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					                                            Team Majestic's
                              4 on 4 Community basketball tournament

                                           Tournament Rules

These Rules and Regulations are strictly enforced by Team Majestic, there will be no exceptions.

• Games will be first team to score 11 points by ones wins.

• Each team will designate a team captain that will be responsible for the teams leadership role. No one
else is allowed to discuss any discrepancies with the referee's and or team majestic management. (NO
• Rules regarding player conduct will be strictly enforced. (absolutely no bad language, fighting,
taunting or disrespect). This is grounds for automatic ejection from the game and/or tournament, and
future tournaments.
• Players who are ejected from a game can be ejected from the remainder of the tournament if the
players team prevails to the next round solely at the discretion of any management personnel.
• Players will also be ejected from the game following the 3rd warning of any infraction.“we understand
that these games can get emotional but let's show great sportsmanship”
• Players can be banned from any future Majestic event at the discretion of the Parks and Recreation
Department and/or Majestic Management Staff even if the action in question was not seen by the
referee. (No refund will be awarded to players removed for disciplinary reasons.)
• The referee’s decision is final. (remember our refs may, or may not, be OSAA certified. They are here
to support the event, Without them there will be no event!)
• Any player wishing to play in the tournament must have a minimum of atleast 4 players on the team,
with no maximum. While it is not mandatory to have additional players on your team, we do encourage
you to have atleast one back up player in case of an injury and/or ejection.
• Players are limited to playing with one team per tournament.
• Due to the family nature of the facility, fans will also be asked to leave if they display bad language,
disrespect, or any other actions that may set a bad example for any children present.
• Teams may be held accountable for the actions of their fans.

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