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NASTT Newsletter JUNE99 by jazz84


									    VOL.3 NO.2                                                                                                        JUNE 1999

                                   No-Dig North

Piping the News …                             related to the condition assessment of         Bill Garibaldi (City of Waterloo) and Ian
                                              water distribution systems. They also          Doherty (Trenchless Design Services)
About Water                                   presented an emerging technology that          demonstrated the true value in present-
                                              measures the existing wall thickness of
Rehabilitation                                metallic pipes. Piero Salvo (WSA
                                                                                             ing case studies. Bill shared their experi-
                                                                                             ences (good and not so good) about the
by Grant Murphy, P.Eng.                       Consultants) gave an excellent presenta-       sliplining and horizontal drilling of 460
                                              tion on the various water rehabilitation       m of a 250 mm HDPE water main along
A blustery day in March saw over 100
                                              techniques – cement lining, epoxy              University Avenue in Waterloo, Ontario.
people brave the cold and the wind to
                                              lining, sliplining, cure-in-place pipe,
attend the first of a series of Piping the                                                   Epoxy Relining Project
                                              and other associated techniques. This
News workshops that provided an                                                              Last but not least, special thanks to
                                              provided a precursor of the various
opportunity to explore water main                                                            Piero Salvo for stepping in at the last
                                              trenchless techniques discussed in
rehabilitation technology. Held in                                                           moment to speak on behalf of the
                                              greater detail in the afternoon.
Markham, the workshop attracted great                                                        Region of Ottawa-Carleton. Along with
interest from large and small municipali-     Four Case Studies Presented
                                                                                             Al Weibe of Retubec, Piero provided a
ties, consultants, and contractors from       The afternoon saw four case studies            detailed presentation on the aspects of
Ontario and Quebec.                           about cement lining, HDPE sliplining,          an epoxy relining project in Rockcliffe,
The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence              cured-in-place pipe, and epoxy lining          an upscale Ottawa neighbourhood. A
Chapter (GLSLC) of NASTT partnered            presented by the City of Toronto, the          polished video was shown and even
with the Ontario Water Works Associa-         City of Waterloo, the Region of Ottawa-        though the original speaker (Michael
tion (OWWA) on this event. The goal of        Carleton, and the City of Sorel, respec-       Willmets, Region of Ottawa-Carleton)
the GLSLC is get the message out about        tively. Even with various scheduling           couldn’t attend due to poor weather, he
trenchless technology and how it can be       conflicts and weather-related misfor-          was there on the big screen!
applied in municipal infrastructure. For      tune, the case studies were excellent.
                                                                                             Afternoon Discussion But No Agreement
more information check out our web site       Shaun McKaigue (Fer-Pal Construction)
at                                                                      At the end of the day, the speakers were
                                              and Grant Murphy (Interactive Engi-
                                                                                             invited to return to the head table to
The morning saw welcoming addresses           neering) presented on the extensive
                                                                                             present their views on the value of
from Joseph Loiacono (Chapter Chair),         application of cement lining of distribu-
                                                                                             completing structural and capacity
Kingsley Blease (OWWA) and Linda              tion water mains in Toronto. With a
                                                                                             condition assessment on municipal
Dionne (Watermain Rehabilitation              quick schedule change, Jean Paquin
                                                                                             water distribution systems. The great
Association of Ontario).                      (Sanexen) introduced a form of cure-in-
                                                                                             thing about the forum was that no one
                                              place pipe application currently in use
Wayne Green, Keynote Speaker                                                                 agreed on anything, which means that
                                              in the City of Sorel. The technique
Wayne Green (City of Toronto) was the                                                        there’s still a great deal of work to do
                                              sparked much discussion and interest.
keynote speaker, with an overview of                                                         before this sort of work is clearly under-
some of the issues facing the newly                                                          stood and valued!
formed megacity. One of the greatest                                                         The GLSLC thanks the generosity of
challenges facing Toronto is the ability to                                                  several individuals for the many hours
prioritize and manage the multitude of                                                       of in-kind support provided. In addi-
water main rehabilitation projects                                                           tion, the financial support of the many
ranging from slip-lining projects to                                                         exhibitors is greatly appreciated, in
cleaning and cement lining projects.                                                         particular the Watermain Rehabilitation
Another challenge is the replacement of                                                      Association of Ontario.
non-standard water services, and                                                             Thanks to everyone who attended…the
opportunities for trenchless applications.                                                   future of Chapter events is in your
Condition Assessment                                Grant Murphy addresses attendees         hands.We need to hear from you about
                                               while Joe Loiacono and Linda Dionne look on   what is important to you so that you can
Larry Staples and Brian Mergelas from
                                                                                             help shape future events. Contact any of
Hydroscope presented on various issues
                                                                                             the Board members to share your ideas .
From the Chair                  by Piero Salvo,ing.                Lettre du Président du Chapitre
They say that the first one is the toughest one, so here I go. I   par Piero Salvo, ing.
would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow GLSL        Il est souvent dit que la première lettre est la plus difficile,
Chapter board members for giving me the opportunity and            bien allons-y. J’aimerais prendre cette occasion pour remercier
honor of being Chairman of the board of our chapter for the        mes collègues du GLSTT de m’avoir donner l’occasion et
1999-2000 Term. I will attempt to continue the great work          honneur d’être président du chapitre pour le mandat de 1999-
already achieved by our past chairs.                               2000. J’entreprendrai de suivre le grand travail qui a été fait
Our chapter will be working towards getting our Maritime           par nos anciens présidents. Dans le présent mandat, notre
colleagues involved in more activities over the upcoming           chapitre entreprendra d’impliquer davantage nos collègues
term. At the same time, we are focusing our energy on spark-       des Maritimes. En même temps nous concentrons certains
ing interest from academic circles in the Great Lakes-St.          éfforts vers le milieu académique de notre région, soit les
Lawrence area. We are in the process of listing and contacting     Grands Lacs-St. Laurent, afin d’inspirer un intérêt dans ce
academic institutions that are already involved, or interested     milieu. Nous sommes en voie de préparer et de contacter des
in, the Trenchless Technology industry. We are counting on         institutions académiques qui sont déjà impliquées, ou qui
their enthusiasm and youth to participate in events that the       s’intéresse aux Téchnologies Sans-Tranchée. Nous comptons
GLSL Chapter will endorse.                                         sur leur enthousiasme et jeunesse afin de participer à des
                                                                   événements commandités par le GLSTT.
Some of the ideas that have been put forward include a
technical paper competition dealing with the trenchless            Quelques-unes des idées qui ont été avancées sont les
industry, Chapter and industry presentations at academic           suivantes; l’écriture de thèses qui sont reliées avec l’industrie
institutions, competitions where students use materials from       du Sans-Tranchées, des présentations techniques aux institu-
the Trenchless industry such as a concrete toboggan race. We       tions académiques et des compétitions où les étudiants
welcome other idea - check out our website at                      utiliseront des matériaux ou des idées utilisées dans                                               l’industrie. Si vous avez d’autres idées, elles seront
                                                                   grandement bienvenues et appréciées. Ces idées peuvent être
At this stage, I would like to reiterate my thanks to my fellow
                                                                   adressées à notre site internet
board members. If any of our members have any questions
concerning our Chapter, do not hesitate to contact us.             A cet fin, j’aimerais réiterer mon remerciement à mes
                                                                   compagnons du comité et en même temps j’invite chacun de
NASTT Conference in Sunny Orlando                                  nos membres qui s’intéresse aux activités du chapitre ou qui
                                                                   ont autres questions, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.
by Don Gunn
                                                                   contact information is available
Another No-Dig Conference has come and gone, well at-              at
tended as always by GLSLC members. The Canadian pres-              Our Chapter was represented
ence at this conference was clearly illustrated by the number      or active in both the sewer and
of papers, (12 of 39) produced and presented by Canadian           water committees and joint
research organizations, municipal agencies, and consultants/       chapter meetings held during
                               contractors.                        the conference provided a
                               Awards for technical papers         forum for sharing successes
                               from the 1998 No-Dig held in        and failures as well as a
                               Albuquerque, NM were pre-           discussion between NASTT
                               sented to Dr. Ian Moore from        headquarters and local chap-
                               the University of Western           ters. Chapters were able to
                               Ontario and Marc Gelinas from       highlight the past year’s works
                               the University of Waterloo.         and spoke optimistically of
                                                                   future endeavours to further
                               Conference papers ranged from
                                                                   the development of trenchless
                               intense research works into
                                                                   technologies.                               Piero entertains with his
                               sewer condition assessment
                                                                   Everyone enjoyed the sun and                rendition of “Day-O”
                               using video image recognition
                               and neural network association      alligators and thankfully nobody succumbed to heat stroke or
                               to practical aspects and case       “grappa” fever thanks to Dr. Salvo’s “spring” water.
                               studies relevant to small
diameter gravity sewers. A large amount of research and             The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence
development was also presented dealing with horizontal              Chapter of the NASTT would like to thank
directional drilling and geological condition assessment.           CH2M Gore & Storrie Limited for their
                                                                    assistance in printing this newsletter.
Copies of conference proceedings are available from NASTT –
                          TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY NEWS
                                     CASE STUDY SPOTLIGHT
                         Duratron Slipliner - A Pipe Dream Becomes Reality
Duratron’s new trenchless “pipe                                                              The Ultimate Challenge
dream”technology is an important
                                                                                             MTO Highway 400 Culverts
breakthrough for contractors engaging
in day-to-day pipe replacement and                                                           Duratron was awarded a large MTO
maintenance work. The concept is                                                             culvert rehab contract in the   Sum-
unique, yet simple enough for construc-                                                      mer of 1998 involving over 100 culverts
tion and maintenance people to use it                                                        ranging in sizes from 10”to 30”in
effectively. Once installed, it is consid-                                                   diameter.
ered structurally independent from the                                                       Each culvert was unique – they varied
original aged pipe. Other qualities                                                          in size and materials including CSP,
include equal flow capacity, corrosion       Joining the Pipe                                concrete, and cast iron. Some had open
resistance, compliance to standards, and                                                     ends, other were connected to catch
environmental safety.                        This exercise proved to be the key to           basins between the centre median and
Third party ASTM F1216 testing was           enlarging heavy-walled PVC pipe                 shoulder of Hwy 400. All had problems
done on randomly-removed sections of         consistently without failure. A computer        with joint separation, infiltration, and
installed liner which confirmed a 50-        model and program was also developed            structural damage. In many situations,
year design life.                            to assist in processing the liner within
                                             this window expansion criteria.
The technology is protected by patent in
the U.S.A. and has been recently al-         Additional testing and trial installations
lowed in Germany, France and the U.K.;       were completed and documented in
other countries are pending.                 1995. Our first watermain renewal
                                             contract award was started in the
Briefly, the system is described as a        summer of 1996 for the National Re-
processed structural replacement pipe        search Centre in Ottawa followed by
for use in water, gas, and sewage lines      installations in Scarborough, Windsor,
marketed under the trade name                and Caledonia. A modified version was
“Duraliner.”In general, pressure systems     developed for gravity systems to in-
are labelled as “Blueliner” while gravity    clude full lining and point repairs. In          Expansion Mandrel
systems are labelled as “Greenliner.”        1997 spot repair projects were success-
Background                                   fully completed for Scarborough,                video inspection reports were inconclu-
The idea came about in 1994 when we          Richmond Hill, and the private sector.          sive regarding the size, length, and
looked at butt fusing PVC virgin resin                                                       condition, therefore requiring detailed
                                             Connecting Valves and Fittings                  reassessment before work could be
pipe and using it as a slipliner through a   Duraliner has a unique advantage for
maintenance hole or insertion pit. Once                                                      completed. Full lining and transition
                                             reconnecting components such as                 repairs within varying pipe sizes would
perfected, we decided to experiment          hydrants, valves, and fittings. When the
with heating the butt-fused sections and                                                     have been difficult (if not impossible) to
                                             liner is processed, the outlet ends are         achieve with single-sized liners. Fortu-
expand them inside a larger diameter         further expanded within a sizing gauge
pipe. Although we had limited success                                                        nately for Duratron the new
                                             assembly to make it the same outside
with expansion it was encouraging            diameter as the original iron pipe. This                           Continued on Page 4...
enough to develop a model for testing        allows the contractor to use off the
PVC behavior at elevated temperature.        shelf waterworks fittings to
A literature search revealed little infor-   reconnect the system. New serv-              Material Specifications
mation for PVC at temperatures over          ices and branch tees can also be
60°C (140°F) other than glass transition                                                  Flexural Modulus 400,000 psi ASTM
                                             installed at a later time using a            D790
and extrusion temperatures. We hired an      simple device to expose and size
independent engineer to work with us         the liner for direct connection.             Flexural Strength    7,000 psi ASTM D638
under a confidentiality agreement and        With this concept there is no need
developed a plan. After months of work       for the owner to stock special               PVC Cell Class            12454 B ASTMD1784
using Instron testing equipment, control     fittings or adaptors to make the
samples and modified hot water baths                                                      ASTM F 1216 Design
                                             necessary transitions.                       Fully deteriorated conditions and
we were able to gather enough data to
locate and develop a safe window for                                                      50 year design life
                                               THE CATT REPORT
by Marc Gelinas

Things are certainly moving forward at                                                      recruiting graduate level research
CATT. The New Year brought new board                                                        assistants. A summary of the work
members, new initiatives, new research                                                      performed to date was presented at the
efforts, and a new distinction for our                                                      1999 North American No-Dig Conference
Executive Director, Dr. Ralph Haas.                                                         and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida. Mr.
                                                                                            Sunil Sinha, another CATT researcher,
Dr. Haas, Distinguished Professor                                                           will also be present at the conference.
Emeritus and the Norman W. McLeod                                                           Mr. Sinha will deliver a paper on the
engineering professor at the University of                                                  development of an optical recognition
Waterloo, was recently named a member                                                       system capable of automatically
of the Order of Canada for his work in                                                      assessing pipeline images.
infrastructure management.
Congratulations go to Dr. Haas who will        With the elections concluded, CATT held      Finally, in keeping with the trend of
attend investiture ceremonies in Ottawa        its first Board of Directors meeting on      new beginnings our Director, Lynette
later this year.                               January 28th. New initiatives for 1999       Snelgrove, recently welcomed a new
                                               were discussed, including the                addition…a baby boy born on January
In elections, voting for the position of                                                    19th. Our congratulations go to Lynette,
                                               presentation of a series of trenchless
CATT Technical Chair concluded on                                                           who will take a leave from CATT to care
                                               “short courses” and the development of
January 11th. When all the ballots were                                                     for young Stephen Hezekiah. In her
                                               trenchless technology specifications.
counted, Hubert Bethlehem of Wm.                                                            absence Marc Gelinas, CATT’s Research
                                               Keep watch on this column for news of
Bethlehem Trenching Ltd. and Horizontal                                                     Engineer, has assumed the position of
                                               future developments.
Enviro-Bore Ltd. came out ahead. Hubert                                                     acting director.
brings several years of experience in          On the research front, activity continues
utility installation, horizontal directional   to be high. With an extension of funding
drilling and horizontal environmental          to support horizontal directional drilling
wells to the committee. We look forward        and polyethylene pipe research, Drs.
to his contributions.                          Knight and Polak have been actively

Check out the new
                                                                                             Moving? New email address?
 Great Lakes and
  St. Lawrence                                                                               Send any changes to
                                                                                             211 Island Road
     Chapter                                                                                 Toronto, ON
                                                                                             M1C 2R1
    website at                                                                               or via email to Don Gunn at                                                               

 Continued from Page 1...

“Greenliner” concept allowed the use           was badly crushed at an open end, the        introductory video was shown in the
of heavier walled liner pipe that could        damaged piece was removed and                United States at the National Associa-
be expanded to fit and mold to suit a          extended using Standard DR 35 PVC            tion of Sewer Service Companies
two- size change. For example a 12”CSP         sewer pipe and in turn molded to the         (NASSCO) 1996 Conference,”as well as
– 10”concrete, 12”C.I. and back to             internal “Greenliner,” making it continu-    a full presentation in February 1999.
10”concrete culvert pipe was lined using       ous.                                         For further information contact
an expanded 8”diameter liner to accom-         Licensing and Marketing                      Hank St.Onge, President of Duratron at 120
modate all the above sizes.
                                               The new Duraliner concept was intro-         Melford Dr. Toronto, Ontario, M1B 2X5
In another situation where a CSP culvert       duced to CATT and CERIU last year. An        (800) 608-3373 or (416) 299-4370.

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