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					 The Green Spire
                The Parish Magazine of
            St Andrew, Orford with Longford

                                  June 2013
       School News                                                          2
       From the Vicar – ‘green is for growing’                              3
       Who’s On ... in June                                                 5
       Fiftieth Anniversary                                                 6
       What’s On – in June                                                  7
       Around the Deanery                                                   8
       Notice Board                                                         9
       Ordinations at Liverpool Cathedral                                 11
       Snippets from the Church Times                                     12
       June Saints                                                        13
       As I see it – by Churchmouse                                       15
       Time for a Laugh                                                   16
       From the Registers                                                 17
       Battle of the Atlantic Exhibition                                  18
       Prayer Intentions for June                                         21

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School News
It seems a long time since Year 6 children
did their SATs tests, which took place in the
middle of May. There was a 100%
attendance that week, and given all the
hard work they’ve put into the tests, with
booster classes and all sorts of extra tuition,
we hope they have done really well. The
results come out (in provisional form)
towards the end of June.

For the first time in many years (if ever), Walking Day will be a school day and all
the children are expected to attend. The idea is to walk as a school and take part
in this important Warrington tradition. In the afternoon, there will be a series of
events connect with ‘circus’ for the children to enjoy and we hope to make it a
truly memorable day.

Somewhat predictably, it rained on Sports Day and the event had to be cancelled
as the ground was so slippery. It will be re-arranged for sometime in June or
early July. Key Stage 1 children (infants) went to a gymnastics event at Lymm
High School recently and had a really good and inspiring time. Some of the older
children took part in a rugby tournament at the Halliwell Jones stadium in May
and beat their opponents by five tries to nil. They will now progress on to the
next round of the competition.

While still on the subject of rugby, members of the Dance Group took part in the
first of four rehearsals in the town centre recently in preparation for a
performance which will involve five hundred dancers to celebrate the Rugby
World Cup later this year.

Year 5 continued their African drumming sessions and the clubs have once again
been very popular. The Breakfast Club continues to flourish with ten to fifteen
regular members and a few occasional ‘extras’. Next year (starting in September)
there are plans to have an After School Club, to be held each evening from the
time school finishes up to 6pm. Some of the plans are still to be finalised but it
will be a real bonus to parents who have to work and struggle with child-care.

From the Vicar:
I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that           Before I started feeding the lawn, I
much of what I do was never taught              read the instructions. It seems there
at College. Indeed, much of my                  are three components in the feed
college work accounts for only a                part: one to promote good, healthy
small proportion of a ‘routine’ day.            roots, a second to produce resilience
So it won’t surprise you that I spent           and a third to feed the grass and
an hour this week applying ‘weed                make it grow lush and fruitful. It
and feed’ to the lawn at the front of           struck me that we might benefit
church. I confess to mixed motives:             from a little feed in our spiritual
there was a wedding due that                    lives.
afternoon and past experience says
                                                Putting down good roots is the key
that it never rains once you’ve
                                                to growth in any plant – and I’m sure
applied the granules (which means
                                                it apples to the Christian disciple too.
hours of watering by hand to ensure
                                                How can we talk about our faith, or
that it doesn’t leave brown patches)
                                                live the Christian life, without first
– which would be good for the
                                                knowing what it’s all about.
wedding party but not for yours
                                                Traditionally, the six weeks of Lent
truly! And secondly, rain was
                                                have been time for putting down
forecast so I might just escape the
                                                roots and grounding ourselves in
tedium of watering it in.
                                                faith, but recently, the take up for
We’ve recently moved into the                   Lent courses (not just locally, but
Trinity season in church, depicted by           everywhere) has dropped off.
the green hangings and vestments.
                                                We often talk about touching base in
After all the excitement and
                                                life, and prayer is just such an
busyness of the seasons which
                                                opportunity to touch base with God
started last Advent, ran through
                                                our Father. A prayerful life is one
Christmas, Lent and Easter and more
                                                that is rooted and grounded in God.
recently, Pentecost, it might seem
                                                It feeds everything we do and gives
like a welcome break – and that’s
                                                us purpose and strength to tackle
really what it is. But it’s not a time to
                                                the future.
stand still – far from it. Trinity is a
time for a different sort of action.
                                                Having put down roots, we need to
It used to be said that green (the              find resilience to withstand the trials
liturgical colour we use at the                 and tribulations of daily living. This
moment) is for growing.                         too is part of the feeding programme
for the lawn – and for us as followers        church was much more than the
of Christ. Another word for                   people who met where I was week
resilience, in our case, might be             by week.
trust. We need to trust that God will
                                              So how do we go about growing?
deliver us in times of trial and
                                              The first step, I think, I’ve already
testing. And then we are ready to
                                              mentioned and that is growing our
grow – the major part of the feeding
                                              own faith so that we can be effective
programme. We grow in many ways;
                                              witnesses wherever we may be. I am
by our interaction with one another,
                                              quite sure that lives well lived are far
by the situations in which we find
                                              more attractive to most people who
ourselves     and     through      the
                                              are still outside the Church than
sacraments, most notably Holy
                                              anything else. So step number one is
Communion. Coming together as
                                              to build up ourselves.
God’s family, we are nurtured and
fed.                                          Secondly, we need to be willing to
                                              invite others to join us. I am always
But feeding the lawn isn’t just about
                                              impressed by the power of the
the individual stalks of grass but
                                              school gate. Word spreads like
about feeding the whole lawn. If we
                                              wildfire and if you want to
fed just one or two stems, you
                                              encourage something in school,
wouldn’t see the slightest difference.
                                              there’s no better place to start.
So this season of Trinity is more than
                                              Word of mouth is a vital part of
just growing as individuals; it’s about
                                              communication, and inviting other
growing as a church too.
                                              people – a personal invitation –
For all sorts of reasons, there are not       counts for a lot. And if that invitation
so many of us on Sunday mornings              includes an offer to walk to church
as there used to be. Numbers have             together, so that the other person
gone down and the challenge we                has someone to walk in with, then
face is growing the church once               there’s potential for real growth. To
again. I always feel heartened when           keep them coming, we need to offer
there’s a good number in church,              opportunities for their faith to grow;
and still remember the first time I           to feed their faith as we need to feed
went to the cathedral for a diocesan-         our own. So who will you bring this
wide service at which there were              summer? It would be good to see
three to four thousand people.                lots of new people in the next few
When the service started, you really          weeks.
felt part of something much bigger
than normal and got a sense that the                       Michael Raynor
Who’s on in June…
 2013 SIDESPEOPLE                 READER           INTERCESSOR             OFFERTORY
          J. Devereux
 2 Jun                            W. Reddish       D. Sutcliffe            Sunday School
          M. Ellison
          L. Giblin                                                        L. Reddish
 9 Jun                            O. Vowles        Don Miller
          P. Smith                                                         W. Reddish
          F. Greatorex                                                     M. Greatorex
16 Jun                            B. Barnard       D. Yeamans
          O. Vowles                                                        H. Smythe
          B. Barnard                                                       J. Brookman
23 Jun                            B. Glover        K. Rowan
          D. Sutcliffe                                                     C. Muir
          S. Barnard                                                       E. Chambers
30 Jun                            B. Boscoe        V. Donoghue
          V. Donoghue                                                      K. Chambers
          A. Yeamans                                                       M. Ellison
  7 Jul                           W. McKinnon      F. Greatorex
          D. Yeamans                                                       M. Jones

2013      PREPARE AND SERVE TEA                    WASH UP
 2 Jun    V. Carter / M. Loughead                  B. Boscoe / B. Glover
 9 Jun    M. Ellison / P. Smith                    F. Greatorex / L. Giblin
16 Jun    B. Boscoe / B. Glover                    M. Ellison / P. Smith
23 Jun    F. Greatorex / L. Giblin                 V. Carter / D. Miller
30 Jun    V. Carter / O. Vowles                    Fr Michael
  7 Jul   M. Ellison / P. Smith                    B. Boscoe / B. Glover

2013      SUNDAY SCHOOL                            COUNTING COLLECTIONS
 2 Jun    E. Chambers                              D. Miller / P. Smith
 9 Jun    E. Chambers                              V. Carter / J. Raynor
16 Jun    J. Raynor                                M. Ellison / A. Yeamans
23 Jun    J. Raynor                                B. Boscoe / B. Glover
30 Jun    J. Raynor                                D. Miller / P. Smith
  7 Jul   L. Giblin                                V. Carter / J. Raynor

2013      READ ON WEDS EVENING                     HALL CLEANING
 2 Jun    N. Lee (5 Jun)                           C. Worrall
 9 Jun    Fr Michael (12 Jun)                      Fr Michael
16 Jun    D. Yeamans (19 Jun)                      J. Devereux
23 Jun    D. Kirk (26 Jun)                         C. Worrall
30 Jun    Don Miller (3 Jul)                       Fr Michael
  7 Jul   N. Lee (10 Jul)                          J. Devereux

Fiftieth Anniversary
Most of our celebrations are planned for the Autumn leading up to St Andrew’s
Day at the end of November.
We hope that everyone connected with St Andrew’s will want to be part of the
celebrations so this is a reminder of some of the dates. There will be more
information in next month’s Green Spire.
Friday 13th to Sunday 15th September – Heritage Open Weekend.
We intend to open the church on the Friday and Saturday and get out all our
treasures; memories of the past and give everyone a chance to look around.
There will be refreshments and a gift stall and some of the videos etc that we
have gathered to show our history. We’ve had a few contributions of memories
of St Andrew’s and would welcome more. They don’t need to be long but they
will all paint a picture of the role of St Andrew’s in the local community.
On the Sunday, we will celebrate our Dedication (the return to church after the
fire)and in the evening, there will be a service of Evensong.
Saturday 28th September – Fiftieth Anniversary Dinner
We are planning a sumptuous meal in the Hall and the Scouts have generously
offered their services catering. There will be a menu and tickets available shortly.
Please keep the date free. It should be a superb evening.

                    St Andrew’s Charity Shop
                  every Wednesday
                          from 10am to 3pm
                              in the Hall
                     Drop-in for tea and toast.
                       Carer’s advice desk

What’s on in June ...
June               10.00am Sung Eucharist

Saturday 8th        3.00pm Wedding of Rob Connor and Vanda Rudd-Ashall

                   10.00am Sung Eucharist
Monday 10th        School re-opens
Thursday 13th       1.00pm School Salary Committee meeting
                    1.30pm Policy and Curriculum Meeting
                    2.30pm Resources Committee – all meetings in school
Friday 14th         3.00pm Wedding of Paul Kenwright and Adele Powers
                   10.00am Sung Eucharist
                   12 noon Holy Baptism
Tuesday 18th        9.30am   School Improvement and Data Committee
Thursday 20th      11.30am Cluster meeting here at St Andrew’s
Saturday 22nd       4.00pm Crowning of the Rose Queen and Tea at the Ritz

                   10.00am Sung Eucharist
Tuesday 25th        7.30pm Deanery Synod meeting at St Mark, Dallam
Friday 28th        Warrington Walking Day

                   10.00am Sung Eucharist
Tuesday 2nd July    8.00pm PCC meeting in church
Thursday 4th       Warrington Schools Concert to be held here at St Andrew’s
Around the Deanery
We would like to extend a very warm welcome to the Reverend Paul Wilson who
was inducted as Rector of St Elphin, Warrington last month. At a packed service,
led by the Bishop of Warrington Paul was formally made Rector and informally
welcomed by the parish, church school, members of the Council and local
business leaders. In his address, the Bishop made a point of welcoming a fellow
missionary from Sheffield Diocese as Paul had served in Doncaster and the
Bishop nearby. Paul and his wife Karen were supported by a strong contingent of
friends and parishioners who made the journey across the Pennines. Please keep
Paul and Karen in your prayers at the start of their new ministry. We look
forward to meeting him at St Andrew’s at some time in the future.

Christ Church Padgate is now one of the two parishes in the deanery currently in
interregnum (the time between one priest leaving and the next starting their
new ministry in that church). Having met with the Archdeacon, Area Dean and
Lay Chair of the Deanery, the parish has to draw up a Parish Profile. In it, they
have to describe the parish under a number of headings, including their vision
for the parish and well as lots of factual material about worship, community,
school (if there is one) and a host of other things that a potential new incumbent
would want to know. Once the Profile is complete, clergy may ask to be
considered or the Bishop may approach someone to fill the role. Either way,
there’s lenty for church wardens and PCC members to do and it can be bot a
stimulating and a demanding time.

The churches of East Warrington were formally recognised as a Team following a
Pastoral Measure approved by the Privy Council. It comes at the end of several
years deliberations and often frank discussion and paves the way for much
closer collaboration.

The parishes of Warrington West have reached agreement about moving
towards a Team, a major step in bringing it to fruition. Several years ago, the
Deanery produced its Mission Plan and one of the objectives for the parishes of
St Mary Great Sankey, St Paul Penketh, St Philip Westbrook and St James
Westbrook was to find ways of working together. The plan also proposed that
there would be three clergy to staff the Team. Obviously there is a long way to
go, but getting the agreement of all four parishes is no mean feat. We wish them
Fun Day preparations
This year’s Midsummer Fun Day will be held on
Saturday 13th July in the Hall and Grounds and will
start at 1.00pm (slightly earlier than last year).
Please keep the date free and help us if youpossibly
can. Please also invite as many people as possible.

                                   Tickets for York Minster
If you are visiting York and would like to go into the Minster, Fay Greatorex has
two tickets which provide free admission. Please speak to Fay if you are

                                               Unity Week 2013
  Photomagic                            Seemed to go well after a slightly shaky
  For All your Wedding Needs            start. Numbers increased through the
                                        week. Our special thanks to everyone
                                        who helped us cater on both the
                                        Tuesday and Friday lunchtime.

                                            Pentecost Barbecue
                                        In spite of a poor weather forecast, this
                                        year’s barbecue proved to be a great
     Call David on                      success, even if it meant sitting on one
                                        another’s knee in St Ann’s church
     01270 872214                       meeting room rather than sunning
                                        oneself outdoors. Numbers this year
                                        were slightly more than in 2012. Our
   3 Dunwood Drive, Lawton              thanks to everyone who organised it,
 Heath End, Nr Alsager ST7 3RE          provided the food and supported it.
                                        Worth repreating next year? Probably

                                                                Thank you
to all the sides-people who stayed after the Sunday morning Eucharist last
month to familiarize themselves with their part in fire safety and emergency
evacuations, and to the wardens who ran the training session. While we hope
never to have such an emergency, especially while the building is in use, it is vital
that everyone knows what to do. For those who missed it, there will be another
opportunity shortly.

                                                           Car Boot Sale
Car Boot sales are much more
popular when the sun shines, and it
certainly did this time. The only
‘down-side’      was   that   more
‘customers’ seemed to have gone out
for the day as the weather was so
tempting. Nevertheless, our Bank
Holiday sale raised £371.71. Thanks
to everyone who gave up their bank
holiday to help.

                                                            DAVID CALLON
                                              MOBILE AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN

                                                             4 COLEMERE CLOSE

                                                                  01925 814030
                                                                  07885 481276

                                    Warrington Walking Day
Transport arrangements for this year’s Walking Day are being made by school
and we understand that there should be sufficient room on the coaches for
everyone who wants to walk with us. Please make usre we know if you want a
ticket –they should be available very soon.
Ordinations at Liverpool Cathedral
On Sunday 16th June, twelve deacons will be ordained priest by the Bishop of
Liverpool. This is a very special day when candidates for the priesthood in the
Liverpool Diocese will be ordained by Bishop James of Liverpool. All are
The candidates will have experienced a long but rewarding journey to reach this
point in their spiritual journey and you can support them as they make their own
special act of commitment to the work of God.
On Sunday, 30th June, a further eleven people will be ordained deacon.
Please pray for those to be ordained, and for the bishops who will ordain them
on behalf of the Church.

         SDB Plumbing Services
         All plumbing, heating and gas work undertaken
         Full bathroom installations
         Free quotes
         All work guaranteed

         Member of the Gas Safe Register
         Stew Boyle
         07968 841093

 Andrew Mercer
 Domestic Appliance Repairs

 01925 423840
                                                             Fridge and Freezers
 07723 967564                                                 Washing Machines
                                                                    Dishwashers                                            Cookers etc
Snippets from the Church Times
Christian Aid was just one of many who were dismayed by the Government’s
recent decision not to set a decarbonisation target in the current Energy Bill.
“We believe it is too important to give up on...” they said, adding it was not too
late for this decision to be put right.

Nine bishops are to join a fast to draw attention to world hunger, in advance of
the G8 summit in Northern Ireland. The “Big IF” fast aims to encourage world
leaders to tackle hunger and save millions of lives, a statement from Church
House, London, said recently. In a separate article, Sarah Wilson, a senior
emergencies specialist with World Vision UK, pointed out that malnutrition kills
more children than war. There are signs that hunger can be beaten: since 1990,
the number of children who die under five has halved, due in part to efforts to
combat malnutrition – the cause of death of a third of all deaths under five.

‘Big Night Out’ is an annual event in West Yorkshire, and the four dioceses of
Ripon and Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford and York joined forces this year to lay on a
festival for young people on a massive scale. Whether you belong to a big
thriving church or a tiny village parish with just one or two young people, it was
a chance to experience ‘being Church’ on a mega scale. Two thousand five
hundred people attended the fun-fair based event which included an “Extreme
Bible Study” on the “Ultimate” roller coaster.

With the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen’s Coronation taking place this month,
the Church Times revealed a small, black, leather-bound book that was prepared
as a series of spiritual meditations to be used by Her Majesty in preparation for
the great day. Seventy-six pages long, it contained a month’s material prepared
by the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Geoffrey Fisher. Despite its Private
Circulation, several copies still exist in Lambeth Palace and the libraries of Oxford
and Cambridge.

Even the Derby got a mention recently. One hundred years ago on June 1st, Emily
Davison died under the King’s horse on race day at the Derby and a feature
examines different attitudes to women’s suffrage. For Emily, lack of the vote was
a gross injustice and her faith drove her on to make her voice heard wherever
she could. Not that she always got it right, though; it seems that, on one
occasion, she whipped a Baptist minister, mistaking him for Lloyd George!
June Saints
The modern Church calendar celebrates the lives of some of the less well-known
saints. Whether greater or lesser saints (the Church makes no distinction), they
have brought the love and the light of God into people’s lives in special ways,
fulfilling their calling to be witnesses to the love of God. Exciting Holiness, the
book of Collects, Epistles and Gospel for Saints’ Days, describes them:

8 June – Thomas Ken, Bishop of Bath & Wells
Thomas Ken was born at Berkhampstead in 1637 and educated at New College
Oxford. He was ordained priest in 1662 and worked first in a poor parish in the
diocese of Winchester and then at Winchester College for ten years. He served
as chaplain to King Charles II for two years and was then consecrated Bishop of
Bath and Wells. After the king's death and the accession of the Roman Catholic
James II, the new king proposed to rescind the Restoration penal laws, but
Thomas and six of his fellow bishops refused to comply with this and were
imprisoned on this day in 1688. But such was the integrity of Thomas that, when
the king abandoned his throne and fled and the king's Protestant daughter Mary
was offered the throne, together with her husband William of Orange, Thomas
felt unable in good conscience to foreswear his still-living, anointed monarch. He
was deprived of his See, along with many other non-jurors, as they became
known, and for a time there was schism in the Anglican fold. But Thomas spent
his final twenty years in quiet retirement, anxious not to make trouble, and
renounced his rights to his bishopric. He wrote many hymns, still much used, and
died on 19 March 1711.

11 June – Barnabas the Apostle
Though not named among the twelve apostles of the evangelists, Barnabas
emerges in the Acts of the Apostles as one of the most significant of their
number. He sold his estate and gave the proceeds to the Church, since all things
were to be held in common, and clearly became a leader. He is described as a
Levite from Cyprus so, like his friend Paul, was from the Greek world rather than
that of Palestine, and he introduced Paul to the leaders of the Church in
Jerusalem. He was sent to Antioch apparently to guide the Christians there in
their relations with non-Jewish converts, promoting the concept of all being one
in Christ. He broke with Paul to go to Cyprus and tradition has it that he was
martyred there in the year 61.
15 June – Evelyn Underhill, Spiritual Writer

Born in 1875, Evelyn Underhill was in her thirties before she began to explore
religion. At first, she wrote on the mystics, most notably in her book Mysticism,
published in 1911. Her spiritual journey brought her in 1921 back to the Church
of England, in which she had been baptised and confirmed. From the mid-1920s,
she became highly-regarded as a retreat conductor and an influential spiritual
director. Of her many books, Worship, published in 1936, embodied her
approach to what she saw as the mystery of faith. She died on this day in 1941.

22 June – Alban, First Martyr of Britain

Alban was a soldier in the Roman city of Verulamium (now St Albans in
Hertfordshire) who gave shelter to a Christian priest fleeing from persecution,
hiding him in his house for several days. Greatly influenced by his devotion to
prayer, Alban received instruction from the priest and was converted. When the
priest's hiding-place was discovered, Alban dressed himself in the priest's cloak
and was arrested in his place. Tortured by the Roman authorities, Alban refused
to renounce his faith. He was beheaded on this day, probably in the year 250,
and so became the first British martyr. His shrine stands today as a place of
pilgrimage in the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban.

28 June – Irenæus, Bishop of Lyons

Irenæus was probably a native of Smyrna, born in about 130. As a boy, he had
heard Polycarp preach, who had in turn been a disciple of the apostle John.
Irenæus is thus one of the important connections between the apostolic Church
and the second century. He studied at Rome, and later became a priest at Lyons
in Gaul, succeeding as bishop upon the martyrdom of his predecessor in 177. He
contended against the mythological, unhistorical beliefs of the Gnostics, giving
positive value to the full humanity of the incarnate Christ, and affirmed the
public teaching rôle of the episcopate to combat false doctrine. He is honoured
as the first great Catholic theologian, one who drew upon the emerging
traditions of East and West. Irenæus is believed to have been martyred in about
the year 200

As I see it …
                         “... and laughter learnt of friends”

“Oh, I do like to be beside the sea-            thought the comedian was quite good
side” – so sang Granny Mouse and my             until he approached Jenny, still
wife Millicent in chorus as our coach           finishing a conversation at one of the
rolled into Llandudno for the parish            tables, only to be ‘dropped in it’ good
holiday last month. Luckily, we had our         and proper by Reg, who disclosed her
favourite      driver,     Joe,     who         secret identity. Mind you, it could have
accompanied us last year so is well-            been worse!
prepared for the strange ‘carryings-on’
of our infamous party – though he did           During the day, we explored the area,
threaten to go around with an oil-can           visiting Betws-y-Coed and Carnarvon,
if the squeaking didn’t stop. (Obviously        and travelling over the Llanberis Pass,
he’s been watching too many                     with its terrifyingly spectacular
Volkswagen Golf adverts of the                  scenery, to take a trip on the Lakeside
1990s!)                                         Railway at the foot of Mount Snowden
                                                before visiting Conwy.
Our hotel was right on the sea-front
and even boasted an indoor (heated)             On the Wednesday, we were free to
swimming pool. This was quite a relief          explore and several people braved the
as Grandad Mouse had brought his                Great Orme (mostly by cable car
‘cozzie’ just in case. Mind you, we             rather than on foot). We, being Church
were a bit nervous about him wearing            Mice, decided to patronise the Coffee
it in public – it was a knitted one with        Morning at Holy Trinity Church in
a hole in the knee! Nevertheless, there         Llandudno town centre and there we
were no scandals and Grandad got his            go a lovely surprise –they have church
swim.                                           mice too!

The hotel was well-placed for the               One of the ladies was taken in to see
shops and at the first opportunity, the         some carvings(like statues of mice in
afternoon we ar rived, our lot hit them         wood) on the pews, and we also met
in a big way. It can’t have been “shop          two of our cousins who came back
till you drop”, however, because as             with us for a holiday in Warrington.
soon as the evening meal was finished,          We’ve promised to send a mouse-
they were hard at it on the dance floor         family photograph to their Mother’s
(and occasionally at the bar, too). We          Union.

On the Thursday, there was great               candles (no, not that many) and the
excitement. It began at breakfast,             evening ended with a Welsh
when our lovely waiter, Trevor, carried        entertainer, the grandson of Jim
in Margaret Ellison’s breakfast sausage        Reeves, serenading her in the
with a lit birthday candle in it for a         ballroom.
very special birthday. (You’ll have to
ask her yourself because she                   All too soon it was time to return to
threatened to chop of our tails if we          reality (also known as Warrington). It
let on. I suppose we could say                 was nice to be back in our mouse hole,
somewhere between seventy and                  although we had to wade through a
ninety and leave it to your                    puddle in the Hall which is still letting
imagination!)                                  in water. Still, there’s no place like
In the evening, there was a beautiful
birthday cake for a princess (that’s
what it said on the box, honestly) with

Time for a Laugh
Bill didn’t attend church very often, but he heard there would be a special
service at which anyone with a problem could be prayed for. Half way through
the service, the vicar said, “Anyone with special needs who wants to be prayed
over, please come forward to the front by the altar.

With that, Bill got in line, and when it was his turn, the vicar asked his name and
then said, “Tell me Bill, what do you want me to pray about?”

Bill replied, “Preacher, I need you to pray for help with my hearing.”

The vicar put his hands over Bill’s ears and prayed fervently for Bill’s healing. The
congregation replied with a loud ‘Amen’.

Bill stood up and the vicar asked him, “Bill, how do you feel now?”

Bill answered, “I won’t be able to say until Thursday, because that’s the day I go
to court for my hearing!”

               From the Registers
Holy Baptism:
                5th May   Quinn Gracie Allen
                          Reuben Klieve
                          Grace Mikayla Lee
                          Annie Lea Storey
                          Jack Peter Wogan

               9th May:   Hazel Ruth Elwell
              14th May:   Donna Marie Davies
              21st May:   Leslie Edge
              31st May:   Clifford Hall

Communicants and Collections:
    2013          Sunday          Midweek            Loose         Planned
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    5th May         41              12             3.30            410.10
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The Battle of the Atlantic Exhibition
A new exhibition has revealed details about the Cathedral’s previously
unknown role in the Battle of the Atlantic.

Recently unearthed documents show that in February 1941 an order was made
by Dean of Liverpool the Rt Rev Frederick William Dwelly (First Dean of
Liverpool, 1881-1957) to allow the Chapter House in the then-unfinished
Cathedral to be used exclusively by Naval chaplains and crew – making it in
effect the parish church of the Western Approaches fleet.

The Chapter House was offered as an alternative after the bombing of Liverpool
Parish Church (Our Lady and St Nicholas) on 21 December 1940.

Chapter Houses are usually used as meeting rooms for the Dean and Chapter,
but the order reads “let the Chapter House be set apart for use by the Chaplain
of the Port or visiting ships’ chaplains, that they may have a place to prepare
their souls before God, for which purpose a key of the Cathedral to be entrusted
to Rev Jimmy Fuljames.”

The Dean and Chapter also made an order that the whole building – despite
some of it being unfinished – be made available to any guests of the Command
and any Naval chaplains on duty in the command, and that a stall in the choir be
designated to the Western Command Approaches.

Western Approaches was run from Derby House by Admiral Sir Percy Noble from
February 1941 and a memorial to him can be found in the North Choir aisle of
the Cathedral. At the end of 1942 he was succeeded by Sir Max Horton, who is
known to have developed a close friendship with Dean Dwelly, and together
they encouraged the promotion of the spiritual welfare of those serving the
Western Approaches.

Rev O.R. (Jimmy) Fulljames was RNVR Naval Chaplain on Merseyside to the
Western Approaches Command. Little is known about him, and Cathedral
archivists are currently looking through the records to find out more about his

The Chapter House’s conversion to a more devotional area saw extensive
changes to its interior – changes that remain in place today. In 1942 an altar was
added on the north wall, with riddel posts and hangings, and a carved frame
which hung from a gilded wooden cross to create the effect of reredos (now
next to the High Altar). A predella was also constructed (on which the minister
stands when presiding at Eucharist).

Cathedral Head Guide Roy Redman, who found the information in the Cathedral
archives said: “As far as anyone could remember, the Chapter House at Liverpool
Cathedral had always been treated as a devotional space as well as a meeting
place – and now we know why. Located in the South East of the Cathedral, it
would have offered privacy for the Navy chaplains, whether they were holding a
service for officers and crew, comforting people, or as the order says, ‘preparing
their souls before God’. The Chapter House in effect became the parish church
of the Western Approaches.”

The Chapter House is still used as a devotional space today for services of
worship at 8.30am, 12.05 and 4pm.

Roy added, “At 7pm on 9th August 1945 the Admirals Sir Percy Noble and Sir
Max Horton came to the Cathedral for a service to mark the celebration of the
Western Approaches and remember all those who served in the Royal Navy and
Merchant Navy. The two Admirals then proceeded to the gallery high above the
Baptistery window for the ceremony of the setting of their marks. Rear Admiral
Mansfield and Commodore I.A.P Macintyre held the stencils and Dean Dwelly
the brush and bowl whilst the stone was inscribed ‘God be thanked for Western
Approaches and for all who gave reality to that name."

Battle of the Atlantic Exhibition
All of this information forms part of an exhibition that will run at the Cathedral
throughout May. It has been put together by Cathedral Archivist Val Jackson
using contributions from the public, material from the Maritime Museum,
Western Approaches and original documents from Cathedral archives. Val also
appeared on Radio Merseyside to talk about it.

The exhibition takes the form of a trail around the Cathedral, interspersing
personal stories with the Cathedral’s own war memorials and information about
its link to the battle. Follow the trail to learn about Admiral Gretton, Admiral
Noble, Admiral Horton and learn of the Cathedral’s links to HMS Liverpool and
HMS Barham.

Val has also researched some of the names and ships remembered on the Battle
of Atlantic memorial in Tower Hill and at the Commonwealth War Grave at the
Pier Head, together with the Western Approaches Roll of Honour of more than
6000 names and some of this information will also feature. On 26th May the
Cathedral will also host the official commemoration service of the Battle of the

              With thanks to Cathedral Life, the magazine of Liverpool Cathedral

              Prayer Intentions for June

Sat   1st    Mill Farm Close    The homeless in Warrington

Mon   3rd    Crawley Avenue     Us Missionary Society
Tue   4th    Birch Avenue       St James’ House (Church House Liverpool)
Wed   5th    Ullswater Avenue   India and her neighbours
Thu   6th    Cheviot Avenue     Paul Wilson, Rector of St Elphin’s
Fri   7th    Kendal Avenue      St Margaret and All Hallows, Orford
Sat   8th    Oxenham Road       Hymn writers

Mon   10th   Long Lane          Our School – staff and children
Tue   11th   Ennerdale Avenue   St Barnabas on their Patronal Festival
Wed   12th   Toll Bar Road      North and South Korea
Thu   13th   Brandwood Avenue   The Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen
Fri   14th   Poplars Avenue     Christ Church, Padgate
Sat   15th   McKee Avenue       Those to be ordained priest

Mon   17th   Appleby Road       The Samaritans and Child Line
Tue   18th   Wansfell Place     Our Charity Shop
Wed   19th   Gough Avenue       Chad
Thu   20th   Bentham Avenue     Our Cubs, Beavers and Scouts
Fri   21st   Locker Avenue      Church of the Transfiguration
Sat   22nd   Foxfield Close     Spiritual guides and directors

Mon   24th   Northway           The Children’s Society
Tue   25th   Sandy Lane         Warrington Deanery Synod
Wed   26th   Poole Crescent     Church of the Resurrection
Thu   27th   Ajax Avenue        The Church in Jerusalem
Fri   28th   Winwick Road       Warrington Walking Day
Sat   29th   Elm Road           Those to be ordained deacon



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