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  Parkside School Newsletter

 Vice-Principal s Message

                               Greetings from the Administration office and Happy October to

                               As usual, September seemed to fly by this year and we are off to a
                               great start here at Parkside.

                              Our Terry Fox Run was a great success again this year and I would
                              like to thank all of our staff and students for helping out as well as
                              donating to such a worthy cause as a cure for cancer. Volleyball
                              season is off and running and all of our teams have been able to
                              rattle off some wins so far this year. I would like to thank all of
our coaches for volunteering all of their time and efforts to share their expertise with our stu-
dents. Without our volunteer coaches our sports program would not be able to run. Thanks to:

 A Boys: Mr. Mastel
 A Girls: Mrs. Krause
 B Boys Tourney Team: Miss McMorran
 B Girls: Mr. Dzikowski

A special thank you to those parents that have paid their school fees. If you have not done so,
please take care of this as soon as possible as our school programs do depend on this source of
revenue. Please call the school to make special payment arrangements if you having difficulty
paying the full amount all at once.

Finally just a reminder to students and parents that progress checks are coming out very soon so
please make sure you see and sign all of them so we can ensure our communication stream is
still running strong.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns please don t hesitate to contact my-
self, Mr. Miller or Mrs. Ringrose at the office anytime. Thanks and take care.

Mr. Rayner
   P AG E 2

   Library News
     The library has been Fall cleaning and we have a few items that we would like to offer for sale. If
     you would like to view and/or purchase the items please just come into the library during school
     hours (8-4) and we will be happy to assist you. All monies raised will be used to buy new books
     for the library. Thank you for your continued support of our library and students.
                                          Examples of items for sale
                                                video players
                                                 boom boxes
                                                 DVD players
                                               sound amplifiers
                                              stage microphones
                                                slide projectors

  ecoActive School Program
October s Theme: REDUCE

REDUCE- Manufacturers need to start reducing the amount of packaging they are using for products
as it is of no particular use to anyone, especially not the consumer who just wishes to get to the prod-
uct inside. We also need to do our part by purchasing more wisely and making more pro-active deci-
sions for our products. Think more carefully about what products you buy and how much or often
you buy them. Please see the tips below

   No more paper towels
   Take your own reusable bags to the grocery store
   Buy bulk
   Use Tupperware
   Buy reusable coffee filters
   Make your own notepads
   Buy a travel mug

  The Parkside Pythons Football team has once again won the City
  Championship. This is the ninth win for the team since the inception of the
  cup. Go Pythons!
  P AG E 3

Donations Needed: Foods and Cooking Elective
             We are looking for donations of fridges and stoves for our foods room. If you have a
                 gently used refrigerator or stove please contact the school at 403-548-395.

  ·   Please remember to call the school when your child is going to be absent.
  ·   School and elective fees are now due.

               High School Curling : Grades 7 - 12
               Registration Night Tuesday October 13th
               4 - 6pm Medicine Hat Curling Club
               For more information please call Jean Nitchke @ 403-502-3139

Girls A or B Basketball Coaches Needed
Please contact Parkside School if interested

A Volleyball Tournament - Oct 23/24 @ EBHS
B Volleyball Tournament - October 16/17 @ EBHS

Public Skating
                                 Rec-Tangle Public Skating Times
                             Monday thru Friday @ 9:30 to 10:30 AM
                             Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:30 to 7:30 PM
                                   Saturday @ 5:45 to 6:45 PM
                                    Sunday @ 5:45 to 7:00 PM
                             Sponsored by the Medicine Hat Kinsmen
The answers to the above questions are locates somewhere in your newsletter.
October 2009

     Sun        Mon            Tue        Wed            Thu        Fri               Sat

                                                    1          2              3

4          5              6          7              8          9              10
                                                               PD Day - No    PYTHONS VS. Taber
                                                               School         Methanex @ 12:00

11         12             13         14             15         16             17
           Thanksgiving              PYTHONS @ JV              Margaret       B Volleyball Tourney
           No School                 Hawks                     Wooding        @ EBHS
                                     4:15                      School Open    (16th & 17th)
                                                               1:00 - 3:00

18         19             20         21             22         23             24
           Party Pro-                                          A Volleyball   A Volleyball Tourney
           gram GR 9                                           Tourney @      @ EBHS

25         26             27         28             29         30             31

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