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									Paper bookmarks are used for a myriad of different purposes. For one, they are a
common marketing and promotional tool because of their ease in production and
affordable costs. They too are used to deliver information or messages such as
those used by charitable institutions and organizations. These are also made into
giveaways during events. Whatever your purpose is, designing paper bookmarks is
vital. How then do you go about it? Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Create a mood board. – A mood board is simply a literal board where you can write
or tape some stuff or a digital canvas where you can layer over and paste text and
images. This is like a collection of different items that have a common theme or
inspire you to a point. These can be a collection of photos, quotes, patterns,
textures, colors, shapes and the like. Mood boards help you determine a common
theme that you can use to start designing your paper bookmarks.

Benchmark from what’s available. – Benchmarking has been defined as the process
of evaluating and checking something by comparison. If you are completely out of
ideas then you can go
ahead and grab any
paper bookmark you can
find, scrutinize it, peruse
it and observe what
makes it tick, what
makes it attracting and
what draws you in. From
there, build it up and put
in your own insights to
make something better.

Gather up your friends
and family. – It is also
wise to ask people
around for their opinions.
As they say two heads are better than one. What more if you have a dozen right?

Google it up. – You can also use the world’s most famous search engine to guide
you. Do you need a catchy quote? Type some keywords and voila! You are given
hundreds to thousands of options. Do you need a color scheme? Punch your
keyboard away and you’ll be given loads of combinations and patterns to delight
your eyes.

Take a breather. – Sometimes when you pressure yourself so much, your creativity
tends to drop. So why not take a breather, go for a walk, watch a movie or lie on
your back and close your eyes. You never know when an idea suddenly creeps into
your brain! Whatever it is you choose to do remember that designing and making
paper bookmarks should be fun.

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