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					                                                                                           Edition 4 - October 2009

                                                 24/7 Newsletter
                                                Quarterly News for residents at all Monash Residential sites

SURVIVING THE EXAM WEEKS                  3. Anxiety is Contagious
Self Help Information                     Keep away from people who are
Health, Wellbeing and Development         highly anxious before exams,
                                          because their nervousness may
Do you find yourself panicking when        tend to increase your own.
you have several exams to take in a
                                          4. Plan Rewards
short period? Do you feel a lot more
                                          Schedule a meal, a movie, a handball
stress during mid-terms and finals?
                                          game, a visit with a friend periodically
If so, then the following suggestions
                                          throughout finals. Plan a treat when
should prove useful.
                                          they’re all done. These help keep
                                          your spirits up.
Dealing with Tension. Expect a
certain amount of tension. It is normal
                                          Schedule for Exams. Prepare a
during an exam period. Actually a
                                          general schedule. Write down the
little anxiety helps to heighten your
                                          time of each exam and plan how
awareness and can enhance your
                                          much time you can allot to studying
                                          for each course; remember that
1. Take Time to Relax                     your hardest course will require
Cope with your excess tension             more time.
before and between exams through
rest, exercise and deep muscle
                                          1. Start Early
                                          Schedule your study periods to
relaxation. For example, long walks
                                          avoid last minute cramming.
and bike rides are excellent ways to                                                 Residents’ Committee          2
release nervous energy and maintain       2. Allow Large Blocks of Time for
your stamina for the duration of your     Studying                                   Final Exam Checklist          3
exam period.                              Block out hour spans for getting down
                                          concepts and basic relationships.          Scholarship profile            4
2. Adopt a Positive Approach
                                          3. Allow Short Periods for                 After Hours medical           9
To avoid becoming too anxious, look
at the exam as the application step                                                  Updates from residences     4-21
                                          Use the odd moments, in the
of your study efforts, instead of a
                                          shower or walking across campus,           Job Interviews - A guide   14-17
threatening new experience.
                                          for recall and review. Run through
                                          the information frequently; this will      Gippsland vs. Peninsula      11
                                          ensure that you remember it and it         Green Thumbs                 20
                                          will broaden your understanding.
                                                                                     Environment @ Clayton        21
                                          4. Vary What You Study
                                          Don’t study for two similar courses        Sports @ Clayton             22
                                          consecutively. It is better to break the
                                          pattern with a completely different        Monash Sport                 23
                                          study approach. For example, study         Smoke Detector Notice        24
                                          Chemistry and then French instead
                                          of Chemistry and then Physics.             Useful Numbers               24
                                                                    (con’t pg. 5)    Security Information         24
Edition 4 - October 2009                                                                             24/7 Newsletter

    Clayton Residents’ Committee
    Jessica Fitzgerald - 2009 President

Thinking of getting involved in the community & creating change? Look out for RESCOM!
The residential committee at Clayton consists of two representatives
(a first year and a returning resident) from every hall, house or flat.
The purpose of the committee is to give fellow residents’ means
of communication with MRS and to discuss ways of improving our
community to further our exciting life here at halls. There are six formal
meetings in which we discuss any concerns that our residents may
bring to our attention and try to come up with appropriate solutions to
them. In addition to organising several events, such as the Residents’
Ball, which was held at Leonda by the Yarra which was a marvellous
event enjoyed by all and Battle of the Bands that showed off our
resident’s musical talents whilst supporting the Oaktree foundation; we
aim at bringing together fellow hallers through sport and environmental
Last year we asked for the possibility of getting a discount on Gym memberships for residents and the response
had been positive as MRS management had talks with Monash Sport. As a result, this year we had in excess of
400 residents who signed up. Also, we’ve been told that MRS management are in the process of negotiating gym
memberships which may include pool access and classes at a discounted rate for next year. Hopefully we’ll hear
something soon...
If you are at all interested in joining the committee please speak to your College Head; it’s a great initiative to be
involved in, with great people from all different halls – definitely a fun and friendly bunch.
Note the following positions for next year:
Two representatives from each Residence (one first year and one returner)
Out of those representatives, an Executive Committee is selected:
Vice President
Publicity Officer
Functions Officer (Already selected)
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who put their time and effort in to this year’s committee; it’s been an
awesome year working with all of you.

2                                                                            Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter
24/7 Newsletter                                                                                Edition 4 - October 2009

  Final Examination Review Checklist
   Self Help Information sheet - Health, Wellbeing and Development

Two to four weeks before the              2.    Organise yourself for               3. Learn what you need to know
Exam:                                     maximum efficiency by doing                for the exam:
                                          the following:
1. Find out exactly what is                                                         • Organise your material by making
required for the exam by doing            • Eat on schedule all week                a table of the relevant topics, the
the following:                                                                      textbook chapters that discuss the
                                          • Get a normal amount of sleep            topics, any supplemental readings
• Ask your lecturer what the              every day of the week                     that are pertinent, and the dates
exam will cover and what kinds of                                                   of the lecture notes containing
questions will be used. For essay         • Take time off from your out-of-         information related to the subject. If
exams, make sure that you know            school job or other activities            you have one, use your study guide
the number of questions that will
be asked; the time allotted for           • Set aside your usual daily activities   • Read the material. Write in the
the entire exam; and whether the          (T.V., dates, hobbies) until after the    book and underline the important
questions will be weighted equally.       exam                                      facts. Take notes on those important
For objective exams, make sure                                                      facts
that you are aware of the type(s) of      • Review the techniques for taking
questions that will be asked (true-       various kinds of exams                    • Make flash cards when you have
false, multiple choice, matching,                                                   to memorise many definitions or
completion); the time you will have       • Build up a positive mental attitude     names
to take the test; and whether you will    by reminding yourself of all the good
have to bring a No. 2 pencil to fill out   consequences of succeeding on the         • Write a series of questions that
the answer card                           exam and recalling past successes.        might be on the exam. Be sure to
                                          BE POSITIVE. THINK UP.                    know how to answer them
• Ask your lecturer what, if any,
material will be omitted                                                            • Recite. Buttonhole a friend or
                                                                                    relative and tell him/her all about it
• Make a list of what things you must
know and rank them according to                                                     • Review the top priority items again
importance                                                                          at the last possible minute before
                                                                                    entering the exam room
• Get copies of previous exams

• Talk to friends who have taken
the course previously. Get their
advice on what to study, what
questions to expect, what the test
will emphasise
                                                              Finally, if you are at all concerned about your final
• Get together a study group and                              preparation for exams, you may wish to make an
fire possible test questions at each                              appointment to see a University Counsellor.

Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter                                                                                 3
Edition 4 - October 2009                                                                                 24/7 Newsletter

          Profile of an
      MRS Undergraduate
                                            Deakin semester 2 wrap
     Equity Bursary Holder                   Alice Peebles - Residential Support Assistant

        Mr Michael Petrovic               The Deakin Ball was the
                                          talk of the town. Our
                                          hardworking Hall Society
                                          pulled out all stops to
                                          make this Hollywood style
                                          event the highlight of the
                                          Deakin social calendar. It
                                          is amazing what can be
                                          done with a little creativity,
                                          enthusiasm, scissors and
                                          gold paper. From the red
                                          carpet, to the Oscars on
I am from Rye, on the Mornington
                                          the tables to the Deakin                  badminton with much cheering of
Peninsula. I study fourth year
                                          Awards, it was a night to remember.       supporters from the sidelines. Closer
Mechanical Engineering. I live in
                                          The girls glittered and glided, the       to home, the table tennis fanatics are
Howitt at Monash’s Clayton campus.
                                          guys were smooth and suave and            wearing their way through paddles
I’ve lived at halls since my first year
                                          everyone danced their feet off to the     and plastic balls almost faster than
and just can’t bring myself to leave
                                          party tunes pumped out by the DJ.         they can be replaced at the Deakin
the place! It’s so much fun living with
all your friends in one building and                                                common room.
                                          The Sunday suppers are as enjoyable
going to all the functions together.
                                          as always and each week they are          The end of year exams are looming
                                          now followed up by a movie for            and the mid semester break ended
I heard about the scholarship
                                          those residents who want to wind          up being more of a head down,
through an email from MRS and I
                                          down from the weekend or take a           assignment completing week, rather
applied for it straight away. Getting
                                          break from their assignments. The         than a holiday. But, Deakin Residents
this scholarship has meant that I
                                          suppers do tend to be a junk food         have the final theme night of the year
could continue to live on campus,
                                          fest, the sugar giving everyone the       to look forward to and the voting in
otherwise I would have had to
                                          boost they need to study, but every       of the Deakin Hall society for the
                                          once in a while pizza is on the menu      following year. There are also the
                                          though it runs out in 5 min flat. Its      floor outings to be enjoyed before
I have been interested in science my
                                          supper everyone, not dinner!              the exams hit.
whole life, I wanted to do something
that I enjoyed while also making
                                          On the sport side of things, a            It has been a wonderful year and
lots of money. After being around
                                          contingent of residents each week         on behalf of the Residential Support
engineering for so long I am glad I
                                          sweats it out at the Inter Halls sports   team I would like to thank the
made the right choice.
                                          competitions in netball, footy and                  Residents of Deakin hall
In 5 years time hopefully I’ll have                                                           for being such a fantastic
a good job and have done lots of                                                              group of people. We hope
travelling.                                                                                   to see many familiar faces
                                                                                              next year and to those
My advice to other students who                                                               who are moving on, you
are currently doing engineering or                                                            will be missed!
for other ressies thinking of applying
for the MRS Accommodation
Scholarships and Bursaries for 2010
is to go for it! What have you got to

4                                                                             Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter
24/7 Newsletter                                                                              Edition 4 - October 2009

  Havin’ a ball @ Richo                                                             Surviving Exams
   Adrian Koorn - Residential Support Assistant                                           Self-Help - HWD

                                                                                                           (from pg. 1)
                                                                                 5. Schedule Breaks
                                                                                 Respect your concentration span.
                                                                                 Especially if you haven’t studied
                                                                                 much all semester, it may be difficult
                                                                                 to study for several hours at a time.
                                                                                 Starting your exam period with
                                                                                 impossibly long study periods is
                                                                                 likely to leave you exhausted before
                                                                                 it is all over.
                                                                                 6. Stay with Your Routine
                                                                                 Stick to your normal daily routine
                                                                                 as much as possible. If you do
                                                                                 get off your routine and need extra
As the year draws to a close, the      was superbly organised by Dan and         time, avoid staying up all night; go
Mooses over at Richo can sit back      Annele and a huge thank you must          to bed at your regular time and get
and reflect on what a magnificent        go out to them for all their hard work.   up a couple of hours earlier than
year we have enjoyed! And perhaps      The night is now a blur of fantastic      you normally would, to continue
the best month of all has been that    food, questionable remixes and            studying.    You will be able to
which has just passed.                 Jonesy’s wheelchair, but the one          understand and remember more
                                       thing that is certain is that everyone    when you are rested than you would
While we have enjoyed R parties,       involved had the time of their lives.     if you postpone rest.
Brownlow and grand final day
celebrations,   Mock     Weddings,     Now with only a few weeks to go           The Night Before... As you
paintball days and a remarkable        before exams, I’m sure we’ll be           approach the first exam, and the
effort in the inter-halls football     lapping up the improving weather          time between exams,
competition, the highlight without a   in the courtyard and appreciating         1. Spend your last hours calmly
doubt was the Richardson Hall Ball.    just how lucky we are to be living        reviewing what you have learnt.
                                       in such a great a place with such         Try not to tackle new material then.
Held at Red Scooter in St Kilda,       amazing people. Thanks for a great
                                                                                 2. Avoid staying up all night. The
Richardson Hall turned Moulin          year Richo! Hope to see you back
                                                                                 shorter you are on sleep the less
Rogue for the evening. The event       in 2010!
                                                                                 clearly you will be able to think and
                                                                                 write what you know on the exam.
                                                                                 3. Cram Selectively. The night
                                                                                 before an exam when you are more
                                                                                 anxious than usual is one of the least
                                                                                 effective times for study. Your ability
                                                                                 to deal with concepts and synthesise
                                                                                 material is greatly reduced, and even
                                                                                 your ability to memorise is impaired
                                                                                 by marked anxiety. Cramming only
                                                                                 serves to make you more frantic
                                                                                 about the exam and, hence, less
                                                                                 prepared to do your best.
                                                                                                         (con’t pg. 22)

Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter                                                                               5
Edition 4 - October 2009                                                                                24/7 Newsletter

    Having a Ball with Cav and Soph...
    Daniel Cavanagh and Sophie Ehlich - Peninsula residents

Hi there Sophie, that time of the      were shown a snap shot of their            All in all it was a wonderful night, with
year has come and gone once            many memories created at res, put          many memories, rumors and stories
again, where we had to dust off our    together by irreplaceable Mother Hen       to tell in the future. And a humongous
dancing shoes and wet our whistles     Chook. Who in turn, was uncovered          thank- you to Kris, Chook and all the
at the 2009 Pen Res Ball.              for the raw beauty she really is by        others who gave up their free time
                                       the amateur adult film maker Dee.           and effort to make it an extravagant
That’s right Dan, and might I add                                                 and unforgettable night.
that ALL the girl’s looked very        I don’t know about you Dan
Glamorous and the men have never       but this really pulled at my heart
looked more suave. The Res girls       strings, and made me realize
had to loose the heels and the men     how close and long lasting
had to grab a traveller before they    some of the Pen Res friendships
embarked on the long trek to the       truly are. Yeah it really moved
Student Lounge, which the Res          me also, however I think there
fairies had transformed into a very    is one person who it has really
glamorous venue for the night.         hit home with. Poor Kris is now
                                                   going to have to learn
                                                   how to wash his own
                                                     The dessert was
                                                   amazing and went
                                                   down all too nicely, yet it    Well Clan, although we could talk
                                                   wasn’t long till we were all   for hours about the night, we would
                                                   on the dance floor, cutting     still leave something out…. And
                                                   a rug and ripping it up.       something’s are better left unsaid;
                                                   Thanks to the “fully sik”      like Dave losing his shirt at an
                                                   beats provided by the DJ,      unknown point in the night.
                                                   whose choice in music          So in summary whether your tall,
                                                   did not disappoint. This       short, pasty, metro, RSO, bubbly,
                                                   was the peak of the night      Barbie, Italian, vintage or just living
The night began with the heavier       for many, who fully (and literally)        away from home, we hoped you
competitors among us vying for the     embraced all that the University           enjoyed the night as much as we
choice seats along with the first of    social life has to offer.                  did.
many beverages! Dinner was brought
out by the recruited slave labor aka                                              This is Soph and Cav signing off.
College Head Kris’s siblings,
and devoured by salivating
mouths of the ever famished
Pen Res kids.

The night was full of
surprises especially for our
veteran Pen Res Kid’s who
will be departing at the end
of the year, to finally put
their studies into practice.
Brady, Dave, Dee, Brendan,
Laura, Jess Meth and Brad

6                                                                           Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter
24/7 Newsletter                                                                          Edition 4 - October 2009

  Howitt Bonds, James Bond
   Patrick Hutchens - Resident Advisor

Howitt Hall 2009 is quickly drawing     team. The talent displayed on the    behalf of Howitt. Our Mixed netball
to a close, with the past few weeks     night was an exciting precursor to   team made it to the Grand Final
having been some of the most            the upcoming Howitt Hall’s annual    only to come off second best. A
eventful of the year. The 007 Black     Open Mic Night on Sunday 11th of     chance to regain our netball pride
Ties and Diamonds Gaudy (our end        October.                             presents itself in our performance
of year Ball hosted by the College                                           in the continuing girls’ netball
Head) was an occasion that saw                                               competition. The Howitt Hall Footy
Howitt flood down to the M.R.S.                                               Team took out fourth place in the
Function Room for a three course                                             M.R.S. competition, signaling an
meal, photos, some jazz appreciation                                         unprecedented improvement in
and dancing before heading off to                                            enthusiasm and support amongst
Tongue and Groove in St Kilda for                                            the Hall for the game despite our
our joint after-party with Richardson                                        relative inexperience.      Howitt’s
Hall.                                                                        Inter-Hall Sports Coordinator, Dan
                                                                             Thomas played a significant role
The following night’s James Bond                                             in getting the team together and
Movie Marathon, hosted by the                                                prepared. Our fiery red, black and
Howitt Hall Society allowed a few of                                         yellow coloured Footy Jumpers also
us to enjoy each other’s company                                             made a splash in the hearts and
again albeit with less action on the                                         minds of the M.R.S. community. As
part of Howittians and more quilts                                           we go to press, the Upper Floors vs.
and pajamas. The M.R.S. Battle                                               Lower Floors soccer match is being
of the Bands was another event                                               played out with intense resolve.
to occur in recent weeks that saw
Howittians turn out to take part and                                         The participation of Howittians
support friends. A performance                                               in intra-hall events has also been
by Basil Curtis, Mick Petrovic and      In sporting news, Lucien Chua and    notable. Our Brownlow Medal Night
Matt Lyons helped to convince the       Shelene Laiu took out the M.R.S.     was a chance to get together and
audience to vote them as the winning    Badminton     Championships    on    appreciate the talents of our favourite
                                                                             footy players in the Basement
                                                                             Projector Room. In political news,
                                                                             the Howitt Hall Society is preparing
                                                                             a general election for executive
                                                                             positions for 2010. As the social
                                                                             semester winds to an end at Howitt
                                                                             we still have a few events to look
                                                                             forward to including the traffic light
                                                                             dine-in on the 6th of October, Ah-
                                                                             So (our annual Howitt Hall Yearbook)
                                                                             and our end of semester party, D-
                                                                             Day, hosted by the Howitt Hall

Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter                                                                           7
Edition 4 - October 2009                                                                           24/7 Newsletter

    Farrer Ferret Frenzy
    Sarah Short - Resident Advisor

Farrer has continued its                                                                    brought about the
busy semester with many                                                                     announcement          of
events for Ferrets to be                                                                    Farrer King and Queen,
involved in. Coming into                                                                    Chuck and Lisa, whilst
week 3, functions RAs,                                                                      Farrer joker went to the
Sammy and Em held an                                                                        well deserving Ry.
anti-Scurvy night, providing
residents with a huge dose                                                                  Farrer Hall has many
of fruit and veg in the form                                                                events in the coming
of delicious fruit smoothies,                                                               weeks to continue
freshly squeezed juices and                                                                 the hectic schedule
chopped fruit and veggies.                                                                  including the Mock
                                                                                            Wedding, Halloween
Following on from fruit                                                                     themed Dine in and
night, Farrer in conjunction with      In mid September the Farrer Ball       End of Semester Fiesta. We hope to
Roberts Hall held a boat cruise on     took place at the Lincoln on Toorak.   see all residents at these events!
the Yarra. Both Hall Societies did a   Residents were treated to a three
great job to put together such an      course meal at their beautifully
amazing night filled with inter-hall    decorated tables whilst listening
mingling and dancing.                  to the musical talents of Davo and
                                       Whitey. The jungle themed ball

    Caulfield’s Bowling Bonanza
    Farid Samadifar - Residential Support Assistant

Semester two is coming to an end       The winning group got the chance       However, this is not all for September.
and the crazy exams time is just       to watch their desired movie at the    As the average employer spends
around the corner. Well, as students   ultimate first class luxury cinema      only 10 seconds looking at a
are working on their assignments,      by receiving the gold class movie      resume, the strength of your CV is
breaking out from books and tutorial   ticket! So as to keep the smiles on    vital to the first impression you give
questions for a while might be a       our faces, the next fun event held     to potential employers. Regardless
good option. Meeting up with other     straight before the exams is Rock      of your professional and educational
friends in a friendly environment in   Climbing!                              background, your career will be
order to escape from                                                                       summed up in the blink
the pressure is just what                                                                  of an eye on a single
is needed. That is why                                                                     piece of paper. So, as
we decided to have a                                                                       this is the importance of
Bowling night early this                                                                   the resume writing, we
month. As a group of                                                                       have decided to hold a
12 we had an amazing                                                                       session exclusive to our
evening at Chadstone.                                                                      residents and let them
While the battle between                                                                   know how to write a
groups was getting more                                                                    proper resume, as their
serious the fun and laugh                                                                  first step for their career
was getting louder!                                                                        starts here!

8                                                                       Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter
24/7 Newsletter                                                                              Edition 4 - October 2009

   Bicycle Helmets

All MRS residents are reminded to wear bicycle helmets.
The problem
• Over 300 cyclists are seriously injured or killed in Victoria each year.
• Bicycle crashes occur in metropolitan and country locations, on quiet streets,
  bike paths, busy roads, in fact any place you can ride.
• It is essential that a helmet is always worn when cycling.

Helmets work!
The foam in the helmet is designed to spread the force and absorb the
energy of an impact. This reduces the risk of head injury, when your
head hits an object or the road.

The Law
• Victorian cyclists are required by law to wear a helmet that complies with the Australian/New Zealand
  standard for pedal cycle helmets, AS/NZS 2063.
• The helmet must be securely fitted and fastened. Any passenger carried on a bicycle must also wear a
  securely fitting, approved helmet.
• This law applies on roads, bicycle paths, bicycle lanes, footpaths, shared paths and separated footpaths.
  It also includes other public places such as recreational parks and car parks.
• There is a $50 fine for not wearing a securely fitted and approved helmet.

  ANTS - The How and Why?                                                             A/H Medical
   Domestic Operations                                                                Aust Locum Medical Service

During the process of cleaning a           is a great way of keeping food safe                provides
bedroom at Monash Residential              from ants.
Services, the rooms are checked for        2. Keep your kitchen clean, wipe               after hours*
pests prior to residents moving in,        up any spill and don’t leave food or         medical attention
however, some residents find ants in        water exposed.                                     and
their rooms shortly after their arrival.   3. Surface spray will kill ants             FREE phone advice
                                           immediately and leave a residue that
If you have ants in your room,             will last a few weeks. Remember
                                                                                      Please ring 13 26 60
it is because either one of the            that if you spray and then wipe away
                                                                                       for the duty Doctor
following has occured:                     the dead ants, you will need to spray
1. You have exposed food or water          again to leave a residue.
                                                                                        AFTER HOURS*
(they like sugar in particular) in your    4. Ant baits are designed to attract
                                                                                       Monday to Thursday
room and they are eating it.               ants. It poisons them slowly and
                                                                                       5.00pm to 8.00am
2. Your neighbours have exposed            over a number of weeks, it will kill the
food or water in their room and the        Queen of the hive. The bait should
ants are going through your room to        be placed on the outside of your
                                                                                         Friday 5.00pm to
get to the food or water.                  window seal or building and not in
                                                                                         Monday 8.00am
                                           your rooms.
What can you do about this?
                                                                                          Public Holidays
1. Firstly, clean and vacuum you room.     If the problem persists, please
                                                                                            - anytime
Ensure you have no exposed food            contact the domestic/maintenance
or water in your room. Tupperware          staff for further action.

Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter                                                                            9
Edition 4 - October 2009                                                                                 24/7 Newsletter

     Battling out Karaoke & Pool @ Berwick
     Sharad Kumar - Resident Advisor

When the annual pool competition                                                    In the upcoming weeks, there are
was announced, the Pavilion was                                                     three major events that you can look
swarmed with residents. As the                                                      forward to which are the photography
weeks went by, many honourable                                                      competition, the Halloween party
players were weeded out one by                                                      and the end of the year Residential
one! Even the 2008 champion,                                                        dinner.
succumbed under pressure! The                                                       Firstly, the photography competition
audience and players themselves                                                     is divided into 2 categories which
were shocked by the results.                                                        are ‘environmental’ and ‘open’. So
                                           Pavilion was packed with ‘super-         everyone start snapping away. Just
It was not enough having the skills,       star wannabees’ and ‘professional’       use any means necessary to take
as a good part of it also relied on        karaoke singers. It was an exciting      a picture such as mobile phones,
lady luck. Finally after eight gruelling   yet comical event. This was evident      smart phones and digital cameras.
weeks, the best of the best were           when Guri and Kenny had a rap off
about to go head to head. The              battle for the classic hit Can’t Touch   The Halloween party will be held
two contenders were (*drum rolls*)         This by MC Hammer. Even though           on 17th October instead of the
the pool shark, Michael and the            it was a “good” try from the both        customary 31st October, seeing
underdog, TJ. It was a match not           of them, all I can say is that some      everyone has exams during that
to be missed! Even before it started,      people are just not meant to rap. The    period.
the audience were already rooting          nominees for ‘Best Karaoke Singer’
for the pool shark. But TJ was not         were Jannifer and Sin Jiang. Both
going to give up without a fight!           competitors battled for the title with
                                           the song, “Umbrella by Rihanna”.
                                           Ladies and gentlemen, I would like
                                           to announce that the award goes to
                                           Jannifer! We now have our very own
                                           Rihanna living at MRS Berwick.

                                           In addition, the Pro-Evolution Soccer
                                           competition was a hit amongst the
                                           guys. After a few hours, it came         Last but not least, the traditional
Michael props a black case on the          down to two players, Andy and            end of year Residential dinner will
table and unlocks the case as per          Benghui. The team chosen by              be held on the 12th of October. It
usual. He unveils his weapon – a           both players was none other than         is encouraged that all residents
‘personal’ cue stick! Nevertheless,        Manchester United. Once each             attend as residents can look forward
TJ was not intimated by this! After        player has completed the necessary       to a full meal and a lucky draw.
the fierce and intense fight, a winner       adjustments for their team, the finals    Additionally, awards will be given out
was crowned. It was none other             kicked off. The final match was           to RA of the year and the trophy will
than Michael!!                             attentively watched by an excited        be handed out to the winner of the
                                           audience as each player was battling     pool competition.
The provision of the PS2 has been          out with one another. Subsequently
a great addition to the facilities of      full time arrived with the results of    In conclusion, I would like to wish
the Pavilion. This can be proven by        Benghui beating Andy 2-0. Thus, I        everyone all the best for their
the two successful competitions            would like to congratulate Benghui       upcoming exams! And also happy
that were held, the SingStar and           as champion and would also like to       holidays. Hope to see you again next
Pro- Evolution Soccer competition.         say that ‘age is a just a number’.       year! This is Sharad signing off...
During the SingStar competition, the

10                                                                            Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter
24/7 Newsletter                                                                               Edition 4 - October 2009

  Gippsland vs. Peninsula Games
   Gavin Staindl - Resident Advisor

Controversy and tensions were at                                                                        After the score
a peak at the 2nd annual Peninsula                                                                      stayed at 3-
vs. Gippsland Monash Games                                                                              3 for most
held in Churchill. The events which                                                                     of the half,
were held in good spirits ended in                                                                      Gippsland
confusion as the results from the                                                                       managed
badminton competition became                                                                            a try in the
the turning point to whether or not                                                                     remaining
Gippsland would retain the trophy.                                                                      minutes      to
                                                                                                        take out the
After the Peninsula buses arrived                                                                       win. Little did
at the Gippsland campus, the                                                                            anyone know
players and spectators made their                                                                       the win would
                                           The final match to be played was a
own way to the Monash Soccer                                                      put Gippsland into the overall points
                                           one-off Touch Rugby match between
pitch, Rez Basketball courts, or the                                              lead for the cup.
                                           the best Touch players from both
Kurnai College gymnasium where
                                           sides. Without anyone knowing, the
Badminton and Netball was held.                                                   A BBQ dinner was served at the
                                           winner of the Touch game was to
                                                                                  student union lounge, feeding about
                                                            eventually decide
                                                                                  150 participants and spectators. It
                                                            who would be
                                                                                  also allowed time to work out the
                                                            crowned winner of
                                                                                  overall winner of the games.
                                                            the Cup.
                                                                                  After much discussion between
                                                            Both teams were
                                                                                  the two sites as to the allocation of
                                                            equally matched
                                                                                  points, it came down to both sides
                                                            and try’s were
                                                                                  winning 2 ½ of the sports each and
                                                            scored by both
                                                                                  for the actual number of individual
                                                            teams at a regular
                                                                                  games won, it was announced
                                                            rate. At halftime
                                                                                  Gippsland would retain the Cup.
                                                            the score was 2-
                                                            2 and Peninsula
                                                                                  Thank you to all RST members from
                                                            came out of the
                                                                                  both Campuses for organising the
                                                            break dominating
All the matches were played in                                                    event and to Peninsula for making
                                           control of the ball but struggled to
healthy spirit and all were surprisingly                                          the trip down.
                                           hold a stable defence.

The two games of Soccer featured                         “Everyone enjoyed the competition as well as the
one draw and a Peninsula win, whilst                 hospitality of Gippsland Residential. During the intervals
in the two Basketball matches the                  between games, we shared our campus life with Gippsland
two campuses both scored a win. In                 residents. The night was well organised and sports events
Netball Peninsula came back from                   were right on time, dinner was followed by great music and
7 points down to win the first game                chillout time. It’s great to look back on this sporting event and
and won the second comfortably.                                   value the friendly rivalry we have.”
However, it was in the badminton
competition where Gippsland made                                    ~ Clark You, Peninsula Res
ground. Of the ten games, Gippsland
won 7 of them.

Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter                                                                               11
Edition 4 - October 2009                                                                                24/7 Newsletter

     MRPG’s R2 and Old Clothes Donation Drive
     Sedilame Ntshingane - MRPG Spokeswoman and Kagiso Tlou - RA Community Portfolio

Monash Residence Philanthropist             donating at the moment.                ‘Mama’ welcomed us all with open
(MRPG)’s Donation Drive, was run in                                                arms- same too to the new MRPG
early August (for four days), to enable     Through a chain of events that was     members.      After settling in, we
the Monash South Africa student             favorable to MRPG, we met, Mr.         then presented Mama Sara with
community to have countless                 John Kearsey, from Australia, and      the clothes we had collected from
opportunities to donate towards our         kindly received a R1000 donation       the Donation Drive. In addition to
cause. Knowing of Monash South              from him to aid our cause. We thank    these, we presented the clothes we
Africa community’s willingness to           Mr. Kearsey VERY much for this.        had bought for the younger children
give, having seen this through our          Through that money, we were able       (THANKS TO MR KEARSEY’S
previous donation drives, MRPG set          to buy new clothing for the younger    GENEROUS DONATION).              The
out to the task of raising money to         Residents of Peace Ma-Africa, so       children’s faces lit up as they fitted
once again vanquish our adopted             they do not feel left out when their   their brand new clothes on.
family’s unstable food source               older siblings were receiving the
situation, as well as collecting old (but   donated clothing.                      After all that, we then went to the
in good condition)                                                                                       local community
clothes to give to                                                                                       football    pitch
our adopted family.                                                                                      for     a    fun-
Mama           Sarah                                                                                     filled game of
Kwanyane,                                                                                                soccer.
affectionately called                                                                                    At that time,
‘mama’ (mom) by                                                                                          nothing      else
the 14 abandoned                                                                                         seemed         to
and        orphaned                                                                                      matter- except
children          she                                                                                    that we were
mothers, takes care                                                                                      having the time
of these children                                                                                        of our lives with
although she has                                                                                         our      younger
no        consistent                                                                                     brothers     and
income source.                                                                                           sisters...    We
                                                                                                         lost track of
This       Children’s                                                                                    time until we
Home        is   also                                                                                    were told that
home to a gentleman who helps               As for the R2, 360.20 originally       it was time to go back to campus.
with chores around the house,               donated, it was used to buy            Once again it was sad saying
who would otherwise be homeless.            groceries and toiletries for our       goodbye as we parted. Spending
MRPG’s main objective, this year,           adopted family. It was also used,      time with the children at Peace Ma-
was to go some way in soothing              sometimes, to cover costs such         Africa Children’s home is always
this unstable income source issue,          as the R220 to do laundry. After       remarkable because that indeed is
to try provide the basic food stuffs,       the groceries and toiletries were      the true joy of life. Putting a smile
toiletries and help (in overall issues      bought, and the clothes cleaned, a     on a child’s face shows that we all
that our adopted family’s household         plan was made that on the 22nd of      have a purpose in life and that we
may encounter) throughout the year          August, the donated goods would        can make a difference in the lives
and into the future.                        be taken to Peace Ma-Africa in the     of others... No matter how big or
                                            morning- by MRPG and any student       small.
In this donation drive, R2, 360.20 was      philanthropists who wanted to see
raised from the student community           where their donations were going
and numerous old clothing was               to. The joy of giving back to the
donated, with some students still           community is inexplicable...

12                                                                           Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter
24/7 Newsletter                                                                        Edition 4 - October 2009

  Residence Sports Day
   Kundi-J - South Africa

After several weeks of preparation    netball. After much screaming and     included volleyball, 5-a-side soccer,
by the assigned Residence Advisor     cheering, the participants once       relays, tug-of-war, egg and spoon
Team, Saturday 8th August 2009        again made their way to Hot Spot      race and a sack race.
saw Monash South Africa residence     where they were served a hearty
enthusiastically don their Res                                                      The day was ended off with
colours as they prepared                                                            a particularly interesting
to take part in the annual                                                          food      eating    contest
Residence Sports Day.                                                               comprising of a loaf of
                                                                                    bread, 2 litres of Coca-
The       brightly      coloured                                                    Cola, salsa and for dessert,
students began their day of                                                         a tub of icecream. With the
activities with a light breakfast                                                   help of the dedicated RAs
at Hot Spot where they                                                              and the 16 volunteers, the
bonded with their various                                                           day was indeed a success
team members and were                                                               that brought together the
psyched up by their RAs.                                                            residents of Monash South
9.30am saw the students                                                             Africa, united for their
marching down to the basketball       lunch to re-energize them for the     various blocks all in the name of
courts where the day’s first events    afternoon’s events which were held    good sportsmanship and fun.
were held, namely basketball and      on the soccer field. These games

  Back to School                                                               Pulse Launch
   Emmanuel Mabutho - Resident Advisor                                                Khosi Nyembe

On the 1st of August 2009, Monash                                           The magazine launch was one of
Residences Services held the Back                                           Monash South Africa’s esteemed
to School party in the Residence                                            events whereby only 100 chosen
Hall. The day started with the rain                                         students were invited. The theme of
blessing the day and we were a bit                                          the event was silver and black. The
worried that we might not get a lot                                         main Guest Speaker was the Chief
of students coming to the party. In                                         Editor (Masego Otlogetswe) who
the evening the rain stopped and                                            kept the crowd entertained. Other
students came in abundance and it                                           guests were Residence Manager
                                                                            Maisaka    Ramoloto,     Residence
                                                                            Advisors, FNB manager and Lily
                                                                            House Design Team.

                                      was the most successful Back to       The organisers of the event and
                                      School party since the inception of   magazine production crew were
                                      the event.                            introduced to all. The event was
                                                                            short and sweet with the distribution
                                      The students enjoyed the party and    of the magazine to all who came at
                                      the event was memorable judging       the end of the function. Photos were
                                      by the response we got from them      taken and we had a good time.
                                      after the event.                      The event has inspired us to have
                                                                            another one next year.

Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter                                                                       13
Edition 4 - October 2009                                                                           24/7 Newsletter

     Job Interviews - A Guide
     Employment and Career Development

You have applied for a job and you have been invited by the
organisation to attend an interview – congratulations! This
guide provides a starting point for learning about interviews and
some of the things you can do to prepare. Additional resources
on Interviews in this series include the Interviews – Practice
Questions handout

Types of Interviews
The format of the job interview can vary; some of the more
common formats include:
• Telephone – They may seem informal, however they are similar
  to a one-on-one interview. Telephone interviews are commonly
  used as a screening process to the next stage of a recruiting
  process. Try to find a distraction - free environment so your full
  attention is given to the interviewer.
• One-to-one – One representative of the organisation is present to ask you questions.
• Panel – When two or more representatives of the organisation are present to ask you questions. It is important
  to address each panel member throughout the interview and not just the person asking you questions.
• Group interview – A group interview involves several applicants being assessed together. An employer’s
  motivation for using this format might be to look for a particular character type, to see how you behave in a
  certain environment, to see how people work in a team, or because it is an efficient way to process multiple

Preparing for the Interview
Employers are looking for candidates who have the skills and attitude that match the position’s selection criteria
and the organisation’s culture. They want to know:
• Can you do the job? Do you have the aptitude, experience and/or qualifications appropriate for the role.
• Will you do the job? Do you have the right attitude and are you enthusiastic about the position and the
• Will you fit in? Do you fit within the organisation’s culture and workplace environment, and do you understand
  what your contribution to the team will be?

Self Evaluation
Think about how you can demonstrate that you can do the job, that you have the motivation to succeed in the
position, and will fit within the company. When doing a self evaluation, you might:
• Consider why working in this industry and occupation is important to you
  Why did you originally choose this career pathway? What makes you passionate about your work in general
  and this job in particular?
• Recognise your skills and qualities, both personal and professional
  You need to be able to talk about them confidently and easily during your interview. Research what the
  organisation is looking for and prepare relevant examples of your skills and personal qualities.
• Think about what you have learned in your degree
  How are you going to convey to the employer what you have learned throughout your course?

14                                                                        Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter
24/7 Newsletter                                                                             Edition 4 - October 2009

  Job Interviews - A Guide (con’t)
   Employment and Career Development

• Think about what you have learnt from your experiences
  What have you learnt from your work experiences and extra-curricular activities? Some may be very relevant to
  the position, but all paid and unpaid employment experiences contribute to your labour market knowledge and
  personal awareness.
• Put yourself in the employer’s shoes
  If you were an employer, what would you want to know about a job applicant?

Researching the organisation
• Look through the advertisement
  There is a lot you can find out about the organisation here. Sometimes you will find an overview of the
  company and the key selection criteria that the organisation seeks. The job advertisement will usually be able
  to give you a clear understanding of what you will be required to do within the position.
• Look at the company’s website
  You should find useful information on the organisation’s culture and values. You might also find information on
  up and coming projects or issues that are affecting the firm.
• Speak with people in the industry, or in a similar organisation
  This is a great way to find out what the culture is really like within an industry, and get a feel for how you might
  fit in. It might also provide an opportunity to ask some questions before you get to interview.
• Review issues directly related to the industry
  Newspapers, industry specific journals or even professional associations often discuss issues that might
  directly affect the organisation you are applying for. Having an understanding of how current events and issues
  in the market directly affect the business’ core operations will demonstrate good business acumen.

Practicing for an interview is a great way to prepare you for what to expect. While practice will never replace
the actual experience of an interview, it can provide you with important feedback on where you might need to
improve. You might want to practice using the following suggestions:
• Use the services offered by Monash University Employment and Career Development – you can book into an
  interview skills workshop (careers.monash.edu)
• Ask a friend/family member if you can practise with them
• Have a look at the Interviews – Practice Questions help sheet for more information.

Before the Interview
                                   Gather all the information you need; when you have researched the
                                   organisation, thought about your reasons for applying and understood how
                                   your skills and experience match the job requirements, you should then double
                                   check you have everything you need before attending the interview, including:
                                   • The time, date and address of where your interview will be held – obtain a
                                     contact number to call just in case you are running late or something
                                     unexpected happens. If the location is new to you, consider visiting the day
                                     before, just so that you’ll be sure exactly where to go on the day.
                                   • The format and style of your interview – what type of interview will you be
                                     attending and what are the names and position titles of your interviewers?

Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter                                                                            15
Edition 4 - October 2009                                                                             24/7 Newsletter

     Job Interviews - A Guide (con’t)
     Employment and Career Development

• A professionally presented portfolio – including any documents you have sent to the interviewer (e.g. resume
  and cover letter), original copies of your qualifications, certificates and achievements, and any written

During the Interview
• Be on time
  First impressions are important, so first of all you need to show up to your interview on time. Planning how
  to get to your destination and arriving 10-15 minutes early will provide you with some time to prepare yourself
  calmly for the interview.
• Dress appropriately
  The way you present yourself is an important part of making a first impression.
  Part of your presentation is how you dress. Find an outfit that you feel confident
  in and is appropriate for the role you are applying for. Your appearance should look
• Remove any distractions
  Turn off your mobile phone, take off your sunglasses and put them out of sight!
• Greeting
  Confidently shake your interviewer’s hand, greet them appropriately, and smile. If
  you smile, you will feel better, and so will your interviewer.
• Eye contact
  Look people in the eye (without staring) when speaking with them. If you are being
  interviewed by a panel, start eye contact with the person who asked the question,
  but make sure you include the other members as you continue your answer.
• Use open body language
  Non verbal communication can have an impact on the success of your interview. Be aware of how you behave
  in an interview. Use body language that shows you are listening and interested. Examples of this might be
  sitting slightly forward and upright in your chair (making sure you are still comfortable) and demonstrate that
  you understand and are listening.
 Fiddling with your clothes, hands, feet, hair could be interpreted as signs of anxiety, and uncertainty about
 your ability to do the job. Similarly, habits such as repetitive foot tapping can be distracting. Most people will
 experience a degree of nervousness during an interview; try to avoid making it obvious.

Answering Questions
• Make sure that you listen to the whole question
  Some people have a tendency to start answering the question in their mind before it has been fully asked.
  Consider what has been asked and if necessary, give yourself a moment to construct your answer. It is alright
  to seek clarification if the meaning of the question is unclear.
• Speak clearly
  Answer questions with enthusiasm in your tone and language to engage your interviewer. Pace yourself in a
  way that allows you to keep the interviewer interested in what you have to say. Speaking too fast, too slow, too
  loudly or too quietly can make it difficult for the interviewer to understand what you have to say.
• Be honest
  Provide your responses honestly. If you have been honest in your application, then the employer has already
  seen enough potential in you to want to interview you.

16                                                                         Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter
24/7 Newsletter                                                                             Edition 4 - October 2009

  Job Interviews - A Guide (con’t)
   Employment and Career Development

• Be specific
  Interviewers can’t read your mind; be specific and provide them with evidence and details about your
  achievements and skills.
• Your chance to ask questions
  Towards the end of an interview you will usually be given the opportunity to ask questions. This is an ideal time
  to demonstrate that you have researched the organisation and that you have a strong interest in their product
  or service, so make sure your questions reflect this. It is also your chance to clarify information that may
  influence your decision on whether or not to accept the job if offered to you.

Concluding the Interview
In closing the interview, employers usually outline the next step in the selection process. If not, ask when a
decision will be made and if/when you will be notified of the outcome.
Make a closing statement reiterating your interest (and ability) in the position and thank the interviewer for the
opportunity to meet. Smile as you say goodbye.
It is worthwhile to reflect on your performance after leaving the interview. Record the questions asked and
note the examples you gave. Evaluate which responses need improvement. This will assist you for subsequent

What Happens Next?
Once your interview has finished, it can be a good idea to write a thankyou letter or e-mail to the employer for
taking the time to meet with you, and to restate your interest in the position. Unless stated otherwise, usually
an employer will get back to you within the week after your interview. If you are not contacted, you have an
opportunity to ring and politely ask how the selection process is going and when a decision might be made.
Regardless of the outcome, ask for feedback on areas where you can improve your interviewing skills.
Job interviews are a source of some apprehension for all jobseekers. However, the more experience you have in
the interviewing process, the more skills and knowledge you will develop.

                                         Contact Employment and Careers Development
                                         Telephone: +613 9905 4170
                                         Email: info@careers.monash.edu.au
                                         Website: careers.monash.edu.au

                                         This Information was current at the time of writing and is intended as
                                         a guide only. Adapted by Monash University Employment and Career
                                         Development, 2009

Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter                                                                              17
Edition 4 - October 2009                                                                              24/7 Newsletter

     College Games at Gippy
     Gavin Staindl - Resident Advisor

Soccer featured as the second last      up his talk by walking the
College games event for the year and    walk. Along with the other
once again Red College continued        Red RA’s, Thio managed to
to rack up much needed points in        produce two other teams
their attempt to gain ground on the     who scored a combined 250
College leaders. Under ominous          points, and along with the
black clouds with a wind chill that     230 from their first team, Red
would leave even residents of Iceland   College produced a whopping
with shivers, Red College came out      580 College points. Red
needing big results if they wanted to   College pull within 100 points
advance on their position.              of Purple College in fourth
                                                                                College failed to register enough
                                        position – the first time they have
                                                                                players to play two teams. Blue
After destroying the Badminton          been this close to another College
                                                                                College finished with a total of 320.
comp, Red College was one of two        since the Table Tennis Competition,
Colleges who entered with 3 teams.      way back in March. While all the
                                                                                Yellow College tried valiantly all night,
With a star-studded line-up including   other College’s are now scampering
                                                                                but eventually did not have the fire
Azman, Varun, Subodh, Tony Thio,        to avoid the surge from Red, Green
                                                                                power to score goals. In fact, Yellow
Sugit, Tina Virk and Jane Walker,       College continues to go about their
                                                                                College only managed to score an
it was hard to see from the outset      business.
                                                                                average of one goal out of every
how Red College would struggle for
                                                                                three games. They finished with a
points. And just to prove that they     Green was the other College to put
                                                                                total of 240.
weren’t here to muck around, Tony       in three teams and they ended up
and his team smashed Blue College       with a total of 360 points mainly due
                                                                                Purple College also struggled to
in the very first game they played by    to the West House 18 team who
                                                                                match it with the best teams. After
4-0, the biggest margin of the night.   were equal second overall with a
                                                                                initially shooting themselves in the
They rolled through the rest of the     total of 180 points. The W 18 team
                                                                                foot by entering two sides but only
competition conceding only one          consisting of Crystal Gao, Jessie
                                                                                having enough players to play the
goal, the least of any team, and        Wang, Olivia Xie, Gavin Staindl,
                                                                                one, Purple College only managed
scoring eight, the most of any team.    Richi Knox and Nelson Brew (who
                                                                                the one win. Andrew Crossley and
With a total of 230 points they were    was one of the better players of the
                                                                                Jason O’Dea dominated for Purple
out and about, the best team on the     competition) did not lose a match
                                                                                College but unfortunately they could
night.                                  and went a long way to boosting the
                                                                                only do so much. Purple College
                                        points for Green.
                                                                                continue to slump; they scored 200
R.A. Tony Thio has been harping
on about the Red College revival in     Blue College has continued their
Semester two and he has backed          good form in Semester two. After
                                                                                With the Mini-Olympics left as the
                                              they took hold of second
                                                                                last College event, and an increase of
                                              position in the badminton
                                                                                points available, the race for the Inter-
                                              competition, Blue College
                                                                                Collegial Cup is still well and alive.
                                              continue to streak away
                                                                                After this event, any college could
                                              from the struggling Purple.
                                                                                take out the College cup. The final
                                              Blue College in fact, had
                                                                                event, being mini-olympics held on
                                              three teams but failed to
                                                                                Tuesday 6th October will determine
                                              register one of the teams.
                                                                                the overall winner. The coveted cup
                                              Fortunately, they were still
                                                                                winner will be announced at the
                                              able to contribute to the Blue
                                                                                residential end of year function in
                                              score by substituting for a
                                                                                week 13.
                                              Purple team after Purple

18                                                                        Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter
24/7 Newsletter                                                                           Edition 4 - October 2009

  All That Shimmers at the Flats
   Kristin Johnson - Resident Advisor

The big event for semester 2 took        of the way, bubbling champagne        these people on stage? Of course
place at the MRS dining hall on          and a scrumptious three course        the tunes belted out were in tune
a cold, rainy night in September         meal appeared to give everyone the    and not merely yelling into the
– however that did not stop our          energy needed to dance the night      microphone, and fellow residents
southern flats friends partying on        away.                                 were totally impressed with the skills
at the annual College Head’s Ball.                                             of those on stage.
The night was bedazzled with
decorations that transformed the         A dynamic duo got the party started
dining hall into an unrecognizable       by playing old favourites and soon    A big thank you must go out to
glittering venue that set the theme of   the dance floor erupted. As the        the RST and a special mention to
‘All That Shimmers’.                     night raged on, it was decided that   RA Nicole for taking the lead and
                                         the band definitely needed some        organising what turned out to be a
Residents and their guests sparkled      back up and soon the singer was       memorable occasion, even if she did
as they frocked and suited up for        wondering what on earth happened      fall off her chair!
what was sure to be a celebration of     to his microphone and why were
a fantastic year.

The night began
with a group photo
of SEF residents;
however          from
those who are now
left with the job of
naming all the faces
in the photo, a shout
out must go to
non-residents who
somehow        snuck
past the watchful
eye of the RST and
made it in to the

With formalities out

Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter                                                                           19
Edition 4 - October 2009                                                                           24/7 Newsletter

     Green thumbs
     Tony Thio - Resident Advisor and Annelise Webb - Gardening coordinator

                                                        the South Units.      today’s age. It is a commitment to
                                                        Along the common      look after the environment around
                                                        walkways, includes    them, an appreciation of what we
                                                        the planting of 60-   already have the power to do.
                                                        80 plants a week.
                                                        This is a mean feat   The most memorable event would
                                                        for the constant      be the big “landscaping day” on
                                                        group of volunteer    13th of September, where residents
                                                        “gardeners” who       from Clayton Residential made the
                                                        have soldiered on     long drive down to the Gippsland
                                                        during the fasting    Campus on a bright cheerful
                                                        month.        Their   Saturday to help plant 749 plants.
                                                        dedication     saw    There was such enthusiasm shown
                                                        gardening sessions    by the Clayton and Gippsland
Since the start of this year there
has been planning to transform         proceed, even in the
South Residences to show the           harshest of weather,
impressionable natural beauty which    when a storm brewed
can be found in Australian gardens.    one Thursday and it
                                       rained cats and dogs.
A dedicated group of residents have    Storm or no storm, the
been putting aside a few hours on      roses still had to be
a regular, pre-stipulated day, to do   planted.
a spot of gardening around the
South Residences. Usually either       Each volunteer walks
on a Tuesday or Thursday, and          away with the knowledge
sometimes both days, this group        that their dedication will
would convene at South Unit 1 at       be appreciated for years
2pm come rain, hail or shine. They     to come. The seeds
would put on gardening gloves, pick    they have sowed are a display of       residents, who between them,
up shovels, and dig holes, plant       environmentalism and perseverance      managed to get everything planted
flora, de-weed the area. Generally      often talked about, but forgotten in   into the soil, whilst engaging in light
ensuring that slowly but                                                                banter and munching on
surely, what used to be                                                                 hotdogs within a span of
just common walkways                                                                    4 hours.
amongst houses, and
normal grass-covered                                                                    This semester has seen
“backyards”, are filled                                                                  numbers of “gardeners”
with colourful plants and                                                               go as high as 20, but
flowers.                                                                                 on some occasion, as
                                                                                        low as a handful. While
Under the leadership of                                                                 assignments,        exams,
Greenie Li of South Unit                                                                classes, and other extra-
1 and Annelise Webb of                                                                  curricular activities bog
South Unit 9, the avid and                                                              down every student’s
dedicated green thumbs                                                                  calendar. It is remarkable
have thus far planted well                                                              that week in week out, the
over 1500 plants around                                                                 same handful of students

20                                                                      Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter
24/7 Newsletter                                                                             Edition 4 - October 2009

   Green thumbs                                    Enviroment @ Clayton
      (con’t)                            Huon McGifford and Andrew Johnson - Environment Coordinators

                                        In the last few months residences
                                        have     been    experiencing      an
                                        underground green movement which
                                        has been pervasive enough to find
                                        its way to the surface. Clayton has
                                        had the biggest activities going on.
                                        The Recycling Challenge ran for the
                                        month of August and saw hundreds
                                        of items recycled, printer cartridges,
                                        mobile phones and around 1000
                                        plastic bags.

                                        The vegetable patches across all         In other exciting news, coming
                                        campuses have been doing well            to the end of the year means new
                                        and after yielding lots of food that     opportunities for the environment
                                        was devoured with joy, they will be      and for you. Currently the opportunity
remain dedicated to the cause. The      renewed soon, ready for next years       to become an Environmental
goal was to transform the south         planting season.                         Coordinator at Clayton Residential
residence (once a baron landscape)                                               exists as part of the Resident Advisor
into a place of aesthetic beauty        Gippsland and Clayton campus             - Community Programs position.
and to encourage the peaceful           residents joined forces in September     Application forms can be obtained
environment, needed for productive      to create a new luxurious look           from the Operations Office (Building
study.                                  for some of the units. Plants,           47) and you will need to submit it
                                        shrubberies, conifers and bushes         before the Sunday 18th October.
It is perhaps down to the               were all planted out, which proved
determination and dedication of this    to be quite difficult in the muddy clay   Thank you to all those who
core group of “gardeners” that the      but in the long run was rewarding        participated this year and we look
student-run gardening project has       and lots of fun. Volunteers also         forward to seeing you at the Clayton
been so successful this semester.       enjoyed a yummy lunch and some           Awards night on Tuesday 20th
It is hoped more projects like this     conversations which lead to newly        October to see who will win the
are undertaken by students, and         formed cross-campus friendships.         Environment Trophy...
that more student reap the benefits
of doing more than just a degree at
Monash University.

Thank you to everyone who
participated in this huge project, in
particular, Doug Swan for his ongoing
guidance as the project advisor. Most
importantly, this project would not
be possible without the funding and
support provided by the Director of
MRS, Vladimir Prpich and Gippsland
Manager, Den Lim.

Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter                                                                             21
Edition 4 - October 2009                                                                               24/7 Newsletter

     Sports @ Clayton                                                                Surviving Exams
     Johanna Kelly and David Coulter - Sports Coordinators                                 Self-Help - HWD

Sports in second semester                                                                                   (from pg. 5)
started at full pace, and didn’t
                                                                                  If you do come up to exam time
slow down right up to the
                                                                                  unprepared, use your last minute
                                                                                  studying as a review of key
                                                                                  concepts, instead of trying to learn it
The AFL kicked off with big
                                                                                  all. Be realistic about what you can
crowds and big action. Before
                                                                                  accomplish: set priorities based on
long the main contenders
                                                                                  what you expect to be emphasised
came to the front, as Farrer
                                                                                  on the test. Stay calm.
and Richardson showed that
they were both after the flag.                                                     4. Don’t go to the movies. Don’t
In the end the overwhelming                                                       get involved in any activities that
powerhouse remained Mannix,                                                       might either interfere with what you
taking out the boys strongly.                                                     have been learning or make you feel
The all important girls match                                                     so guilty that you come home to
had a different story however,                                                    study far into the night to make up
with the ladies of Halls                                                          for lost time. Review and relax.
victorious over the women of
Mannix.                                                                           Take Care of Yourself. In addition
                                                                                  to taking an organised and calm
                                          to say, whether it’s cheering their
Don’t let anyone tell you that guys                                               approach to studying, you need
                                          players, or just a “Yay Netball!”
can’t play netball. Mixed netball was                                             to make common sense and
one of the most highly contested                                                  moderation a general life-style during
                                          And all this sporting fun could not
sports all year, and every player out                                             this and other times of stress.
                                          be possible without the help of the
there wanted it bad. It came down         umpires. So a big thank-you to all      1. Moderate Stimulants. Coffee,
to one final evening, with Howitt,         that have volunteered their time to     tea and coca-cola all contain caffeine
Farrer, Deakin and Mannix all in with     help out.                               and are relatively safe ways to help
a very real shot at claiming the prize.                                           you stay awake, but should be taken
In the end Mannix got up in a close       It all wraps up with the Awards night   in moderation.
one over Howitt, with Farrer getting      on Tuesday 20th October, so come
over Deakin for 3rd.                                                              2. Beware of Taking Drugs. This
                                          along to find out who has taken          includes pills that were prescribed
                                          out the sports for this year, and       for other persons - diet pills, for
Before the mixed netball was even         to celebrate another great year of
finished, the women were doing it                                                  example, should be avoided. If you
                                          sporting fun.                           have any concerns consult your
for themselves. While some teams
struggled for numbers, others                                                     family doctor.
                                          Currently the opportunity to become
showed they meant business. This          a Sports Coordinator at Clayton
thrilling competition concludes on        Residential exists as part of the       Finally, if you are at all concerned
Friday 9th.                               Resident Advisor - Sports Programs      about your final preparation
                                          position. Application forms can be      for exams, you may wish to
The support for the halls has been        obtained from the Operations Office      make an appointment to see a
strong all year, as the fight for the      (Building 47) and you will need to      University Counsellor at your
“hall spirit” prize continues. Howitt     submit it before the Sunday 18th        nearest Health, Wellbeing and
have put in a very strong show, with      October.                                Development area on campus.
the camel popping up everywhere.
However, Mannix usually has a
crowd, and Richardson always has
people on the side with something

22                                                                          Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter
24/7 Newsletter                                                                                Edition 4 - October 2009

  Monash Sport
   Brendan De Souza - Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Swim into Spring                          Monash Sport also caters for those        Australia has a history of being a
To help you swim into Spring and          who enjoy their swimming and wish         surfing nation, and at Monash we
shed those winter kilos before            to do regular training as a means         want you to take up an Australian
Summer, Monash Sport are offering         for fitness, enjoyment and social          past-time. Monash Trips and Tours
you a great deal on casual swim           competition. The Tri-Squad is             provide you with the chance to
passes. During the Month of October       designed for Masters, Tri-Athletes,       learn the basics of surfing with the
pay for 9, swim for 12. Three swims       Open Water swimmers and those             help of friendly and experienced
for FREE when you buy a 10 pass.          who can swim at a reasonable              teachers. With wetsuits and boards
Promotion Finishes Saturday 31st          level. This squad is run out of both      complimentary it won’t be long
October 2009                              the main pool and variable pool           before you’re feeling the wave’s
http://sport.monash.edu.au/pools/         depending on the training time and        splash against your feet as you hang
lap-lanes.html                            allocated space.                          10.

                                          Training times and further information:   Day Great Ocean Road Trip
                                          http://sport.monash.edu/pools/            Saturday 17 to Sunday 18 October
                                          index.html                                The Great Ocean Road is the pinnacle
                                                                                    of driving in Australia. With its mix
                                          Trips and Tours                           of forestry, beaches and relaxation
                                          http://sport.monash.edu.au/               resorts this 91 km road twists and
                                          tripsandtours/index.html                  turns its way around the Victorian
                                          There are some amazing trips              coast offering drivers a keen insight
                                          planned for the remainder of year         into Victoria’s forgotten beauty.
                                          through Monash Sport’s Trips and          Monash Trips and Tours gives you
                                          Tours:                                    the chance to take in all the sites and
                                                                                    sounds of this Australian treasure by
                                          Learn to surf                             combining a range of activities that
                                          Saturday 10 October                       will lead you to beautiful secluded
                                          Being home to some of the greatest        beaches, and some truly beautiful
                                          surf beaches in the world means           rain forests.

Adult Learn to Swim and Tri-
Swim Squad
The Doug Ellis Swimming Pool
offers one of Melbourne’s best
Learn to Swim Programs. All classes
are conducted by experienced,
AUSTSWIM qualified and caring
staff in a fun and safe environment.
Adult participants can progress
through a graduated series of levels
to become fully proficient swimmers.
These lessons are graded according
to ability and are offered at a variety
of times.

Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter                                                                                 23
Edition 4 - October 2009                                                                                 24/7 Newsletter

     Smoke detector notice
     Monash Residential Services

Re: Standard test procedures              Please follow these procedures           charge. The battery in the smoke
for battery operated smoke                on arrival:                              detector will need to be replaced:-
detectors located in individual           1. You should familiarise yourself       notify the maintenance staff that your
resident bedrooms                         with the layout of your room, the        smoke detector alarm is emitting a
                                          layout of your floor/stairwell/flat, the   soft beep, beep, beep.
Battery operated smoke detectors          through-ways, exits and the location
require periodic attention to ensure      of fire alarms, Red-E-Phones and          If the smoke detector emits no
they will operate effectively whenever    fire extinguishers.                       sound at all, this is usually indicative
they are needed. ALL battery                                                       of a fault. The smoke detector may
operated smoke detectors are              2. Test the battery operated smoke       need to be replaced: notify the
checked by the maintenance staff          detector immediately. Use a broom        maintenance staff that your smoke
at each of the individual residences      handle, umbrella or a similar object     detector alarm is faulty - emitting no
before a resident moves into their        to press the test button on the          sound on testing.
bedroom and after a resident              detector. The smoke detector must
vacates their bedroom. Once a             emit a loud beep-beep-beep when          If you would like any additional info,
resident moves into their bedroom         you press the test button.               please do not hesitate to contact
it is their responsibility to check, on                                            staff at your individual Residential
a regular basis, the battery operated     When a smoke detector emits a soft       Offices.
smoke detector that is installed in       intermittent beep, beep, beep, this
their bedroom.                            is usually indicative of a low battery

        Useful                                         Security Information
     Numbers (Vic)                                                       on your campus

 Action Centre 9654 4766                  All Monash University campuses are equipped with a local security services
 BeyondBlue (National Depression          presence. Your Campus Security Office should always be considered
 Initiative) 1300 224 636                 as your first point of contact in an emergency or when seeking security
 Centre Against Sexual Assault            advice.
 (CASA House) 9635 3610
 Centre for Grief and Bereavement         For Residential (in Victoria) emergencies, call 9905 3333 or ext. 333
 9265 2100                                immediately.
 Crisis Line 13 61 69
                                          NOTE: The 000 number should only be used for emergencies at
 Gamblers Help 1800 156 789
                                          Caulfield Residential.
 Direct Line (Drugs and Alcohol)
 1800 888 236
 Eating Disorders Foundation -VIC                                           Below are the contact details for your
 1300 550 236                                                               local Campus Security Office:
 Lifeline 13 11 14
 Middle South Crisis Assessment                                             Berwick campus         9904 7444
 and Treatment Team (CATT Team)                                             Caulfield campus        9903 2131
 1300 369 012                                                               Clayton campus         9905 3059
 Poisons Information 13 11 26                                               Gippsland campus       5122 6662
 Quitline (Smoking) 13 18 48                                                Peninsula campus       9904 4318
 Suicide Helpline 1300 651 251                                              Sth Africa campus      27119504099
 Victorian Legal Aid 1800 677 402
 Youth Substance Abuse Service
 (YSAS) 9418 1020

24                                                                           Monash Residential Quarterly Newsletter