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Photo Time with Hitty


									                                    Photo Time with Hitty

During the upcoming conference, All Aboard with Hitty, in June 2011, participants will be
offered a rare chance to have their doll(s) photographed with the original Hitty. The Stockbridge
Library has hired a professional photographer to work with us on this event.

All images are for private use only and cannot be used for retail purposes. Anyone desiring a
photograph will be required to sign a form stating agreement to this restriction.

How will the photo session work?

In order to avoid excessive handling of the original Hitty, only library staff will assist the
photographer in setting up the shots. On Saturday morning you will be dropping off your doll
(or dolls) for the public exhibit. Before going into the exhibit, your doll will be taken to a
different area to be posed with Hitty. You can be sure that we will handle your dolls with the
same care that we use with our own Hitty. Following the shoot, your doll will be put into the
exhibit in the library's beautiful Reading Room for the public to enjoy.

What is the result of the session and when do I see it?

All the photographs will be done digitally. You will receive your digital images on a CD so that
you can print them any way you wish. If you have two dolls in the exhibit you can request a
'group shot'. We expect to have the CDs available on Sunday morning at the session. If you do
not have the ability to see or print from a CD, we can arrange to print your images but they will
be mailed to you at a later date for an additional cost.

May I arrange for a photograph even if my dolls aren't loaned for the exhibit?

Yes, you may. You will be asked to sign the same agreement form limiting use of the images.
You will also be given a specific time to pick up your doll immediately after the photo session.

May I have more than two dolls photographed?

Until we have a better idea of the numbers we will be photographing, we need to limit the shoot
to two dolls per person for the sake of time.

What is the fee for a photograph?

The first setup will cost $20. Subsequent shots will be $15 each.

How do I sign up for a photo shoot?

Your agreement form and application will come in the conference confirmation packet after you

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