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									                Valley Cottage Library
                        1959                Celebrating 50 Years                                  2009
                                      (    Fall 2009       à   Special Edition          )

       Where’s my Valley Cottage Library “Focus” newsletter?

                                                                                                              FALL PROGRAMS INSIDE
       Y    ou are probably wondering why you haven’t received our quarterly newsletter that is always
            filled with enjoyable library programs. Our Fall Focus was ready for the printer when two
       things happened. First, work suddenly began on Route 303 and second, we had to begin prepa-
       rations for upcoming renovations in the library. This shorter program newsletter will inform you
       about the activities that we have scheduled in the upcoming months.

       What’s going on in front of the Library?
       I f you’ve been to the library in the last few weeks you have encountered the traffic detours, bull-
         dozers and dirt extending the length of the library property on Route 303! Well, this is good
       news because work is being done to improve access to the library’s parking lots.
       When we began voicing our concerns ten years ago about the hazards associated with entering
       and exiting the lots, we were not hopeful that the Department of Transportation (DOT) would
       address the problems. In 2002, we were told there was no State money to fund the improvement
       but the Library Board insisted on developing plans to move the project forward. The plan calls
       for a left turning lane as you are driving south toward the NYS Thruway on Route 303 to enter
       both the main parking lot on the southern end of the building and the staff parking lot on the
       northern end. In 2006, 1012 signatures were collected on a petition demanding that our elected
       representatives find a way to fund this safety improvement for the community’s library.
       And, that day has come! We are very grateful to Senator Thomas Morahan and Clarkstown Su-
       pervisor Alexander Gromack for their dogged persistence on our behalf in securing DOT funds
       to see this project to fruition.
       Inside the Library…
       I  n November, work will begin on replacing the Circulation Desk and creating a Circulation
          Office. However, this space now houses children’s books. To accommodate this loss of space,
       a small addition will be made on the south end of the Children’s room. It will include an activity
       room for our 5-9 year old library users, as well as the replacement book space taken by the Circu-
       lation Office. The renovations are expected to last 8 months or so.

       And during this time…
       W      e have given the DOT permission to utilize our north parking lot for construction ve-
              hicles so all staff is temporarily using the main parking lot. When renovations begin, the
       main parking lot will be directly impacted by the need for construction materials and trucks to
       be stored on part of it. This reduces the number of available spaces for the public and, therefore,
       we have cut down the number of programs and stortyimes we ordinarily offer.
       Next year when the work is completed we will begin a project to improve and expand the main
       parking lot. Both the library renovation and parking lot projects have been partially funded by a
       NYS grant and funds from our capital improvement budget.
       We appreciate your patience during this time. We know you will agree that in the end the tem-
       porary inconvenience caused by these projects will be well worth the resulting improvements. If
       you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Director, Amelia Kalin,
       either by phone (268-7700) or email (

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                                                                                                  Saturday, Oct. 10 at 2pm

                                                                                                  How to Slice an Onion
                                                                                                  BUNNY CRUMPACKER will b
                                                                                                          Recipes to demonstrate,
                                                                                                           Tastings to share,
                                                                                                              plus, food history and anecdotes for you

                                                                                                  INTRODUCING HER NEW BOOK,
                                                                                                         How to Slice an Onion: Co
                                                                                                             --Hundreds of Tips, Techniques, R
                                                                                                           It’s a companionable guide to cooking for the ex
        BECOME A MEMBER OF OUR TEEN GAMERS’ UNION                                                                   BOOKS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR
        Help us create an even better game collection by reviewing and suggesting games and
        creating gaming programs. You will receive community service credit for attending the                     Registration is necessary. Call the C
        meetings. Meetings held on Thursdays, Oct.15 & Nov. 12 at 7PM.
        Your ideas will help develop our teen programs and collection and you receive com-               -Sunday Concerts-
        munity service credit for attending the meetings. Meetings held Mondays at 7pm            Oct. 25 at 2pm
        on Oct. 19 & Nov. 30.                                                                     Music
                                                                                                  M usic to S oothe Your S oul
        WARM UP YOUR NEIGHBOR                                                                     David Gurwitz’s music has been
        Help people in need while getting some community service hours. Bring your knitted        described as soothing, healing
        scarves or hats to the library and received 5 hours of community service per scarf or     and a source of comfort for fans
        hat. Call Grace Riario at the library for knitting instructions and registration.         worldwide. He will perform
        Please register.                                                                          songs from his album Hear the
                                                                                                  Children, and more. Register.
         TEEN CRAFTS                                              Free SAT/ACT                    Nov. 8 at 2pm
        Make a Friendship Bracelet                                Practice Test                   Beethoven Meets Chopin
        Sat. Nov. 7 @ 11am                                                                        Almost 100 years separate Chopin and
        Mak,e a colorful, knotted bracelet using em-
        broidery floss. Bring a clipboard or large safe-
                                                           Nov. 7th - 9am to 1pm                  Beethoven. Different and yet
                                                                                                  similar: both extraordinary
        ty pin to secure your work--all other materials    Reduce your SAT anxiety by taking      composers, both virtuoso pia-
        will be provided. No experience required.                                                 nists. Pianist Ola Sergatchov
                                                           our practice test facilitated by the
        Artistic Albums                                    Kaplan Test Prep staff. Kaplan will    explores what happens when
                                                                                                  these two musical giants play
        Tues., Nov. 10 @ 7pm                               return on Nov. 12 at 7pm with the      together. Register.
        Using decorative paper, stickers, and more,
        you’ll scrapbook memories and photos into a        scored tests to help you analyze
        work of art! Everything but photos provided.       your mistakes and give you hints
        Bodacious Bags                                     on how to improve your score.            BOOK DISCUSSIONS AT 7P
        Tues., Dec. 8 @ 7pm
        We’ll turn an ordinary canvas bag into a fashion
                                                           Please register.                                                   Nig
                                                                                                    Books that go Bump in the Night
        accessory with buttons, beads, and paint!                                                   Nov. 5 – Dracula by Bram Stoker
                                                                                                    Dec. 3 –Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
           CELEBRATE                                                                                Books available approximately one month
                                                                                                    each discussion. Discussions are scholar led
           TEEN READ                                                                                Refreshments served. Please register.

             WEEKS!                                                                                                              Real Reads! N
                                                                                                                                 Nov. 16 at 7pm
          TEEN AMNESTY PROGRAM                                                                                                   Shadow Divers: The
              @ YOUR LIBRARY                                                                                                     Who Risked Everyth
                                                                                                                                 Mysteries of World W
                    OCT. 1 - 31                                                                                                  Books will be availa
                                                                                                                                 Please register.

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                                                           Registration is required for all programs and group size is limited.
                                                               Priority is given to residents of the Nyack School District.
    on...                                                 Register in the Children’s Room or call 268-7700 during library hours.
    will be here with
                                                                    CHILDREN’S ROOM
                                                                                                       T THRU 5TH
    r your pleasure.
                                                          CHILDREN 5 AND UNDER
                                                                                                     Creative Kid
     Cooking Basics and Beyond
                      d                                   Infant Lapsit                              Grades 1-3                             ildren.
                                                                                                                          and crafts for ch
    ues, Recipes, Food Facts, and Folklore                Songs & rhymes for 2-23 mos. w/adult.      Fu n facts, stories,
                                                          OCT. 9 at 11:00am. Reg. starts 10/2.       Thursdays at 4p starts 10/1.
    the experienced cook as well as for the beginner.                                                OCT. 8 -  22. Reg.
    E FOR PURCHASE AND SIGNING.                           PlayMove&Sing
     the Circulation Desk at 268-7700.                    Classes with Sukey Molloy!                  Wii Party
                                                                                                       Grades 1-5                      pm.
                                                          Interactive mommy & me activities.                           bus Day) at 3:00
                                                          Children under 2 yrs. w/adult.               O CT. 12 (Colum
                                                                                                       Reg. starts 10/5
-          Gardening Inspiration                          OCT. 16 at 10:30am. Reg. starts 10/9.

                                                          Toddler Time                                  FAMILY PRO
                   Saturdays at 10:30am                                                                            GRAMS
                                                          Stories & songs for 2-year-olds w/adult.
                                                          Make alternate arrangements for other
                                                                                                       Open Craft
                   Have coffee with a Master Gardener                                                  Tues., NOV. 3
                                                          children. Child must be 2 by 10/29.          Drop in anytim             m
                      from the Cornell Cooperative        Thursdays at 10:30am.
                                                                                                         r            e between & m
                     Extension of Rockland County.                                                     cool crafts!                 ake some
                                                          OCT. 8 - 29. Reg. starts 10/1.
                        PLEASE REGISTER.
                                                          Super Story Time                            Nighttime N
         Oct. 17 – Gardening for Winter Interest
                                                          Parents welcome! Children must be 3
          Using low maintenance plants, you can design    by registration. Mondays at 1pm, Tues-      Monster Mash!
          a garden that will provide long-lasting color   days at 10:30am, or Tuesdays at 4pm.        Dress in costum
                                                          OCT. 5/6 - 26/27. Reg. starts 10/1.                          e for not-too-sp
          even through the winter months.                                                             tales! OCT. 21                   ooky
                                                                                                                     at 6pm.
                                                                                                      Reg starts 10/1
                                                          Ms. Melinda Had a Farm Party                                4.
         Nov. 14 – Growing & Caring for
                                                          Have fun on the farm! Ages 2-4 w/adult.
                                                                                                     FOOD FUN!
                     Indoor Plants All Year Long                                                     Bring a spoon
                                                          OCT. 14 at 11am. Reg. starts 10/7.                        an
          Extend your gardening season with tropical                                                 stories. NOV. 19 d dig into some good
          plants. Find out which plants grow best in                                                                   at 6pm.
                                                                                                     Reg. starts 11/1
          your home and get tips on when to fertilize,
          divide, re-pot and more.

     7PM                                                               GIVE-A-KID-A-BOOK!
                                                                     During November, the library will be collecting
the Night                                                              k for local h i i Bring
                                                                    books f l l charities. B i a new, unused b k d book
                                                                      to donate and give a child the gift of reading!
     nth before
     r led.

     s! Nonfiction Reading Club                               Children’s Room Mascot!
    m                                                     Valerie the Otter, our roving reporter, will
    : The True Adventure of Two Americans                 bring us exciting news about programs and
    erything to Solve One of the Last                     books! Visit her on our website, or become
    rld War II by Robert Kurson.                          a fan of her Facebook page!
    vailable one month before discussion.                 Her fan page is “Val Otter at the Valley Cottage Library.”
                                                          See you online!

         VCL Newsletter.indd 3                                                                                                               10/6/09 8:19:49 AM
                 In Our Gallery                                                          Board of Trustees
                                                                                         Herb Lern
                                                                                           e    e
                                                                                         Herb Lerner, President

                                                                                         Michael M
                                                                                         Michael Mark, Vice-President
          October 1-28                                                                   Kevin Graham, Treasurer
                                                                                         Kevin Gra
          Paintings and Drawings                                                          a ia
                                                                                         Patricia C
                                                                                         Patricia Camacho, Secretary
          June Sundvik                                                                   Joyce De
                                                                                         Joyce DeSousa
          Reception:                                                                           n Sc
                                                                                         Marian Schlachter
                  Sunday, 10/4 from 1-3pm                                                 h y
                                                                                         Shirley Thormann
                                                                                         Shirley Th
                                                                                         Amelia Kalin, Director
                                                                                         Amelia K
                                                                                          m a
           November 1-29                                  No Book Donations              The Board meets the third Wednesday of
           Works by...                                                                   each month at 7:30pm in the library.
           Joseph Fusaro and Sean Sweeney
                   Wednesday, 11/4 from 6-8pm
                                                          W      e regret that we will
                                                                 no longer be able to
                                                          accept book donations at
                                                                                         Library Hours
                                                                                           Monday - Thursday
                                                          this time due to the upcom-      Friday - Saturday
            December 2-29
                                                          ing building renovations.        10am-5pm
            Matthew Hudson                                                                 Sunday
                    Sunday, 12/6 from 1-3pm
                                                          W     e appreciate your
                                                                generosity and will
                                                          announce when we will be

                                                                                         Emergency Closings
                                                          able to accept your dona-      Closings due to weather or construc-
                                                          tions again.                   tion are announced on the library’s
                                                                                         answering machine (268-7700) and at

        Valley Cottage Library
                         Serving the Residents of the Nyack School District
                                                                                                                US Postage

        110 Route 303, Valley Cottage, NY 10989 845-268-7700                                        PAID
                                                                                                            Monsey, NY 10052
                                                                                                             Permit No. 9002

                   Oct. 20 at 7pm
         Valley Cottage Library’s                                             Postal Patron
         50th Anniversary Tribute
        Enjoy a short film created by Valley Cottage
        residents, Vince Quiros and Jack Kraft, to
            d                       d k           ft
        celebrate our golden anniversary. It’s a star-
        studded cast featuring many of your friends
        and neighbors! And, of course, we’ll have cake!
                                      Please register.

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