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									PROPOSALS FOR CAPACITY BUILDING ACTIVITIES The capacity building activities to be undertaken with the Brighton Farmers group in St. Elizabeth will cover training in the following areas: 1. 2. 3. The farm as a business Post harvest practices General Agricultural practices

Three presenters have been selected to cover the three areas named above. The JGGA has prepared outlines for these presentations and consultants have been invited to submit proposals for the required services in this regard. The proposals have been received and analyzed and the persons chosen for the respective topics are now preparing the relevant materials to do the training presentations. We are hoping, with your agreement, to do the training during the week of January 18 to 22, 2009. We have reserved two venues in the community for purposes of carrying out the training sessions. Training props (computer, projector, screen etc) have also been secured for the sessions. Proposals have also been received for the provision of lunches for the participants in the training sessions. One provider has been selected. Training will be done in three one day sessions each consisting of a pre-lunch presentation and demonstration session and a post-lunch demonstration, question and answer and wrap up session. The relevant models, handouts, material and other appurtenances will be provided to make the most effective delivery possible in the existing facility. Appendices contain the letters of interest, resumes, financial proposals and outlines for the presentations.

Appendix i


BETTY E. DAVIS, B.Sc. (HONS), MBA 4 Roehampton Drive, Kingston 19 Telephone (876) 925-0224, 844-9556

January 8, 2009

Mrs. Stephanie Hutchinson-Ffrench Project Manager Jamaica Social Investment Fund 1c-1f Pawsey Road Kingston Dear Madam Thanks for inviting me to submit a proposal to participate in the capacity building workshops for small farmers.It is my pleasure to confirm my interest in participating in the programme. I bring to the table 28 years experience in the financial sector with a great deal of emphasis on the small business sector. I am from a farming community and background and was engaged in the farming of traditional crops until 2006 when I entered into greenhouse production. I am currently a Consultant/ Trainer with the Jamaica Business Development Centre (JBDC). I have a keen interest in contributing to the development of MSMEs in Jamaica. Yours faithfully

Betty Davis

BETTY E. DAVIS, B.Sc. (HONS), MBA 4 Roehampton Drive, Kingston 19 Telephone (876) 925-0224, 844-9556 SPECIAL SKILLS Decision-making, Team-building, Marketing, Credit & Delinquency Management, Facilitator in Human Resource Management & Customer Service AREAS OF INTEREST General & Financial Management, Business Risk & Loan Administration, Project Management MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS St. Catherine Co-operative Credit Union Limited Received commendation from the Board of Directors for creating new loan products, significantly increasing the loan portfolio & membership while improving service delivery and reducing delinquency to within industry standard New Era Finance Limited Doubled the loan portfolio at the Constant Spring Branch within fourteen months Workers Bank Regularised the Bank of Credit & Commerce International (BCCI) portfolio during the turbulent melt down of the financial sector Professional Secretaries Association Instrumental in drafting the constitution for the Caribbean Professional Secretaries Association EXPERIENCE Currently:  An Associate with Human Resource Associates (Consultants in Training & Organizational Development)  Greenhouse Farmer  Consultant – Jamaica Business Development Centre St. Catherine Co-operative Credit Union Operations Manager (also acted as General Manager) New Era Finance Limited Manager, Constant Spring & Spanish Town Branches City of Kingston Co-operative Credit Union Loans Co-ordinator Workers Bank Positions included Assistant Manager (Main Branch) Assistant to the General Manager, Legal & Board Recording Secretary -2-22004-2008 2001-2004 1997-2001 1980-1997

GOVERNMENT OF JAMAICA Positions included Secretary to the Chairman, Office of the Services Commission Secretary to the Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Societies Secretary to the Director of Personnel – Ministry of Agriculture LECTURER – CPS Course (Office Technology) Institute of Management & Production (IMP) & Priory Adult College of Education (PACE) Prepared transcript of tapes (Medical & Clinical) for: University of the West Indies (Mona) Industrial Disputes Tribunal EDUCATION Master, Business Administration (MBA) Nova South Eastern University Bachelor of Science (Management Studies) Honours University of the West Indies (Mona) GCE A’Levels: Economics & Accounts Diploma – Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) ADDITIONAL TRAINING ST CATHERINE CO-OPERATIVE CREDIT UNION Corporate Governance, Project Management, Risk Management, Micro Lending, Financial Markets, Disaster Planning WORKERS BANK Financing, Lending, Lease Financing, FAMAS Operational Instructions Credit Appraisal Techniques (CAT) Management Trainee Programme (1 year) Two-year Paralegal Training Course accredited by the Council of Legal Education of the West Indies AFFILIATIONS Direct Member Jamaica Agricultural Society present Member Jamaica Greenhouse Growers Assn (Finance Ctte) present Member Kiwanis Club of South St. Catherine present Admin Co-ordinator Interchurch Health Ministries Member PTA St. Andrew High & Munro College Counsellor & The Aids Hospice, Kencot, Co-ordinator in association with Bethel Baptist Church HOBBIES Reading, Water sports, Travelling, Meeting people References: Available upon request




2001-2003 1987-1992 1984-1985 1981-1983

2005200719971998-2000 1997-2004

Financial Proposals

Betty Davis

1. Research, preparation and presentation of training session on “The Farm as a Business” Presentation Travelling 280 kM @ $35/kM Total $ 16,000 $ 9,800 $ 25,800

2. Research, preparation and presentation of training session on “Post harvest practices”

Presentation Travelling 250 kM @ $35/kM Total

$ 19,000 $ 9,800 $ 28,800

3. Research, preparation and presentation of training session on “General Agricultural practices”

Presentation Travelling 250 kM @ $35/kM Total

$ 17,600 $ 9,800 $ 27,400


January 5, 2009 Mr. Ewan Barrett Jamaica Greenhouse Growers Association RADA Building Caledonia Road Mandeville Manchester Dear Mr. Barrett, Re: Small Farmers Capacity BuildingTraining Sessions I write to express my interest in providing services for training in all three areas of capacity building training as set in the outlines received. I have attached my resume as well as financial proposals for all three outlined. Thank you for inviting me to quote on the project and I look forward to working with your organization.

Yours Sincerely

Leslie Orr

2 Great House Boulevard Mona, Kingston 6 Tel: (876) 847-6014

Objective: To contribute to your organization by utilizing the experience and knowledge gained in Project Management, Team Leadership, Economic Analyses, Database Management, Planning and Project Implementation and to increase its productivity and profitability.

EXPERIENCE Agriculture and Lands

January 2003 to August 2007 - Ministry of  Consultant - in Agriculture and Agro-related Industry - Ministry of Agriculture and L:and. August 1991 – January 2002 - Urban Development Corporation Responsible for managing the following Projects:  Christian Pen Site and Services Department  Caymanas Estate Development  Cave Hill Housing Development  Whitfield Town Post Office  University Hospital of the West Indies – Polyclinic Construction  Bluefields Upper Level Road Construction  Retirement Settlement Development  Ocho Rios Storm Water Outfall Pipeline  Hellshire Waste Stabilization Ponds  Whitehouse Fishing Village October 1988 – Dec. 1990 – All Island Banana Growers Association Chief Executive Officer  Formulate policies and objectives of the organization in conjunction with the Board of Directors.  Develop operational plans/budgets and programmes  Monitor the actual performance in relation to budget/targets, through periodic financial and operational plans, reports and initiate the necessary corrective actions  Communicate the operational performance to the Board of Directors periodically and recommend any changes in policies, strategies, to achieve the objectives.  Attend Board and Committee meetings, represents the Banana Growers in joint industrial council and other forum as required.  Negotiate and follow-up with the Government/financial institutions for loans,

advances, subsidies, etc and ensure proper administration of funds.  Negotiate all major purchases and contractual agreements, which have a significant financial or operation implication on the Association.  Review and approve, prior to release, all important financial data and reports to the Directors, Government, financial institutions and media. September 1986 – June 1988  Engaged in Private Business January 1985 – May 1986 – Agro 21 Corporation Limited Acting Director of Finance The control and management of Agro 21’s financial operation including:  To ensure the availability of adequate funding, maintain control and accountability of retained funds.  The approval of invoices for payment and the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual statements of expenditure, using the computer and manual systems.  The analysis and evaluation of the financial models of Investment Projects, as presented to Agro 21 by investors (foreign and local).  Administer special project funds, i.e. USAID Special Funds.  Liaise with funding agencies on matters of finance for project related needs, i.e. Agricultural Credit Bank, Commercial Banks, National Investment Bank, United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Jamaica) and the Government of Jamaica. June 1984 – January 1985 Counterpart Director of Finance  General, financial and administrative duties  Work on special projects emphasizing technical and financial analyses. June 1983 – May 1984 – Project Analysis & Monitoring Co. Ltd. (PAMCO) Senior Project Analyst  Monitoring the implementation and evaluating he stage of progress of on-going projects (these and public sector projects with multi-million dollar expenditure and which appears on Government of Jamaica Capital Budget September 1981 – August 1982  Engaged in private business

1980 – June 1981 – Jamaica Development Bank Senior Project Supervisor (Projects Division)  Supervise the implementation and evaluation of industrial and agricultural projects.  Collect performance records on projects, so as to create and effective feedback system and maintain a dynamic data bank for future projects preparation.  Provide extension and advisory service to clients in agro-industrial and other projects. 1977 – 1980  Preparation, appraisal and evaluation of agroindustrial projects

1964 – 1969 – Ministry of Agriculture Area Extension Officer  Provide advisory services to small farmers  Administer subsidy disbursement to small farmers within supervised areas under the Farmers’ Development Programme (FDP) – A government of Jamaica Programme EDUCATION 1979 – 1984 - University of the West Indies (Mona)  Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies 1973 – 1975 - University of Maryland (College PK)  B.Sc. Degree in Agricultural and Resource Economics 1961 – 1964 - Jamaica School of Agriculture  Diploma in Agriculture 1957 – 1960 - Holmwood Technical High School  Certificate in General Education SPECIALIZED TRAINING May – June 1989 - The Netherlands Universities Foundation on International Cooperation (NUFFIC)  Project Management and Implementation Held: The Hague, Netherlands April – June 1978 – Agro Industrial Project Course  Project Appraisal, Planning and Implementation Sponsored by:  The Economic Development Institute of the World Bank  The Caribbean Development Bank  The Inter-American Development Bank

Held: Wildey, St. Michael, Barbados, W.I. Award: Fellow of the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank (EDI) REFERENCES: 1. Mr. Ewan Barrett Mercury Gardens, Spanish Town P.O., St. Catherine Ph: 943-0642 2. Mr. Len Hutchinson 4 Hillman Avenue, Kingston 8 Ph: 925-2422 Mr. L. Ramdial National Works Agency Tel: 815-1280


Financial Proposals

L. C. Orr

1. Research, preparation and presentation of training session on “The Farm as a Business” Presentation Travelling 280 kM @ $35/kM Total $ 18,000 $ 9,800 $ 27,800

2. Research, preparation and presentation of training session on “Post harvest practices”

Presentation Travelling 280 kM @ $35/kM Total

$ 17,800 $ 9,800 $ 27,600

3. Research, preparation and presentation of training session on “General Agricultural practices”

Presentation Travelling 280 kM @ $35/kM Total

$ 16,000 $ 9,800 $ 25,800


January 6, 2009 Mr. Ewan Barrett Jamaica Greenhouse Growers Association RADA Building Caledonia Road Mandeville Manchester Dear Mr. Barrett, Re: Small Farmers Capacity Building Training Sessions Thanks for your invitation to submit a proposal to participate in capacity building workshops for small farmers. I use this opportunity to confirm my interest in participating in this programme. My experience working with farmers the farming community span over thirty years during which I made significant contribution to the growth and development of the sector. My background therefore, equips me to make a valuable contribution to the development of the small farming sector. Yours Faithfully,

Errol G. L. Reid


To achieve meaningful sustainable change to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of business and to impact positively the lives of persons with whom I come into contact.

2004 – March 2008 National Solid Waste Management Authority, 61 Half-WayTree Road, Kingston 10 Regional Operations Manager Jan. – Oct. 2004 Commercial Services Manager Oct. 2004 – March 2008 Customer Relations Manager Oct. 2004 - 2007  Responsibility for developing and maintaining commercial business islandwide  Responsibility for developing and maintaining good customer relations with consumer public March – September 2002 Antilles Chemical Company, 96 Marcus Garvey Drive, Kingston 15 Vice President, Marketing & Sales  Responsibility for promoting domestic and regional fertilizer sales 1994-2002 Racadam Agri-Supplies & Services, Morant Bay, St. Thomas Managing Director  Contributed to the agricultural development in St. Thomas  Under my stewardship the company was the leading agricultural supplies store in St. Thomas for four (4) consecutive years 1979–1993 Master Blend Feeds, Old Harbour, St. Catherine Sales Manager 1988-1993 Sales Supervisor 1984 -1987 Technical Sales Representative 1979 - 1983 Employees’ Representative on MBF Board of Directors 1980-1984  Increased regional sales from $25 million to $350 million  Managed sales team of four (4) Technical Sales Representatives, one (1) Sales Supervisor and ten (10) Distribution Salesmen  Implemented training courses for new recruits 1974–1979 Jamaica Development Bank Credit Supervisor  Provided supervision to borrowers on sound management of their farming operations 1974 Ministry of Agriculture, Hope Gardens, Kingston 6 Sectorial Specialist  Responsible for food crop production in Jamaica

1967–1970 Jamaica School of Agriculture  Diploma in Agriculture 1970–1973 University of the West Indies, St. Augustine  B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.) Institute of Management and Production  Certificate in Financial Management

      

Chairman and Founder of Cotton Tree Development Committee Chairman of Bath Junior High School President – St. Thomas Chamber of Commerce Member of Board of Wilmington Primary School Member of Board of Directors of St. Thomas P.C. Bank Member of Board of Lyssons Primary and Junior High School Director – Tides of Time Outreach Project to pioneer development in Danvers Pen, St. Thomas

1998 - 2001 1998 - 2002 1998 - 2002 1997 - 2001 1998 - 2002


Swimming, fishing, farming and reading

Available upon request

Financial Proposals

Errol G Reid

1. Research, preparation and presentation of training session on “The Farm as a Business” Presentation Travelling 250 kM @ $35/kM Total $ 18,000 $ 8,750 $ 26,750

2. Research, preparation and presentation of training session on “Post harvest practices”

Presentation Travelling 250 kM @ $35/kM Total

$ 15,500 $ 8,750 $ 24,250

3. Research, preparation and presentation of training session on “General Agricultural practices”

Presentation Travelling 250 kM @ $35/kM Total

$ 17,600 $ 8,750 $ 26,350

Lunch Quotations

The A. B. D.


quotations = = =




are per per per


follows: session. session session.

Blake Simms Henry

$10,000.00 $12000.00 $12500.00

Appendix ii


1) RECORD KEEPING a) Importance of record keeping b) Elements of record keeping c) Methodology d) Business Papers e) Features of Business Papers f) Recording Sheets/Books g) How to calculate Profit BUSINESS PLAN DEVELOPMENT a) Knowing what you want to do & b) How to get it done “if you don’t know where you are going any road will take

2) you” 3)


INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (this incorporates aspects the outline set out above) a) Goal Setting b) Arranging inputs human and other resources c) Providing the necessary hands-on leadership d) Monitor and follow-up FINANCIAL PLANNING & MANAGEMENT a) Budget b) Outflows (expenditure) c) Inflows (Income) d) Savings e) Statutory Deductions IDENTIFYING BUSINESS IDEAS a) Best Practices Market Identification & Marketing a) Identify Segment(s) to be served b) Develop Plans to adequately serve segment (customer needs & expectation) c) Delivering produce on time PRODUCT COSTING & PRICING a) Seasonality (Glut or Scarcity) b) What pricing strategy being used (Cost Recovery/Percentage Mark-up) c) Competition







Emphasize that one has to follow the” path of productivity and profit”.

1. Preliminary Evaluation – water, disease and weed control, market, soil test etc. 2. Land Preparation 3. Seed selection 4. Nursery preparation and sowing seeds 5. Care of seedlings 6. Transplanting seedlings 7. Irrigation program 8. Nutrition program 9. Begin pests and disease sampling 10. General Crop care(pest and disease control programme 11. Cleaning the edges of the plot. 12. Reaping crops (timing, correct method, packaging and storing etc.) 13. Removal of old plants and soil treatment after reaping. 14. Preparing for the new crop (timing, crop rotation etc.) 15. A word on general farm management


The Training session will focus on the following: 1. Introduction – It is estimated that post- harvest loss in Jamaica is as high as 50%. Good post harvest handling preserves good quality, it cannot make poor quality good quality. Good quality means money for everybody. 2. Essential Post harvest hand ling equipment. 3. Food Safety 4. Crop Post Harvest handling and Market Requirement 5. Post harvest storage 6. Packaging 7. Customer relations

Appendix iii


Selected Providers Name of Service provider Betty Davis Service Presentation: “The farm as a business” Presentation: “Post harvest practices Presentation: “General agricultural practices” Lunch (3 days for 20 persons per day @ $10,000 per session) Cost $25,800

Errol Reid


L.C. Orr


A. Blake

$30,000 $105, 850


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