Joseph Schlessinger Sexual Harassment Lawsuit at Yale University by ScienceAndTruth

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									Case 3:06-cv-01905-PCD

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Filed 11/22/2006

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Case 3:06-cv-01905-PCD

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§ 2000 3-5(£)(3), this being the District in which the unlawful employment practices complained of

3. The plaintiff has in law or equity complied with all of the procedural prerequisites to suit
under 42 U.S.C. § 2003-5, by filing a complaint with the Connecticut Commission on

Human Rights

and Opportunities ("CHRO") and a charge of employment discrimination with the Equal Employment

Case 3:06-cv-01905-PCD
Document 1

iii I i i..
Filed 11/22/2006
i i,

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Opportunities Commission ("EEOC"). The plaintiff

received a Right to Sue letter from the EEOC

and has duly commenced this action within ninety days of receipt thereof.


4. ((~iñi1:T;NiãrBëtñGa~JVas at all times mentioned, and stil is, a female citizen
of the United States and a resident of Madison, COiliecticut.
5. At all times relevant to this Complaint, the defendant, Yale University, was a duly

organized corporation and educational institution authorized to do business and doing business in the

State of Connecticut located in New Haven, Connecticut. At all relevant times, the defendant
employed in excess of

twenty employees.

THE FACTS 6. Plaintiff commenced permanent, full-time employment with the Defendant in July 2001.
She held the job of Administrative Associate I working in the University's Department of

7. trñeDep'arment -ciL£ñamaColõgy_ waliead~-_b)C-õr :Jošeph:Scnlêssinger _-))CJ

rSêhle'iñg_ wàšlãihtift:s oñirsù$i.fQ!'ìd -fep'õltêel dileêlly.J vim.'

From the very beginning of plaintiffs employment she was subjected to a sexual, offensive and
harassing work environment on account of persistent, unbearable and perverted conduct of the par

Dr. Schlessinger.

8. 'lfie.pattern.of.';lly'hariñgñdaffêñiVëQñduct on tile pãrt.QLOf §~~_ssing~!,":t


i. I

i I " .

Case 3:06-cv-01905-PCD Document 1

Filed 11/22/2006 Page 3 of 9

included the following conduct and incidents:
a. The very first day that plaintiff

worked with Dr. Schlessinger, in July of200 1, he told

a lewd and sexually offensive joke to plaintiff in the presence of a visiting postdoctoral professionaL. The joke concerned penis size and Dr. Schlessinger watched

for plaintiffs to his comment. The joke embarrassed plaintiff who attempted to
ignore it.
b. In the months of July and August of2001, b"CSëñlëšiñg'"veãied iñañy:jj.erši;~lJ

tlñiñgsJ2p.tå)iriff ëoñc"ërìÙig ,lii~ rêlãliQIlì. ps_with:w:QênJ $ëdišëlõ'd &dëtãil.s:õ

h!s~tñarriagt:aitdsëxuai~infidelity ~g aiL..õf.ií.bûsiness)raX,Jâ' Re:hi:agge.dÃb7lt

'th"ëmbel~ofwõñia.thwñõiñliãd seual ilauoñ'õverJ!f:y'e,atšJ In particular,
he had actually counted the number of

women he had sex with andIDe told plaintÍfrJ

(,thãt he~iu ~ilh -46 êliffere!lt.~ii~e.J These tyes of conversations always took

place after he summoned plaintiff

into his offce and asked her

to sit dOv,11. Plaintiff

refused to react to any of it and excused herself.
c. In September to October of200 1, Dr. Schlessinger again commenced a conversation

about sex with the plaintiff, ~iliñghëleis J.qthiñg\.Vrõñg~i.mwö'cõns_eliti.!g ~dültsJ

rlfavtiig:ex:iiTi:.cJixe õf their-comin~nls ~..P-ušes õr oth'ëf.$e:ipJP In the
context of this conversation, he used himself and the plaintiff as an example, saying,

tJ anY.llg~g if-we wañtëd tõslêep:J.ife~"' He added, "The only

it I

Case 3:06-cv-01905-PCD

Document 1

Filed 11/22/2006

';age 4 ~f 9


Wõ£e-is:tnslfit w2ulel-lie iloj¡difficu~ause.:work_withriiy. wife"? Plaintff
became extremely uncomfortable and moved books around the room until she could

d. In October of 200l, ÏJr.,.Sc~1ig~!lon_ea-plàiñtifflnlQ l:išj:.oom for the'
fPj£rPose õf sh.§wiñg lielpism~s.1.rcompùt~. 1l~ pIcJi..E.s.we,eJJ.tWõìñn_iillI

Ugge bre'~sts"Jliõ~ere drs:sse"d in haltêr töpj'. When he showed her these pictures, he

told her that he believed that the women looked sexy dressed that way, add that

plaintiff never dressed that way for work. ~-.QI)menteda5õfi1e.:fpl¡iIiti'lll
(lu'e~ ..and told plaintiff that his son had sent him these pictures through the internet.

e. In Januar or February 2002, ~!!uate sttinJjôined1fielãborãiõtian indivual

who wore tight-fitting clothing to work. QOêhlešsinger coiñmente"dLo~p'laiñtiff'õhJ
(ãšis-a1i_tiíe~an' s.undèrweMJ He:tplä RlãintifÜfiaf~hir

inõtiCed.t~i~r~ ~.Í1g DiKiñi "ierwear;-reiarKed liõ~x~she looke..til tlèin1
~nd lbçrCašk'ed RIaiñtifÇif~she. tb.ö-\vears~üch i!ng~. Embarassed, plaintiff

changed the subj ect. (The. very Ii'è'XT.'eayIlilF.läiñtifC 'Was \;çrgi!1g~ 0.n:Di:
Cšchlessiñge s_c.õiuter, he approãënfçplâintiff,"d_cl,õwn hë(p1ifl~-iwdJl1aÇle¡

rcõlii1ëtÆ'~Q.out heruñdënyear.1 He repeated this behavior for several consecutive

i. i


Case 3:06-cv-01905-PCD Document 1

Filed 11/22/2006 Page 5 of 9
I ~

f. In Apríl to May 2002, plaintiff had the responsibilty to schedule a meeting between

Dr. Schlessinger and the Director of the Cancer Center. Dr. Schlessinger became
angry because of a decision a committee made to reject his preferred candidate for that

position. When plaintiff discussed with him the scheduling of a meeting, he
atiswered, tEuck.them,.lam no! ~ting-=~.Qërr. Surprised, plaintiff responded
in question form, "Fuck them?". Dr. Schlessinger responded, tr15~tJuld:iieTi.

t!¡uek.Y...'J At this point, plaintiff

became fearful and'left the room.

g. In the summer of 2002, Dr. Schlessinger called plaintiff and requested that she pick

him up at his home because he did not want to take his car to work and leave it there
during a business trip. Dr. Scfil~iñgffeeted:plaintir(at.fiis.trñf dQ.or-,yith.hÍs.i

(sñìrt..p..l1.anâ-:':lp.thes unaeñëãtll He requested plaintiff to come upstairs with
him to his bedroom to help him pack. Although plaintiff was nervous and fearful
because of

the request, she complied because he was her supervisor. Plaintifffollowed

him upstairs and watched him pack and took him to work.

h. In November of2002, while reading e-mails, Dr. S¡liJessingeccotnllente:d~agãinJQJ
iPllti'htifr libõüfhët6rast -sizëJll1iñiñg iliat tley"Wer~ery_big~ When plaintiff
attempted to change the subject, Dr. Schlessinger stated, "Come here, I want to show

you something" and £Flëd to ~lãintiffap'ic,t4re õfã bare"15t'ëâstéd~ãn~with-v~b':J

~E~ts on his-eÕmp... Dr. Schlessinger told plaintiff, "I am going to print this

'i I

Case 3:06-cv-01905-PCD Document 1

Filed 11/22/2006 Page 6 of 9

and should you take it home to your husbatid". He printed a copy and handed it to
1. In January of 2003, Dr. Schlêssinger called plaintiff into his_ofilc_e. á'gain stating,

"Come here - I want to show you something". li3sh.owed_plaintiff a hard-coré
fp'omograpny web site

on his computer containing pictures of naked meñ anCl women ,

(including pictures of males inßie process of.ejaculating.l Plaintiff again informed
Schlessinger that she had no interest in such materiaL.
J. In March to April of2003, as plaintiff

was making anangements for a limousine for

'pr: Schlessiñger, he opened his desK dlawet~nd showed he,r a picture of a nakedl
t'Yoin~n with her head wissing) He told plaintiff that it.was ã picture of

his wifé. At

that very moment, another doctor, Schlessinger's wife, appeared and observed him
showing plaintiff

the picture and started to yell at her husband. Plaintiff quickly left

the office.
k. In April to May of 2003, while plaintiff was working late and in the process of

scanning a document, Dr: S"ehlessiñger, in front of two_ other individuali and in,
(ëf~renee tõplaintiff, statEa, "She likes to be on-her kne,es all the time - that's when I
(she is happy',. Plaintiff

was humiliated and demeaned in front of others and was so

upset she had to flee the area to compose herself.

9. At all times relevant to this complaint, defendant had complete power and control over

i. I

Case 3:06-cv-01905-PCD Document 1

Filed 11/22/2006 Page 7 of 9

the working conditions and terms of employment of

the plaintiff and had an obligation to ensure and

provide the plaintiff a work environment free from such harassment, demeaning insults and abuse on

account of her sex.
10. The aforesaid acts and omissions of the defendant violated Title VII of

the Civil Rights

Act of 1964, Section 701 et. seq. as amended 42 U.S.C. 2000e et. seq.
11. As a direct and proximate result of

the defendant's unlawful behavior as above-described,

the plaintiff has was forced to resign her employment as she could not tolerate the environment any

longer and her repeated complaints to University officials and efforts to gain relief from Dr.
Schlessinger's abuse were unsuccessful as Ùmve-;s'iy offiëials were more''ip.te,ested)n pfoteC!ing I

tl.:ßçalessiñger asiie_ was Cle~med more '-alu.a!21e to the U.niversityJand said officials gave every
indication that the plaintiffs complaints would not only be ignored but the plaintiff

was the subject

of unwarranted accusations and investigations into her own conduct and became the focus of the
University's investigative efforts, all in an attempt to discredit her and protect the standing of Dr.

12. Because Yale hag refused to address her cõn.cems, preferring to protect a powerful)
tl,sP.ftni.§Q.t.lead, plaintiff w~ for9~d to resign her position at Yale.' On or about March 13, 2004,
a representati ve of Yale wrote to plaintiff confirming termination of

~ -_.. ....~ -

her employment effective March

13. As a direct and proximate result of

the defendant's unlawful conduct as aforedescribed,

i. I

Case 3:06-cv-01905-PCD Document 1

Filed 11/22/2006 Page 8 of 9

the plaintiff suffered the loss of

her employment and the benefits attendant thereto and endured the

inconvenience and expense of seeking new employment and daiage to her professional reputation
and occupational standing.
WHEREFORE, the plaintiff demands the following relief against the defendant as follows;
A. Back pay and benefits;

B. Compensatory damages in an amount which ajur shall determine to be just and reasonable;

C. Punitive damages in an amount which a jur shall determine to be just and reasonable;
D. The costs of

this action, including reasonable attorney's fees;

E. Prejudgment and other lawful interest; and

F. Such other and additional relief as this Court may deem just and equitable.


BY: c_~.\(- Q~'_ iÇ',LiA


't n

/ I J

Federal Bar No. ct01707 Law Offces of Karen Lee Torre 51 Elm Street Suite 307 New Haven, CT 06510 (203) 865-5541
Her Attorney



Casé 3:06-cv-01905-PCD Document 1

Filed 11/22/2006 Page 9 of 9



Civil No.


NOVEMBER 22, 2006



The plaintiff

hereby claims a trial by jur as to all issues in this action. .... .



/..). 1

RY:~l iÊ~6RR
Federal Bar No. ctO 1707
Law Offices of

Karen Lee Torre

51 Elm Street Suite 307 New Haven, CT 06510 (203) 865-5541
Her Attorney

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