jay sedmak                                                                                                                                       Lodge 355, Fairport Harbor, Ohio

                                                   Loyalites Lodge encouraging                                                                                     Lodge 449, Cicero, Ill.
           associate editor:
          Kimberly gonzalez
Subscription rate is $8 per year for non-SNPJ
                                                                                                                                                               Lodge 745, Grass Valley, Calif.
                                                                                                                                                                   Lodge 781, Avon, Ohio

                                                   support of local Slovenian halls
members in the United States (Fla. subscribers,
please add 6 percent sales tax). Canadian and
foreign subscriptions, $50 per year. Advertis-                                                                                                                 Lodge 786, Orange County, Calif.
ing information available by writing our office.
Material concerning the official workings of
the Slovene National Benefit Society is given                  by GINA VOLPE
                                                                                                                                                         silver star Lodges ($150 award)
                                                                                               is attending Brown-Aveda Institute to
publication priority. Unsolicited manuscripts                     Lodge 158                    attain her nail technician license.            Lodge 1, Chicago           Lodge 559, Chicago
returned only if a self-addressed, stamped
envelope is enclosed.                              EUCLID, Ohio — SNPJ has devel-                  Congratulations to Pam Plunkett,           Lodge 2, La Salle, Ill.    Lodge 564, Detroit
                                                   oped a Community Service/Humani-            Pat Nevar’s daughter, on reaching her
Postmaster: Send all address changes to:
                                                   tarian Acts program. If any member          fitness goal and completing the 5K at
                                                                                                                                              Lodge 8, Cicero, Ill.      Lodge 576, Cleveland
 PROSVETA, 247 w. Allegheny rd.,
                                                   of Loyalites Lodge 158 participates         the YMCA’s Corporate Challenge in              Lodge 53, Cleveland        Lodge 577, Pueblo, Colo.
       Imperial, pA 15126-9774
  (Issued biweekly on Wednesday)
                                                   or organizes an event directly related      Tampa, Fla.                                    Lodge 89, Midway, Pa.      Lodge 584, Milwaukee
                                                   to SNPJ community service, fund-                The Loyalites are planning a wine
(periodical postage paid at Imperial, pa.,                                                                                                    Lodge 107, St. Louis, Mo.  Lodge 603, Samsula, Fla.
      and additional mailing office.)              raising or humanitarian acts, please        bus trip sometime in September or
                                                   contact Linda Gorjup at (216) 650-          October. Details will follow in future         Lodge 113, Price, Utah     Lodge 604, Cleveland
                                                   1279. Our Lodge will be rewarded for        PROSVETA issues.                               Lodge 117, Yukon, Pa.      Lodge 626, Barberton, Ohio
sNPJ NatioNal Board                                these projects.                                 If you are interested in participat-       Lodge 138, Strabane, Pa.   Lodge 715, Universal, Pa.
Executive Committee:                                   The February Loyalites meeting          ing in our SLO-ISH Doubles Bowl-
NatioNal PresideNt                                 was held Feb. 9 at Recher Hall in the       ing Tournament on April 14, please             Lodge 158, Euclid, Ohio    Lodge 719, Clairton, Pa.
Joseph C. Evanish                                  annex. Thanks to Linda Gorjup and           contact me at (440) 205-1618 or e-mail         Lodge 165, Wickhaven, Pa. Lodge 723, Fontana, Calif.
         NatioNal secretary                        all of her hard work selling policies, This is a doubles           Lodge 218, Denver          Lodge 776, Boro of SNPJ, Pa.
            Karen A. pintar                        Lodge 158 came in third place for new       tournament. Partners can be any mix
                  NatioNal treasurer               enrollment in 2011.                         of members ages 12 and up.                     Lodge 223, Greensburg, Pa. Lodge A01, Sewickley, Pa.
                   robert J. Lawrence                  Any member interested in attend-            Don’t forget about the Friday night        Lodge 459, Flint, Mich.
  Correspondence received at:                      ing the Young Adult Conference in           fish fries at Waterloo Hall. Lent is com-
   247 west Allegheny road                         June, please contact Karen O’Donnell        ing up, and although many Lodge 158                           bronze star Lodge ($100 award)
    Imperial, pA 15126-9774                        at (440) 279-2476. The deadline to          members already volunteer, the hall
                                                   register is April 30. Don’t miss it.        could always use more help. Won’t                                Lodge 721, Aliquippa, Pa.
Office hours are Monday -Thursday, 8 a.m.
 to 5 p.m.; Fridays 7:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.            Payton Noggy, granddaughter of          you consider volunteering during the
                                                   Donna Helmacy, won the Mentor Civic         Lenten season?

                                                                                                                                           The 2012 SNPJ Star
Finance Committee:                                 Center’s “Name the Mascot” contest.             To all SNPJ members, please
Chrm.: roger C. Clifford — 568 Lang                She named the mouse “Mischief.” For         remember that our Slovenian halls
  Road, Sewickley, PA 15143                        her efforts, she was awarded a free         are struggling in this “wonderful”
robert Lawrence, secretary
Joseph C. Evanish
Kenneth Anderson — 2400 Derby Road,
                                                   ice skating party for herself and 15
                                                   of her friends.
                                                       Zach Martin, grandson of Fred and
                                                                                               economy. If you have the means,
                                                                                               please consider a donation to halls
                                                                                               other than your own, particularly
                                                                                                                                           Lodge Bonus Program
  Birmingham, MI 48009
                                                                                                                                           gold star Lodge: $300 Lodge bonus
richard hervol — 183 Wylie Ave.,                   Faye Martin, signed a notice of intent      the Collinwood Slovenian Home on
  Strabane, PA 15363                               to attend college and play soccer for the   Holmes Ave. If you would like to help
                                                   University of Indiana in Bloomington,       them out, they hold a 50/50 drawing          Qualify as a gold star Lodge by:
supervisory Committee:                             Ind. Congratulations, Zach, and good        the third Friday of every other month.       • Meeting your New Member Goal for 2012
Chrm.: phyllis wood — 9519 Evergreen               luck next year.                             Their drawing is very similar to the                 AND
  Lane, Fontana, CA 92335                              Congratulations to Daniella Volpe,      Waterloo Hall drawing, but is held           • Meeting your Lodge Activity Goal by:
vincent baselj — 1001 Grandview Ave.,              daughter of Greg and Gina Volpe, for        the opposite months and on Fridays              1. Turning in the Lodge Activity Planner by May 1, listing four
  Apt. 903, Bridgeville, PA 15017                                                                                                                 activities that your Lodge plans to sponsor throughout 2012.
Louis J. Novak — 6308 Highland Rd.,
                                                   taking first place in her heat at the       instead of Thursdays. Waterloo’s next
  Highland Heights, OH 44143                       swimming sectionals held Feb. 11 at         drawing will be held March 15, and              2. Sponsoring all four activities, submitting a photo and article of
stan repos — 1255 McCaslin Rd.,                    CWRU. Daniella represented Mentor           the next Collinwood Slovenian Home                 each to the Fraternal Department for publication in PROSVETA.
  Imperial, PA 15126                               High School at this last meet of the        drawing will be held in April.
                                                                                                                                           silver star Lodge: $150 Lodge bonus
Joseph m. grkman Jr. — P.O. Box 584,

                                                   season. Good job, Daniella, and keep            As always, our prayers and thoughts
  South Park, PA 15129
                                                   swimming.                                   go out to our ailing members and to
                                                       Daniella’s sister, Samantha Volpe,      the families of our deceased.                Qualify as a silver star Lodge by:
regional vice presidents:                                                                                                                   • Meeting your New Member Goal for 2012
Frank bregar, region 1 — 25 Willow
  Crossing Rd., Greensburg, PA 15601
James L. Curl, region 2 — 503 Orchard
  St., Carnegie, PA 15106
                                                   Shoot for the stars in the 2012                                                          • Meeting your Lodge Activity Goal by:
                                                                                                                                               1. Turning in the Lodge Activity Planner by May 1, listing four
Nancy Koutoulakis, region 3 — 4321
  Beverly Dr., Aliquippa, PA 15001                 SNPJ Star Lodge Bonus Program                                                                  activities that your Lodge plans to sponsor throughout 2012.
Dorothy gorjup, region 4 — 23760
                                                              StAR HONORS                      rewards are made in addition to the             2. Sponsoring all four activities, submitting a photo and article of
  Farringdon Ave., Euclid, OH 44123                              FROM PAGE 1                   regular Lodge and secretary awards,                each to the Fraternal Department for publication in PROSVETA.
tracey Anderson, region 5 — 1014
                                                   Department by May 1.                        and will be paid out upon completion
                                                                                                                                           bronze star Lodge: $100 Lodge bonus
  Edgewood Dr., Royal Oak, MI 48067

Justina rigler, region 6 — 1116 Berk-                  All articles and photos of Lodge        of the program.
  ley Lane, Lemont, IL 60439                       activities must be turned into the             As of the end of January, we have         Qualify as a bronze star Lodge by:
John Zibert, region 7 — 284 N. 200                 Fraternal Department no later than          18 Lodges that have at least one new
  St., Arma, KS 66712                                                                                                                       • Adding at least two new members to your Lodge in 2012
Fred mlakar, region 8 — 13592
                                                   Dec. 31 to qualify for any rewards. Be      member, setting them on their way to                 AND
  Onkayha Cir., Irvine, CA 92620                   sure to send the articles and pictures      becoming a Super Star Lodge. Keep
                                                   directly to the Fraternal Department,       up the great work!                              1. Turning in the Lodge Activity Planner by May 1, listing four
                                                                                                                                                  activities that your Lodge plans to sponsor throughout 2012.
 SNPJ Recreation Center                            or copy an e-mail to Fraternal Direc-          Do you think your Lodge is up to
         270 martin road                           tor Kevin Richards so that you receive      the challenge of being designated a             2. Sponsoring at least two activities, submitting a photo and article of
       Enon valley, pA 16120                       credit. The SNPJ Star Lodge Program         Super Star Lodge?                                  each to the Fraternal Department for publication in PROSVETA.
 (724) 336-5180 • fax (724) 336-6716
      toll-free: 1-877-767-5732

     web site:

  Have something for
                                                   A look at events planned by the Slovene National Benefit Society
  Up-and-Coming?                                   • FEB. 26 ......... Herminie, Pa., Lodge 87 dance in
                                                            the Crystal Ballroom; 2-7 p.m. Music by
                                                                                                             • APRIL 1 ............... Herminie, Pa., Lodge 87
                                                                                                                      dance in the Crystal Ballroom; 2-6 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                   • MAY 26 ......... CAL Don Gorjup Golf Open at
                                                                                                                                                                            Rolling Green Golf Course, Huntsburg,
  Lodge/Organization                                        Mickey Dee, Don Wojtila and Christine                     Music by Silver Sky Duo. Kitchen will                 Ohio. For additional information phone
                                                            Hibbs. Kitchen will be open. For addi-                    be open. Admission is $5 at the door.                 Rick Gorjup at (440) 354-5001 or (440)
                                                            tional information contact Shirley Bailley                For information contact Shirley Bailley               773-3233.
                                                            at (724) 864-1606.                                        at (724) 564-1606.
  Type of Event                                                                                                                                                    • JUNE 10 ....... SNPJ Western Pa. Golf Tourna-
                                                                                                             • APRIL 14....... Loyalites Lodge 158 hosting the             ment at Rolling Green Golf Course,
                                                   • MARCH 2-4 ......... Florida SNPJ Days hosted by
                                                                                                                      “SLO-ISH Doubles” bowling tourna-                    Eighty Four, Pa.
                                                          Lodge 603, Samsula, Fla. Doors open at
                                                                                                                      ment at Wickliffe Lanes, Wickliffe, Ohio.
  Site                                                    4 p.m. Friday, noon Saturday and Sunday.                                                                 • JUNE 17-22 ...... Youth Roundup at the SNPJ
                                                                                                                      Bowling begins at 1 p.m. For additional
                                                                                                                      information contact Gina Volpe at (440)              Recreation Center. Contact SNPJ
                                                   • MARCH 3............. Strabane, Pa., Lodge 138                                                                         Fraternal Director Kevin Richards at
                                                                                                                      205-1618 or
                                                          hosts Ron Likovic & Friends in the Lodge                                                                         1-800-843-7675 or e-mail krichards@
  If a concert or dance, who is                           138 clubroom; 8 p.m. until midnight.               • MAY 5-6 ........ SNPJ National Bowling Tourna-
  performing?                                                                                                                                                     for registration forms.
                                                                                                                     ment hosted by Strabane, Pa., Lodge 138
                                                   • MARCH 11 ........... Herminie, Pa., Lodge 87 jam                at the SNPJ Recreation Center, Borough        • JUNE 22-24 ...... SNPJ Young Adult Conference
                                                          session in the Horizon Room; 2-6 p.m.                      of SNPJ, Pa. Saturday entertainment                   at the SNPJ Recreation Center. For reg-
                                                          All musicians welcome. Kitchen will be                     in the Gostilna will feature the Valencic             istration details contact SNPJ Fraternal
                                                          open. For additional information contact                   Brothers from 7-9 p.m. and the Johnny                 Director Kevin Richards at 1-800-843-
  Time                                                    Shirley Bailley at (724) 864-1606.                         Koenig Band from 9 p.m.-1 a.m. For                    7675 or e-mail
                                                                                                                     tournament information contact SNPJ
  Who to contact                                   • MARCH 11 ........... Fontana, Calif., Lodge 723 jam             Fraternal Director Kevin Richards at          • JULY 7 .......... Strabane, Pa., Lodge 138 hosts the
                                                          session at the Fontana Slovene Hall; 2-6                   1-800-843-7675 or e-mail krichards@                     Klancnik & Friends band in the outdoor
                                                          p.m. For more information contact Eric                                                          pavilion; 6-10 p.m.
                                                          Wood at (909) 823-1953.                                                                                  • JULY 13-15 ....... Slovenefest XXXI and the 56th
  Phone (          )                                                                                         • MAY 6 ........... Fontana, Calif., Lodge 723 jam
                                                                                                                       session at the Fontana Slovene Hall; 2-6             Miss SNPJ Pageant at the SNPJ Rec-
                                                   • MARCH 17-18 ...... Fontana, Calif., Lodge 723                                                                          reation Center, Borough of SNPJ, Pa.
                                                                                                                       p.m. For additional information contact
        Complete and return to:                           St. Patrick’s Day dance at the Fontana                                                                            For information phone the Recreation
              PROSVETA                                                                                                 Eric Wood at (909) 823-1953.
                                                          Slovene Hall; Saturday 6-10 p.m. and                                                                              Center toll-free at 1-877-767-5732.
        247 W. Allegheny Road                             Sunday 2-6 p.m. Music by Polka Power               • MAY 19 ......... Strabane, Pa., Lodge 138 hosts
       Imperial, PA 15126-9774
      e-mail:                           California. For details contact Eric Wood                   the Don Wojtila Band in the outdoor          • JULY 21 ............... Strabane, Pa., Lodge 138
                                                          at (909) 823-1953.                                          pavilion; 6-10 p.m.                                   annual Duck Race and family picnic. •                                                                                                                                                                           PROSVETA
                                                                                                                                                                                                      February 22, 2012

                                                                                        Former Foreign Minister                                                                       web site. According to program manager
                                                                                                                                                                    from the          Jasmina Mešić, “The web site features
                                                                                        starts EU job in Kosovo                                                      source           an e-form through which victims can
DENISE HERRON                                                                                                                                                                         report online incidents – intrusion,
SNPJ Marketing Department                                                               PRISTINA, Kosovo (STA) — Former                                                               fraud and identity theft. This is the first
                                                                                        Slovenian Foreign Minister Samuel                                                             reporting point of its kind in Slovenia.”

 Enduring love
                                                                                        Žbogar arrived in Pristina Feb. 6 to            venia sustainable development web site.       Mešić added that SI-CERT is willing
                                                                                        assume the position of EU Special               A total of 28 municipalities participated     to help site users report incidents free
                                                                                        Representative for Kosovo. Žbogar’s             in the competition                            of charge.
                                                                                        term officially started Feb. 1 and will             Ljubljana won the category of munici-

                                                                                                                                                                                          SI-CERT notes that while promo-
         alentine’s Day is an opportunity for you to express                            run until the end of June 2013, but may         palities with more than 5,000 residents,      tion of safe and responsible use of new
         your enduring love. There are those imaginative                                be extended.                                    Vrhnika the category of municipalities        technologies is important among youth,
         souls who come up with impressive, heart-warming                                   Žbogar thus begins his term as the          with up to 5,000 residents, and Dobrna        attention should also be given to the
gifts to show their everlasting love. And then there are those                          first Slovenian in a senior position for        in the category of municipalities with        increased use of Internet shopping and
of us who are sadly uncreative by nature, and we fall back                              the EU’s recently founded diplomatic            fewer than 5,000 residents.                   e-banking by adults, which opens the
on the reliable card, candy, flowers or dinner.                                         service. His position as EU Special Rep-            Vrhnika also received special recog-      door to new forms of fraud.
    But even the most imaginative find it hard to compete                               resentative for Kosovo will be combined         nition for greenest municipality in the           SI-CERT has called on numerous
with some of the larger-than-life figures who have left be-                             with a four-year term as head of the EU         field of waste management, along with         parties to join in the information secu-
hind their expressions of love that were both grand and                                 office in Pristina.                             Borovnica and Velenje. Franc Lobnik,          rity awareness campaign, and is pleased
enduring. Take Shakespeare, for example, who created                                        Žbogar was appointed the EU’s spe-          a representative of the Council for En-       that the majority of Slovenian banks,
dozens of love sonnets that the world is still enjoying. Or                             cial representative by the EU Council Jan.      vironmental Protection in Slovenia who        Internet service providers, retail web
Mozart, who wrote operatic love songs that have been                                    25 after he was named head of the EU            also chairs the award commission, said        sites and the most popular search engine,
played for centuries. And who can compete with Shah                                     office in Pristina by Catherine Ashton,         the commission decided to introduce , have responded positively to
Juhan, who built the Taj Mahal as a testament to his love                               the EU’s High Representative for Foreign        the waste management category last            the request.
for his wife?                                                                           and Security Policy, in late 2011.              year as it had established waste manage-
    SNPJ has an ingenious way for you to express your                                       Speaking to the press before departing      ment as a weakness among Slovenian
love to your family: life insurance. It may sound unusual,                              Slovenia, Žbogar said he faced two main         municipalities.
but life insurance and love go together like Valentine’s Day                            challenges at the helm of one of the big-           During the awards ceremony, Lju-
and hearts. After all, the motivation behind purchasing life                            gest offices within the EU’s diplomatic         bljana Deputy Mayor Aleš Čerin said           Parents overrate their
insurance is love. We buy it because we want to protect
the people we love. It may not last quite as long as the Taj
                                                                                        service: first, making sure that Kosovo
                                                                                        continues down the path of democracy
                                                                                                                                        that green municipalities meant a green       children’s online skills
                                                                                                                                        Slovenia, and that the recognition served
Mahal, but the proceeds of your policy could benefit your                               and building institutions; and second,          as an encouragement for future work.          LJUBLJANA (STA) — Many Slove-
loved ones for many years after you are gone.                                           helping to ensure improved relations            Čerin noted that Ljubljana was paying         nian parents consider their children more
    It can be a struggle to find the right gift for your loved                          between the Albanians and Serbs.                greater attention to waste management         skilled at using the Internet than the
ones, but SNPJ is willing to play the part of cupid and help                                Žbogar handed in his resignation to         and a cleaner environment. He added that      children consider themselves, according
you come up with the plan that will protect those you love.                             former Prime Minister Borut Pahor Jan.          Ljubljana would be competing for the          to the results of the “Young on the Net”
Actually, it’s a good problem to have since the only ones                               31; however, Pahor reminded Žbogar that         2014 European Green Capital title.            survey released in early February.
who really need to buy life insurance are those who love                                he was bound by the constitution to con-
someone. For just $612 a year, a 40-year-old man can                                                                                                                                      Roughly 42 percent of parents con-
                                                                                        tinue to perform his duties as outgoing                                                       sider their children above average in In-
purchase $200,000 of 30-Year Term insurance. If he passes                               foreign minister until the new Slovenian
away, the proceeds can be used to pay off the mortgage,                                                                                                                               ternet usage skills, while only 26 percent
                                                                                        government was appointed.
making it possible for his family to remain in their home.                                                                              Ljubljana archaeologists                      of children said the same of themselves.
                                                                                                                                                                                      On the other hand, 11 percent of children
They will have a daily reminder of his enduring love.
    For more information, call your cupid of preference:                                                                                kept busy in recent years                     consider themselves Internet newbies,
your local agent, Lodge secretary or the SNPJ Marketing                                                                                                                               similar to 14 percent of the parents who
                                                                                                                                        LJUBLJANA (STA) — Ljubljana’s
Department at 1-800-843-7675. We’ll help                                                A thousand civil servants                       archaeologists have had their work cut
                                                                                                                                                                                      believe the same of their children. The
                                                                                                                                                                                      children and the parents came closest in
you find a way to express your enduring
love.                                                                                   move to new office space                        out for them in recent years, as numerous     estimation in the “Internet Whiz” group,
                                                                                                                                        development projects launched prior to        into which nine percent of children cat-
• Thought for the Week — We come                                                        LJUBLJANA (STA) — A new office                  the economic downturn uncovered sev-          egorized themselves; that opinion was
  to love not by finding a perfect person,                                              building that opened in Ljubljana in            eral archaeological sites. Archaeologists     mirrored by seven percent of parents.
  but by learning to see an imperfect                                                   the final days of January will house            presented their work over the past few            In a question directed toward parental
  person perfectly.              Sam Keen                                               more than a thousand employees of               years to the press on Jan. 21, highlighting   control, children claimed that parents
                                                                                        the Environment and Spatial Planning            their most interesting discoveries.           limited their Internet use more so than
                                                                                        Ministry, Nuclear Safety Administration             The recent excavation in Kongresni        their parents believed they did. Children
                                                                                        and Statistics Office. The government’s         Square was one of the biggest archaeo-        also say they spend more time online
                                                                                        investment in the new office space is           logical projects in Slovenia’s history,       than their parents think they do.
                               at your fingertips                                       estimated at $76.75 million.
                                                                                            The DSU Palace, named after the
                                                                                                                                        according to Matjaž Nošak, a repre-               The goal of the Slovenian survey,
                                                                                                                                        sentative of the Ljubljana Museum and         which will conclude in April, is to deter-
                       Looking for information on your SNPJ                             owner and manager of the building, the          Galleries (MGML), the institute that          mine childrens’ everyday online habits
                       life insurance and annuity policies?                             state-owned DSU company, is situated            oversees excavation projects. The finds       and understand the role the Internet plays
                       Simply log on to and follow                             inside the Ljubljana ring road in the Siska     from the square are the remnants of           in their lives.
                       the step-by-step instructions.                                   borough industrial zone. The property           a rich settlement history in the area.
                                                                                        offers more than 323,000 square feet of         Here, archaeologists headed by Nošak
                                                                                        office space, a restaurant and convention       discovered the remains of a late Bronze
                                                                                        hall, a library, and classrooms. According      Age grave and burial mounds, the first
                                                                                        to DSU Director Marjan Podgoršek, the           of this type found in Ljubljana.              101 teams compete in
                                                                                        DSU Palace was custom-built to meet
                                                                                        tenants’ demands, which is an additional
                                                                                                                                            Artifacts from the Roman period were      snow castle competition
                                                                                                                                        also unearthed in Kongresni Square,
                                                                                        aspect enabling organizational efficiency       which included the remains of a suburban      Črna na KorošKem (STA) — A
                                                                                        of the civil servants working there.            settlement of the city of Emona with its      total of 101 teams comprised of five to
                                                                                            Former Environment Minister Roko            own graveyard. The Excavations at Kon-        eight members, both from Slovenia and
                                                                                        Žarnić said the new building would              gresni Square were launched before the        abroad, gathered at the foot of Mt. Peca
                                                                                        house the ministry’s 424-member staff           construction of an underground garage         the last weekend of January to build ice
                                                                                        under one roof for the first time ever.         started between 2009 and 2011.                and snow sculptures during the 20th
                                                                                        He also said that the building’s energy             Another interesting project was the       annual King Matjaž Castles event. The
                                                                                        efficiency was much better, and the cost        excavation works in Krojaška St. near the     participating teams included female may-
                                                                                        of rent was much lower than that of the         Ljubljanica River, where archaeologists       ors from around Slovenia, and military
                                                                                        offices the ministry had leased to date.        uncovered what are believed to be the         attachés from the United States, Russia
                                                                                        The building will become state property         remains of an ancient river port.             and Croatia.
                                                                                        after a 20-year tenancy.                            In addition, excavations under Lju-           The teams spent Jan. 28 building
                                                                                                                                        bljana’s central market place, which will     their creations, which also included
                                                                                                                                        continue this year, uncovered the remains     sculptures linked to the current political
                                                                                                                                        of Ljubljana’s defense wall dating from       and economic situation, sports and the
                                                                                        Ljubljana U tops in                             the Middle Ages. MGML Middle Ages
                                                                                                                                        curator Martin Horvat pointed to another
                                                                                                                                                                                      entertainment industry.
                                                                                                                                                                                          The plain near Crna na Koroskem
                                                                                        Eastern, Central Europe                         interesting discovery under the market        featured models of Slovenia’s Stožice
                                                                                                                                        place: a bronze urn holding the heart of a    sports park, a Trojan horse, a cup of
                                                                                        LJUBLJANA (STA) — Slovenia’s old-               member of the Austrian princely family        coffee (to wake the legendary sleeping
                                                                                        est higher education institution, Ljubljana     of Auersperg, Ferdinand II (1655-1706),       King Matjaž) and a statue of Slovenian
                                                                                        University, placed 81st worldwide in the        which shows that his were one of five sets    skier Tina Maze.
                                                                                        International Webometrics University            of human remains uncovered under what             Crna Mayor Romana Lesjak hosted
                                                                                        Ranking. According to the ranking,              was once a chapel.                            the team of female Slovenian mayors, who
                                                                                        which included over 20,300 universi-                At another excavation site situated       built an ice maze with the help of other
                                                                                        ties, Ljubljana University is the best in       between Slovenska and Kersnikova              local officials from the Koroško region.
                                     A CENTURY                                          Central and Eastern Europe, and 13th
                                                                                        best in all of Europe.
                                                                                                                                        streets, over 60 graves from between first
                                                                                                                                        and fourth centuries have been found.
                                                                                                                                                                                          “The ice and snow sculptures are
                                                                                                                                                                                      being built by the third generation,”
                                     in the making                                          In a recent press release, the university
                                                                                        wrote that they gained 126 spots in the
                                                                                                                                        Work at this site will also continue since
                                                                                                                                        archaeologists still have 6,500 square
                                                                                                                                                                                      said Matjaž Mrdavsic, one of the event
                                                                                                                                                                                      co-hosts who had been preparing ar-
                                     Proud of your SNPJ membership? Then you            ranking compared to the January 2011            feet of area to examine.                      tificial snow for more than two weeks
                                     owe it to yourself to delve deeper into SNPJ       results. The Webometrics Ranking is is-             MGML recently introduced a web            to supply enough building material for
                                     history through the pages of An Inspired Journey   sued twice a year, in January and July.
                                     — The SNPJ Story: The First One Hundred Years
                                                                                                                                        page dedicated to Ljubljana’s archaeo-        the participants. The organizers also
                                                                                            Maribor University placed second in         logical heritage, featuring descriptions      prepared a snow slide for children and
                                     of the Slovene National Benefit Society.
                                                                                        Slovenia, 614th in the world, and 27th          and photos of all excavation projects in      constructed a wall of ice, with a gate,
                                     This richly-illustrated chronicle of SNPJ
                                     history compiled and written by SNPJ Pub-
                                                                                        in Central and Eastern Europe; while            the city.                                     for the venue.
                                     lications Editor Jay Sedmak is now available       Primorsko University ranked third in                                                              The festivities continued throughout
                                     for purchase.                                      Slovenia, 1,456th in the world, and 92nd                                                      the weekend, offering evening parties
                                                                                        in Central and Eastern Europe.                                                                and Sunday activities dedicated to chil-
              $15.00 each — plus $2.50 s/h
            add $1 shipping for each additional copy ordered                                                                            Internet fraud on the                         dren, including workshops, a treasure
                                                                                                                                                                                      hunt and a literary competition.
                                                                                                                                        rise across Slovenia                              The first King Matjaž Castles event
               slovene National benefit society
                                                                                        Ljubljana, Vrhnika and                          LJUBLJANA (STA) — The Slovenian
                                                                                                                                                                                      was organized in 1993 with eight teams
                                                                                                                                                                                      participating and has since grown into
      247 west Allegheny road • Imperial, pA 15126-9774                                 Dobrna take green honors                        Internet Security Incident Research           an annual event, peaking in 2006 when a
                                                                                                                                        Center (SI-CERT) received 61 reports          total of 106 snow and ice sculptures were
  Name _________________________________________                                        LJUBLJANA (STA) — In early Febru-               of Internet fraud and identity theft in       erected. To date, a total of 1,175 teams
  Address _______________________________________                                       ary, Ljubljana, Vrhnika and Dobrna were         2011, a 92 percent increase compared          have taken part in this annual event, each
                                                                                        declared the 2011 greenest Slovenian            to 2010 figures.                              contributing its own creation.
  City/State/Zip ___________________________________                                    municipalities in their respective catego-         SI-CERT is carrying out a national         The articles comprising this feature have
  Number of copies _______________________________                                      ries, which also earned them membership         information security awareness program        been reprinted with permission from the
                                                                                        in the Green Network on the Green Slo-          which includes the “Safe on the Internet”     Slovenian Press Agency (STA).
  Payment in full must accompany all orders. Make checks payable to sNpJ.
                     Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
4        PROSVETA
         22. Februarja 2012

                                                                                      Kandidati ne kažejo zanimanja
                                                                           HEADLINE: Candidates don’t show                 Na Osnovni šoli Danile Kumar v Lju-           pogojih razpisa jasno navedeno, da gre za
                                                                        interest                                       bljani so pred kratkim razpisali prosto           nadomeščanje,” je povedal Poredoš.
                                                                           TOPIC: The Danila Kumar Elemen-             delovno mesto kuharskega pomočnika v                  Na šoli so bili presenečeni najprej nad
                                                                        tary School in Ljubljana recently pub-         šolski kuhinji. Ker so se na razpis kljub         slabim odzivom brezposelnih na razpisano
                                                                        lished a help wanted notice for a cook’s       veliki brezposelnosti prijavili samo trije        delovno mesto v osnovni šoli, ki zagotavlja
                                                                        assistant in the school cafeteria. Despite     kandidati, od katerih nobeden ni primeren,        enoizmensko delo, povračilo stroškov za
                                                                        a large number of unemployed work-             je vodstvo šole svoje ogorčenje naslovilo         prevoz in hrano ter proste konce tedna.
                                                                        ers in the area, only three candidates         ne samo na zavod za zaposlovanje, temveč          Četudi so z zavoda za zaposlovanje napotili
                                                                        responded to the ad, none of whom were         je hotelo izkušnje deliti tudi z javnostjo.       množico kandidatov, so se odzvali samo
                                                                        suited for the job.                                Tomaž Poredoš, organizator šolske             trije: eden je menda zamudil že na pogovor,

   Ureja Vida Kosir                                                        Tomaž Peredoš, the organizer of the
                                                                        school food supply system, explained
                                                                                                                       prehrane, je pojasnil, da so na razpisu
                                                                                                                       iskali kuharskega pomočnika oziroma
                                                                                                                                                                         drugi se je baje obnašal nesramno, kandi-
                                                                                                                                                                         datka pa je povedala, da je prišla samo po
                                                                        that they were looking for a cook’s as-        pomočnico z ustrezno izobrazbo in                 podpis, da ne izgubi socialne podpore.
                                                                        sistant with appropriate education and         delovnimi izkušnjami, ki bi nadomestil                “Prepričana sem tudi, da brezposelni, ki
  Soča naplavila deblo več                                              work experience who could temporarily
                                                                        replace an ailing worker.
                                                                                                                       začasno odsotno delavko.
                                                                                                                           “Ker nismo mogli predvideti časa
                                                                                                                                                                         se niso odzvali, lahko preživijo in da še kaj
                                                                                                                                                                         zaslužijo na črno. In med temi nikakor niso
 kot tisoč let starega hrasta                                              The three candidates who responded
                                                                        presented their terms for the position
                                                                                                                       njene odsotnosti, saj je bila na bolniškem
                                                                                                                       dopustu, smo tudi v razpisnih pogojih
                                                                                                                                                                         samo kuharji. Že nekaj let ugotavljamo,
                                                                                                                                                                         da pri poklicih nižje tarifne skupine ne do-
   HeaDLIne: The Soča              razkrila deblo hrasta, ki je po      during their interviews. Not only was          navedli – ‘do vrnitve delavke’. Toda              bimo ustreznih kandidatov. Predvsem pri
River washed ashore a thou-        prvih ocenah strokovnjakov           one candidate late for the interview, but      trije kandidati, ki so se odzvali, so že          čistilkah opažamo, da jih k nam iz zavoda
sands of years old oak             star več tisoč let. Natančno sta-    a second behaved shamefully. And one           na razgovoru postavljali svoje pogoje             napotijo približno 15, prideta pa ena ali
   TOPIC: Below the vil-           rost več kot 14 metrov dolgega       candidate interviewed only to receive a        za delo. Vsi so zatrjevali, da jih zanima         dve,” ne skriva ogorčenja ravnateljica OŠ
lage Gabrje, the Soča river        drevesa bo razkrila analiza (C-      signature so that she wouldn’t lose her        samo, če jim delo ponudimo dolgoročno,            Danile Kumar mag. Mojca Mihelič.
recently revealed in a gravel      14). “Prva domneva je, da je de-     unemployment benefits.                         torej za nedoločen čas – čeprav je bilo v                                                DELO
deposit the trunk of an oak        blo staro vsaj nekaj tisoč let ali
tree which, according to ini-
tial estimates, is thousands
of years old.
                                   še več. Natančno starost bomo
                                   izvedeli v dveh mesecih,” je
                                   povedal Tom Levanič z Goz-
                                                                                Pepelka pomaga obolelim otrokom
   The exact age of this           darskega inštituta Slovenije.            HeaDLIne: Cinderella helps sick            dren in the hematology and oncology               donacijami in SMS donacijami so zbrali
45-foot-long tree will be          Zaradi kemične reakcije med          children                                       wards at the Ljubljana Pediatric Clinic.          9000 evrov.
discovered by C-14 analyses        snovmi v jedrovini in okoljem            TOPIC: An activity arranged by             At present, the clinic needs a sequena-               Z denarjem bodo pomagali otrokom na
in two months. Because of a        je narava deblo obarvala v črno,     the alpina shoe factory in Žiri, “Let’s        tor, a medical device that will allow for         oddelku otroške hematologije in onkologi-
chemical reaction between          voda pa je v spodnjem delu           awake Cinderella to Help Children              faster and more up-to-date diagnostics            je na Pediatrični kliniki v Ljubljani. V
the substance in the oak’s         s prodniki izdolbla njegovo          Suffering from Cancer,” received its           for cancer-related illnesses.                     omenjeni bolnišnici ocenjujejo, da tre-
core and the environment,          sredico. “Drevo je očitno do-        title from the well-known Disney fairy            Akcija žirovske Alpine, Obudimo                nutno potrebujejo medicinski aparat sekve-
nature colored the trunk           bro raslo v mladosti, potem pa       tale in which hope for a better tomorrow       Pepelko za pomoč otrokom, obolelim za             nator, ki omogoča hitrejše in sodobnejše
black, and the water chiseled      veliko počasneje, zato lahko         is nicely described. Many elementary           rakom, je dobila ime po znani Disneyevi           diagnosticiranje rakastih bolezni in je
out the center of the lower        sklepamo, da je sprememba            schools, day care centers and individuals      pravljici, ki je prav v njej lepo opisano         uporaben tudi na drugih področjih. Pri-
part of the trunk.                 v okolju postala neugodna za         participated in this activity.                 pristno človeško upanje po boljšem jutri.         marij Majda Benedik Dolničar zagotav-
   Soča je pred kratkim pod        njegovo rast.”                           Alpina donated 50 cents for every          K sodelovanju v omenjeni akciji so se             lja, da bo denar v celoti rezerviran za ta
vasjo Gabrje v prodnem nanosu                                 DELO      drawing they received for sick children.       odzvale mnoge osnovne šole, vrtci ter             namen, čeprav trenutno še nimajo dovolj
                                                                        The response exceeded all expecta-             posamezniki. Otroci so s svojimi lik-             sredstev za nakup aparature. Alpina je za

         Več kot 70 ton                                                 tions. More than a hundred schools
                                                                        participated, from which the children
                                                                                                                       ovnimi deli pomagali sovrstnikom, saj je
                                                                                                                       Alpina za vsako prispelo risbo darovala
                                                                                                                                                                         najbolj prizadevno in solidarno sodelo-
                                                                                                                                                                         vanje podelila zahvalo in nagrado trem

         zdravil v smeteh                                               sent over 10,000 beautiful drawings
                                                                        and art works of various techniques.
                                                                                                                       50 centov za bolne otroke. Odziv šol je
                                                                                                                       presegel pričakovanja, v akciji je sode-
                                                                                                                                                                         osnovnim šolam. Izbrane so bile Osnovna
                                                                                                                                                                         šola Poljane nad Škofjo Loko, Osnovna
    HEADLINE: More than            zdravil, nabralo za skoraj 72        Through the drawings and donations,            lovalo preko sto osnovnih šol, prejeli so         šola Mislinja in Osnovna šola Narodnega
70 tons of medicine in re-         ton tovrstnih nevarnih odpad-        Alpina collected close to $10,000.             10.000 čudovitih risb in likovnih izdelkov        heroja Rojka v Hrastniku.
fuse                               kov. Osupljiva ni le količina            With the money they will help chil-        v različnih tehnikah. Skupaj z risbami,                                         rADIO ODmEv
    TOPIC: In the last two         neuporabljenih zdravil, ampak
years, nearly 72 tons of
unused medicine had ac-
cumulated in the containers
                                   tudi velika vsota denarja, ki - v
                                   tem primeru resda posredno -
                                   roma v smeti.
                                                                                  Tudi o novostih pridelave
which were placed in drug             Zdaj na tem področju že tri           HEADLINE: Also about           wine trade.                           iz vinogradništva, vinarst-          izzvati udeležence k razpravi
stores intended to collect this    tedne velja novost, po kateri, v     novelties in production               Nova Gorica je pred                va, trsničarstva, marketinga         o učinkovitosti ukrepov spre-
dangerous waste. Not only is       skladu z uredbo o ravnanju z             TOPIC: Nova Gorica re-         dnevi gostila 4. Slovenski            ter zakonodaje in davkov             jete reforme trga z vinom ter
the quantity of the unused         odpadnimi zdravili, v lekarnah       cently hosted the Fourth Slo-      vinogradniško-vinarski kon-           udeležencem ponudili do-             kmetijske politike s področja
medicine astonishing, so is        spet sprejemajo skoraj vsa           venian Vineyard-Viticulture        gres. Pokrovitelj največjega          godek, ki ni bil le izobraževalne    vinogradništva, trsničarstva
the huge sum of money which,       zdravila, ki jim je potekel rok      Congress. The sponsor of           tovrstnega dogodka v državi je        narave, ampak je ponudil             in vinarstva v zadnjih letih
in this instance, indirectly       uporabnosti. Med izjemami,           this largest such event in the     bila Mednarodna organizacija          tudi možnost sooblikovanja           ter viziji in dejavnosti po letu
goes into the trash.               da bi smele biti shranjene v         country was the Internation-       za trto in vino OIV s sedežem         nadaljnjih ukrepov. Zato so          2013.
    Now there is a new regu-       lekarniških zabojnikih, so           al organization for Vine and       v Parizu. Zadnji kongres je bil       se v okviru kongresa odločili                                  DELO
lation mandating that all          radiofarmacevtski izdelki,           Wine, OIV, based in Paris.         pred petimi leti, v katerih so bili
drug stores accept almost all
medications which have ex-
                                   zdravila, izdelana iz krvi iz
                                   plazme, injekcije in drugi
                                                                        The last congress was held
                                                                        five years ago, during which
                                                                                                           postavljeni in sprejeti medinsti-
                                                                                                           tucionalni ukrepi za izboljšave           Uspešna policijska
pired. Among the exceptions,
which are too dangerous to be
                                   ostri predmeti, ter medicinski
                                   tehnični pripomočki. Osupljiva
                                                                        institutional measures for
                                                                        improvements in domestic
                                                                                                           v domačem vinogradništvu in
                                                                                                           vinarstvu.                              pomoč pri zastoju srca
stored in drug store contain-      kvota v zadnjih dveh letih           viticulture and wine trade            Z vstopom Slovenije v EU              HEADLINE: Successful              kočevski policisti pomagali pri
ers, are radiopharmaceutical       zavrženih zdravil pa ni celovit      were adopted. With Slovenia        se je dodatno okrepil vpliv           police help for a heart attack       zastoju srca z masažo, umetnim
products, medicines made of        podatek: še vedno je veliko          joining the EU, this union         globalizacije vinskega trga,             ToPIC: Kočevje mayor              dihanjem in odpravo motnje
blood and plasma, syringes         zdravil, ki končajo v navad-         additionally strengthened the      kar po besedah dr. Denisa Rus-        Vladimir Prebilič recently           ritma srce z defibrilatorjem,
and other sharp objects. Even      nih smeteh. Mnogi tovrstne           globalization of wine markets      jana z Biotehnične fakultete          received two very special            ki ga imajo edini v Sloveniji v
though drug stores are col-        nevarne odpadke odnašajo             which, according to Dr. Denis      kar kliče po združitvi mnenj          groups: the people who work          svojem avtomobilu. Ukrepanje
lecting unused medicines, a        na komunalna zbirališča,             Rusjan from the Biotecnical        in dosedanjih izkušenj ter            in the Kočevje emergency             je rezultat dela zaposlenih na
lot of it ends up in the regular   verjetno tudi zaradi večletne        Faculty, now calls for united      postavitvi medresorskih ciljev        room, and the policemen              kočevski urgenci, predvsem
trash anyway.                      neurejenosti tega področja, ko       opinions and experiences,          razvoja vinogradništva in vi-         who last December offered            njihovovega vodje, Primoža
    V zadnjih dveh letih se je     v lekarnah odpadnih zdravil          along with the appointmant         narstva. Po njegovih besedah          initial medical attention to a       Velikonje, ki že pet let s
v zabojnikih, ki so v lekarnah     niso sprejemali.                     of interdepartmental aims to       so s predavanji in okroglimi          man who had suffered a heart         sodelavci v prostem času in
namenjeni zbiranju odpadnih                                   DELO      develop viticulture and the        mizami o aktualnih temah              attack. This was the first case      brezplačno usposablja poli-
                                                                                                                                                 in which Kočevje policemen           ciste, gasilce in vse, ki bi radi

              nasveti za prijetnejšo starost                                                                                                     helped a heart attack victim
                                                                                                                                                 with CPr, artificial respira-
                                                                                                                                                 tion and a defibrillator. They
                                                                                                                                                                                      pridobili znanja, kako pomagati
                                                                                                                                                                                      pri zastoju srca. “Pri nas imamo
                                                                                                                                                                                      šest zastojev srca na dan, pri
   HEADLINE: Advice for a          on their life styles.                   Leto 2012 je evropska           nizacijskih mrež med univer-          are the only police unit in          katerih je nujno takojšnje
more pleasant old age                  Researchers at the in-           komisija razglasila za leto        zami, bolnišnicami, občinami          Slovenia that carries defibril-      oživljanje, saj so v nasprotnem
   TOPIC: A new project            stitute will study criterions        aktivnega staranja in med-         in domovi za starejše. Postavili      lators in their cars. These          možgani po petih minutah
focusing on how to age grace-      of aging and offer scientific        generacijske solidarnosti.         bi radi mobilni laboratorji z         measures are the direct result       brez kisika mrtvi,” je povedal
fully with physical activities     results, which will help pro-        Obmejno območje med Italijo        merilno opremo, spletni por-          of the Kočevje emergency             Primož Velikonja. “Zato je
and nourishment has been           mote a greater independence          in Slovenijo ima že petino         tal zdravja, opravili 1000            room staff, particularly their       pomembno, da človeku z zas-
started at the Koper Institu-      for seniors and lead to bet-         prebivalstva nad 65. letom         meritev dejavnikov zdravja,           manager, Primož Velikonja,           tojem srca pomagamo še pred
tion for Kinesiology Research      ter senior health. They are          starosti. Razlike med starost-     upoštevali dejavnike zdravja          who for the past five years          prihodom reševalne službe, ker
at the Primorsko University        also planning to develop a           niki so velike in odvisne od       pri mladostnikih in pri starost-      – in his spare time and free         so možnosti preživetja tako
Scientific research Center.        program for more effective           življenskega sloga.                nikih, organizirali seminarje         of charge – has been train-          veliko večje,” je dodal.
This is a study that will help     rehabilitation of motor skills          Na inštitutu bodo proučili      in demonstracije za vadbene           ing police, firefighters and                                   DELO
seniors achieve a better life      following hip surgeries.             kriterije staranja in ponudili     programe starostnikov na              everyone who would like to
style and more pleasant old            Kako s telesno aktivnostjo in    znanstvena dognanja, ki bodo       domu. V projektu sodelujejo           learn what to do and how to           ZAspAN - vodja oddelka
age.                               prehrano doseči kakovostnejše        pomagala k večji samostojnosti     z italijanskimi univerzami in         help in the event they witness        je spet zasačil tratnika, ki
   The European Commis-            staranje, je projekt, ki so se ga    starejših in k boljšemu zdravju.   občinami, z izolsko bolnišnico,       a heart attack.                       je zaspal za pisalno mizo.
sion proclaimed 2012 The           lotili na koprskem Inštitutu         Razvili bodo tudi programe za      občino Kranj in Koper.                   Kočevski župan Vladimir            “Doma imamo majhnega
                                                                                                                                                                                       otroka,” se opravičuje
Year of Active Aging and Sol-      za kineziloške raziskave             učinkovitejšo obnovo gibalnih          Celotna vrednost projekta,        Prebilič je pred dnevi sprejel
                                                                                                                                                                                       tratnik, “ zaradi katerega
idarity Among Generations.         Znanstveno-raziskovalnega            funkcij po operacijah kolk-        ki se financira iz čezmejnega         dve posebni skupini: ljudi, ki
                                                                                                                                                                                       sem moral biti vso noč
In the border area between         središča Univerze na Pri-            ov. Ker je najpomembnejše          sodelovanja med Slovenijo             delajo na kočevski urgenci, in
                                                                                                                                                                                       buden” - “ veste kaj,” reče
Italy and Slovenia, one fifth of   morskem. To je študija, ki           poučevanje javnosti in koor-       in Italijo, znaša 1,25 milijona       policiste, ki so decembra nudili
                                                                                                                                                                                       vodja, “prinesite ga jutri s
the population is over the age     naj bi starejšim pomagala do         dinacija zdravstvenih in drugih    evrov in bo trajala do konca          nujno medicinsko pomoč
                                                                                                                                                                                       seboj v pisarno, da boste
of 65. The differences among       boljšega življenjskega sloga         javnih ustanov, bo ena od nalog    septembra 2014.                       človeku, ki se mu je ustavilo
                                                                                                                                                                                       tudi tukaj budni!”
seniors are great, depending       in prijetnejše starosti.             vzpostavljanje trajnih orga-                                   DELO      srce. To je bil prvi primer, da so

   HEADLINE: The quality of wa-
                               Kakovost vode bodo merili roboti
                                          more information in many areas              water.                                      lagi mreže senzorjev, ki so sposobni        fiksne boje. V okviru projekta bodo
ter will be measured by robots            and make easier interpretations.               Slovenski znanstveniki so s              zaznati različne kemične in fizikalne       razvijali dve vrsti satelitsko vodenih
   TOPIC: Slovenian scientists,           “This is advanced technology and            pomočjo italijanskih kolegov pred           parametre v vodi, strokovnjakom             robotov, ki bodo vzorce neprestano
with the help of their Italian col-       a major achievement for Slovenian           dnevi na mostarskem jezeru pred-            omogočila več podatkov na več               pobirali in analizirali 12 ur in medtem
leagues, recently introduced a new        researchers,” said Milena Horvat,           stavili novost, ki bo občutno izboljšala    mestih in lažjo interpretacijo. “To         premagali od 15 do 20 kilometrov.
device on most na Soči Lake which         manager of the Environmental                monitoring voda. Plavajoči robot za         je napredna tehnologija, ki je velik        Tehnološko najbolj napreden del dva
will considerably improve their           Studies Department at the Jožef             nadzorne meritve je združil znanje          dosežek za slovenske raziskovalce,” je      metra velikega robota je biosenzor, ki
ability to monitor the water. This        Stefan Institute.                           mikrobiologije, nuklearne biologije         dejala Milena Horvat, vodja oddelka         je strokovnjakom predstavljal velik
three-year project named “Hydro-             The floating robots will also be         in elektrotehnike                           za okoljske študije na Inštitutu Jožefa     izziv. “Sposoben je izmeriti biološko
net,” for which the EU contributed        tested at sea, in the mouths of riv-           Tri leta trajajoči projekt Hydronet,     Stefana, medtem ko so znanje prispe-        dostopno živo srebro v vzorcu vode in
$4.5 million, has entered its testing     ers, and on natural and man-made            za katerega je EU namenila 3,5 mili-        vali še znanstveniki Inštituta za fizika-   hkrati splošno toksičnost vode. Velika
phase.                                    lakes; however, the technology is           jona evrov, se je tako iz labaratorijske    lno biologijo in gradbene fakultete.        prednost biosenzorja pred drugimi
   Based on a series of sensors           not yet suitable for monitoring             faze prevesil v testno. Dva plavajoča       Plavajoče robote bodo testirali še na       napravami je že to, da je trenutno edini
which are able to measure different       the water in fast-moving rivers.            robota bosta poleg zbiranja podatkov        morju, ustjih rek, naravnih in umetnih      na svetu vključen v takšnega robota,”
chemical and physical characteris-        The robots will be able to measure          obenem tudi precej pocenila klasične        jezerih, medtem ko tehnologija še ni        je pojasnil Tomaž Rijavec z Inštituta
tics in the water, this new technol-      mercury levels in water samples             meritve, ki so jih strokovnjaki izvajali    primerna za monitoring hitrejših rek,       za fizikalno biologijo.
ogy will allow experts to gather          and, in general, the toxicity of the        do zdaj. Nova tehnologija bo na pod-        kjer pa bi senzorje lahko vgradili v                                          DELO •                                                                                                                                                            PROSVETA
                                                                                                                                                                                       February 22, 2012
   ANNOUNCE IT                                                    Fun is in the making for Fontana Lodge 723
                                                                       by JEAN TURNBULL                 end, Polka Power California           a rich history and has grown         enjoyable for all.

  Lodge 87 member                                                    Lodge 723 Vice President
                                                                  FONTANA, Calif. — Lodge
                                                                  723 is looking forward to a
                                                                                                        will be playing both Saturday
                                                                                                        and Sunday. This band is from
                                                                                                        Northern California and they
                                                                                                                                              over the years. Originally, the
                                                                                                                                              bar was in the basement. The
                                                                                                                                              hall now has a full kitchen,
                                                                                                                                                                                       Good Slovenian food and
                                                                                                                                                                                   pastries will be available for
                                                                                                                                                                                   all of the above events.

  celebrates 93 years                                             year filled with activities. Our
                                                                  monthly jam sessions have
                                                                  been very successful, bring-
                                                                                                        always bring a good crowd.
                                                                                                        Details for this event can be
                                                                                                        found in the “Up-and-Coming”
                                                                                                                                              bar and dance hall which sup-
                                                                                                                                              port all events. We encourage
                                                                                                                                              members to provide informa-
                                                                                                                                                                                       Lodge 723 is sponsoring
                                                                                                                                                                                   an ongoing food drive. There
                                                                                                                                                                                   will be containers for food
  HERMINIE, Pa. —                                                 ing many new people and               section of this PROSVETA              tion regarding the history of        donations at all dances and
  Sis. Helen Marovich                                             musicians. These sessions have        issue.                                the hall so this can be shared       scheduled events. The food
  of Lodge 87 recently                                            brought many people out to               On Sunday, April 15, the           at the event.                        will be delivered to local food
  celebrated her 93rd                                             dance, play and have a good           Fontana Slovene Hall will                 On Memorial Day weekend,         banks on an ongoing basis.
  birthday. She is a life-                                        time. The attendance has been         celebrate its 75th anniversary        the Fontana Slovene Hall will        Attendees are encouraged
  long member of the So-                                          growing month by month with           with a dinner dance and other         be hosting a Polkafest with          to bring non-perishable food
  ciety, joining the former                                       new musicians and dancers.            activities. Music will be pro-        music by the Gruber Family           items to all events.
  Lodge 60 in 1946.                                               This event is coordinated by          vided by Fred Mlakar and the          Band of Northern California.             We hope to see many of
      Helen was born Feb.                                         Frank Rote. Food is available         Oberkreiners. The Fontana             The Memorial Day weekend             you at these events to enjoy
  21, 1919, in Lemont                                             at all the jam sessions.              Slovene Hall, which was built         Polkafest is an annual tradi-        great Slovenian music, food
  Furnace, Pa., to Moxie                                             On St. Patrick’s Day week-         by many SNPJ members, has             tion that is well attended and       and friends.
  and Theresa Bukovac.
  She was married for 63
  years to Matt Marovich,
                            Sis. hELEN mArOvICh of
  now deceased. For 25 Lodge 87 celebrated her 93rd
                                                                                                                                         Don your green for a St.
  years, Helen worked as birthday on Feb. 21.
  a short order cook at the
  Howard Johnson restaurant on Rt. 40 in Hopwood, Pa.
      Sis. Marovich had four children, Ronald Marovich of
                                                                                                                                         Pat’s party with Lodge 459
                                                                                                                                                by LALENE PELLENS               entertain from 7 to 11 p.m.
  Pleasanton, Calif.; David (Donna) Marovich of Chalfont,                                                                                        Lodge 459 President               Please note that because
  Pa.; Leonard (Lisa) Marovich of Uniontown, Pa.; and the late                                                                           FLINT, Mich. — The Lodge               Easter falls on April 8, which is
  Susan Marovich McLaughlin. She has nine grandchildren,                                                                                 459 officers for the current year      the second Sunday of the month
  four great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild.                                                                               were installed at the January          and our normal meeting day, the
      A birthday party/family reunion was held in July 2009                                                                              Lodge meeting. Officers include        Lodge 459 meeting for April will
  at the Amvets in Hopwood. There were 250 family mem-                                                                                   President LaLene Pellens, Vice         be held Sunday, April 1, begin-
  bers and friends in attendance. Helen is the last surviving                                                                            President Pam Chima, Financial         ning at 2 p.m. The executive board
  member of her family of 13 brothers and sisters.                                                                                       Secretary/Treasurer Debbie             for the Home will meet the same
      Sis. Marovich has lived in the same home for 73 years                                                                              Budzinski, Recording Secretary         day at 12:30 p.m.
  where she continues to remain active. She loves warm                                                                                   Jean Lorence and Sergeant-at-             A general membership meet-
  weather so she can grow her flowers and work in her garden;                                                                            Arms Bill Martin. Jack Davies,         ing is scheduled Sunday, March
  her green thumb helps anything she touches to grow.                                    Photo submitted by Sis. Helen Scarmack (31).    Brenda Haggard and Bill McLynn         11, at 1 p.m. This meeting is open
                                                                                                                                         will serve as auditors.                to all Lodge members as well as
                                                                  Continuing a Christmas Tradition                                          The Croatian Slovene Home           social members.
                                                                  The Christmas Eve program held at the Slovenian Home                   in Flint would like to invite ev-         The next Lodge 459 meeting
                                                                  in Sharon, Pa., continued in 2011 with 75 guests in
   best wishes to our                                             attendance. Among those celebrating the season were
                                                                                                                                         eryone to join us for the “wearin’     will be held Sunday, March 11,

  Outlived Members                                                Lodge 31 members hELEN sCArmACK, DON NOVAK
                                                                                                                                         of the green” at our St. Patrick’s     starting at 2 p.m. We will elect
                                                                  and FRAN NESPOR. Don entertained with a selection                      Day celebration Saturday, March        representatives from our Lodge to
                                                                  of Slovenian tunes on his button box.                                  17. Todd Payne will be there to        serve on the executive board.

  Lifelong                                                        SNPJ Athletic Board now seeking candidate nominations
                                                                       AthLEtIC bOArD                      District 6 includes the states     Federation. The candidate            address, Lodge number and
                                                                           FROM PAGE 1                  of Indiana, Illinois, Missouri,       need not be a member of the          policy number to the Fraternal
                                                                  Butler and Mercer counties of         Wisconsin and Minnesota.              nominating Lodge, but they           Director via standard mail or

                                                                  Pennsylvania, and Mahoning,              Members of the Athletic            must be a member of a Lodge          e-mail by March 23. The direc-
                                                                  Trumbull, Columbia, Belmont           Board receive $225 per year           in the district they will be         tors will be elected by the SNPJ
                                                                  and Stark counties of Ohio.           for their services, and $225          representing. Each Lodge or          National Board at their March
                                                                     District 4 includes Cuya-          per diem to attend each of the        Federation may nominate only         30 meeting.

  traveling                                                       hoga, Ashtabula, Lake, Por-
                                                                  tage and Summit counties of
                                                                                                        two National Athletic Board
                                                                                                        meetings, plus mileage.
                                                                                                           Candidates to the National
                                                                                                                                              one candidate.
                                                                                                                                                 To nominate a candidate for
                                                                                                                                              the National Athletic Board,
                                                                                                                                                                                      If you have any questions,
                                                                                                                                                                                   please contact me at the Home
                                                                                                                                                                                   Office by phoning 1-800-843-
  CLE ELUM, Wash. — Bro. TONY BREZNIKAR (371)                        District 5 includes the state      Athletic Board can be nomi-           the Lodge or Federation must         7675 or e-mailing krichards@
  Bro. Tony Breznikar of                                          of Michigan.                          nated by any SNPJ Lodge or            submit the candidate’s name,
  Lodge 371 has outlived his life insurance policy.
      Bro. Breznikar was born in Red Lodge, Mont., May 22,

                                                                   Senior Corner
  1916, to Anton and Teresa (Pavlin) Breznikar. He was the                                                               The Jan. 6 Philadelphia Inquirer article      forts to increase racial and ethnic diversity,
  first of three children, including a sister, Olga (Breznikar)                                                       “J & J is said to agree to pay $1 billion”       and encouraging more providers to work
  Purcell, and a brother, Ernest Breznikar.                                                                           by Margaret Cronin Fisk, Jef Feeley and          in under-served areas. As of 2014, the law
      Tony was a member of the former SNPJ Lodge 88 in                         by CARL ZVANUT                         David Voreacos discusses Johnson and             will cover those making less then 400% of
  Red Lodge before moving to Cle Elum in 1932 where he                             Lodge 107                          Johnson, the world’s largest health prod-        the federal poverty level (or $22,350 for a
  became a member of Lodge 371. While living in Cle Elum,         DEVON, Pa. — A telephone book was                   ucts company. The $1 billion results from        family of four), and is expected to cover
  he enjoyed attending SNPJ meetings with his dad.                delivered to my room the other day. Years           an inquiry into marketing one their drugs;       an estimated 32 million people.
      Bro. Breznikar graduated from Cle Elum High School          with the web have passed since the last time        the money goes to the U.S. and most states.         A decrease in the growth rate of any-
  in 1934, and spent 22 years working around the coal mines.      I had a phone book, so I wondered by which          To resolve the same problem, Lilly, Astra        thing in health care is nice, even if no
  He married Mickey (Conway) Breznikar May 8, 1943, and           stroke of chance I had a phone book in my           Zeneca and two other companies have paid         one knows why it is happening, which
  their son Dennis was born Dec. 4 of the same year. The          hands. Well, chance had nothing to do with          $2.7 billion. It’s getting to the point that a   is the case with “Medicare’s remark-
  Breznikars moved to Renton, Wash., in 1955 where Tony           it. This book was 550 pages of advertising:         billion is not much anymore.                     able drop in spending growth,” a Jan. 12
  worked for Puget Sound Electric and Associated Grocers.         front, back and everywhere else. With the              Pedro Rodrigues, author of “Reform            Philadelphia Inquirer article Robert Field.
      Some of Tony’s favorite activities include basketball,      web as the alternate, there was far too much        addresses health disparities” of the Jan. 11     Spending growth was about “12 percent a
  balina, fishing and gardening. He enjoys spending time with     advertising to warrant having the book.             Philadelphia Inquirer, writes that “poor         year since the early 1970s, nine percent a
  his son and three grandchildren, Tanya, Kim and Amy, as         To make matters worse, I was informed,              and minority Americans suffer more, on           year between 2000 and 2009,” and then,
  well as watching the Washington State Cougar sports teams.
                                                                  in red letters, that the white residential          average, from preventable diseases, lower        according to the Congressional Budget
  Tony and wife Mickey have been to Slovenia seven times,
                                                                  pages weren’t included but were available           quality care, fewer treatment options and        Office, “in 2010 the increase was only 4.3
  with their son and his family joining them on their trip in
                                                                  at either an 800 number or on a web site.           less insurance coverage.” He says the Pa-        percent.” In 2011, it was at 3.8 percent, and
  2003. During their visits, Tony and Mikey were able to meet
                                                                  But since I’m not a customer, I couldn’t            tient Protection and Affordable Care Act         growth in 2012 was projected at close to
  relatives and visit the birthplace of Tony’s parents.
      On behalf of the members of Lodge 371 and the Slovene       get the residential pages, so I couldn’t            of 2010 has made “huge strides towards a         zero. For part B, the chief actuary “sees
  National Benefit Society, we extend best wishes for continued   even check to see how close “Zvanut”                more just health care system,” citing free       growth declining to the lowest levels ever.”
  health and happiness to Bro. Breznikar.                         would have come to being the last name              screening of many of the preventable dis-        Differing reasons are put forth by each of
                                                                  in the book. This book wasn’t a keeper.             eases that affect minorities, expanded ef-       the major parties and the author.

                 prOsvEtA Crossword
                        U.S. Presidents                       (#0412) by StatePoint Media
ACROSS                                  52. Feared by illegal immigrants        22. Longest division of geological
1. Three square ones a day              53. “Far and ____” the best                 time
6. Feline sound                         55. It fought British rule              24. Grain storage
9. Slope or hillside                    57. Like a snake                        25. Organ swelling
13. Muslim God                          61. *Tallest President                  26. Largest city in Bolivia
14. Spermatozoa counterpart             65. Hoppity-like board game             27. Goddess of love, Norse mythology
15. “Little Deuce _____,” song          66. *35 is the minimum ___              29. Wraths
16. _____ Boothe Luce                   68. Embryo sacs                         31. Aggressive remark
17. “Lake” in Provence                  69. Type of flu                         32. Wombs
18. Taken by server                     70. Chewbacca’s sidekick                33. Most famous Bolshevik?
19. *Where most Presidents went         71. Like yellow polka dot bikini        34. *First White House inhabitant
    to college                          72. Not nice                            36. ____ over
21. *He was famously Catholic           73. R&R spot                            38. *He won popular but lost
23. “He __ and drank the precious       74. Plural of suffix denoting female        electoral vote
    words...”                                                                   42. Exact halves of diameters
24. Fool                                DOWN                                    45. *Oldest elected President
25. Toy maker                           1. One of these is approximately        49. Hole punching tool
28. “The American Tribal Love-              equal to speed of sound             51. Like baroque
    Rock Musical”                       2. Famous female scat singer            54. Indian nursemaids
30. Interstellar cloud                  3. Having or resembling wings           56. Highest points
35. Like sinister side in “Star Wars”   4. Caterpillar precursor                57. It featured George Michael
37. Mountain goat terrain               5. Holder for #40 Across                58. Enthusiastic review
39. Ranked or graded                    6. Result of dampness                   59. Hipbones
40. Used in fencing                     7. Actress Longoria                     60. FBI agent
41. Luciano Pavarotti, e.g.             8. Mad or crazy                         61. River in Siberia
43. Actress ____ Sofer                  9. *Pres. Coolidge was “____            62. Singles
44. “Your Body Is a Wonderland”             on the Fourth of July”              63. Drawn in the sand?
    performer                           10. Ill-mannered                        64. They oppose the yeahs
46. ____ Lee                            11. Imitated                            67. Generation ___
47. Hat part                            12. Suggestive of supernatural
48. Popular flowering shrub             15. Talk it over                        the solution to puzzle #0412 will
50. Do over                             20. Respond                             run in the march 7 issue.
6        PROSVETA
         February 22, 2012

Plan now for Florida SNPJ Days
         by JEANNETTE HUMPHREY                    the cooking detail in the late afternoon.
                Lodge 603                             On Sunday, March 4, the Lodge hall will
SAMSULA, Fla. — Just around the corner            be open from noon until 6 p.m. The music
now, Florida SNPJ Days/Samsula Polka              will start somewhere in the neighborhood of
Festival arrives at SNPJ Lodge 603, located       1 p.m. and continue until 6, again featuring                                                                                                                     Sygan Youth
in beautiful downtown Samsula. The festivi-       Marc Bouchard and his orchestra. Sunday                                                                                                                          Circle 36
ties are scheduled March 2-4.                     admission is $8 at the gate.                                                                                                                                     members hit
    On Friday, March 2, we plan to open the           We have special entertainment lined up                                                                                                                       the dance
Lodge 603 Hall at 4 p.m. and music for the        throughout the weekend featuring the musical                                                                                                                     floor during
evening will feature Ron Luznar and the           talents of Tony Klepec and Bob Turcola. Ted                                                                                                                      their annual
Polka Pals until 8 p.m. Friday admission is       Perkovich will be bringing several musicians
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Day party.
$5 at the door. The Lodge bar will be open,       with him from Palm Coast to fill in when the

                                                                                                       Lodge 6 heating up the mid-winter fun
serving your liquid pleasures.                    bands are on break. If you have a button box
    You’ll want to bring a good appetite          or any musical instrument and would like
so you can enjoy a meal or two from our           to join in, there’s always a place for you. It
kitchen. Along with the menu each day, the        certainly makes for good entertainment!
                                                                                                            by FRANK T. WRIGHT               com, for more information.                         while picking out your favorite
Lodge 603 cooks will also offer Slovenian             Florida SNPJ Days are a fun time for                        Lodge 6
klobase and sauerkraut, pierogies, cabbage        everyone, and we hope you’ll come and                                                          On Saturday, March 3, The                      songs on our jukebox.
rolls, apple strudel and a sandwich plate,        bring several of your friends so they can            SYGAN, Pa. — What a great             Four Townsmen and the Mans-                           Join us for bar bingo in our
along with a la cart items and coffee.            enjoy themselves. Pauline Lockwood is                time everyone had at the Feb.         field 5 will be playing in the                     downstairs bar Wednesdays,
    Visit us in the kitchen area, where Ruth      preparing a Sunday dinner that will be served        12 Youth Circle 36 Valentine’s        Sunshine Room. Tickets are $20                     Feb. 22, March 7 and March
and George Benedict, Bill Tomazin and yours       from noon until 2 p.m. Pauline is serving as         Day party. Circle Director            each and must be purchased in                      21 starting at 7 p.m. Players
truly will be heading up the cooking detail.      event chairman this year and has organized           Bridget Grejda had the children       advance by phoning Charlotte                       can purchase as many bingo
Several Lodge members and community               a terrific weekend. Linda Cubbedge will be           busy with a DJ, crafts, games         at (724) 693-9441.                                 sheets as they like at the begin-
volunteers will help take orders and serve,       in charge of the welcome table, registering          and a fantastic lunch. Sis. Grejda        Frank Palombi will be play-                    ning of each game. The cost of
so bring a hearty appetite.                       our members and their guests.                        will let us know when the next        ing in the Sunshine Room                           each sheet is $1, and each sheet
    The Lodge hall will open at noon Saturday,        We are happy to report that Lodge 603            bowling dates are set and what        Sunday, March 4. The doors will                    includes four bingo cards. We
March 3, and the entertainment will continue      Secretary Mary Ann Reichel is doing much             events she has planned for the        open at 1 p.m. and the band will                   play nine regular games, two
until 9 p.m. as Marc Bouchard and his orches-     better and back to her secretarial duties for        future. Sis. Wright would like        play from 2 to 8 p.m. Admission                    specials and one coverall.
tra take to the stage. You’ll want to enjoy a     our Lodge. Don’t forget to send in local             to thank Circle 36 members            is $8 at the door.                                    Outlaw Karaoke will be in
meal or sandwich plate on arrival, and then       Lodge dues of $6 for the year to Mary Ann,           for the lovely flowers, card              Jack Tady and George Suhon                     our club room Saturday, Feb. 25
sit back and enjoy the music. Admission at        addressed to 437 North Samsula Dr., New              and hand-made Valentine they          will be performing in the Sun-                     from 9:30 p.m. until 1:30 a.m.
the gate is $10 on Saturday.                      Smyrna Beach, FL 32168.                              presented her, and she hopes to       shine Room Sunday, March 18.                       We will have a DJ scheduled
    Jam sessions are planned throughout the           Pauline Lockwood has scheduled the               see everyone soon.                    The doors will open at 1 p.m.                      March 2 from 9:30 p.m. until
day, and you won’t want to miss a minute          date of Tuesday, Feb. 28, starting at 6 p.m.            The Tady brothers, Dick            and the bands will play from 2                     1:30 a.m., and Outlaw Karaoke
of our celebration. Come help us continue         to make cabbage rolls for SNPJ Days and to           Tady and Jack Tady, will be           to 8 p.m. Admission is $10 at                      will return again on March 9 and
the celebration of our 85th year as a char-       set up the Lodge 603 Hall for our celebration.       playing back to back in the           the door.                                          March 24.
tered SNPJ Lodge. SNPJ National Secretary         Members and volunteers are asked to lend a           Lodge 6 Sunshine Room Sun-                Did you know that the Lodge                       For more information regard-
Karen Pintar will be extending greetings          helping hand. It’s always appreciated.               day, Feb. 26. The doors will          6 clubroom bar has individual                      ing any of these events, log onto
from our Home Office in Imperial, Pa.,                There are a few motels in New Smyrna             open at 1 p.m. and the bands          cheese or pepperoni pizzas, and           and click on the
and Miss SNPJ Danielle Brand will also be         Beach located close to our Lodge hall.               will perform from 2 to 8 p.m.         plain or cheese-filled soft pret-                  “Special Events” tab or “Sunday
visiting our Lodge, coming from Lodge 6           Several LaQuinta and Clarion motels are              Admission is $10 at the door.         zels available for purchase every                  Dance” tab for dance infor-
in Sygan, Pa.                                     located in Port Orange and Daytona Beach                The Pittsburgh Area Jitter-        day? The clubroom opens at 3                       mation, or on the “Clubroom
    Debbie and Clay Benedict will be heading      (International Dr.), and the Best Western in         bug Club is scheduled in the          p.m. daily and noon on Sundays.                    Events” tab for what’s going on
up the Saturday cooking detail, and they have     Edgewater, Fla., is also nearby. For additional      Sunshine Room on Saturdays,           We also offer a happy hour from                    downstairs with Margie. You
some tasty treats planned. You’ll want to eat     help, phone Pauline at (386) 428-8868. The           Feb. 25, and March 10, 17 and         4 to 6 p.m. Monday through                         can also find us on Facebook at
several times throughout the day, sampling        phone number for the Lodge 603 Hall is (386)         24. Visit their web site, www.        Friday. Stop in to say hello and         
our local cooking. Nancy Bass will take over      428-3983. See you soon!                              pittsburghareajitterbugclub.          enjoy a game of pool or darts

 News from
                                           recently passed away. Otto Doerk is        people in attendance. These senior        Lodge members are asked to bring                      after the meeting was adjourned, our
                                           fulfilling his term as president, and      organizations are a nice way to meet      canned goods to the next meeting                      secretary distributed calendars and
                                           we hope that he will include some of       new people.                               which will be donated to a charitable                 gifts from the Society.

Here & There
                                           his humor at the meetings.                     Pioneer Lodge 559 members held        organization. These canned goods will                    How nice it was to hear from Lor-
                                              The March meeting will feature          their regular monthly meeting Feb.        be donated in the name of Pioneer                     raine Babcock, secretary/treasurer of
                                           a presentation by Valerie Czerwien         10. President Jean Cherway opened         Lodge 559.                                            Lodge 689 in Helper, Utah. At one
                                           and Phyllis Rush, who will introduce       the meeting with Valentine greetings          In January, we celebrated Richard                 time, Lorraine served on the SNPJ
          by GRACE DOERK                   the benefits and importance of pre-        to all. Bonnie Deke (559), who cur-       Hassman’s 50-year SNPJ anniversary,                   National Board. She and her husband,
              Lodge 559
                                           arranging your final nee ds and funeral    rently resides in Wisconsin but will      Irene Odorizzi’s and William Kolar’s                  Grant, have four grandchildren and
CHICAGO — You may get tired of             arrangements. They will answer any         soon move back to this area, was in       60-year anniversaries, and Donald                     five great-granddaughters, all SNPJ
hearing me talk about weather, but it      question that you may have, and will       attendance. Bonnie was a well known       Tezak’s 70-year anniversary. We                       members. How I remember the
is such a hot topic here in our area.      provide lunch that day. Donations          Pioneer Lodge member when she             have two deaths to report: Eugene                     National Board meetings of the past
We’ve never witnessed a winter as          of baked goods would be much ap-           bowled in the former Pioneer Bowl-        J. Satkovich from Oaklawn, Ill., and                  and then all the socializing afterward.
nice as this year’s. But don’t hold        preciated.                                 ing League. It was nice seeing you,       Emil Golub from Woodridge, Ill.                       Those were the days. There are some
your breath too long; we still could          The retirees will celebrate the         Bonnie, and we look forward to seeing         Otto Doerk reported for the Chi-                  happy memories.
face snow and freezing temperatures        club’s 50th anniversary in April –         you at future Lodge meetings.             cago Federation, reporting on the four                   Feb. 12 was the annual Koline Day
in the weeks to come.                      where does the time go? In conjunc-            After approving the minutes of the    Lodges in the Federation and the trip to              at the Slovenian Cultural Center in
    I am always so happy to receive        tion with the anniversary, everyone is     previous meeting and the financial        Indianapolis that included many SNPJ                  Lemont. It was spectacular, there’s
the USPEH newsletter, a publication        asked to bring a dish to go along with     report, Secretary Anita Vitous read       members. The Chicago Federation                       nothing more that I can say. There
by the United Slovenes to Preserve         sloppy Joe sandwiches. Donations of        correspondence from SNPJ National         will host an Aug. 19 dinner dance at the              were over 300 people in attendance.
our Ethnic Heritage. It’s so nice to       baked goods would be much appreci-         Secretary Karen Pintar. Sis. Pintar       Slovenian Culture Center in Lemont,                   The program included a youth dance
read about the various Slovenian           ated for the April meeting as well.        extended Valentine greetings, told us     Ill. The new Miss SNPJ, who will be                   group, which is always a hit; delicious
organizations in the Milwaukee area             We sang happy birthday to Anne        of changes to SNPJ annuities that went    selected during Slovenefest in July,                  food (blood sausage, fresh sausage
and what they offer.                       Cretnik, Gladys Braun and Florence         into effect in January, and reminded      will be invited to attend.                            and pork, and all the trimmings); and
    We hear that Les and Marge Murin       Rogel. It was a wonderful afternoon        Lodges of the deadlines for forms to          We thank Mike Vidmar for sharing                  finally, excellent music performed
(559) are vacationing in Hawaii. Boy,      with dear friends. Why not visit one       be returned to the Home Office.           a list of trips sponsored by Lou Walls.               by Ansambel Veseljaki. There were
these two really know how to enjoy         of our future meetings? You might              SNPJ Fraternal Director Kevin         Tentatively, we will schedule the                     many people there we hadn’t seen in
life. I look forward to seeing you when    want to join us. We hope to see some       Richards informed us about the Young      dates of June 6 to see Bruce Korosa,                  a while, including Lodge 1 members
you get home, Marge.                       new faces at future meetings               Adult Conference. Our Lodge has           and October 24 to see another band.                   Conrad Novak and Mike Miklich,
    Slovenian Retirees’ Club members          It seems like three of our club meet-   elected Monica Vidmar and Kaitlin         Pioneer Lodge members will attend                     and many more SNPJ members. I
met Feb. 9. The weather was beautiful,     ings are always planned one day after      Chiapetta to attend this year.            the Aug. 12 picnic in Lemont, along                   was in my glory, reminiscing of the
so many members were in attendance.        another in the month. While attending          Sis. Pintar is asking all Lodges      with the annual youth Christmas party.                good old days.
We observed a moment of silence for        the Joliet Pensioners’ Club meeting,       to report on how they conduct or              We celebrated Anne Cretnik’s                         Best wishes to everyone!
past president Emil Golub (559) who        we were pleased to see nearly 200          make charitable donations. Pioneer        and Mike Vidmar’s birthdays, and

Warm up your winter                                                           SNPJ Recommender Program
with Cabin Fever Balina
  by CHARLIE SHAVER (614)           Fever Championship.
                                                                                                                                                         I would like to introduce
      Tournament Director               The deadline for entries is                                                                _________________________________________
CLEVELAND — Join us                 Feb. 25. You can enter online at                                                                                        for sNpJ membership
for an enjoyable weekend  ;
on the recently redecorated         by using the entry forms at the                                                                Please contact: __________________________________________
balina courts at the Slovenian      SWH, Recher Home or Fair-                                                                                            (Parent or guardian if under age 18)
Workmen’s Home (SWH) on             port Home; or by contacting
Waterloo Road for Cabin Fever       Joe Bradac at (440) 376-8317                                                                   Address: _______________________________________________
Balina March 2-3.                   or Charlie Shaver at home at         The SNPJ Recommender Program provides an
    Kick off the weekend Friday     (440) 729-3568 or on his cell        opportunity for adult members to encourage
with a fish fry before enjoying     at (440) 773-1470.                   family, friends, children and acquaintances to join       City/State/Zip: ___________________________________________
the balina tournament. Balina           Please include team mem-         the Slovene National Benefit Society and take             Phone: (             ) _________________________________________
will begin at 7 p.m. on Friday      bers and contact information.        advantage of SNPJ’s competitive products and
(note the time change) and con-     Checks should be made pay-           numerous fraternal benefits. Not only will you            Indicate Preferred Agent ___________________________________
tinue Saturday at 10 a.m. Par-      able to “SWH” and mailed
                                                                         be helping a friend and strengthening our Society,
ticipation in all this excitement   to SWH, Attn: Balina, 15335
is just $40 per team, which         Waterloo Road, Cleveland, OH         you’ll also be receiving benefits yourself.               My Name: ______________________________________________
includes the double elimination     44110. Be sure to Google or
tournament, a sandwich and a        MapQuest your own driving            Recommender Benefits                                      My Lodge Number: _______________________________________

                                                                                                                                   Address: _______________________________________________
soft drink.                         directions.
    Teams may consist of four           To any musicians who
                                                                          • Receive $10 for each valid referral submitted.
ladies, four men or a mix any       would like to bring their in-         • Every valid referral earns the recommender
way you please. There will be       struments, please feel free to          one chance in the Quarterly Drawing for an             City/State/Zip: ___________________________________________
two divisions based on skill        do so. You can jam anywhere             opportunity to win $100.
level that will be determined       as music is the best ambiance                                                                  Phone: (             ) _________________________________________
                                                                          • Every valid referral also earns the recommender
by the committee. Each game         for any event.                                                                                 e-mail __________________________________________________
will be played to 11 points             If you have any questions,
                                                                            one chance in the Year-end Drawing for an
                                                                            opportunity to win $500 cash.                              Each individual must be informed that an agent will contact him/her and the referral
with a time limit of 45 minutes     you may call the hall at (216)                                                                    must have some interest in SNPJ in order for the recommender to be considered valid.
for elimination games. Finals       481-5378 during business
                                                                                                                                                      Complete this coupon and return to
will be played to 24 points         hours, or phone Joe or Charlie           By submitting one valid referral,
                                                                                                                                                      slovene National benefit society
with regular scoring in each        at the above numbers. We hope            you have the opportunity to earn                                          Att’n: marketing Department
division. The winners of each       you can join us March 2-3 at the           a total of $610 in cash prizes!                                 247 west Allegheny road • Imperial, pA 15126
division will play for the Cabin    Slovene Workman’s Home. •
                                                                                                                                                                                          February 22, 2012
Badger Jabber
                                            a humorous version of “Let Me Call          recipe. Plenty of drawing prizes and        Branch 43 is asking for donated baked       #1. The picnic usually starts around
                                            You Sweetheart.”                            a bake sale hosted by the New Berlin        goods for this fund-raiser. All baked       noon. Watch for further information
                                                Bro. Tony Mlinar generally played       Lioness Club will be offered. Tickets       goods should be dropped off at the          regarding registration. All Milwaukee
                                            at many dances, weddings, anniver-          will be available at the door.              school as early as possible. Contact        SNPJ Lodges and their members are
           by BOB SMOLE                     saries and other social events, and             Interested in learning and partici-     Sis. Jan Gehm (584) at (414) 321-1413       welcome.
              Lodge 584
                                            Sis. Dottie was on the dance floor          pating in a group session to assemble       for additional information.                     The regular Badger Lodge 584
MILWAUKEE — As I was prepar-                enjoying the music and celebrating          your own butare (Slovenian bundle)              The Fun-O-Leer Club of Mil-             monthly meeting will be held the third
ing material for this issue of PROS-        the occasion.                               for Palm Sunday? The group will get         waukee will be holding their annual         Thursday in March, which is March
VETA, I received sad news. Longtime             Sis. Mlinar was incapacitated and       together Saturday, March 31, begin-         bowling social Saturday, April 21.          15, starting at 7:30 p.m. St. Peter’s
SNPJ and Badger Lodge 584 member            not able to participate in social activi-   ning at 10 a.m. at Triglav Park in          New Fun-O-Leer member Bill Hertz            Church Hall, 7929 W. Lincoln Ave.
Sis. Dorothy “Dottie” Mlinar (nee:          ties for the past several years. She was    Wind Lake, Wis. Evergreen branches,         will be running this annual fun day         in West Allis, is the place. Come and
Dobravec) passed away. Her life’s           a member of SNPJ Badger Lodge 584           greenery and ribbons can be brought         on the allies. Each year this event fills   join us for an evening out with your
journey ended on Feb. 8, 2012, just         and CFU Sloga Lodge 1994. On behalf         to decorate your butare. Don’t have         very quickly, and participation is on       fellow SNPJ Brothers and Sisters.
three days after her 91st birthday.         of the SNPJ and Badger Lodge 584,           any of these items? Not to worry;           a first-come, first-served basis, so do     We would love to see you join in the
    The Mlinar name is a well-known         we extend our deepest sympathies            plenty of supplies will be available.       not wait to enter. All entries must be      camaraderie and enjoy the special
and prominent name in the Slovenian         to sons Mick (the late Karen), Larry        For more information on the group           accompanied by a check for the entry        desserts and coffee that are served
community, and has been for many            and Tony Mlinar; grandchildren An-          session, contact Helen Frohna at (262)      fee. The cost for this great time is $15    after every meeting. That alone is a
years. Dottie was the wife of the late      ton and Mara Mlinar; brother James          821-5295.                                   per person and includes bowling, pivo,      special part of the evening.
Bro. Anton “Tony” Mlinar and the            Dobravec; her other relatives and               These traditional Slovenian butare      soda and lunch.                                 Our Slovenian version of the fa-
mother of three sons and a daughter,        many friends.                               bundles are carried in church during            Contact Fun-O-Leer member Craig         mous television coffee grower/brewer
Mick, Larry and Tony, and the late              Adijo, Sis. Dottie Mlinar. Although     the Palm Sunday Mass. Following             Frohna at (262) 821-5296 – Craig is         “Juan Valdez,” Bro. Bob Alpner, ar-
Debra Mlinar. Sis. Dottie Mlinar and        you will not be present, you will al-       the 8 a.m. Mass at St. John the Evan-       handling registration – or visit the Fun-   rives early (by car, not by donkey!) to
her husband Tony were very active           ways be remembered by your loving           gelist Church, 8500 W. Cold Spring,         O-Leer web site at www.funoleers.           get the java brewing so that it will be
Badger members in past years, partici-      family and your many, many friends...       on Palm Sunday, April 1, a Palm             org for additional information and          ready for meeting time. The scrump-
pating in all Slovenian functions in the    farewell. Private family services were      Sunday breakfast has been arranged          entry forms. Bowling will take place        tious desserts are provided by our
Milwaukee area, as well as activities       held in Dottie’s memory with inter-         at the Open Flame Restaurant, 5081          at Riviera Bowling Lanes, 8600 W.           talented and generous members and
in various other states.                    ment at Mount Olivet Cemetery.              S. 108th St. in Hales Corners. This is      Greenfield Ave., starting at 11:30 a.m.     brought to share. Come on out – you
    Dottie was born in Lyons, Ill., in          The West Allis West Lions Club’s        a self-pay meal and no reservations         This is a great event and a lot of fun      may be one of the two lucky winners
1921 and married Tony in 1944. She          annual Chili Cook-off will be held          are required.                               each year. Please don’t wait and be         of the monthly attendance awards
was a fun-loving, outgoing person           Sunday, Feb. 26, at the K.C. Hall,              SUA Branch 43 will be hosting           disappointed if you’re left out because     drawn from the names of members
who loved to dance and contribute her       1800 S. 92 St., from noon until 3 p.m.      a bake sale fund-raiser on Election         you didn’t act fast enough.                 in attendance.
singing talent in sing-alongs as well       A $5 admission donation is asked for        Day, Tuesday, April 3, at the 88th              Mark your calendars for the Annual          Enjoy the conversation, the coffee,
as an occasional solo... appropriately      this all-you-can-eat activity. Sample       Street School, located at the northwest     SNPJ Badger Lodge 584 Summer                the desserts and the possibility of be-
fitting with her husband’s talent on        a variety of chili entries and vote for     corner of West Warnimont Ave. and           Picnic. Sunday, July 29, is the date,       ing a winner as well. You just can’t
the accordion. One of her favorite          your favorite. Several local chefs will     South 88th St., just south of Morgan        and the location will be the same as last   beat all those benefits at one time.
songs, which she loved to sing, was         be on hand to judge their favorite          Ave. The sale will begin at 7 a.m. SUA      year, Root River Parkway picnic area        We hope to see you there!

                                                                            Lodge 786 opens the year with music, wine, books
                                                                                   LODgE 786               the afternoon. We have
                                                                                   FROM PAGE 1             a rather small home,
                                                                                Lodge 786 welcomes         but fortunately for us
                                                                            its first new member of        the weather was beauti-
                                                                            the year (and our great-       ful and we were able
                                                                            grandson!), Evander            to set up four tables on
                                                                            Jonathan Lawson, born          the patio and back lawn
                                                                            Dec. 13, 2011. Congratu-       for eating and visiting.
                                                                            lations to his mommy           Everyone enjoyed the
                                                                            and daddy, Krista and          casual atmosphere and
                                                                            Jonathan Lawson, and           fresh air.
                                                                            grandparents Janet and             During the after-
                                                                            John Lundgren, all             noon, many members
                                                                            Lodge 786 members. We          and friends browsed
                                                                            are fortunate to have this     through our books on
                             Photos submitted by Sis. Carmella Smidl (8).
                                                                            young family live close        Slovenia: some nov-
A Perfect Pizza Outing for Everyone                                         so that we can keep track      els, some textbooks,
The adult members of Lodge 8 decided to include the children                of the little guy as he con-   and many travel- and
in their final outing of the year. The Nov. 13, 2011, outing took           tinues to grow. We also        culture-type volumes.
Lodge 8 adults and children to Papa Passerio’s Pizzeria.                    have another new mem-          There were also books
Everyone had an enjoyable time eating pizza and playing in the              ber in the works, so this      available for the taking
big game room. Each child received 20 tokens for the games.                 year is starting out well!     that had been donated
Of course, the adults were right behind them, waiting to take                   Our social really          by Mark Ryavec, and a
their turn. The outing was a big success and we plan to make
it an annual event.                                                         k icked-off as folks           few came from Doro-
                                                                            started arriving from          thy Jerneycic and Lina
                                                                            everywhere, nibbling on        Kerwick. We had some
                                                                            appetizers, and sampling       Maxim Gaspari artwork
                                                                            wines and our home-            on display, making this       mAry LOu JENsEN (723) and ANA LOrENZO bErNhArDt (786)
                                                                            brewed beer. Of course,        a special cultural event,     enjoyed sampling a selection of Slovenian wines.
                                                                            we had a lot of water and      and perhaps educational
                                                                            juice available as well.       as well.
                                                                            After a champagne toast            It’s heartwarming to
                                                                            to our friends in Slovenia     have such a wonderful
                                                                            in honor of “Prešeren          group of members who
                                                                            Day,” we went into the         participate and con-
                                                                            living room to take care       tribute so much to our
                                                                            of business.                   gatherings; whether it’s
                                                                                The real wine tasting      a meeting or a special
                                                                            started after the meeting.     event, it’s always friendly
                                                                            We sampled the seven           and fun. Thanks to all!
                                                                            Slovenian wines that               Our next meeting
                                                                            were provided, along           will be held at the home
                                                                            with a typical, but sim-       of Norbert and Ana
                                                                            ple, old-country menu of       Bernhardt in Santa Ana
                                                                            klobase, potatoes, sauer-      Sunday, March 4, begin-
                                                                            kraut, salad and flancate      ning at 1 p.m. Please call
                                                                            for dessert. Thanks to         for directions if needed.
                                                                            those who brought ap-          Ana is planning a Cuban
                                                                            petizers and desserts to       menu. Mark your cal-
                                                                            add to our table.              endar for this meeting,
                                                                                It was great having        as well as the Temecula
                                                                            Don Milek, Norbert             Wine Tasting on June
      CD —         New Release —                           CD               Bernhardt, Bob Patocka         17. Early reservations
                                                                            and Arnie Koci play            will be needed for the        DOrOthy JErNEyCIC, rOsEmAry mLAKAr and FRANCES
       The Johnnie Zibert Band                                              music for us throughout        wine event.                   AmbrOZICh browsed the book collection.
                   Johnnie & Johnnie

                  “Passin’ It On”
        Slovene Polkas — Kansas-Style
                                                                            Slovenian music documentary draws a crowd
                                                                                         by JOE VALENCIC
                                                                                              Lodge 5
           $15 each, plus $2 shipping                                       CLEVELAND — More than 300 music-
                                                                            lovers attended a special Jan. 15 screening
                         Mail Orders To:                                    of Polka! The Movie, a documentary
  J. Zibert • 284 N. 200th St. • Arma, KS 66712                             about Slovenian music in America, at the
                                                                            Cleveland Museum of Art. The National
                                                                            Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame and
                                                                            Museum hosted the screening with a
                                                                            polka jam session featuring musicians
                                                                            Linda Hochevar, Frank Moravcik, Fred
                                                                            Ziwich and Mark Habat.
                                                                                Hall of Fame trustee Joe Valencic (5),
                                                                            who wrote and narrated the film, shared
                                                                            behind-the-scenes stories on the mak-
                                                                            ing of Polka! The Movie. The film was
                                                                            well-received by the audience. Patrons
                                                                            clapped in time with America’s Polka            Among the more than 300 music lovers who attended the screening of Polka!
                                                                            King, the late Frank Yankovic, and sang         The Movie were performers [from left] OLgA pEtEK, CECILIA DOLgAN, FRED
                                                                            “Just Because” as the final credits rolled.     ZIwICh, mArK hAbAt, JAN hOrvAth, and the film’s writer and narrator, JOE
                                                                            Among the viewers were Buddy Griebel,           vALENCIC.
                                                                            a member of Yankovic’s Hollywood show              Polka! The Movie was directed by             and Minnesota. For more information
                                                                            band; Tom Klein, who was interviewed            Dusan Moravec for TV Slovenia. The              on the film, check the Polka! The Movie
                                                                            in the film about his in-law, accordionist-     showing was part of a Cleveland Museum          Facebook page, or contact the National
                                                                            boxer Eddie Simms; and relatives of the         of Art series of films featuring American       Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame and
                                                                            late Mitzi Jerman, whose century-old            styles of music. Polka! The Movie is be-        Museum at (216) 261-FAME or www.
                                                                            tavern was featured.                            ing scheduled for screenings in Florida
8         PROSVETA
          February 22, 2012

                                                                                   sNpJ fraternal sympathies
Bro. JosePh P. KNautz iii County Fair for 41 consecutive                    SiS. oLga Martincic              boy, 92, of Washington, Pa.          Canonsburg, graduating from             Laura, Leanne and Leslie Bre-
      • Lodge 5 •         years. He was well-known for                         • Lodge 138 •                    Bro. Podboy was born Dec.         Canon-McMillan High School              hm; one great-granddaughter,
                                      taking “Pony” to the fair and                                          14, 1919, a son of the late Mi-      in 1966. He was also a gradu-           Emily Joan Brehm; and two
CLEVELAND — With sad-                 his expertise in yodeling, both     STRABANE, Pa. — The                chael and Rose (Barbic) Pod-         ate of Ohio State University,           brothers, Nicholas Machara
ness, the members of Lodge 5          of which he shared at the fair      members of Lodge 138 sadly         boy. Russell graduated from          where he received a bachelor’s          of Norfolk, Va., and Richard
report the Nov. 24, 2011, pass-       and with family and friends.        report the Jan. 2, 2012, passing   Trinity High School in 1937.         degree in political science, then       Machara of Deltona, Fla.
ing of Bro. Joseph P. Knautz             On July 29, 1961, he mar-        of Sis. Olga Martincic, 87, of     He served in the U.S. Army           received his master’s degree                She was preceded in death by
III, 72, at UH Geauga Medical         ried Josephine E. Knautz, who       Meadowlands, Pa., in Wash-         as a staff sergeant and was          from Widener University in              a sister, Elizabeth Lahosky, and
Center, Claridon Twp., Ohio.          preceded him in death on June       ington Hospital.                   employed at a Ford dealership        health care administration.             a brother, Andrew Machara.
    Born Dec. 14, 1939, in            4, 2010.                                Olga was born June 15,         for 25 years, as well as other          David joined the National                A memorial Mass for Sis.
Cleveland, Bro. Knautz was               Survivors include his chil-      1924, in Meadowlands, a            dealerships, as a parts manager      Guard and served for more than          Brehm was celebrated Jan.
the son of the late Joseph P.         dren, Joseph P. (Kim) Knautz        daughter of Andrew and Anna        until his retirement in 1978. He     10 years. He retired from St.           12 in St. Nicholas Catholic
and Sophia (Magdalence)               IV and Rebekah Knautz,              (Yanaowski) Piechnik. She          enjoyed playing the button box       Mary’s of Erie as a health care         Church, Zanesville, Ohio. In-
Knautz II.                            both of Newbury; and five           worked at Washington Country       and listening to polka music.        provider. He was a member of            terment followed in Mt. Olive
    Joseph had been a resident        grandchil dren, Joseph V,           Club and in the Chartiers-            In addition to 74 years of        Lodge 138 and KSKJ Lodge                Cemetery, Zanesville.
of Newbury, Ohio, since 1974.         Jessica, Shelby, Hayley and         Houston High School cafeteria.     SNPJ membership, Bro. Pod-           153, both of Strabane. He                   On behalf of the members
He was a member of the Church         Conner.                             She loved her grandchildren,       boy was also a life member of        enjoyed watching Ohio State             of Lodge 138 and the Slovene
of St. Helen in Newbury, a               Funeral services were cele-      and enjoyed cooking and            American Legion Edwin Scott          University athletic events.             National Benefit Society, we
volunteer fireman with the            brated Nov. 30, 2011, with Dea-     baking.                            Linton Post 175 and Moose               Surviving are a brother,             extend our sympathies to Sis.
Burton Fire Department and            con Will Payne officiating. Jo-         In addition to 43 years of     Lodge 22. He was also a past         Donald (Vianna Bandi) Progar            Brehm’s family, relatives and
a member of the Ohio Wagon            seph was laid to rest beside his    SNPJ membership, Sis. Mar-         member of the Antique Auto           of Strabane; a niece, Selina            friends on their loss.
Train Association.                    loving wife Josephine at Munn       tincic was also a member of        Club of America and enjoyed          Progar, who served as Miss
    Bro. Knautz was employed          Cemetery in Newbury Twp.            Holy Trinity National Catholic     restoring antique cars.              SNPJ 2011; and a nephew,
as an electrician at National            On behalf of the members         Church in Washington, Pa.             His first wife, Ann (Kapsi)       Christopher Progar.                           sis. Julia Bailey
Acme in Cleveland, following          of Lodge 5 and the Slovene              On June 29, 1947, she          Podboy, preceded him in death           A blessing service for Bro.                   • Lodge 2 •
which he worked at Chardon            National Benefit Society, we        married Frank Martincic; he        on May 3, 1980.                      Progar was celebrated Jan. 9
Rubber, retiring in 2005.             offer our condolences to Bro.       preceded her in death on April        Survivors include his wife,       in Salandra Funeral Service             LA SALLE, Ill. — The mem-
    Joseph exhibited his don-         Knautz’s family, relatives and      16, 1991.                          Nancy (Fish) Podboy; two sons,       Inc., Canonsburg. Inter ment            bers of Lodge 2 sadly announce
keys at the Great Geauga              friends on their loss.                  Olga is survived by a daugh-   David (Barbara) Podboy and           followed in St. Patrick’s Cem-          the Jan. 8, 2012, passing of Sis.
                                                                          ter, Janice Martincic of Mead-     James (Donna) Podboy, both of        etery, Canonsburg.                      Julia Bailey, 100, in Heritage
                                                                          owlands; two sons, Frank           Washington; two stepsons, Al-           On behalf of the members             Manor, La Salle, where she
                                                                          (Wanda) Martincic of Mead-         len (Cindy) Fish of Washington       of Lodge 138 and the Slovene            lived the past three years.

    sNpJ Crossword                                                        owlands and Wesley Mar-
                                                                          tincic of Canonsburg; three
                                                                                                             and Bill (Christi) Fish of Paris,
                                                                                                             Ky.; four grandchildren, David
                                                                                                                                                  National Benefit Society, we
                                                                                                                                                  offer our sympathies to Bro.
                                                                                                                                                                                              Sis. Bailey was born May
                                                                                                                                                                                          21, 1911, in DePue to Anton and
      SUPER BOWL (#0312) solution                                         grandchildren, Frank (Crystal)     Lee and Kristin Podboy, and          Progar’s family, relatives and          Frances (Bergant) Siska. She
                                                                          Martincic, Ashley Martincic        Thomas and Charles Podboy;           friends on their loss.                  married Lawrence Bailey Aug.
                                                                          and Wesley Martincic; a step-      a great-grandson, Conor Mi-                                                  28, 1937, at St. Mary of the Lake
                                                                          grandson, Robert (Lita) Fetty;     chael Podboy; and four step-                                                 Catholic Church, Chicago.
                                                                          a great-granddaughter; two         grandchildren, Julie, Michael,           SiS. LouiSe a. BrehM                    Sis. Bailey worked for W.W.
                                                                          step-great-grandchildren; and      Nathan and Janelle Fish.                     • Lodge 138 •                   Grainger Co., Chicago, as a
                                                                          several nieces and nephews.           Services for Bro. Podboy                                                  supervisor of the invoice audit
                                                                              In addition to her parents     were celebrated Jan. 6 in Piatt      STRABANE, Pa. — With                    department until retiring. She
                                                                          and husband, she was pre-          and Barnhill Funeral Home,           sadness, the members of Lodge           was a member of St. Mary’s
                                                                          ceded in death by four broth-      Washington, officiated by the        138 announce the Jan. 8, 2012,          Catholic Church, DePue, and
                                                                          ers, Alexander Piechnik, John      Rev. Kenneth Schott. Private         passing of Sis. Louise A.               the DePue Booster Club. She
                                                                          Piechnik, Theodore Piechnik        interment followed.                  Brehm, 87, in Riverside Meth-           was also a member of SNPJ
                                                                          and Ferdynand Piechnik.               On behalf of the members          odist Hospital, Columbus, Ohio.         since 1927, having outlived her
                                                                              Services for Sis. Martincic    of Lodge 138 and the Slovene            Louise was born Jan. 21,             life insurance policy in 2008.
                                                                          were celebrated Jan. 5 in Holy     National Benefit Society, we         1924, in Washington, Pa.,                   Surviving are one son, Rich-
                                                                          Trinity National Catholic          extend our sympathies to Bro.        the youngest of five children           ard (Linda) Bailey of Spring
                                                                          Church, Washington; inter-         Podboy’s family, relatives and       born to Gaspar and Katerina             Valley, Calif.; one brother,
                                                                          ment followed in Holy Trinity      friends on their loss.               Machara. She was a 1942                 William Siska of Bethlehem,
                                                                          Cemetery.                                                               graduate of Washington High             Pa.; nieces and nephews; two
                                                                              On behalf of the members                                            School. She married Robert L.           grandsons; and one great-
                                                                          of Lodge 138 and the Slovene        Bro. david J. Progar                “Bob” Brehm in 1950.                    grandson. She was preceded in
                                                                          National Benefit Society, we           • Lodge 138 •                       Sis. Brehm was a 70-year             death by her husband in 1976
                                                                          extend our sympathies to Sis.                                           SNPJ member, originally                 and two brothers, Anton and
                                                                          Martincic’s family, relatives      STRABANE, Pa. — The                  joining the Society in January          Frank Siska.
                                                                          and friends on their loss.         members of Lodge 138 sadly           1942 as a member of the former              Services were celebrated
                                                                                                             announce the Jan. 5, 2012,           Lodge 521 in Washington.                Jan. 10 in St. Mary’s Cemetery,
    In memory of my                                                                                          passing of Bro. David J. Progar,        Survivors include two sons,          DePue. Rev. Kevin Creegan of-
                                                                          Bro. russell d. PodBoy             63, of Canonsburg, Pa., in his       Robert N. (Toni Denton)                 ficiated, and burial followed.
  friend Karen Russ on                                                        • Lodge 138 •                  home.                                Brehm of Columbus and John                  On behalf of the members
  her birthday, Feb. 24                                                   STRABANE, Pa. — With
                                                                                                                 Bro. Progar was born Oct.
                                                                                                             13, 1948, in Canonsburg, a son
                                                                                                                                                  F. (Sharon Fansler) Brehm of
                                                                                                                                                  Powell, Ohio; three grandsons,
                                                                                                                                                                                          of Lodge 2 and the Slovene
                                                                                                                                                                                          National Benefit Society, we
                                                                          sadness, the members of Lodge      of the late John S. and Mary Pa-     Michael (Andrea DeJohn),                extend sincere condolences to
      I love you and miss                                                 138 report the Jan. 4, 2012,       tricia Sweton (Cveton) Progar.       Joseph and Nicholas Brehm;              Sis. Bailey’s family, relatives
      you so very much...                                                 passing of Bro. Russell D. Pod-    He lived most of his life in         four granddaughters, Lindsay,           and friends on their loss.

           Amy Mavrich
            Lodge 138

                                                                          Slovenian passports, ID cards may expire in 2012
 In Loving Memory of Frances Hren                                         WASHINGTON, D.C. — A large number              for a new document at least one month            a new passport, not for renewals, through
      Feb. 24, 1903 — Feb. 19, 2006                                       of passports and identity cards are expect-    before the expiration of the old document.       diplomatic-consular representations of the
                                                                          ed to expire in 2012, which may result in          Certain countries require a passport         Republic of Slovenia abroad.
                                                                          a longer waiting period for obtaining new      that has been valid for at least six months         Instructions on how to obtain a new
     It has been six years since                                          documents. Citizens of the Republic of Slo-    when entering their territory. Citizens are      passport through the Embassy of the
      you left us and went into                                           venia are encouraged to check the validity     advised to find out the specific conditions      Republic of Slovenia in Washington are
    God’s embrace. As each day                                            of their documents and submit applications     of entry, especially to countries with a visa    available at the following web address,
     passes, we think about you                                           for new documents in a timely manner.          program, in advance of traveling.      
    more than words can express.                                          Citizens are also encouraged to apply              Slovenian citizens may apply only for        php?id=421&L=1.

 We love you & miss you, Mom.
 Sadly missed by daughter Frances and son-in-law Byron Peterson;
            grandchildren Starla, Ki, Lori and Chuck;
           and great-granddaughters Riley and Kelsey.
                                                                              PROSVETA 2012 Publication Dates
                                                                                       JANuAry 2012                                     mAy 2012                                      sEptEmbEr 2012
                                                                             1     2     3  4    5  6 7                                 1   2    3           4  5                                                  1

  DEAtHS REPORtED                                                            8
                                                                                        10 11 12 13 14
                                                                                        17 18 19 20 21
                                                                                                                                        8   9 10
                                                                                                                                       15 16 17
                                                                                                                                                            11 12
                                                                                                                                                            18 19
                                                                                                                                                                            9 10
                                                                                                                                                                                  3         4
                                                                                                                                                                                                                7  8
                                                                                                                                                                                                               14 15
  For the weeks of Jan. 16-31, 2012                                         22    23    24 25 26 27 28                    20     21    22 23 24             25 26         16 17            18     19    20     21 22
                                      DAtE OF                               29    30    31                                27     28    29 30 31                           23
                                                                                                                                                                             /30 24        25     26    27     28 29
  LODgE     NAmE                       DEAth CItY/StAtE
    34      Judith L. Velikan         01-10-10   Indianapolis, Ind.
    53      James J. Sadar            12-07-11   Highland Heights, Ohio              FEBRUARY 2012                                      JuNE 2012                                        OCtOBER 2012
    53      Ann Tomsick               01-10-12   Vero Beach, Fla.                          1   2              3  4                                           1  2                  1       2  3    4  5 6
    87      Frank Skrjanc             10-14-11   West Newton, Pa.
                                                                             5     6    7  8   9             10 11         3      4     5         6     7    8  9          7       8       9 10 11 12 13
   107      Alma R. Chaperlo          12-05-11   Florissant, Mo.
   138      Loretta J. Barbish        12-30-11   Canonsburg, Pa.            12    13 14 15 16                17 18        10     11    12        13    14   15 16         14      15      16 17 18 19 20
   138      Russell D. Podboy         01-04-12   Washington, Pa.            19    20 21 22 23                24 25        17     18    19        20    21   22 23         21      22      23 24 25 26 27
   138      David J. Progar           01-05-12   Erie, Pa.                  26    27 28 29                                24     25    26        27    28   29 30         28      29      30 31
   142      Olga E. Pozar             12-28-11   Concord, Ohio
   158      William E. Frank          05-30-11   Euclid, Ohio
   174      Frances E. Zakraysek      01-15-12   Windber, Pa.                           mArCh 2012                                      JuLy 2012                                   NOvEmbEr 2012
   223      Jonathan P. Sever         10-13-11   Greensburg, Pa.                                 1            2    3       1      2     3   4    5           6  7                             1   2  3
   225      William G. Kovacic        11-29-11   Arma, Kan.                  4     5     6  7    8            9   10       8      9    10 11 12             13 14          4       5   6  7   8   9 10
   225      Rose Goyette              12-18-11   Franklin, Kan.             11    12    13 14 15             16   17      15     16    17 18 19             20 21         11      12 13 14 15 16 17
   245      Ronald G. Graziotto       12-13-11   Lawrence, Pa.
   257      Nellie M. Palinic         12-23-11   Parma, Ohio                18    19    20 21 22             23   24      22     23    24 25 26             27 28         18      19 20 21 22 23 24
   257      William G. Picha          09-08-11   North Ridgeville, Ohio     25    26    27 28 29             30   31      29     30    31                                 25      26 27 28 29 30
   268      Anne Maras                05-12-11   Edmonds, Wash.
   292      John F. Carter            01-12-12   Avella, Pa.                             AprIL 2012                                   August 2012                                        DECEmbEr 2012
   559      Eugene J. Satkovich       12-18-11   Oak Lawn, Ill.
   577      Wilfred V. Kesner         10-04-10   Orcutt, Calif.              1     2      3   4    5          6  7                         1   2             3  4                                                     1
   584      Goldie Hornes             11-15-11   Sheboygan, Wis.             8     9     10 11 12            13 14         5      6     7  8   9            10 11           2       3       4      5     6      7     8
   603      Catherine M. Buck         01-02-12   Pensacola, Fla.            15    16     17 18 19            20 21        12     13    14 15 16             17 18           9 10           11     12    13     14    15
   604      Frederick G. Bashel       11-05-11   Willoughby Hills, Ohio     22    23     24 25 26            27 28        19     20    21 22 23             24 25         16 17            18     19    20     21    22
   665      Donald H. Hardy           01-13-12   Pittsburgh, Pa.                                                                                                          23
   715      Anna Barber               01-14-12   Jeannette, Pa.             29    30                                      26     27    28 29 30             31               /30 24/31     25     26    27     28    29
   721      Claudia J. Ohler          12-02-11   Aliquippa, Pa.             Publication dates are highlighted in black boxes; deadline dates are circled. The deadline for submissions is noon
   786      Rose V. Quatrone          12-21-11   Long Beach, Calif.         on the Monday a week prior to the issue date, unless otherwise noted above or on the front page. Submissions
                                                 KArEN A. pINtAr            may be mailed to PROSVETA at 247 West Allegheny Road, Imperial, PA 15126; faxed to (724) 695-1555; e-mailed
                                                  National Secretary        to; or submitted via the Publications section of the SNPJ web site,

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