Certificate of Appreciation Form

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					                    “CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION”
                                   NOMINATION FORM

Date: _______________________           Submitted By: _________________________
Phone #: _____________________

My Nomination for the “Certificate of Appreciation” is: ________________________

Company Name: ________________________________________________________
        Address: _______________________________________________________
        Phone #: _______________________________________________________

Please explain in a few words why you feel he/she deserves this award.

1. What things did he/she/they do above and beyond the call of duty:

2. How many month/years did he/she provide their special talents to NAPM-Houston?


Nominations will be taken from the BOD & Committee Chairs anytime during the year. The
Awards Chair will form a committee to review the nominations. Remember this is not a nomination
for an award, but rather a way to express both our recognition and gratitude to individuals,
Companies, Members, Suppliers, etc. for their dedicated and tireless service to NAPM-Houston,

Please email nominations to Kim Marcum, Chair NAPM Houston Awards Committee
Email: soprano1965@yahoo.com .