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									                Rock Chapel Church of God
                       April 15, 2012                                                 Praise You                                 FAMILY NIGHTS @ ROCK CHAPEL
                                                                                      Praise You,
                  Sunday Morning Worship
                                                                                      Praise You,
                                                                                Let my life praise You;                                   BEGINNING TONIGHT !
Lyrics to Congregational Singing
                                                                                      Praise You,
                  How Majestic is Your Name
                                                                                      Praise You,                              6PM   VIDEO SEMINAR
                       O, Lord, our Lord,
                                                                            Let my life O Lord praise You.                           W/JAMES DOBSON
            How majestic is Your Name in all the earth,
                       O, Lord, our Lord,                                                                                            “ESSENTIALS OF DISCIPLINE”
                                                          Worship Leader
            How majestic is Your Name in all the earth.
                                                          Jerry Turner                                                               Topics Covered tonight:
                 O, Lord, we praise Your Name,                                                                                       1. Why Your Child Needs Discipline
                                                          Special Singing
                O Lord, we magnify Your Name ,                                                                                       2. Irresponsibility vs. Defiance
                                                          Yvette Howell
                  Prince of peace, mighty God,
                                                          Natalie Howell and Dawson Bumgarner                                        3. Anger vs. Action
                     O, Lord God Almighty.
                                                          Sherry Howell, Glen Lawson, and Georgianna Dula
                 Wonderful, Merciful Savior                                                                                    7PM   SNACKS, HOMEMADE ICECREAM,
                                                          Message                                                                    VOLLEYBALL, AND CORNHOLE
                  Wonderful, merciful Savior,
                                                          Why Bother with Church?
                Precious Redeemer and Friend,
                                                          Various Texts                            Nathan Leasure, pastor
              Who would have thought that a Lamb,
                Could rescue the souls of men;
                                                          CD’s of Services
                Oh you rescue the souls of men.
                                                          CD’s are located at the soundbooth at the back of the sanctuary.
                 Counselor, Comforter, Keeper,
                                                                                    Events Calendar
                   Spirit we long to embrace,
                                                          Today              Event
              You offer hope when our hearts have,
                                                          9:30am             Prayer Gathering
                    Hopelessly lost the way;
                                                          10am               Morning Worship
                Oh, we hopelessly lost the way.
                                                          4:45pm             Choir Practice
                                                          6pm                Family Night
                 You are the One that we praise,
                                                          This Week
                   You are the One we adore,
                                                          Wed.             7pm      Bible Study Groups/ Children’s Classes
                 You give the healing and grace,
                 Our hearts always hunger for;                                                                                        FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY
                                                          Birthdays This Week                                                              W/ DAVE RAMSEY
                Oh, our hearts always hunger for.
                                                          Janet Norwood              16
                                                          Courtney Thomson           19                                      WEDNESDAYS @7PM
                    Almighty, infinite Father,
                                                          April Yoder                19                                      IN THE COLLEGE &
                   Faithfully loving Your own;
                                                          Shirley Lawson             20                                        CAREER CLASS
                Here in our weakness You find us,
                                                          Anniversaries This Week
                   Falling before Your throne.
                                                          John & Lisa Thomson              15                                 ALL WELCOME!
               Oh, we're falling before Your throne.
                  A Message to Our Guests
                                                                             For Families & Children
One of the statements that guests sometimes make is “I just
                                                                  Children 4 and younger are welcome to visit the
want to visit for awhile.” We understand that.
                                                                   nursery located in the basement, beginning at 9:55am
Sometimes in life, you feel the need to change where you           each week. Staff will be available to care for them
worship or to begin worshipping for the first time. You just       during the service.Children’s bulletins and crayons
want to sit, watch, and listen.                                    are available and can be accessed from the greeters
                                                                   at the rear of the sanctuary. These will help children
We invite you to do that. We want you to feel welcomed             engage in worship.
and comfortable at Rock Chapel and to eventually call this        After the music portion of the service, children ages
place your worshipping home. Yet, we don’t want to rush            4-11 will be dismissed for Children’s Church. Ages 8-
you in that decision. So until we can welcome you into the         11 will meet in the family life room while ages 4-7 will
family, we warmly welcome you as our very special guest!           meet in the youth room.

When you feel comfortable with us contacting you, simply
fill out the bottom part of this page and drop it in an
                                                                               Contact Information
offering plate or the basket on the information table. Until
                                                                 Office #: 396-5661
you fill this out, we will let you worship with us on your
terms. Even after you have filled out a card, we will not        Find us on Facebook at
clutter your mailbox with fliers and cards or show up on
your doorstep without being asked. We will simply try to
respond to meet the needs that you have indicated on the
card.                                                                           About the Offering
                                                                 This morning an offering will be taken as part of the
Name:                                                            worship service. The proceeds of the offering will go to
Phone Number/E-mail:                                             the general operating fund of Rock Chapel. If you would
I’d like information about:                                      like to designate an offering in addition to your tithe
                 Membership                                      you may do so to one of the following special funds: the
                 Ministries                                      Building Fund or the Overbay Memorial Mission Fund.
                 Ministry opportunities
                                                                 Workers Next Week
New Member Information                                           Greeting: Dale and Karen Reece
On the information table at the back of the sanctuary is a       Nursery: Donna and Erin Pipes
form to acquire new member information- addresses, phone         Sun. Night Nursery: Kim Howell & T’Neal Herman
numbers, birthdays, and anniversaries. This will allow us to                Next Sun.: Jennifer Leasure & Jeanne Swink
contact you when necessary (i.e. changes to schedule, urgent
prayer requests). When you reach a point where you would
like to receive these types of contacts, please let us know by
filling out this form.
                                                                Nursery Rotation for Sunday Nights:
                          Pastoral Care
                                                                1st Sunday night of month:
      If you have a question, a financial or other practical
                                                                     Hannah Crouch & Brandi Walker
      need, or would like to pray with someone, the pastors
      are in the sanctuary after the worship service. You may
                                                                2nd: Cathy Leasure & Karon Turner
      also speak to a pastor by calling the church office at    3rd: Kim Howell & T’Neal Herman
      396-5661.                                                 4th Jennifer Leasure & Jeanne Swink
                                                                5th: Jennifer Cansler
                          2012 Greeting List
January 1        Bob and Rachel Howell
          8      Linda Norwood
          15     Richard and Karen Blankenship
          22     Kitty Chatman
          29     Brian and Janet Norwood
February 5       Dale and Karen Reece
         12      Pat Tittle
          12     Jeff and James Pennell
          19     Mike Cansler
          26     Billy and Donna Pipes
March 4          Dan Howell
          11     George Sullivan
          18     Bob and Rachel Howell
          25     Linda Norwood
April   1      Richard and Karen Blankenship
        8        Kitty Chatman
         15      Brian and Janet Norwood
         22      Dale and Karen Reece
         29      Pat Tittle
May     6      Jeff and James Pennell
        13       Mike Cansler
        20     Billy and Donna Pipes
        27     Dan Howell
June    3      Bob and Rachel Howell
        10     George Sullivan
        17     Linda Norwood
        24     Richard and Karen Blankenship

                      2012 Nursery Schedule
1st Sunday      Rachel Howell and Karen Reece
2nd Sunday      Kasey Seagle and Alaina Wallace
3rd Sunday     Karen Blankenship and Jennifer Cansler
4th Sunday     Donna and Erin Pipes
5th Sunday     Janet Norwood

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