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Liberty Induction Presentation


									‘Let’s Work Together’ at The Glades
Steve Beverley (CSC)
Natalie Owen (Vipre UK Ltd)
Presentation Contents

   Capital Shopping Centres (CSC)   Project Consortium
   CSC Sustainability Credentials   Survey Stats
   CSC Travel Plans                 Launch Event
   The Glades – London              Travel Booklet
   Project Background               The Future – TMA/BTCTEP
   ASTUTE (EU Project)              Measures 2008/09
   Measures Implemented             Summary/Tips
Capital Shopping Centres
Creating places for tomorrow’s customers

 Lakeside Boardwalk, Thurrock    Chimes, Uxbridge
Capital Shopping Centres
Great British coverage


            Eldon Square


                                    Victoria Centre
        The Potteries
    St David’s
   St David’s 2                    Westgate
                                    D B
    Cribbs Causeway                  C                    12.6 million sq. ft. of space
                           A:   The Harlequin
                                                          2,021 units
                           B:   Lakeside
                           C:   The Glades
                                                          225 million customer visits a year
                           D:   The Chimes
Capital Shopping Centres
Leading market position
9 of the top 30 UK shopping centres

 2006 Scheme                                  Location                2006 Scheme                        Location

 1    MetroCentre                             Gateshead               16   The Mall at Cribbs Causeway Bristol
 2    Bluewater                               Dartford – Greenhithe   17   Brent Cross Shopping Centre   London – Hendon
 3    Meadowhall                              Sheffield               18   Queensgate Shopping Centre    Peterborough
 4    The Trafford Centre                     Manchester – Trafford   19   The Victoria Centre           Nottingham
 5    Lakeside Shopping Centre                Grays – Thurrock        20   The Arndale Centre            Luton
 6    Merry Hill Centre                       Brierley Hill           21   Braehead Shopping Centre      Renfrew, Glasgow
 7    the centre:mk                           Milton Keynes           22   Kingfisher Shopping Centre    Redditch
 8    East Kilbride Shopping Centre           East Kilbride           23   WestQuay                      Southampton
 9    Manchester Arndale                      Manchester              24   Frenchgate Shopping Centre    Doncaster
 10   Whitgift Centre                         Croydon                 25   Almondvale Shopping Centre    Livingston
 11   Eldon Sq. Shopping Centre               Newcastle upon Tyne     26   White Rose Shopping Centre    Leeds
 12   Bullring                                Birmingham              27   The Oracle                    Reading
 13   The Harlequin                           Watford                 28   Clyde Shopping Centre         Clydebank
 14   The Telford Shopping Centre             Telford                 29   The Glades                    Bromley
 15   Festival Place                          Basingstoke             30   Cwmbran Shopping              Cwmbran

 Source: Trevor Wood Associates 2006 Going Shopping Guide
Liberty International Group
Corporate Responsibility (CR)

 Sustainability Credentials
   Published carbon footprint
   95% energy purchased from renewable
   Travel plans for shopping centres
   Waste streaming and recycling
   Economic progress through regeneration
   (100% brownfield)
   Independently audited
Capital Shopping Centres
Travel Plans

   MetroCentre, Gateshead – planning obligation
   Appointment of Sustainable Travel Manager

   Why travel plans?
   –   Commercial
   –   Choice for customer
   –   Environment
   –   Corporate responsibility

   Content of travel plan
   –   Infrastructure
   –   Information
   –   Partnerships
Capital Shopping Centres
Travel Plans - Partnerships


   Local Authority

   Transport operators

   Local businesses

   The Glades Shopping Centre (exemplar)
The Glades Shopping Centre
London Borough of Bromley


                             â 150
                             businesses –
                             3000 staff

                             Communication –
                             lack of email/

                             â Variety of shift

                             â Turnover of

                             â Conflicting
                             corporate policies
Project Background (2005 to present)
Establishment and Development

     Travel Plan complete – evidence base
    1st implementation stage
    Support and commitment from businesses
    Steering group
    Marketing and media
    Green Guardian Sponsors
    Launch event
    Travel booklet
    Pilot studies
The ASTUTE Project
Advancing Sustainable Transport in Urban
Areas To promote Energy Efficiency

   6 cities – London, Dublin, Graz, Budapest, Grenada,
   Funding – Transport for London & EU
   Aim – Overcoming the barriers to cycling and walking/
   Public and Private sector/ Toolkit
   London – The Glades shopping centre & The London
   Borough of Bromley
   Benefits – Networking, dissemination,
   learning best and worst practice, European
   promotion, funding, access to expert knowledge
Measures Implemented

  Glades Travel Plan
  Glades Travel Plan booklet for staff and visitors
  Glades website host to electronic Travel Plan booklet
  214 Personalised Travel Information Packs distributed to Glades staff by CEN
  (partner in the ASTUTE project)
  M&S staff survey
  Internal site audits of M&S, H&M, Boots and Debenhams – support from general
  managers for pilot studies to take place
  Robust Travel Plan Steering Group established - Meeting at least every 6 weeks
  comprising LEPT, Capital Shopping Centres (General Member, Marketing Manager
  and Sustainable Travel Manager), CEN and Vipre. Liaises with Seltrans
  Travel Plan supported by CSC’s parent company Liberty International PLC
  Consultant sits on Merchants Association and Business Breakfast meetings: Glades
  Travel Plan standing item
Measures Implemented

  Personal relationships built between the consultant and CSC, the Glades
  management, store managers, Bromley Town Centre Manager and the local /
  national press, as well as local partners such as Bromley Council, transport
  operators and developers.
  Significant work time allocated to development of Travel Plan by CSC.
  Glades Marketing Manager incorporating Travel Plan measures into corporate
  Standing weekly item in the News Shopper’s Green Guardian column
  Full page News Shopper editorial reserved to promote Glades Travel Plan launch,
  22 September 2007, and double page spread advertising results of launch
  Consultant sits on Green Guardian Steering Group
  Development of a local travel information booklet for staff and visitors
  Annual Green Guardian Awards – Vipre consultant nominated on judging committee
  Formally confirmed full support from Bromley Town Centre Manager
Project Consortium
Committed Partners

   Bromley Town Centre Manager (part of     The News Shopper (local paper)
   Bromley Council)
                                            Bromley Town Centre Manager
   Local Interest Groups and other
   Community Stakeholders
   TfL TDM Unit
   The Glades Marketing Manager
   The Green Guardian
   The I Move London Campaign
   The London Travel Awareness Team
   The local Bromley bike company
   The Merchants’ Association
   (representing retailers in The Glades)
Survey Statistics
Attitudinal and Mode (Travel Plan)

   102 survey respondents
   Businesses only                     National average of single car use is 71%
   42% car (alone)                     Greater London – 41%
   12% walk                            Central London – 12%
   36% bus                             Outer London – 66%
   4% train
   4% car with others
   2% car with passenger               (National Travel Survey 2001)
   0% motorcycle, 0% cycle, 0%
   underground, 0% bike/train
   0% tram, 0% taxi, 0% company car,
   0% dropped off
Survey Statistics
Attitudinal and Mode (Launch Event)

 Modal Split

                                No.    %
                        Walk    25     20
                       Cycle    10      8
                         Bus    41     33
                        Train    8      6
                   Car driver   27     22
               Car passenger    14     11



                                 No.    %
 I already do                    78     63
 Yes                             29     23
 No                              18     14

Launch Event
European Mobility Week - 2007

   ‘In Town Without My Car’ day
   Local involvement
   Staff and visitors
   Branded stand
   Media/ Photographer
   Freebies/ Debenhams etc
   Distribution of booklets
   Posters in stores
Travel Booklet

   20 pages            Prize draw/ raffle tickets
   Reference booklet   Managers/ Customer services desk
   Maps                Distribution – support and assistance
   Health              Useful Websites and Contacts
   Cost savings
   Recruitment packs
   Staff/ visitors
   Launch event
Post Publicity
Local Media

                   Vipre, The Glades, CSC, LEPT, TfL
                 iMove London, Bromley Bike Company,
                  London Cycle Campaign, Debenhams.
The Future

  TfL Transport Management Association (TMA) funding route – 3 years
  Bromley Town Centre Travel and Environmental Partnership - partners
  £50k match funding for 3 years – not staff time or resources – 50/50
  Set up a partnership of public and private sector which is ultimately self funding and self financing

  Help achieve Bromley’s target of a 10% reduction in car use in and around the Town Centre

  Work with developers and all other stakeholders to achieve consensus on the need to develop and
  implement Travel Demand Management (TDM) measures to reduce pressure on the road network as a
  result of the planned development (AAP)

  Contribute to the vibrant and thriving Bromley Town Centre and maintain and enhance its competitive
  economic and business community and achieve funding

  Raise Bromley Council’s profile in community leadership

  Travel Plan document – evidence base       â Marketing and media – instrumental
  Support and commitment from                â Travel booklet – awareness
                                             â Branding – ownership
  Range of communication tools
  Lack of structure – not sitting at desks   â Community based – localised
  all day
                                             â Website – dissemination
  Understanding the message and threat
  – Long term                                â Launch event – profile

  ‘There is a genuine threat to business     â Pilot studies – models
  and it will affect the bottom line if
  people can’t get to our centre by          â Awards – recognition
  sustainable means’                         â Don’t get hung up on Modal Shift!
  Steering group – platform
                                             â Long process – Patience!!!!!!
Thank you
Any Questions Welcomed

 Natalie Owen             Steve Beverley
 Principal Consultant     Sustainable Travel Manager
 Vipre UK Ltd             Capital Shopping Centres
 +44 (0) 1483 741 349     +44 (0) 191 493 0236
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