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									[letter to send potential hikers]

I cannot describe the feeling of cresting a summit, and looking down over the Sea of
Gallilee, in all its glory. It’s an indescribable feeling that needs to be experienced.

 As you may know, come this October, I will be hiking the hills of Northern Israel in an
effort to raise funds for victims of terror. For five days, I will be walking side by side with
several victims to demonstrate that we in the Diaspora have not forgotten them. Along with
dozens of other hikers, we will be showing our support by visiting Israel and raising money
for OneFamily Fund Canada.

This is an experience like no other. We will hike through the Western Galilee, beneath the
ruins of the majestic Montfort Fortress. Our hiking trails will wind along flowing streams,
through lush forests of unique flora and fauna. We’ll traverse the Summit Trail of Mount
Meron, Israel’s second highest mountain, and enjoy spectacular views of the upper Galilee.
Our hike will end with a triumphant splash in the Sea of Galilee. The hike itself can be done
at the beginner, intermediate of advanced level, so everyone can join in. But it’s not just
about hiking; there will be some unique excursions, interesting speakers, great
entertainment and incredible food.

So why am I telling you this? Because I want you to join me in this unbelievable journey. I
want you to experience the wonder of finding a piece of ancient pottery just lying beneath
your foot, to learn from the most knowledgeable and interesting guides Israel has to offer,
to feel the astonishing joy when a victim thanks you for coming to Israel and tells you that
OneFamily has “saved their lives”, to make new friends who will always be there to lend a
walking stick or a hand and to participate fully in this life-changing journey.

Since words alone cannot adequately describe the OneFamily Fund Canada Sea to Sea
Hike, I invite you view a short video from last year’s hike that will give you a taste of what’s
to come. And if you’d like more information on the hike, feel free to call me at [insert
personal phone number] or call the OneFamily office at 416.486.9687, ext. 200.

Together let’s have the time of our lives, while help victims of terror regain their lives.


OneFamily is the pre-eminent organization in Israel that provides direct financial, legal and
emotional support to the thousands of victims of terror in Israel on a daily basis. It is at the
forefront in providing long-term support for physical and emotional health, education,
housing, income and other needs. OneFamily provides love, encouragement and extensive
supportive programming to victims of terror and their families.

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