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Atlas Asia Investment Partners says Alibaba has brought months of speculation to an end with an announcement that it intends to list on an American stock exchange.

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									Atlas Asia Investment Partners Reports Alibaba IPO Heading to US

Atlas Asia Investment Partners says Alibaba has brought months of
speculation to an end with an announcement that it intends to list on an
American stock exchange.

Kowloon, Hong Kong., Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - According to Hong Kong’s Atlas
Asia Investment Partners, China’s number one e-commerce company, Alibaba has
formally announced that it intends to seek a listing for its stock on a US exchange
during 2014. The news has brought to an end months of speculation amid a number
of high-profile acquisitions made by the company in an effort to strengthen areas in
which it was considered to be weak, including mobile.

The IPO, which many commentators believe will be the largest internet company
listing since Facebook’s in 2012, may see the company valued at some $140 billion.

“They’re expecting to raise around $15 billion so 90% of the company will remain in
the hands of the existing stockholders including Yahoo which has a 24% stake it
bought in 2005,” said an Atlas Asia Investment Partners analyst.

Alibaba is relatively unknown in the West but it claims that more merchandise passes
through the various online platforms it owns than is handled by internet giants eBay
and Amazon combined. “Numbers like those put the company’s size into some kind
of perspective and explains why the IPO will attract a lot of attention from investors
around the world and why the name will soon be as ubiquitous as eBay and
Amazon,” said the Atlas Asia Investment Partners analyst.

Alibaba was established by several partners in 1999 as a shopping site but has since
expanded to the stage where more than $150 billion dollars’ worth of merchandise
passes across its portals every year. The site puts buyers in touch with sellers at all
levels from business-to-business and business to consumer.

Analysts at Atlas Asia Investment Partners say they believe the IPO will inevitably be
over-subscribed but they remain confident that the stock will eventually become as
widely-owned as Apple and eBay.


About Atlas Asia Investment Partners
Atlas Asia Investment Partners is a wealth management firm specialising in asset
management services for small- to mid-capitalised companies and high net worth
individuals. Our philosophy is to grow and protect our clients' wealth by investing in
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including investment management, financial planning, quantitative research and
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We always take the time to fully understand your investment objectives, financial
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individual circumstances. Our objective is deliver profitable risk-adjusted returns by
following a process of rigorous research and due diligence.

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