How to Look Good in a Midi Dress

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					How to Look Good in a Midi Dress

There's no denying the midi dress is now back in style. And lots of women love these dresses
because they are both comfortable and easy to accessories. But be warned: if you don't wear a midi
dress correctly, it can make you look frumpy and lost. There are definitely dos and don'ts when it
comes to donning this exquisite piece of female clothing.

Before moving on, it's necessary to define the midi dress for those who don't know what you're
referring to. A midi dress is one that places the hemline at mid-calf. For most women, that means
the bottom of the dress will be about a third of the way between the knee and ankle with high-
heels, more like halfway in flats or shoeless. The midi dress can be loosely fit or formfitting as well.

Height Is Most Important
Women have the flexibility to don midi dresses for nearly any occasion. In other words, they are not
just party dresses for elegant evenings on the town. But regardless of the occasion, the most
important thing to not looking frumpy in a midi is to pay attention to your height. Remember, a midi
dress is, by definition, one with a hemline falling halfway between the knee and ankle.

If your hemline falls at a point too high, your midi quickly becomes a mini that may give the wrong
impression. If it's too low, the entire ensemble will seem overbearing, thus adding years to your age.
It's also likely to fit too loosely as well. Be prepared to have your dress altered if the hemline is not
just right.

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Consider Wearing Heels
There's an old-fashioned maxim that says you wear lower heels with higher hems. Why? Because
high heels elongate the leg, giving the impression of a hem that is higher than it actually is. Where a
midi dress is concerned, it helps to wear higher heels. Wearing flats, for instance, will make you look
short and frumpy because of the way the dress is constructed. Heels will make your legs look longer,
for a taller and leaner look.

If you're into stilettos, they work best with the midi dress. But be sure to wear shoes with at least
some heel height, even if you cannot deal with the extremes. As we said, wearing flats is just not a
good idea with this kind of dress. Save the flats for your playsuits and jeans.

Of course, the style of dress you choose is equally important. So make sure to take into
consideration things like your body shape, the types of environments you plan to wear the dress in,
and what your overall image tends to be. The right dress can make you look wonderful on just about
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