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(TCO 3) Normalization works through a series of stages called
normal forms. Typically _________ stages must be completed before
a table can be considered normalized.
(TCO 3) The conflicts between design efficiency, information
requirements, and processing speed are often resolved through
(TCO 3) The PK must uniquely identify each entity instance. A
primary key must be able to guarantee unique values. It cannot
contain nulls. This rationale belongs to
(TCO 9) The SQL command that lets you insert data into a table, one
row at a time, is _____________.
(TCO 4) Which command is used to restore the table's contents to
their default values?
(TCO 4) Which of the following SQL commands would alter the table
DEVRY and add a foreign key that references the CITY table?
(TCO 4) The SQL command that lets you save your work to disk, is
(TCO 9) If the INSERT INTO command is used to insert data values
that violate an existing constraint in a table, which of the following
will                                                          happen?
(TCO 3) Explain under what circumstances a partial dependency can
exist in a database.

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