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									                  Because of the tender mercy of our God, by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven, Luke 1:78

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 March 2013 | Monthly Newsletter of Dayspring Baptist Church
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Pastor’s Desk                    1

Hymn of the Month                2
                                     The Death of the Mall and the Future of Church
                                     Buildings                                by Thom Rainer
Announcements                    3
                                     I remember the first time I went to a mall. Raised in a small town in the southeastern
We Are Family                4       section of Alabama, I was amazed when I went to the “big city” mall in Montgomery. All
                                     the stores were under one roof. They were new and shiny. The venture became an
                                     adventure for me. But that was fifty years ago. Things have
Ministry News                5-6     changed. Things have changed significantly.

                                     As Jeff Jordan notes in The Atlantic Cities, the future of American
FYI                          7
                                     shopping malls is tenuous.

Vision Catchers 2.0          8-11    The Plight of the American Shopping Mall

Know the Book                12      As Jordan says in his prescient article, the trends are gloomy for malls. Sales are down.
                                     Numbers of malls have closed or they are on the precipice of closing. Vacancy rates are up.
 Opportunities for Spiritual
   Growth at Dayspring               Jordan notes “there are more than 200 malls with over 250,000 square feet that have
                                     vacancy rates of 35 percent or higher, a clear marker for shopping center distress.” He
          Sunday Schedule            further provides data that indicate more than 10 percent of malls will close in the next five
Church School Institute 9:00 A.M.
 Morning Worship 10:00 A.M.
                                     Of course, the declaration of the death of American malls is an overstatement or, at the
        Youth Explosion
                                     very least, a premature obituary. Many malls will remain open; a number will remain viable
      (Every 2nd Sunday)             and growing. Still, the trends are unmistakable and unavoidable. Only those who deny
 Nursery & Children’s Church         reality will fail to note the implications of this issue.
       Wednesday Schedule
      Youth Tutoring 7:00 P.M.       The Relationship to Church Facilities
Wednesday Night Worship Service      Is it then fair to suggest any relationship between the decline of the malls and the future of
    (Every 1st Wednesday )           the church buildings? I think so.
      Youth F. A. I. T. H.
                                     To be sure, most malls are adversely affected by the growth of online shopping. There are
       Adult Bible Study
                                     not too many brick and mortar stores that don’t feel the impact of the Internet.
      Noon & 7:30 P.M.
                                     But there is more to the decline of the malls than the rise of the digital world.
        Volume 4, Issue 3
                                                                                        Continued on page 2...
The Boomer generation has been the generation of bigness
and sprawl. Their parents, in the aftermath of World War II,         Hymnal of the Month
moved numbers of them to the new and massive suburbia.
Large malls would soon follow. Most large mega church build-
ings were constructed primarily for the favor of the Boomers.
                                                                          Blessed Quietness
But the children of the Boomers, Generation X and, even
more, the Millennials, have been pushing for more intimacy
and smallness. They triggered the unprecedented growth of            Joys are flowing like a river,
Starbucks. They have been the key movers in social media,
which has fostered a new online intimacy. Among the                  Since the Comforter has come;
Christian Millennials there is a desire for greater intimacy in      He abides with us forever,
church. They are in many ways triggering a new small group
revolution. And though they may not have an explicit aversion
                                                                     Makes the trusting heart His home.
to large church facilities, neither are they attracted to them.              Refrain:
                                                                     Blessed quietness, holy quietness,
The Future Size of Church Facilities                                 What assurance in my soul!
As there will still be large malls 20 years from now, so will
there be large church facilities whose worship centers can           On the stormy sea, Jesus speaks to me,
accommodate 2,000 or more in one service.                            And the billows cease to roll.

But you will also see a discernible difference in mega churches      Bring-ing life and health and gladness,
in 10 or 20 years. Fewer of these large churches will have large
                                                                     All around, this heav'nly Guest;
facilities. More will have smaller worship centers and multiple
venues, many with multiple gathering times and days.                 Banished unbelief and sadness,
                                                                     Chang'd our weariness to rest.
The trend in smaller facilities will not be limited to just the
largest of churches.                                                           Refrain:
                                                                     Like the rain that falls from heaven,
Churches of all sizes will “downsize.” Or, as an alternative,
they will not build larger the first moment the capacity feels       Like the sunlight from the sky,
challenged in their worship services.                                So the Holy Ghost is given,
                                                                     Coming on us from on high.
A Boomer church leader looks at a small building and limited
acreage and sees challenges. He sees the limitations of size
and space. A Millennial leader looks at the same building and
acreage and sees opportunity. He immediately thinks                  What a wonderful salvation,
multiple venues, multiple services and multiple days.                Where we always see His face!
                                                                     What a perfect habitation!
It will be fascinating to watch these trends unfold.
                                                                     What a quiet resting-place!
Large malls will yield to online shopping and smaller and more
intimate shopping villages.                                                   Refrain:

And large church buildings will yield to smaller church
buildings and other venues that aren’t “churchy” at all. The                          SUNDAY 9:00AM - Session 1
result may be that we will see our church facilities actually
utilized more; greater facility stewardship could result.                             Understanding the New
                                                                      THE                Testament
                                                                                         Location: Fellowship Hall
After all, only college football stadiums are utilized less than
church facilities.                                                 CHURCH             Building Relationships with
                                                                                          God Self & Others
For article go to                                SCHOOL                 Location: Church School

                                                                   INSTITUTE          Salvation & Prayer
                                                                                          Location: Choir Room


                              WHEN: April 27, 2013
                         WHERE: Crown Plaza Hotel
                                TIME: 12:00 – 4:00

                        ‘Dress to Bless’                Rev., Dr. Jeffrey K. Rumlin

                   Pastor’s Appreciation Luncheon Banquet
                   Celebrating ‘8’ Years of Dedicated Service
                                                 Cost: $10.00

                  SUNDAY SERMON SERIES                                      The Dayspring Church Family
                                                                                    will worship at
                  From The Book of Jeremiah                              Greater Mt. Pleasant M.B.C for their
             You do not want to miss a single sermon                          Pastors’ Appreciation Day
                                                                                Pastor Jeffrey Rumlin
                                                                              will be the Guest Speaker
                           Bible Study                                           March 14th @ 7pm
                                                                               Rev. Charles E. Williams
           The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares
                                                                                45031 Historical Lane
                         Matthews 13:24-30                                           Callahan, FL

                    The Diaconate Ministry                                        Good Friday
          Leaders-Deacons: Taylor, Moses, Pressley, S. Towns,            The Dayspring Church Family will
   J. Towns, Mitchell and Young will hold their quarterly meeting with               worship at
 their combined groups on March 16, 2013. from 12noon to 2:00pm in        First Baptist Church of Oakland
the Fellowship Hall. All members assigned to theses Deacons are asked        on March 29th @ 7:00pm.
to RSVP by March 13, 2013 by calling . A luncheon is being planned for
                                                                                 Rev. Torin T. Dailey
                            your enjoyment.
                                                                                   1025 Jessie St,
                                                                               Jacksonville, FL 32206

WE ARE FAMILY Shut-In List                                SPECIAL PRAYER
Charles Edwards, Sr.   Lucy Blocker                     Sis. Doretha Fussell
1662 W. 32nd St.       Signature Nursing Center         Sis. Willette Taylor
Jacksonville, FL       2061 Hyde Park Rd                Sis. Lillie Peterson
32209                  Jacksonville, FL 32210           Sis. Ethelyn Mangrum
                                                        Sis. Helen Furlow
Helen Breland          Bertha Kirkland
                                                        Sis. Shelly Wilcox
C/o Loretto B. Gayle   745 Bulls Bay Hwy,
                                                        Bro. John Floyd
25 Apple Tree Ln.,     Jacksonville, FL 32205
                                                        Bro. Nixon Frazier
Stafford, VA 22554
                       Mary I. Thomas
                                                        Sis. Bettye Sledge
Earnestine Sanders     4202 Connie St.                  Wife of Bro. Charlie Sledge
1986 W. 6th St.        Jacksonville, FL 32209
                                                        Sis. Patricia Collins
Jacksonville, FL       Mary C. Williams                 Sis. Alveria Lane
32209                  Riverwood Center
                                                        Sis. Aggie Rhines
                       2802 Parental Home Rd.
Gladys Davis,                                           Shands Rehab. Room 351
                       Jacksonville, Florida
Beauclerc Manor,       32216                            Sis. Willie M. Morris
Heartland Health       Levi Jordan                      Sis. Mary Curtis
Care Center South      2115 Palmdale St.                Sis. Alveria Lane
9355 San Jose Blvd.    Jacksonville, FL 32208           Sis. Mary Lee Graham
Jacksonville, FL       Cora Stephens                    Sis Lillie Blue, in the passing
32257                  6338 Leona St.                   of her aunt, Sis. Mary Guyton

Minnie Lee Brown       Jacksonville, FL 32219           Sis. Diane & Bro. Carl Howell
Heartland Health                                        Sis. Angela Chavis and Family in the
Care Ctr. 8495 Nor-                                     passing of her mother Sis. Vivian
mandy Blvd                                              Calhoun
Jacksonville, FL                                        Bro. Napoleon Jones and Family in
                                                        the Passing of his sister Catherine
                                         Holy Week Services Communion & Baptism will
     Thank You more than I can say.         be held on Thursday, March 28th @ 7:00pm.

   To all my Dayspring Brothers and             Noon Day and 7:30pm Bible Study for
Sisters. Just wanted you to know how         Wednesday, March 27, 2013 is canceled.
   grateful I am for the show of love
    given to me at Christmas Time.
         Bro. Charles Edwards

                                           PRIN R NG

           This Month in Church School                               Real God– Real Talk
            Whole Armor of God– purpose                               Youth Bible Study
Purpose Revealed (Luke 2:41 -52)         Mar. 3
                                                    Experiencing God                            Teens
Pushed in to Purpose (John 2: 1-11)      Mar. 10
                                                    Christianity is?                            Tweens

Driven by Purpose (John 2:13 -17)        Mar. 17
                                                    Yes Jesus Loves Me                          Ages 3 to 5
Burdened By Purpose( Mathew 16:21)       Mar. 24
Resurrection Sunday                      Mar. 31
                                                                Youth Church School– Every Sunday 9a

Jeremiah 29:11                                             Real God-Real Talk— Every Wednesday 7.30p

                                                                Children’s Church- 1st, 3rd, 4th Sunday
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,
                                                                     Youth Sunday– Every 2nd Sunday
says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil,
                                                                   Wednesday Worship– 1st Wednesdays
to give you a future and a hope.
                                                        Wednesday, Mar. 6            Wednesday, Mar. 20

                                                        Youth Church School          Youth Church School
               DOD and SOP Rehearsals                   Teacher’s Meeting            Teacher’s Meeting
                  Wednesday’s at 6.30p                  6.30pm                       6.30pm

                                                        Saturday’s in March          Saturday, Mar. 23
                                                        Resurrection Day
                                                                                     College Tour Wrap up and
                                                        Program Rehearsals
                                                                                     Meet and Greet
                                                        March 2 –30 10:30a           Dayspring Fellowship Hall
                                                                                     12: 30pm
                                                        Sunday, Mar. 24– 27          Sunday, Mar. 31
                                                        College Tour 2013            Resurrection Day
                                                                                     Presentation &
                                                                                     Treasure Hunt
                                                                                              (After Church)
                                                                                      irritable, anger that also affects others, fatigue, low energy,
                                                                                      disinterest in daily activities and relationships, suicidal; trouble
                                          EMOTIONAL WELLNESS                          concentrating, food cravings, bingeing, sleep disturbances, and/or
                                                                                      a sense of being out of control. Physical symptoms include
                                                            AND WOMEN                 appetite changes, bloating, breast tenderness, headaches, and
                                                        From the Health Ministry      joint or muscle pain. If you are having trouble managing PMS
                                                                                      symptoms see your OB-GYN provider.
                                                                                      In approximately 5 percent of women, anxiety and your mood
Emotional wellness means you feel good about yourself, your relationships and         related to menstruation is so severe that the medical
your purpose in life. It does not mean that you will never be sad, angry, or          management is necessary to relieve symptoms. This condition
confused. Everyone will have some of these feelings from time to time.                called premenstrual dysthymic disorder (PMDD) is treatable with
However, if you are emotionally well, you will have fewer lows and will be able       antidepressants and mood-altering medications, either daily or
to bounce back from sad times faster. Emotional wellness also helps you to be         just during the week before your period. Speak to your OB-GYN
happier during the good times. An important part of emotional wellness is to          provider if you have severe symptoms.
value who you are and what you do. Women often have many roles and
responsibilities in their lives. They can be a mother, a daughter, a student, a       DEPRESSION
friend, a leader, a co-worker, a wife, a partner, a volunteer, a bill payer, a        Everyone gets “the blues” now and then; it’s a part of our busy,
homemaker, and so on – all at the same time. These many roles and tasks can           complicated lives. But when there is little joy or pleasure in your
make women feel overwhelmed.                                                          life, there may be a more serious problem. A depressed mood
Everyday stress, depression, changes in sleep, eating disorders, etc., all impact     that stays for a while without let-up can change the way a person
your emotional and physical health. Everyone has an exquisite nervous system          thinks and feels. Doctors call this "clinical depression".
that responds uniquely to internal and external environmental factors. These          Being "down in the dumps" for a long period of time (more than 2
responses are expressed in feelings and behavior. This is a wonderful process         weeks) is not normal; a person who feels this way needs medical
that makes us able to feel joy and happiness, as well as pain and sadness. It is      attention. For most people, depression can be treated
part of the human experience. When feelings of fear, anxiety and sadness              successfully using several kinds of therapies including "talk"
overwhelm our perception, we suffer a variety of symptoms. Just as with a             therapies and medication as well as other treatment methods.
physical ailment – we need to seek help to make it better.                            Depression is a medical condition and there is no reason to suffer
STRESS                                                                                with so many available treatment options. When a person is
                                                                                      clinically depressed, his or her ability to function both mentally
Stress is caused by your body’s mental and physical responses to overwhelming         and physically is affected. The trouble may last for weeks, months
demands, either positive or negative. There often can be a fine line between          or even years.
the positive and negative effects of stress. This line is different for everyone,
just as stress and its effects are different for everyone.                            There are many types of depression that are distinguished by
                                                                                      duration and severity of symptoms. Some are situational –
In a positive sense, stress can make you alert, motivated and productive. To          attributable to a certain stressful event or situation, while others
this end, stress can be beneficial. It inspires you to meet the challenge of the      of postpartum, seasonal, chronic and major are the more
task at hand. You push yourself and learn how best to handle a situation so it        commonly identified types. Depression also may be seen with
will be less stressful in the future. Some women "thrive" on stress, appreciating     other conditions such as alcoholism and anxiety disorders.
the motivation it provides.
                                                                                      Depression rates for women are higher than men, in part due to
Since women are capable of doing several things at once, they are more                hormonal factors as seen in premenstrual syndrome (PMS),
susceptible to the stresses of the many activities they undertake. Women are          premenstrual dysphoric disorder, postpartum depression and
social organizers, planners, partners, mothers, spouses, girlfriends, daughters,      premenopausal depression. The causes and symptoms of
friends, athletes, teammates, managers, employees, cleaning ladies, cooks,            depression in women are often different than those in men and
athletes, therapists and mediators. Positive stress can lead to a full, very active   women have a greater tendency to suffer from seasonal affective
life that keeps you young in spirit and health.                                       disorder. Depressed women are more likely to experience strong
At high levels or for long periods of time though, stress can be dangerous. Not       feelings of guilt, sleep excessively, overeat and gain weight.
only can it cause crying, anger, or inability to get work done, it can also cause     Women entering premenopausal and menopause are at
physical illness or relationship problems with family, friends and co-workers.        increased risk for depression due to the changes in reproductive
Stress can lead to negative coping behaviors, like eating too little or too much,     hormones. Women who have a history of depression are at
eating unhealthy foods, sleeping too much or too little, skipping work, smoking,      higher risk for a depressive episode during this period.
drinking and/or taking drugs or too many prescribed medications.                      Depression is the most treatable of all emotional or mental
Signs that you may need help dealing with your stress are: headaches, stomach         illnesses. About 60–80% of depressed people can be treated
problems, missed periods, frequent colds, cold sores, canker sores, appetite          successfully. The first step is to overcome any negative attitudes
and/or weight changes, heart disease, heart attacks, and even cancer. Too             that might stand in the way. Because the subject of mental illness
much stress can also lead to injuries or accidents. It is important to know how       still makes many people uncomfortable, some feel that getting
to manage, control and relieve stress so that it does not cause negative effects      help is a sign of weakness. Many people mistakenly believe that a
in your life. If you are having difficulty evaluating and controlling your stress,    depressed person can quickly "snap out of it" or that some people
speak with your health care provider. Although it is possible to sort out your        are too old to be helped.
problems alone, having someone to help can make it much easier.                       EATING DISORDERS
Hormonal fluctuations can be a source of stress in girls and women. This varies       Each year, millions of people in the United States are affected by
in intensity from one person to the next, but is quite common. Premenstrual           serious and sometimes life-threatening eating disorders. The vast
syndrome (PMS) can include feeling sad, hopeless, tense, anxious, tearful,            majority – more than 90% – are adolescent and young adult
                                                                                                                   Continued on page 7                   6
women.                                                                      most common of all the mental disorders. Many people
                                                                            misunderstand these disorders and think individuals should be able to
Approximately 1% of adolescent girls develop anorexia nervosa, a
                                                                            overcome the symptoms by sheer willpower, but wishing the
dangerous condition in which they can literally starve themselves to
                                                                            symptoms away does not work.
death. Another 2-3% of young women develops bulimia nervosa, a
destructive pattern of excessive or binge overeating followed by            Women are twice as likely to have an anxiety disorder as men. From
vomiting or other "purging" behaviors to control their weight. These        the time a girl reaches puberty until about the age of 50, she is twice
eating disorders also occur in men and older women, but much less           as likely to have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders also occur
frequently. Many young women learn how to be “eating-disordered”            earlier in women than in men. Differences in brain chemistry may
from their parents and the media. Prevention starts early with              account for at least part of these differences. The brain system
messages we give ourselves and young women on attitudes about               involved in the fight-or-flight response is activated more readily in
body image, weight and food. One reason that women are particularly         women and stays activated longer than men, partly as a result of the
vulnerable to eating disorders is their tendency to go on strict diets to   action of estrogen and progesterone.
achieve what they think is the "ideal" figure. Researchers have found
                                                                            Premenstrual cycles, perimenopause, and menopause can amplify
that such dieting can play a key role in triggering eating disorders.
                                                                            anxiety and stress levels. During a woman’s premenstrual cycle,
The consequences of eating disorders can be severe, leading to death        estrogen and progesterone levels are low, causing mood and energy
from starvation, cardiac arrest, other medical complications, or            levels to also decline. As a result, women oftentimes feel anxious,
suicide. Medical complications are frequently a result of eating            depressed, and on edge. The combination of the two can cause
disorders. Individuals with eating disorders who use drugs to stimulate     serious issues that if prolonged can produce to anxiety and stress
vomiting, bowel movements, or urination may be in considerable              disorders.
danger, as this practice increases the risk of heart failure.
                                                                            Looking after your emotional health is as important as caring for your
ANXIETY DISORDERS                                                           physical well-being. It doesn't mean you'll never have problems, but it
                                                                            does ensure you'll have the skills to handle them. People with good
Everybody knows what it’s like to feel anxious -- the butterflies in your
                                                                            emotional health are resilient in the face of challenges, find ways to
stomach before a first date, the tension you feel when your boss is
                                                                            express their creativity, and understand the importance of social
angry, and the way your heart pounds if you’re in danger. Anxiety
                                                                            connections. They also recognize the power of spirituality and the
rouses you to action. It gears you up to face a threatening situation. It
                                                                            value of staying positive. Total health depends on a healthy mind as
makes you study harder for that exam, and keeps you on your toes
                                                                            well as a healthy body, so it's important to take the time to nurture
when you’re making a speech. In general, it helps you cope. But if you
have an anxiety disorder, this normally helpful emotion can do just the
opposite — it can keep you from coping and can disrupt your daily life.     “Every day is full of opportunity, magnificence and possibilities. Em-
                                                                            brace the new day with open arms and a spirit of thankfulness for yet
Anxiety disorders aren’t just a case of "nerves." They are illnesses,
                                                                            another chance for a fresh start…..”~author unknown
often elated to the biological makeup and life experiences of the
individual, and they frequently run in families. They are among the

                                 MINISTRY NEWS
                   Women’s Ministry Community Outreach
                                                                                               Senior Citizens Ministry
                           Setting the Pace for Peace
                Hubbard House Domestic Violence Awareness Walk                                    Meet each Thursday,
                                  Saturday, April 6                                         @ 10:00am—12:00noon in the
           8am Family Fun Zone and Registration Opens                                                 Fellowship Hall
           9am Walk Starts at the Jacksonville Landing
                                                                                                    The Men’s Ministry
The Setting the Pace for Peace Awareness Walk is Hubbard House’s
  largest fundraising and awareness event dedicated to supporting                Will meet for their Monthly
Hubbard House’s mission of Every Relationship Violence‐Free. It                      Fellowship Monday,
 is more than just a walk ‐ it is a time for us to have fun, enjoy our
     community, and declare that together, we will end domestic                  March 11, 2013 @ 7:00pm
  violence. This family‐friendly event includes music, games, family
 activities, and a 2‐mile scenic walk route overlooking the beautiful        Boys to Men Mentoring Ministry
 downtown Jacksonville skyline and St. Johns River. (A 1‐mile walk                    Meeting Saturday,
     route is also available.) The walk is FREE to participate. The
   Women’s Ministry will accept donations to contribute to Hubbard                March 16, 2013 @ 9:00am
                                 House.                                         Calling all Women of Dayspring!
    This is a great opportunity for us to fellowship and impact our Please come out and witness the life of a forgotten
        community. All walkers and supporters are welcome.              civil rights activist unravel. Stage Aurora will be
                  See Sis. Sandy Johnson to sign-up.                  presenting a documentary and film on "Daisy Bates,
                                                                                     The First Lady of Little Rock." Presentation will
         DCAP & The Dayspring Church Office                                       take place at 5164 Norwood Ave. on March 23, 2013
            Closed Friday March 29, 2013                                            at 1:00 p.m. This event is free of charge. Contact
                                                                                       Sis. Kimberly Henderson-Mote for additional
                          Good Friday                                                                  information.                    7
       REALITY !

  Our Greater Work is...
     The Dayspring
  Community Life Center
Dear Dayspring Disciple;

        The time has come for this great church to take another step and do greater works! Since
our arrival on Dunn Avenue we have made excellent strides in promoting the ministry of Jesus
Christ. Dayspring has grown spiritually, socially and even financially. We have met challenges
head on and with God’s blessing and the Holy Spirit’s guidance we have conquered them all. Our
youth ministry is striving and our senior saints ministry gives the congregation stability. Our
music ministry leads us into the presence of God and our Christian education ministry equips us
with the word of God. The Dayspring Christian Academy and Preschool is nurturing the future
leaders and trendsetters of tomorrow and Camp Dayspring meets the holistic needs of
Jacksonville’s youth each and every summer. These are awe-inspiring times here at Dayspring!
       In 1884, Charles Middleton and others were led by God to start a new church called
Dayspring. Never in his most expansive imagination could he have imaged this church with such
humble, yet spiritual beginnings would have the Christian impact it has had for nearly 130 years.
Or could he? That is why we stand now to expand our ability to serve the community of North
Jacksonville and beyond with the Dayspring Community Life Center.
       As we look toward the future we see the impressive opportunity God has provided for us.
Over the past seven years we have been faithful in paying down our existing church    mort-
gage. With strong, continued participation with our original Vision Catchers Campaign we will
pay our church mortgage off in December 2015.
        That is why your participation in Vision Catchers 2.0 is equally important. Erecting a
facility with such amenities as an indoor pool, indoor track, fitness center, aerobics room, gym,
computer lab and so much more insures our ability to effectively minister to each demographic in
our community. Together we can reach that goal!
        Join me in seeking God’s direction for your involvement in taking this next step to do
greater works. Nothing will stretch you and grow your faith like sacrificial giving. Remember:
“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered the hearts of humanity the things the Lord
has in store to them that love him.”
       Thanks for catching the vision!
                                                  A Servant of Christ,
                                                  Dr. Jeffrey K. Rumlin

               You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers!

    We are seeking to build a state-of-the-art community center
    designed to be functional for all citizens of Jacksonville. The
    proposed plan includes an indoor pool, indoor track, fitness center,
    aerobics room, men/women locker rooms, game room, gym, and
    banquet hall.
    Our best estimate now is between $3.0 million and $3.5 million.
    Each household of Dayspring is being challenged to make a three-year
    financial pledge over and above their regular giving
    to the ongoing ministry of the church. The building will be paid for
    with a combination of these funds and borrowed money.
    Receiving at least $500,000 will be close to 20% of the total cost to build
    and will place us in great position to finance the remaining balance
    with a modest loan agreement.
    We believe this can happen! Pledging and receiving more than
    $500,000 would allow us to save money in interest and retire our debt
    more quickly.
    2016 is our scheduled groundbreaking.

                 Where Are We Going? …Toward Our Goal!
Our goals are simple: $500,000 and 100% involvement! Please take a
moment to look at the table below and you’ll see what a difference you can make!

My Gift Makes a Difference
Single Person Households
Weekly        Monthly        Annually       3-year Total
$33.00*       $144.00*       $1,720*        $5,160*

Married Households
Weekly        Monthly        Annually       3-Year Total
$43.00*       $187.00*       $2,240*        $ 6,720*
*Remember the totals above include your continued giving of $10.00 a week
for our mortgage reduction campaign. (figures are rounded to the nearest dollar)

       Our Next Step Begins With You
Your First Step: Pray
     Sacrificial giving usually requires us to move outside our comfort zone
     and stretches our faith as we give beyond our normal gifts. Please
     make the amount of your gift a matter of daily prayer.

Your Second Step: Discussion
     Families should take time to discuss this matter and seek God’s
     guidance together. Children should also have a part in deciding the
     amount to give. This is a journey for everyone!

Your Next Step: Commit
     It is vital that everyone in our church faithfully seek God’s guidance
     about what they should do and then express that faith in a financial
     and prayerful commitment. This journey we’re on will only become
     reality through the sacrificial commitments we make.

                          “KNOW THE BOOK” BIBLE TRIVIA
              1.What phenomenon occurred during                                     Answers to February’s Trivia
                  the crucifixion of Christ from the
                                                                                 1. According to church tradition, which apostle
                  sixth to the ninth hour?
                                                                                      was martyred by an angry ruler whose wife had
                                                                                      been converted to Christianity? Andrew
                                  5. What is the distinction of the
 2. How many years of
                                  following verse: “The grace of our             2. Which Old Testament prophet prophesies “the
 king Jehoiachin of Judah
                                  Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.
 kept prisoner in Babylon?                                                            remnant to Jacob shall be in the midst of many
                                                                                      people as a dew from the Lord”? (Micah 5:7)
                                     6. Who (other than Eve) is the              3. What problem afflicted the daughter of the
   3. Who was the father of
                                     first recorded thief in the Bible?               woman who said, “the dogs eat of the crumbs
   Joram, King of Judah?

                                                                                      which fall from their master’s table.”? She was

4. Which book in the New Testament                                                    demon-possessed. (Matthew 15:27)
                                             7. What is the alternate
tells us that anyone who has tasted                                              4. What son of Saul ruled over Israel for 2 years
                                             name used in scripture for
the Holy Spirit and falls away cannot
                                             the disciple Nathanael?                  after his father’s death?
be brought back to repentance?
                                                                                      Ishbosheth (2 Samuel 2:10)
                                                                                 5. Who was the Roman Emperor when Jesus was
          The following group submitted answers to last month’s
                       “Know the Book ” Bible Trivia.                                 baptized? Tiberius Caesar (Luke 3:1)
Sis. Doris H. Oliver, Bro. Jackie & Sis. Victoria Flowers, Sis. Lola Bowman,
                                                                                 6. What relative was Jehoshabeath to Athalia?
     Sis. Willie Mae Willis, Sis. Daisy Weston, Sis. Lillie Ruth W. Blue,
          Bro. Rodney & Sis. Leeanna Houston, Sis. Gwen Smith,                        Daughter (2 Chronicles 22:10-11)
                        Dea. Jeff & Sis. Willette Taylor
                                                                                 7. What book begins with the words, “The burden
                                                                                      of Nineveh”? Nahum 1:1

    Dayspring Christian Academy and Preschool                                                     Dayspring Christian Academy
                                                                                                   Employment Opportunity
           2013 VPK Community Sign-Ups

                                                                          Camp Dayspring is in the process of hiring top quality summer
                                                                          staff right now and will be hiring counselors (must be at least
   If Your Child will Be 4-Years-Old On Or Before September 1             18), and other professional educators. Our goal is to find
                                                                          applicants that truly enjoy spending time with children, forming
       and Resides In Florida, He Or She May Participate In
                                                                          friendships with them, and impacting their lives.
                  The VPK Program for FREE!
                                                                          Leadership, working as a team, responsibility, and
                     Where Do I Go To Sign Up?                            accountability are all important qualities that many colleges
                                                                          and jobs are looking to see in their applicants, and all of these
    You may bring the required documents to the ELC of Duval
                                                                          are developed and enhanced in our summer camp setting.
      office: 8301 Cypress Plaza Dr, Suite 201 Jax., FL 32256
                                                                          If this sounds interesting to you, pick up an application at the
      To be eligible for VPK, you must provide the following              front entrance of the church and return it to us as soon as
   documentation: 1 Proof of the Child's Age, 1 Proof of Florida          possible. Please remember that we are looking for applicants
       Residency and your Child’s Social Security number                  who can work all summer long as well as some part-time
                     For more information, visit                          positions. We do understand time off for family vacations, but
                                  availability will be a factor for all of our potential employees.

                                                                          Thanks for your interest,
                                                                          Victoria B. Flowers, Director

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