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									         Xbox 360 Repair Guide
Your complete guide to a working Xbox 360 in under one hour

First Things First
Step 1: Get Tooled Up!
Step 2: Disassembling The 360
Step 3: The Fix!
Step 4: Putting It Back Together!
Step 5: Turn It On!
Step 6: The “Towel Trick”

Dear Xbox User,
Since you have purchased this eguide it is obvious
that you console has died. We created this guide
just for you as we know how frustrating this is.

This guide will show you the step by step process
that you need in order to fix this so you can be back
up and gaming in no time at all.
Some of the methods involve disassembling your
Xbox but as long as you follow our instructions in
this guide you should be fine, however if you are
unsure about anything please ask before you
proceed, as I will not be held responsible for
damages done to your system.

I have included a number of fixes with this guide so
if you have any questions or problems please email
me at

Please Note: That I take no responsibility done by
you to your console.
Please be sure to keep all parts organized as it will
be much easier to put the system back together.

Step 1: Get Your Gear
Below I have listed the tools you will need for this.
You should be able to find all of these items around
your house.
1 Rubber Eraser
1 Small Slotted Screw Driver
1 Double Face Tape (sticky on both sides)
1 Torx T8 Screwdriver (to remove internal Xbox 360
1 Torx T10 Screwdriver (to remove Xbox 360
internal chassis from case)
Once you have all these items you are ready to
move forward!

Step 2: Open The System Up!
1. Place the system upside down and put your index
and middle fingers into the memory slot holes, and
pull the face plate right off. It should come right off.

For video instructions of opening the system up click

2. The next thing to do is to break the seal (please
note that this will void your warranty if you still have

3. With the Xbox 360 on its side you will notice the
small holes as noted below. You will need to remove
these pieces.
Front Picture

4. To remove the top and bottom grey pieces, you
will need a small pointed object to pry open the

(There is special unlock kit for the 360 which you
can purchase for $6.99 if you prefer here. It is easier
but it is not necessary to have this piece.)

5. You will be able to locate the grey plastic tab by
looking into the holes and then pushing down as
shown in the image below:

Bottom Grey Pieces

You will need to the rubber pad to get to the top grey

6. After all of the grey pieces have been removed we
now need to move to the right side (Back Side) and
do the same thing.

Back Picture Of 360

7. Take the probe and push in on the slot until it
clicks. Just go from one side to the next hitting each
section. Then take the probe, start on the left side
(near power plug socket) and push the catch a bit
into the Xbox until it clicks, then use your
screwdriver in order to take the two sides apart.
     Get The Rest Of The Guide Here!

Simple To Follow And Your Already Half Way
       There To Fixing Your System!

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