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                                                                                        November 2013

                                                             Christmas at GCC
                                                         Christmas is fast approaching and as
                                                         always, we have many exciting events
                                                         planned for the season. We hope that you

 Gourmet Food Shop                                       take advantage of them by bringing out
                                                         your family, friends or business associates.
                                                         These events have proven to be very
                                                         successful in past years and we would like
                                                         to remind you to reserve early as they fill
Due to last year’s popularity, the Gourmet
                                                         up fast!
Food Shop will be open from Friday,
November 1st to Monday, December 23rd.                        Yuletide Luncheon Buffets
                                                                 Friday, December 6th & 20th
Chef Jamie and his team have been hard at
work canning & preserving delicious treats                       Festive Family Brunch
from our very own Galt Country Club garden                          Sunday, December 8th
as well as preparing all the classic holiday                    Kids Christmas Brunch
favourites. Watch for the festive display in
the Centennial Lounge or browse on our                             with Santa Claus
website for this year’s selection (located on                       Sunday, December 15th
the member’s home page under the Club-                            New Year’s Eve Gala
house tab).                                                        Tuesday, December 31st
Be sure to get your Christmas treats while
supplies last!

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Links & Rinks Newsletter                                                                                                      Page 2

                                   President’s Report
     Galt                          Christa Galbraith - President
                                   It’s November, curlers are on the ice and golfers, except for those with sturdy constitutions, are

  Country Club                     mostly done. We have had a tremendous golf season and the course this year has been
                                   outstanding (thanks to Mark and staff).
                                   One day prior to the deadline we have received 216 responses to our member survey. A sincere
                                   thank you for taking the time to complete this. An analysis of the information will be conducted
                                   this month and presented to the Board at our next meeting. At this time the best method for
                                   communicating results to the membership at large will be determined. It is expected that the
                                   data provided by members will influence direction, and decision making, at the Board and
                                   Management level with regards to capital spending and operational focus.
                                   Our fiscal year just ended and budget discussions for 2013/14 have taken place. Details of our
                                   year end will be forthcoming in the Treasurer’s report once year end is finalized. As we turn to
                                   budget plans for next year, the Board believes in the new membership categories and the full
        Christa Galbraith          menu of memberships we now have to offer. The category strategy will allow us to retain
                                   members we may otherwise have lost and attract a broader range of potential members. In the
        Murray Pearson             coming year, Board and Management must continue to ensure the membership experience is all
                                   that it can be and that the nature/quality of the services we provide as a private club are equal
          Blair Webber             good value for the cost of membership.

          Tom Watson
         PAST PRESIDENT            Zehrs Tapes for Lisaard House
         Shawn Brown               As you may have heard, Zehrs has decided that they will no longer run the “Save A Tape” program.
         Bruce Burger              They have given a deadline of December 31st to submit the last of the receipts. If you could
         Dan Campbell              deposit your receipts in the Women’s Locker Room or the Office by December 23rd we will be able
         Murray Garlick            to submit them by the deadline. Thank you for your support.
          Lee Griffin              Maureen Fisher

   Club Management Team
          Greg McNab
                                                                                     Attention Women Golfers:
       GENERAL MANAGER/                                                              Once again the golf season is winding down.
     CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER                     Golf Shop                           However, we still want to be able to have an
                                                                                     opportunity to meet with our golfing friends
          Joanne Carr
                                               Christmas Sale                        during the non-golfing season. Consequently, we
                                                                                     plan to gather for breakfast once a month, as we
        Kathryn AuCoin                        Nov. 8th - Dec. 21st
                                                                                     have since the winter of 2009-2010. Mark the
                                           We have a great selection of              first Thursday of each month on your calendars
          Mark Piccolo                       merchandise available for               and join us for breakfast and conversation. We
     COURSE SUPERINTENDENT                everyone on your shopping list.            will meet at 9 am on Thursday, November 7th
           Rob Moore                        all clothing starting at $20             for our first breakfast social.
                                                                                     The Office has kindly agreed to accept and
                                          remaining demos are 40% off
        Jamie Houghtling                                                             record all reservations for these events but you
         EXECUTIVE CHEF                                                              must call the Office no later than 24 hours in
                                         Personalized Titleist or Callaway
       Wendy Livingstone                  golfballs make a great stocking            advance of each gathering. To those who met
        SERVICE MANAGER                        stuffer for Christmas.                with us last year, we hope you’ll join us again.
         Mandy Prokop                                                                For those who have yet to experience one of
    FOOD & BEVERAGE MANAGER                 Having trouble deciding?                 these delightful gatherings, we hope you will
                                           How about a gift certificate?             endeavour to join us for our 2013-2014
           Rose Hoch                                Ask us!                          breakfast dates: November 7th, December 5th,
                                                                                     January 2nd, February 6th, March 6th, and April

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 Links & Rinks Newsletter                                                                                                             Page 3

manager’s Report
Greg McNab - General Manager/C.O.O.
Well we are in the midst of wrapping up one sport and welcoming the start of another! Our official last day for course play is Sunday,
November 10th. However I have once again witnessed first-hand the energy and enthusiasm of our passionate Galt’s curlers during our
annual Opening Reception. I continue to look forward to saying “hi” to everyone as well as meeting many new faces.
As you will read throughout the newsletter, we have had a very busy year. The Greens Committee (chaired by Shawn Brown) have had
their hands full reviewing and updating our golf course master plan. Continued health of the greens still remains as our first priority. If
you would like to refresh your memory of the master plan (or the USGA Report) it can be found on the website for review. Mark will be
more than happy to discuss in more detail what fall/winter projects he and his crew will be tackling before we re-open again in the
spring. The Finance Committee (chaired by Blair Webber) is in the final stages of developing both our 2014 budget as well as future
(and necessary) capital improvements. We are happy to announce that all requests for membership transfers which were submitted in
September have been granted. Notices will go out within the next week to inform those who asked for a request. The Task Force has
also done a great job this year in presenting a sound proposal for new categories (which has been approved). Along with our “No
Initiation” by signing a 4 year promissory note, I truly believe we will see a fantastic 2014 membership drive.
One of our goals this year has been to improve on your membership experience. I feel our staff and management team have done a
great job this year and we are looking forward to building on the momentum that has been started. Our other objective was to have a
better presence within the community, and I’m proud to say that by being involved with several local charitable organizations as well as
Best Bites (we won Best Food), Cambridge Oktoberfest as well as Rob and I on 570 news radio “Ask the Expert”; we have done a
fantastic job this year. I would also like to thank our Board of Directors as well as our members who have volunteered to be part of
committees. It is what makes GALT COUNTRY CLUB possible and great. I’m convinced that our volunteers and committee members
produce outstanding work which leads to fantastic ideas. They bring their own talent and add their own stamp of uniqueness to each
committee. I would also like to encourage your involvement. If you would like to know more about what is involved please stop by.

                                                                        Congratulations 2013 Matchplay Champs!
 FUN SPIEL JITNEY                                                                            Forbes: Brandon Pearce
                                                                                          Captains Cup: Norm Casarin
                                                                                     Alternate Shot: Ed Drury & Ken Brown
          Saturday, November 16th                                                     2 Ball: Brandon Pearce & Greg Pearce
                1:30 pm - registration                                                  McGill: Linda Rush & Bernie Wall
                                                                                          Angelstone: Andrea Hellyer
                   2:00 pm - game
            a fun filled afternoon of curling                              Please help us welcome our newest members!
    the cost is ONLY $11.00 per person, inclusive                      Todd Fleury       Eric Dyke         Joyce Fraser      Gord Polk
            ….prizes and snacks included                               Karen Cote        Rita Campbell Dale MacIntyre        Neil Griffith
           team selections will be random

                                                                      2014 Social Fees
                                                                      Personal                                 Annual Dues    HST        Total

                                                                      Single (clubhouse privileges only)         $395.00     $51.35     $446.35
                                                                       Single with Limited Golf
                                                                                                                $1,000.00    $130.00 $1,130.00
                                                                      (includes 7 rounds of golf)
                                                                      Couple (clubhouse privileges only)         $600.00     $78.00     $678.00
                                                                       Couple with Limited Golf
                                                                                                                $1,800.00    $234.00 $2,034.00
                                                                      (includes 7 rounds of golf each)
                                                                      Corporate (2 to 5 Signatures)

                                                                      Corporate (clubhouse privileges only)      $675.00     $87.75     $762.75
                                                                      Corporate with Limited Golf
                                                                                                                $1,300.00    $169.00 $1,469.00
                                                                      (includes 7 rounds of golf)

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  Links & Rinks Newsletter                                                                                                           Page 4

From The Hack
Bruce Burger - Curling Director
And away we go, off to a busy curling season! All leagues are up and running (curling). Unfortunately,                2013
the Swing and Sweep had to be cancelled due to the tight time line of the ice being ready for play. The          Curling Events
committee is currently rethinking the scheduling of this event for next season.
                                                                                                                        Fun Spiel
Upcoming events for this month: our first jitney is on Saturday, November 16th at 2pm, sponsored                 Saturday, November 16th
by Fusion Fitness. Sign up sheets are on the bulletin board outside the Office (a fun way to spend a
                                                                                                                    Home Hardware
Saturday afternoon in mid November). Next is the week long Home Hardware Bonspiel Monday,
November 18th to Saturday, November 23rd. This bonspiel takes place in 12 Clubs through out the                   November 18th & 20th
region, with the finals played at the Host Club, Ayr CC. (Just a note Galt Country will be he host club in
2015 as part of our 50th anniversary celebration of curling). The OCA zone junior play downs is next on               OCA Juniors
the schedule of events, taking place on November 23rd & 24th. Last but not least, the Day Ladies are              November 22nd - 24th
well on their way to organizing another successful Poinsettia Bonspiel for Tuesday, December 3rd.                     Women’s
Our committee would like to thank all our in ice sponsors for their support - the logos look great!               Poinsettia Bonspiel
                                                                                                                  Tuesday, December 3rd
Fusion Fitness                                                                                                    OCA Intermediates
TD Bank                                                                                                            January 10th - 12th
Cambridge Insurance Brokers Limited                                                                                    Skins Spiel
Pavey, Law & Witteveen Lawyers                                                                                    Saturday, January 18th
GM Bennett - a family affair since 1931
                                                                                                                  Fire-On-Ice Bonspiel
St. Andrews Dental
                                                                                                                  Saturday, January 25th
Gus Golden Triangle Restoration
Rickards                                                                                                         Honeymoon Bonspiel
Discover ReMax - the Gray Team Advantage                                                                           February 21st - 23rd
Webber Team - RBC Dominion Securities                                                                            Family Feud Bonspiel
Tim Hortons                                                                                                        Saturday, March 1st
                                                                                                                  Pot O’Gold Bonspiel
Two brand new teams have joined the Wed/Thurs. “Choose Your Own League” this year. Our com-                       Saturday, March 15th
mittee would like to personally thank Glen Ryder, for his on ice help and in mentoring these new curlers.
Keep up the good work.
Learn to Curl is up running, again under the guidance of Bruce Norman, and these new curlers are
showing improvement every week.
Just a reminder after November 9th, this group will not meet again until November 30th because of
scheduled curling events.
See you on the ice, or behind the glass, where I've never missed a shot yet.

                 Poinsettia Bonspiel
                 Tuesday, December 3rd
               Only 2 GCC teams will be able to
                   enter into the bonspiel!                                      Golf Shop
      Attention Curling Ladies, the Galt Country Club                          Hours of Operation             Clubhouse
      Ladies Poinsettia Bonspiel is around the corner                            Course Closing to           Hours of Operation
      on Tuesday, December 3rd. This is a two draw                                December 21st                  Effective
      all day event for sixteen teams. We currently                             Tuesday to Friday             Course Closing
      hold spots available for our club members to                                  9 am - 5 pm              Monday - Saturday
      enter two teams. If you are interested in                                      Saturdays                 8 am - 9 pm
      registering, applications are on the curling board                           10 am - 2 pm              Sundays & Holidays
      outside the Office . Please register immediately                          Sunday & Monday                 8 am - 8 pm
      and two teams will be selected by a draw. We                                     closed
      hope to see you there for a great day of curling!                                                          telephone
                                                                                                               (519) 621-7020
                                                                                  (519) 621-8318

                                November 2013 • WWW.GALTCOUNTRYCLUB.COM • (519) 621-7020
 Links & Rinks Newsletter                                                                                                         Page 5

Players Committee Report                                      2014 Golf Fees
Murray Garlick - Club Captain                                                                                Annual
                                                              Category                                                   HST       TOTAL
The Backwards Scramble was delayed a week due to poor
                                                              Unrestricted (Gold)                           $3,575.00   $464.75   $4,039.75
weather. We didn’t want to cancel the event as it has been
a popular tournament in years past.                           Unrestricted Master (Gold)                    $3,220.00   $418.60   $3638.60
As your Club Captain, I would like to thank Rob and his       Unrestricted Intermediate I (age 19 - 29)     $1,790.00   $232.70   $2,022.70
great staff in the Golf Shop, the Back Shop crew headed by
David, and Mark and the Greens crew for an outstanding        Unrestricted Intermediate II (age 30 - 35)    $2,685.00   $349.05   $3,034.05
job which in turn made my job a pleasure. The Clubhouse       Unrestricted Intermediate III (age 36 - 39)   $3,220.00   $418.60   $3,638.60
staff under Greg also did a great job even under some tough
situations and it was appreciated.
                                                              Restricted (Silver)                           $3,225.00   $419.25   $3,644.25
Finally, I would like to thank Rui Couto, Doug Crane, Jim
Deighan, Kyle Deighan, Bud McAulay, Pam Travers, and          Restricted Master (Silver)                    $2,900.00   $377.00   $3,277.00
Cathy Welsand as well as Rob Moore and Greg McNab for         Restricted Intermediate I (age 19 - 29)       $1615.00    $209.95   $1,824.95
attending meetings and accepting duties for events. Special
thanks to the other Club members who helped the day of        Restricted Intermediate II (age 30 - 35)      $2,420.00   $314.60   $2,734.60
the event to ensure that everything went successfully.
                                                              Restricted Intermediate III (age 36 - 39)     $2,900.00   $377.00   $3,277.00
I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season and look
forward to a great 2014 golf season. Your support for next
                                                              Weekday (Bronze)                              $2,795.00   $363.35   $3,158.35
year’s committee in the Club events will be appreciated.
                                                              Weekday Master (Bronze)                       $2,515.00   $326.95   $2,841.95

                                                              Limited – After 3:00 p.m. Play                $1,900.00   $247.00   $2,147.00

                                                              Legacy                                        $1,000.00   $130.00   $1,130.00
Winter Golf Scores
Active/Inactive Season and “Snowbirds”
                                                              Student (age 19 - 26)                         $850.00     $110.50   $960.50
The active season in southern Ontario is from April 15th to
October 31st. Scores made outside these dates are not         Bantam age 11 - 14 (with Parent)              $300.00     $39.00    $339.00
accepted for handicap purposes, except scores made in an
area having an active season ie: Florida, Carolinas, Texas    Bantam age 11 - 14 (without Parent)           $400.00     $52.00    $452.00
etc., during November to March inclusive. The most recent     Junior age 15 - 18 (with Parent)              $500.00     $65.00    $565.00
20 scores (or less) from these areas (in an active season)
shall be posted either through internet-posting or brought    Junior age 15 - 18 (without Parent)           $600.00     $78.00    $678.00
back for entry at the home Club (section 6-2 of the RCGA      Junior Family (both Parents Golfers)           $0.00       $0.00     $0.00
handicap System Manual).
                                                              Novice age 7 - 10
                                                                                                             $0.00       $0.00     $0.00
                                                              (with Parent or Grandparent)

                               November 2013 • WWW.GALTCOUNTRYCLUB.COM • (519) 621-7020
Links & Rinks Newsletter                                                                                                        Page 6

Women’s Section
Pam Travers - Women’s Captain
Our Women’s closing “dessert and coffee” evening was held on October 9 th to wrap up the season and present the winners of our
match play events as well as the season long birdie, chip-in and sandie winners, and to recognize the accomplishments of the ladies
who broke 100, had a hole-in-one, or an eagle this summer at our Club.

Our match play winners in 2013 were:
Angelstone                                                                      Chip-ins – from a total of 255 recorded, our winners were:
        Winner                   Andrea Hellyer                                 Handicaps 0-19
        Runner Up                Linda Rush                                              1st      Carol Burger & Bernie Wall (16)
Canada Permanent                                                                         2nd      Linda Rush (12)
        Winner                   Anne Dunn                                      Handicaps 20-29
        Runner Up                Marianne Hiff                                           1st      Betsy Ackford & Florence Thomlison (14)
Crystal                                                                                  2nd      Joyce Seip (13)
        Winner                   Christa Galbraith                              Handicaps 30 and higher
Mc Gill Two Ball                                                                         1st      Anna Cunningham & Pam Travers (5)
        Winners                  Linda Rush and Bernie Wall                              2nd      Marion Parkinson & Isabelle Stauffer (4)
        Runner Ups               Ghislaine Cameron & Pam Travers
        Consolation Winners      Carol Burger & Sherry Smith

Birdies – from a total of 214 recorded, our winners were:                       Sandies – from a total of 162 recorded, our winners were:
Handicaps 0-19                                                                  Handicaps 0-19
         1st      Carol Burger (41)                                                     1st      Carol Burger (32)
         2 nd
                  Gail Ross & Linda Rush (25)                                           2nd      Gail Ross (23)
Handicaps 20-29                                                                 Handicaps 20-29
         1st      Christine Moore (14)                                                  1st      Betsy Ackford (9)
         2nd      Susan Morrison (9)                                                    2nd      Ghislaine Cameron (6)
Handicaps 30 and higher                                                         Handicaps 30 and higher
         1st      Jan Woynarski (2)                                                     1st      Tish Garrett & Dorothy McKenzie (3)
         2nd      Dorothy McKenzie & Wendy Campbell (1)                                 2nd      Anna Cunningham (2)

Breaking 100:     Norma Saunders (June 27) & Christa Galbraith (July 21)
Hole in One:      Linda Rush (June 4 on #16) & Joyce Seip (Sep 6 on #8)
Eagles:           Judy Barg (on #12)

Congratulations to all of our 2013 winners!
A big thank you goes out from all of us to Lee Griffin for putting together a fabulous multimedia reminder of the highlights of our 2013
season and also for the “can you identify the baby pictures” contest. Both were thoroughly enjoyed by all of the ladies who attended
our closing evening. Watch for an encore showing of the year in review next spring at our opening (May 10 th) as it is a nice way to
recall some of the fun and friendship we have enjoyed this year.
Our final 50-50 draw of the season was won by Joyce Seip and through your generous support of these draws this summer we are able
to sponsor two schools for the Golf in Schools program. The schools selected are St Gregory on Osborne Avenue in Cambridge and St
Michael on Concession Road in Cambridge – both schools are very appreciative of our sponsoring this program for them.
Last but certainly not least, a big personal thank you to all of the ladies who worked with me this year on your Women’s Committee.
Your unfailing willingness to take on anything and everything to keep our Women’s Section golf activities fun and running smoothly
made my job so much easier. Thank you Joy Casarin, Christa Galbraith, Andrea Hellyer, Mary Beth Jones, Janice Pengelly, Linda Rush
and Joan Young!!
As those of you who attended the closing are already aware, Linda Rush will be your Women’s Captain for the 2014 season and I know
she will enjoy this role as much as I have over the past three summers. It truly has been both my pleasure and my privilege to have
been the Women’s Captain at this wonderful Club of ours.
Looking forward to seeing all of you back on our beautiful golf course next spring!!

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Links & Rinks Newsletter                                                                                       Page 7

                                                                              We would like to thank those
                                                                             Members who held events at the
                                                                              Club in the month of October.

                                                                            Jerry VanDyke      Judy Fox
                                                                            Shelagh Wakely     Jim Johnston
                                                                            Bruce Rockel       Graham Rawlinson

                                  dinner & dancing                          Debbie Robinson
                                                                            Murray McGee
                                                                                               Frank Centofanti
                                                                                               Michael Collins
                                  music by Innuendo                         Pam Travers        Cathy Everrett
                           $100 per person or $180 per couple               Diane Robinson     Bruce Campbell
                                                                            Chuck Reise        Tish Garrett
                                                                            Hank Nykamp        Christine Stager
                                                                            Janice Woynarski   Michael Rouse
                                                                            Rob Wayne          Susan Garlick
                                                                            Harold Markle      David Walls
                                                                            Greg Durocher      Rodney Dusick
                                                                            Murray Ewing

                              November 2013 • WWW.GALTCOUNTRYCLUB.COM • (519) 621-7020
Links & Rinks Newsletter                                                                                                                                                Page 8

    SUNDAY                 MONDAY                      TUESDAY                       WEDNESDAY                   THURSDAY                    FRIDAY                  SATURDAY
                                                                                                                                                 1                         2
                                                                                                                                           Sunrise Rotary             Private Event
                                                                                                                                     Carse & Ramshaw Wedding

                                                                                                                                                                   Evening Feature
        3                       4                           5                               6                          7                         8                         9
Celebration of Life    Progressive Concepts          TD Canada Trust            Women’s Probus Executive                                   Sunrise Rotary
                                                                                                             Golf Ladies Breakfast
                              Kiwanis                                            Rotary Cambridge North                                   Beechey Birthday
                                                                                                                 Probus Men’s
                        Robinson Book Club                                                                     Veteran Luncheon
                                                                                                                   P-H Rotary
                                                                                                                                                                   Evening Feature

       10                      11                          12                              13                         14                        15                        16
   Private Event       Golf Course Closed              Focus Group                 Joint Rotary Meeting          Royal LePage            St. Andrew’s Dental            Funspiel
                         for the Season        Shade’s Mills Law Association                                   Everrett Book Club        Advocate Insurance         Medical Day Care
                       Progressive Concepts                                                                                               Christmas Party           Christmas Party
                                                                                                                                                                   Evening Feature

       17                      18                          19                              20                         21                        22                        23
                       Progressive Concepts            Focus Group               Rotary Cambridge North            P-H Rotary              Sunrise Rotary         NR Murphy Chistmas
                              Kiwanis                 Sterling Mutual                Women’s Probus                                     Academy of Medicine        OCA Junior Mixed
                      Home Hardware Bonspiel    RWTO Christmas Luncheon           Intercity Ladies Curling                               OCA Junior Mixed
                                                                                Home Hardware Bonspiel
                                                                                                                                                                   Evening Feature

       24                      25                          26                              27                         28                        29                        30
PH Rotary Christmas           Kiwanis                  Focus Group               Rotary Cambridge North            P-H Rotary              Sunrise Rotary              Boa Party
 OCA Junior Mixed         Board Meeting             IMP Public Meeting         Cambridge Memorial Hospital                               Graham Matthews          Scotiabank Christmas
                                                                                Women’s University Group                                  Christmas Party          Evening Feature

     SUNDAY                 MONDAY                     TUESDAY                      WEDNESDAY                   THURSDAY                   FRIDAY                   SATURDAY
         1                       2                          3                              4                          5                        6                         7
    Private Event       Progressive Concepts       Poinsettia Bonspiel          Annual Mayor’s Breakfast     Golf Ladies Breakfast       Sunrise Rotary            TD Canada Trust
                              Kiwanis                                          Women’s Probus Executive           P-H Rotary              Action Coach             Christmas Party
                         Euchre Luncheon                                        Rotary Cambridge North                                Yuletide Luncheon
                        Robinson Book Club                                                                                           Barrday Christmas Party     Evening Feature

         8                       9                        10                              11                         12                       13                        14
  Festive Family        Progressive Concepts          Focus Group               Rotary Cambridge North            P-H Rotary             Sunrise Rotary          Cambridge Eye Care
     Brunch                   Kiwanis          Shade’s Mill Law Association          CORPS Group                                      Shoppers Drug Mart
                                                                                                              Everrett Book Club                                    Ridgehill Ford
                                               Ancient Mariners Canoe Club                                                              Christmas Party            Christmas Party
                                                     Christmas Lunch                                                                                           Asadoorian Curling Party

                                                                                                                                                                 Evening Feature

        15                      16                        17                              18                         19                       20                        21
  Kids Christmas              Kiwanis                                           Rotary Cambridge North            P-H Rotary             Sunrise Rotary
                                                      Focus Group
      Brunch            Progressive Concepts                                       Women’s Probus                                     Yuletide Luncheon
                                                  Barg Christmas Lunch            Christmas Luncheon
                          Daytime Curling                                                                                             Tri-City Colonoscopy
                          Christmas Lunch
                           Board Meeting                                                                                                                         Evening Feature

        22                      23                        24                              25                         26                       27                        28
                                                     Club Closed                     Club Closed               Club Closed               Club Closed               Club Closed

        29                      30                        31
   Club Closed            Club Closed               New Year’s Eve

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