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            1st in the World : 1-Day 5-S Lead Auditor (Green-belt) Training

     24 Apr 2014 (Thur.) 9:00am-5:30pm at the Riverside Majestic Hotel, Kuching, Sarwak, Malaysia
                               (Post-ICIT Conference Workshop)

                                Conducted by Prof. Sam Ho,
        Founder Chair, I5SO & HK5SA; Ex-ADB Quality Expert, SIRIM; Speaker, Oxford U.

1.     Objective

Train up participants as 5-S Lead Auditors for improving the safety, hygiene, quality,
productivity, image and competitiveness of enterprises.

2.     What is 5-S ?

5-S is the first step towards TQM. Over the last century, the Japanese have formalised the
technique and name it as 5-S Practice. Prof. Sam Ho has improved and defined its terms in
English/Chinese and developed the world's first 5-S Audit Checklist which was used for training in
Malaysia under an Asian Development Bank Quality Expert assignment in 1993-94 at SIRIM. In
1998-2000, a US$600,000 grant has been given to the author to train up 2,500 5-S Lead Auditors in
Hong Kong, the first of its kind in the world. By now, over 20,000 people have been trained, with
over 1,000 organisations representing 50,000 people certified as 5-S Registered Organisation.

                         Japanese     SIRIM 5-S *       50-pts. *   Typical Example * (from the 50-pts.)
                         Seiri        Structurise          10       Throw away rubbish
                         Seiton       Systematise          10       30-second retrieval of a document
                         Seiso        Sanitise              5       Individual cleaning responsibility
                         Seiketsu     Standardise          15       Transparency of storage
                         Shitsuke     Self-discipline      10       Do 5-S daily
* Defined/Created by Prof. Sam Ho

5-S *  ISO 9000/14000/26000/50000 + OHSAS 18001  TQM
3.     Participants

All levels of management: from the CEOs to the line supervisors of enterprises.

4.     Benefits

Because of its effectiveness to quality and productivity improvement, 5-S should be considered as
step number one for any quality programme. Nevertheless, any company which has already
embarked on other quality programmes, such as BPR, QCC, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 22000,
OHSAS 18001, TPM, or TQM should take a step back to ripe the benefit of this powerful
technique. Thus, the benefits are instantaneous and universal.

                                    UiTM-5S-WS/v.1/2013-11-25/P- 1
    5.     Deliverables

    Train up as 5-S Lead Auditor to implement 5-S at own organisation:
     improve work environment
     improve quality of work
     improve productivity
     reduce wastage
     reduce equipment down time
     improve sense of responsibility among management staff
     raise team spirit
     improve company image & competitiveness

    NOTE:          The training will be conducted in English, and each delegate will be given a set of
                   Handout in English.

    6.     Programme Content
    8:45am           Registration
    9:00am           1. Introduction to the Workshop, Speaker & Participants    (Powerpoint)
    9:15am           2. Introduction to the 5-S Practice
    10:45am          Tea Break
    11:00am          3. The 5-S Audit Worksheet and Auditing                    (DVD)
    1:00pm           Lunch
    2:00pm           4. The 5-S Live Audit                      (5-S Checklist & Digital Camera)
    2:45pm           5. The 5-S Audit Team Report and Presentation             (Digital Photos)
    3:30am           Tea Break
    3:45am           6. The 5-S Implementation Experience                       (Powerpoint)
                     (5-S Video Audit)
    4:45pm           7. The 5-S Lead Auditor Test
    5:15pm           8. Conclusion & Graduation Photo
    5:30pm           End

    7.     Certificate

    Each delegate will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance. If they pass (at 60%) both the group
    live audit report and the written test (equally weighted), they will be awarded the 5-S Lead Auditor
    Training (Green-belt) Certificate instead. Around 20% will be awarded Distinction. The
    Certificate will be issued by the I5SO jointly with Linnaeus University.

    8. Expert Trainer

    Prof. Sam HO PhD(Mgt.), FIQA, EQA Assessor, H/P: 012-812-6198,
                             Oshikawa Fellow of the Asian Productivity Organization (86-87),
                             Asian Development Bank Quality Expert-SIRIM to the Malaysian Government (93-94),
                             Chairman of the 1st-18th "International Conference on ISO 9000 and TQM - ICIT" (96-14),
                             Professor of Strategy & Quality, Luton Business School, UK (96-97),
                             Research Associate, Judge Institute of Management, Cambridge University, UK (96-97),
                             Guest Speaker, Said Business School, Oxford University, UK,
                             Professor of Strategic & Quality Management, International Management Centres, UK,
                             Visiting Professor in TQM at Uni. of Coventry, Paisley (UK), RMIT (Australia) & Linnaeus (Swe.),
                             Distinguished Professor in Business Excellence, Zhong Shan University (1st in China),
                             Consultant and Trainer for over 200 firms for ISO 9000 & 5-S implementation,
                             Founder Chair of the HK 5-S Association with over 20,000 members world-wide.
                             Director of HKSAR Government sponsored 5-S Campaign, certified over 1,000 firms in HK/China,
        Founder Chair, Asia-Pacific Business Excellence Standards (APBEST) Academy,
        Author of over 100 papers & 20 books, including "TQM: An Integrated Approach", translated into 5 languages

                                           UiTM-5S-WS/v.1/2013-11-25/P- 2
    ~ Examples of 5-S Implementation led by the HK5SA (1st in the World) ~
Manu.:      Artech Printing, Uchiya (HK) Ltd., Onpress PCB, JTI Tobacco, Au’s Plastics, Cemac Building
            Materials, Pacific Textiles, Sonca Industries, Group Sense Int., V-Tech Group, Central Textile,
            Elec & Eltek, Simons Instruments, Gloria Sun, Wong’s PCB, Mansfield Dies & Moulds,
            Philips Factories in SZ, Gold-peak Industries, Johnson Auto Electric, Adidas (+ Vendors),
            Exclusive Mark (M) Sdn. Bhd., etc.

Constru.: HK Housing Authority, HK Housing Society, Hip Hing Construction, Gammon Construction,
          Vibro Foundation, Hsin Chong Construction, China Resources Construction, Paul Y
          Construction, Gong Hing RMC, China Construction, Berican Construction, Hanison
          Construction, Chun Woo Construction, Shui On Construction, PPCSB (M) Sdn. Bhd., etc.

Health:     @Hospital Authority & its 45 public hospitals, including: Princess Margaret Hospital, Yan
            Chai Hospital, Tun Mun Hospital, Kwong Wah Hospital, Alice Ho Hospital, Grantham
            Hospital, Queen Mary Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Maryknoll Hospital, Caritas
            Hospital, Heaven of Hope Hospital & Dental Clinics; HKSAR Dept. of Health, Specialist
            Medical Centre; Guangdong People’s 1st Hospital; HK Baptist Hospital; Dr. Wong’s Clinic: SZ
            Lung Guang District Hospital, DEMC Hospital (M), etc.

Education: HK 5-S Kindergarten, Danse A Lili Ballet Academie, Shenzhen #7 Kindergarten, PolyU –
           Estate Management & Student Affair Office, HK Baptist University, Chinese University, City
           University, Zhong San University, Chinese Christian Schools, Sing Kung Hui Schools, China
           Missionary Centre, UITM (Sarawak), etc.
           Quality Education Fund for – 10 kindergartens, primary & secondary schools

F&B:        Ocean Empire Int. Group, Tao Heung Group (70 restaurants in HK & China + Logistic
            Centres), Tai Hing Group (40 restaurants in HK & China + Logistic Centre), San See Tai
            (Macau), Chee Kee, Cousin, Hung Fa Lau, Maxim Group (60 restaurants in HK & China +
            Logistic Centre), Cheung Hing Lung, Fook Yuen, Tang Palace (Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing),
            Abalone Prince and Princess, Shanghai Tin-Tin Restaurant, Siu Nam Guong (HK & Shanghai),
            Victoria Harbour Group, Superstar Group, Guangdong Chung Shum Group, Shenzhen Sing
            Kee Group, Nanjing Jing Zhi Wai Group, Star Group (30 restaurants in HK & China + Logistic
            Centres), Little Calf Group (HK), Little Sheep Group (SZ), Betterment Catering, Sailing
            Catering, Hon Po Group, Tung Chi Tong, Swire Coca-Cola (HK), Lee Kam Kee, Amoy Good,
            Nissin Food, Calbee Food, Luthansa Airport Caterer, Taiwan Shen Yip Restaurant Group,
            Taiwan Regency Formosa Hotel, Kim-Gary Restaurant Group (M) Sdn. Bhd., etc.

Services: @SGS(A-P)、@HKGCC、@DHL-HK、Hsin Chong Property Management, Fai To Nursing
          Home, LCN Group, Minxin Insurance Group (HK & Macau), TQM Consultants, Hong Chi
          Centres, PCCW Power Logistics, Fuji Xerox (HK), Sony (HK), Neway Karaoke Group,
          Shandong Blue Ocean Hotel Group, Toichou, Sanyungji Hotel, HK Children Association,
          Squina Health Products Group, Wangtai Group, Sunshine Domestic Helpers, Red-Cross, Aged
          Service Association, Daily Jewelery, Sogo Departmental Store, Ming Saloon, Hang Seng Bank,
          HSBC, Wing Hang Bank, Red Box Karaoke Group (M) Sdn. Bhd., etc.

Public:     @HKSAR Government Civil Services Training Centre、@ICAC, Fire Services Dept., E&M
            Services Dept., Social Welfare Dept., Labour Dept., PCCW, Tramways, China Light & Power,
            KCR, Mass Transit Railway (MTR), HK & China Gas, Yuntian Container Terminals, HK
            Jockey Club, SIRIM Bhd., etc.

@ Our Franchisees

                                UiTM-5S-WS/v.1/2013-11-25/P- 3
                       5-S Lead Auditor Training Enrolment Form

                               24 Apr 2014 (Thursday) 9:00am-5:30pm
                       at the Riverside Majestic Hotel, Kuching, Sarwak, Malaysia

Fees and Enrollment

            No of Participants           (RM/Pax)           Actual No. of      Total Amount (RM)
               1 person                     500
             2-3 persons                    450
         4 persons and above                400

Organisation: ________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

Tel: ______________________ Mob: ____________________                       Fax: _______________

Email: _________________________________

Name (1) : _______________________            Position: ________________________________
Name (2) : _______________________            Position: ________________________________
Name (3) : _______________________            Position: ________________________________
Name (4) : _______________________            Position: ________________________________
Name (5) : _______________________            Position: ________________________________
Payment AU$ ______________           Cheque No.__________________

                                                                        Signature & Company Stamp

PAYMENT (Send us Confirmation of Payment):

    Direct Bank Transfer / Internet Bank Transfer * : HSBC
     Address:            Shop 38, Citylink Plaza, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong.
                         Tel: +852-2691-6415             Fax: +852-2692-4387
     Account Name:       Asia Pacific Business Excellence Standard Academy Ltd.
     Account No.:        004-557-895711-838 AU dollar Account
                                 * Please instruct your bank to pay all transfer charges from your account.

    I shall pay cash at the Registration Counter on 24 Apr 2014.

                                  UiTM-5S-WS/v.1/2013-11-25/P- 4

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