VENDOR S CLOSING CERTIFICATE CCLA v January 1 2003 This document version is in the form approved by the County of Carleton Law Association except for changes clearly shown Any changes not cle by irues2342


									                           VENDOR'S CLOSING CERTIFICATE
                                     (CCLA v. January 1, 2003)

This document version is in the form approved by the County of Carleton Law Association,except
for changes clearly shown. Any changes not clearly shown are of no effect, and the approved form,
including all clearly shown changes, shall be deemed to have been delivered and accepted on closing.

VENDOR:                ___________________________________________________________
PURCHASER:             ___________________________________________________________
PROPERTY:              ___________________________________________________________


1.     POSSESSION AND KEYS: Subject to the Agreement of Purchase and Sale in the noted
       transaction, the Vendor shall deliver vacant possession of the Property and any chattels
       included in the Agreement. All keys, entry mechanisms, and access and alarm codes, as
       applicable, for the Property not accompanying this Certificate shall be left on the Property.

2.     BILL OF SALE: The Vendor owns the chattels set forth in the Agreement and conveys title
       to them to the Purchaser free and clear of liens and encumbrances.

3.     PROPERTY TAXES: The Vendor has paid the Property taxes and any local improvement
       rates (and any interest and penalties thereon) as shown on the Statement of Adjustments.

4.     UTILITIES: The Vendor has paid or will pay promptly all accounts to the Closing Date for
       any utilities and services that may form a lien against the Property.

5.     FUEL OIL/PROPANE: If the Vendor has claimed an adjustment for fuel oil or propane,
       the Vendor has filled the tank(s) to capacity, and paid for same in full.

6.     ADJUSTMENTS: If the Statement of Adjustments herein is incorrect or incomplete, the
       Vendor and Purchaser shall re-adjust forthwith. The Purchaser agrees to this covenant by
       accepting the Transfer on closing.

7.     DIRECTION: The adjusted Balance Due on Closing shall be paid as the Vendor or the
       Vendor's solicitor shall in writing direct.

8.     DELETIONS: The Vendor shall pay any amounts and take all steps necessary to cause to
       be registered at the Vendor's expense a deletion from title of every encumbrance or
       instrument that the Vendor's solicitor has agreed in writing to cause to be deleted from title.

                                                                             Vendor=s Initials
9.    GST: This transaction is not subject to Goods and Services Tax as the Property is a
      personal use property or a used residential complex occupied by the Vendor or by persons
      authorized by the Vendor, and does not constitute a substantially renovated residential
      complex, as defined under the Excise Tax Act, S.C.

10.   FAMILY LAW: The Transfer delivered in this transaction correctly shows each
      Vendor's spousal status and address for service.

11.   RESIDENCY: Each Vendor is and will be on the Closing Date not a non-resident of
      Canada under Section 116 of the Income Tax Act, S.C.

12.   SURVEY: To the best of my knowledge, the building(s) and any other structure(s), and any
      fences and other boundary markers, on the Property are accurately shown on the attached
      copy of a plan prepared by                          , O.L.S., dated                    ,

13.   CONDOMINIUM: If the Property is a Condominium, the common expenses have been
      paid as shown on the Statement of Adjustments. The Vendor has not made any material
      changes to the common elements other than those permitted by an agreement registered on
      title. The Vendor has not received a notice convening a meeting respecting (a) the
      termination of the government of the condominium property, (b) any substantial alteration in
      or addition to or renovation of the common elements, and (c) any substantial change in the
      assets or liabilities of the Condominium Corporation.

14.   BINDING: All the statements in this Certificate are binding upon each Vendor and each
      Vendor's heirs, successors and assigns (jointly and severally for multiple Vendors), and are
      enforceable after closing.

15.   RELIANCE: I make the above statements conscientiously believing each of them to be
      true, knowing that the Purchaser will be relying on them.

DATED at Ottawa, Ontario, on the                       day of                      , 2003.

_____________________________               ________________________________
WITNESS                                     VENDOR

_____________________________               ________________________________
WITNESS’S PRINTED NAME                      VENDOR

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