Hauser Directory Form - Hauser PTO by pengxiang


									                                  HAUSER STUDENT DIRECTORY INFORMATION

The Hauser PTA compiles a student directory annually, to help the Hauser community keep in touch and to help the PTA contact
its members. The PTA is not allowed to use the school’s registration data and must gather information directly from Hauser
families. The directory will be published early in the school year and will be available for purchase. Participation in the directory
is optional.

Please fill out all information as you would like it to appear in the directory. The address you list will be the one that receives all
PTA mail. The phone number you include will be the one the PTA uses to contact you. If it is a number other than your home
phone number (such as a work number or a cell phone), please check the appropriate box. If you want to be contacted about
PTA matters via e-mail, please include an e-mail address. This form is for Hauser students only; do not include children
enrolled in any grades other than 6, 7 and 8. Questions? Call or e-mail Mary Lescher (708-442-6964 or Thanks!

Student 1:_____________________________________, ___________________________________________ Grade____
                  (last)                          (first)

Student 2:_____________________________________, ___________________________________________ Grade____
                  (last)                          (first)

Student 3:_____________________________________, ___________________________________________ Grade____
                  (last)                          (first)

If you were in last year's directory, do you need to make changes, additions or corrections to your listing? ____Yes            ____No

If you have nothing to correct, change, or add to the listing that ran last year, please leave the following spaces blank. If you
have corrections, changes, or additions, please indicate them below. If you are new this year, please fill out the form

Student address: Street______________________________________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian name 1:_________________________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian name 2:_________________________________________________________________________________

Primary phone number: ______________________________________________                       (Is this home     work    cell?)

E-mail address:_________________________________________________________________________________________

This form may be returned to the school office with your student’s registration forms, either by mail or in person, prior to the
start of the school year. If you prefer, you may e-mail the information to Mary Lescher (

If you have extra parent/guardian names, addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses that you would like to include in
the directory, please print them clearly below. If you need more space, use the back of the form.

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