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Computer based Cloud based PBX VOIP

We are in the age of computers and we do not live to do more things that traditional ways. Companies -
regardless of size and scope of activities - are increasingly reliant on the Internet for its day - to-day.

How many of us know, PBX (Private Branch Exchange) makes connections between the internal
telephones of a private organization and connects them with the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone
Network) via trunk lines. They not only facilitate communication but also telephone and fax messaging
modems for all other voice / data transmissions.

First, the main advantage of PBXs was cost savings on internal is the phone calls. As PBXs steadily gained
popularity, they started offering services that are not in the network operator products such as group
hunting, call forwarding, and the expansion of choice.

Two landmark developments took place in the 1990s which led to new types of PBX systems. Users
needed packet switched networks for data, so that it was for phone calls, but of course.

Made the availability of the Internet as a global delivery system of packet -switched communication nor
easy. These factors led to the development of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) - the PBX. VoIP, also
known as IP - telephony is known, the real-time transmission of speech signals using the Internet
Protocol (IP) over the public Internet or a private data network.

Then there was the realization that PBX services for small businesses was always difficult and expensive ,
and many small and mid-sized businesses to understand that dealing with their own telephony was
outside of their core competency.

With traditional PBX was costly, because it is necessary for the purchase of the actual PBXs and the
associated installation, operation and maintenance fees. The installation of the system results in
occupation of the soil surface.

These considerations led to the emergence of hosted PBX. In a hosted arrangement, the PBX is
connected to and is managed by the telephone service provider, and supplied functions and calls over
the Internet. The user logs in for a service, rather than buying and maintaining expensive hardware.

One of the latest trends in the development is the PBX VoIP phone system, also known as IP - PBX or
IPBX that uses the Internet Protocol to carry calls known.

Cloud computing, the latest trend and more and more business enterprises has opt for cloud PBX for a
variety of benefits. The term "cloud" means a service that will get you over the Internet. Each time you
place a call from your IP phone and every time your customers call to make, your call is immediately
handled by your service provider, with its safe and reliable technology. Cloud communications is
convenient because the cloud is a platform for voice, data and video.

It is a fact that in today's advancing technologies and the need for real-time solutions, business houses
are for cloud-based infrastructure solutions that are reliable, flexible and cost-efficient in search.
Customers use cloud communication services shall not waive, any of the advanced features. A complete
set of features, including a virtual receptionist and auto-attendant can be had with a cloud PBX solution.
Cloud PBX VoIP is a real blessing for some business owners - especially those who cannot afford the high
price of traditional PBX, but the system needs badly.

Cloud PBX VoIP is a fully managed hosted IP telephony system, the identical functionality of high-end
PBX telephone system. Cloud PBX, VoIP PBX has today developed rapidly to a certain level of
sophistication that it can provide more benefits and services than a traditional PBX. Some applications
that can provide a hosted PBX system are auto attendant, intelligent call routing, forwarding, and -
blocking detailed call history, audio and video conferencing, etc.

From the early telephone operators of the digital cloud PBX VoIP phone systems keep technologically
ahead with new features added regularly. Unified Communications and Web - based call control are a
few of these advances.

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