Have you dropped your landline or changed your cell phone number

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					People you know. Service you trust, since 1904   ü A refrigerator/freezer in a hot
                                                   garage or outdoor hall does not
                                                   operate efficiently.
                                                 ü Use the faucet at the bottom of
                                                   your water heater to drain a couple
                                                   of gallons of water once or twice a             Have you dropped your
                                                   year to reduce the build up of         landline or changed your cell phone
                                                 ü Wash clothes in cold water.            number?
                                                 ü Clean the lint screen in your dryer
                                                   after each load.                       If so, please call the Algoma Utilities at
                                                 ü Use the energy saving cycle on         920-487-5556 so we can update our records.
                                                   your dishwasher and run your
                                                   dishwasher at night.                   We may need to contact you regarding a payment,
                                                 ü Defrost your freezer when the ice      power outage, water projects or if we noticed high
                                                   is 1/4” thick and it will work more    water usage during meter reading.                    efficiently.
           Phone: 487-5556                       ü Prepare your meals on the grill or
                                                   in the microwave.
                                                 ü On warm, sunny days leave your
     Energy Conservation Tips
                                                   blinds or curtains closed to prevent
                                                   the sun from warming your home.                           Who’s at the door ?
                 Looking to save some $$$          Leave them open in the winter to
                on your electric bill? Below       capture the sun’s heat.                Algoma Utilities would like their customers to feel
                are several simple energy        ü Replace and clean the air filter in    confident that it is really an Algoma Utilities’
                saving measures.                   your air conditioner and furnace.      employee at the door. Below are listed several
                                                 ü Inspect and tune-up your air           ways to identify one of our employees.
                                                   conditioner on a regular basis.
  ü Turn the lights off in unoccupied              Algoma Utilities offers a rebate       Utility employees have company specific
    rooms.                                         (every third year) for Central Air     uniforms with the Algoma Utilities’ logo and the
  ü Use compact fluorescent bulbs or               Tune Up.                               employee’s name on the front. You can see our
    energy efficient floodlights.                ü Open the windows for fresh air and     uniforms on the home page of our website,
  ü Survey all rooms for energy vampires.          use fans when you need a little
    Even when not in use, some items still         cooling effect.
    use electricity, so unplug TVs,              ü Install ceiling fans.                  You can also look for an Algoma Utilities’
    nightlights, battery chargers & radios       ü Set the thermostat a few degrees       vehicle, with the company logo on it, in front of
    when not in use.                               warmer in the summer on the air        your home.
  ü Turn off your computer and computer            conditioner and a few degrees
    components.                                    cooler in the winter on your           You can also contact the office at 920-487-5556 to
  ü Run your dehumidifier on a timer.              furnace.                               see if an Algoma Utilities’ employee was sent to
  ü A full refrigerator/freezer runs more        ü Install a programmable thermostat.     your address.
    efficiently than one that is not full.
   Appliance Recycling Program
                                                                         Tree Power Incentive
An old refrigerator or freezer can run up your                                                                            A/C Tune-up Incentive
utility bills by an average of $150 a year. Focus    Planting trees can save money and energy in
on Energy’s Appliance Recycling Program can          heating and cooling. Shade trees on the south              A spring inspection and tune-up of your central
help lower your energy use, reduce your energy       and west sides of your home make hot                       air conditioner unit can improve its efficiency
bills and keep harmful materials out of landfills.   summers cooler and let in warming sunlight                 and increase its life span. Without regular cleaning
                                                     when the leaves are gone in winter.                        and maintenance, an air conditioner can lose up to
Focus on Energy offers free pick-up and                                                                         5% of its original efficiency for each year of
recycling services to residential customers of       Algoma Utilities offers cash incentives for                operation.
Algoma Utilities. Customers can receive two          planting shade trees to conserve energy. You
$30 incentives per calendar year for disposing       may be eligible for up to $60 per qualifying               Algoma Utilities offers cash incentives to
of these old appliance(s).                           tree if you follow our eligibility guidelines.             encourage regular inspection and maintenance of
                                                                                                                central air conditioners. If you are a homeowner
 Refrigerator or freezer must be:                    Eligibility:                                               or business owner with a central air conditioner,
                                                     §   The Tree Power Incentive Program is available to
    · Between 10 and 30 cubic feet in size.              residential and business customers with a valid
                                                                                                                you may be eligible for up to $35 toward a
    · Clean and empty on the day of pick                 Algoma Utilities electric account.                     professional service inspection and tune-up.
        up, and in working condition.                §   The purchase of each properly planted qualifying
    · Accessible with a clear and safe path              tree is eligible for 50% of the purchase price.        Eligibility:
                                                         Limit three tree incentives per customer account       §   The Central Air Tune-up Discount Program is
        of removal.                                      with a maximum of $60 per tree.                            available to residential and business customers with
                                                     §   Shade tree(s) must meet the following criteria:            a valid Algoma Utilities electric account.
Call the Focus on Energy Appliance Recycling             · Must be deciduous. Evergreens are not
Program at 855-398-5226 to schedule a pick up                 eligible.                                         §   Only central air conditioning units of 5 tons or less
today or visit home              · Must be nursery grade stock.                             that have not had a tune-up within the last three years
page and look for the Appliance Recycling icon           · Must have potential to attain a height of at             are eligible.
                                                              least 25 feet when mature.
on the bottom.                                                                                                  §
                                                         · Must have a caliper of at least 1¼ inches at             To receive a $35 cash incentive, a tune-up of the
                                                              the time of planting.                                 central air conditioner must be performed by a
                                                         · Must be planted in a location that provides              professional service technician and include a12-point
                                                              significant shading of an air conditioning unit       inspection.
                                                              or the south or west exposure of a home upon
           HomeEnergySuite                                    tree maturity. Algoma Utilities recommends
Customers are encouraged to try this online tool              planting shade tree(s) approximately 25 to 35
at under “For Your                    feet away from area to be shaded.                      More information and applications for
Home”. It’s easy to use and available to                 · Must be located away from underground and                   The Tree Power and A/C Tune-up
customers anytime from the comfort of your                    overhead utility lines.                                    Incentives can be obtained at
home.                                                                                                                    our office or you can visit our
                                                     Applicant must call Diggers Hotline at 811                      home page at
                                                     prior to planting tree(s). The Digger’s Hotline
                                                     ticket number must be reported on the

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