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									                             Bedford Junior High School Newsletter
Volume 29, Issue No. 2                                                      October 2009

                                                 Student of the Month
                Contact Information              Bedford Junior High has introduced a new
Principal: Mr. Gary Spears                       way to celebrate our students' success this
                                                 year - Students of the Month. At the end of
Vice Principal: Mrs. Shawna Penny                each month, a student from each grade level,
Guidance: Mr. Jerry Young                        in both the French Immersion and English
                                                 programs, will be selected as students of the
Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Vivian Wilson     month. The students who are chosen are
                                                 those    who     have     shown      growth,
Advisory Council Chair: Ms. Lois Dillon
                                                 improvement, and effort in their school
Board Member: Mr. David Finlayson                efforts. We are pleased to announce
                                                 September's Students of the Month:
School Phone: 832-8952

Fax: 832-8962                                    Grade 7 - Harrison Lockhart (Eng) and Rhyl
                                                 Frith (FI); Grade 8 - Connor Downie (Eng)
Absentees: 832-8994                              and Nathan Jardine (FI); Grade 9 - Kali
                                                 Caulier (Eng) and Carly Corkum (FI)
New Vice-Principal
BJH was sad to see Mrs. Murdock leave
for her new assignment at Fairview               Band News
Junior High School. Mrs. Murdock was
VP at this school for the last seven years       On November 3rd there will be a        Band
and has come to know and be respected            concert for grade 8 and 9’s only. Grade 7
by our school community. The students            band will not be performing on this evening.
and staff wished her well last Thursday,         On Wednesday, December 9th we will have
                                                 our Christmas concert for all bands.
her last day at BJH.
On Tuesday we welcomed Mrs. Shawna
Penny as our new Vice-Principal. Mrs.
                                                 Special Speaker to Visit BJH
Penny comes to us from Madeline
Symonds Middle School in Hammonds                We are extremely fortunate to have Dr. Stan
Plains.                                          Kutcher, a noted researcher in the field of
                                                 mental health and the current Sun Life
Grade 8 Literacy and Mathematics                 Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental
Assessment                                       Health, to hold an information session for
                                                 parents/guardians and staff at Bedford
As part of its strategy to improve student       Junior High on Tuesday, Nov 10th from 6 –
achievement, the Halifax Regional School         8 pm. Dr. Kutcher will give a short address
Board continues to have students participate     on youth mental health issues, followed by a
in mathematics and literacy assessments.         question and answer period. Please contact
The Board will be conducting an individual       the guidance office if you require further
student assessment with all regular program      information.
grade 8 students (excluding those on an
Individual Program Plan for mathematics or       Grade 9: Take Your Kids to Work
language arts). These assessments will take
place October 20-22, 2009.                       On Wednesday, Nov. 4th, hundreds of
                                                 thousands of grade 9 students across Canada
These assessments will be administered by        will spend the day at work, job shadowing a
grade 8 subject teachers during class time.      parent, relative, friend or volunteer host.
The information gained through this              Bedford Junior High is pleased to take part
assessment will help the Board and the           in this annual event. Parent guides and
school determine our next steps in               consent forms will be sent home with your
improving student achievement. Parents           child early next week. We hope that you will
will receive a report indicating their child’s   support this unique learning experience.
achievement on these assessments. Please         Please contact the guidance office if you
note that this assessment will not be counted    have any questions or concerns.
as part of a student’s overall evaluation in
grade 8 mathematics and language arts.
Geocaching                                      Because of the large geographical area
                                                covered by the Board, schools may be
The Grade 9 Immersion team went to Point        closed according to high schools and the
Pleasant Park on Monday, September 21st,        family of schools that feed into them. For
to do some geocaching! Using GPS units,         example, if the Charles P. Allen family of
the classes found 7 caches hidden               schools is closed, that means that all the
throughout the park. They had a great time      junior highs and elementary schools that
meeting some of their Sciences Humaines         feed into it will be closed as well.
outcomes in the «L'Emplacement Physique»        In the event of school cancellation during
unit. For more information on geocaching,       the day, parents may designate beforehand,
visit                in writing on the attached form that their
                                                child will be allowed to leave the school by
School Advisory Council                         bus; that he/she may remain at school until
                                                picked up; or that he/she may be released to
                                                an alternate location on foot.
The School Advisory Council (or SAC)
                                                Parents must ensure that students are
is active at BJH. The Council’s primary         properly dressed for the weather conditions,
purpose is to advise Mr. Spears on issues       regardless of whether they travel by bus or
affecting the school, with inputs from          not.
parents/guardians, students, community,         Before dropping students off, at school, on
and staff. Our top priority is to help the      inclement weather days, parents should
school plan for and work toward                 ensure that staff have arrived and are
improvement. The Council also acts as a         immediately        available    to     provide
source of volunteers for issues that            supervision.
                                                If busses are cancelled and schools are open,
require      deeper     investigation   or
                                                parents must use their own discretion with
involvement       such     as    expanding      regard to sending their children to school.
opportunities for Visual and Performing         When schools are open, meaningful learning
Arts at the school as well as the recent        activities will be going on in classrooms.
survey      investigating     interest  in      Students who are unable to attend due to
continuing parenting education.                 inclement weather and/or bus cancellation
                                                will not be penalized because of assignments
Members of this year’s SAC are listed           given or due on that day.
below. Please contact us or if you have
any questions or are perhaps interested         School-Based Immunization Program
in placing your name in the SAC’s
                                                As a result of the H1N1 Human Swine
resource bank of volunteers. Meetings           Influenza Pandemic, all Public Health Staff
are held on the second Thursday of the          may be involved in H1N1 mass
month and although they can be a little         immunization clinics as soon as the new
“dry” they are an excellent source of           vaccine is available. This will create
information on what is going on at your         additional demands on our human resources
child’s school. Please feel free to sit in.     in Public Health. In order to ensure that all
                                                Nova Scotians continue to receive the best
Lois Dillon          (Chair)                    and most essential care possible, we had to 832-5195            prioritize services and a provincial decision
                                                was      made     to    offer   school-based
Jennifer Cooke-        (Vice-Chair)             immunization programs only to grade 10
Prall                                           students for this school year.
Ashley Gerrard         (Secretary)
Anne Webster           (Parent)                   The grade 7 program will be put on
                                                  hold for the 2009-2010 school year.
Kevin Doran            (Parent)
Brian Rendell          (Parent)                 Ruth-Anne Morris
Connor Wiesner         (Student)                Public Health Nurse
Elaine Loney           (Community)
Steve Scott            (Community)
Jenn LeLievre          (Community)
Debora Frank           (Staff)
J’aime Steele          (Staff)                  Important Up-Coming Dates
Sue Richardson         (Staff)
                                                October 23rd      Conference Day – No Classes
Inclement Weather                               November 10th     Dr. Kutcher to Speak at BJH
                                                                  – 6:00 PM
The decision to cancel school will usually be   November 11       Remembrance Day Holiday
made as close to 6:00 a.m. as possible and it
  will be communicated on the radio, the
 Board’s website and main switchboard and
 through the school cancellation number –
             464- INFO (4636)

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