VAVS NEWSLETTER                               VA Medical Center

                                             VAMC Battle Creek, Michigan                  October-December

            Valentines for Veterans Concert…
This year for National Salute to Veteran Patients Week, the Battle Creek VA Medical
Center was chosen to host a “Valentines for Veterans Concert,” featuring Lee Green-
wood, on February 15, 2010, 7:00 p.m. at the W.K. Kellogg Auditorium in Battle
Creek. Watch and listen for more information. Community and Volunteer Service will
accept donations to GPF 1020, Valentines for Veterans Concert.

                      Summer Serve
   This year, we had 25 new students participate, with nine stu-
   dents returning. They contributed more than 1,000 volunteer
   hours during this summer. Thanks to the service organiza-
   tions and VA staff who supported this intergenerational activity
   on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

                                                                      Students measure the distance for a Veteran
                                                                      during the Community Living Center Olympics.

                                                Watermelon Fest
                                                Wrap Up

                                                Forty watermelons were purchased from ALDI Supermarket
                                                for this annual event. We had great weather, a large num-
                                                ber of volunteers, great support from other services, and
                                                there were plenty of Veterans and staff in attendance.
            Watermelon Fest volunteers
     Elizabeth Peckham, Gordon Peckham and
                  Joyce Meyers.
             Carnival News
  The patient carnival was held on October 8,
  2009, from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. We had 17
  game booths and 3 food booths. Volunteers
  served over 220 Veterans and handed out 6,587
  prizes. Hot dogs, chips, string cheese, popcorn,
  and other food items were also in abundance

  This was a fun, enjoyable day for our Veterans
  at the medical center and from our outpatient
  programs. They always enjoy themselves and
  leave with bags full of prizes.

                                                                       Carnival game

         And the winners are…                             Celebrating Our Past
  Congratulations to the following volunteers who    Located near the Canteen, we will be having a
  were selected in the drawings for returning the    history museum of the Battle Creek VA Medical
  signed, back page of their Annual Training News-   Center to honor our 85th anniversary this year.
  letter by designated deadlines.                    The rich history, which is documented through
                                                     pictures, newsletters, and newspaper articles,
                                                     has been stored for years in boxes in an unor-
  1st Category (Sheets returned by August 28)
                                                     ganized manner restricting easy access to in-
  $30.00 Canteen Gift Certificate-Kenneth Horton,    formation about the medical center. This infor-
  Larry Schoene, and James Costa                     mation has been sorted and preservation has
                                                     begun for its eventual digitization. The medical
  2nd Category (Sheets returned by September 11)     center will be the first outside of the VA Historic
  $15.00 Canteen Gift certificate-Bill Chiddister,   Preservation Office in Washington, D.C. to pilot
  Frances Klumpp, and Richard Horschak               this. Eventually all VA Medical Centers with his-
                                                     torical collections or museums will follow a simi-
                                                     lar pattern. If you have any photos or artifacts
  3rd Category (Sheets returned by September 25)     that are directly related to the medical center’s
  $5 Canteen Gift Certificate-Fran Shank, Charles    history and would like to donate them, please
  Pike, and Charles Galaszewski.                     contact Todd Greenman at ext. 35218. We are
                                                     unable to accept military uniforms, guns, med-
                                                     als, etc. We will accept donations to support
                                                     this museum in GPF 1020.

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Page 3   VA Medical Center
                                           Flu Shots
         Be sure to get your flu shot. They can protect you and our patient popula-
         tion! It’s a simple thing to do but with big benefits for everyone in helping to
         reduce the spread of the flu virus.

                                           Cold vs. Flu
                                        Know the Difference
                  Symptoms                         Cold                            Flu

                       Fever                        Rare              Usual-can be 100 to 102 degrees
                                                                         or higher, lasting 3-4 days

               Muscle Aches and Pains         Uncommon or mild           Common—can be severe

                       Chills                     Uncommon                       Common

                     Sneezing                      Common                       Sometimes

                    Stuffy Nose                    Common                       Sometimes

                     Sore throat                   Common                       Sometimes

                  Chest discomfort         Sometimes—can be mild to      Common—Can be severe

                     Headache                     Uncommon            Common—can come on suddenly
                                                                            and be severe

             How you can help prevent the spread of colds or flu
     1. Keep your hands clean—Wash with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand
     2. Cover coughs and sneezes—dispose of used tissues promptly.
     3. Keep surfaces clean—Make sure to clean all surfaces touched by you and others
        often, such as countertops, faucets, computer keyboard and mouse, light switches,
        TV remotes, phones, and handles on doors and cabinets.
     5. Get Vaccinated for Flu—Getting a flu shot or the nasal spray every year is the best
        way to protect yourself from getting seasonal flu.

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         VAVS Executive Committee
                                                                              PERSONALIZED LETTERS

                Fundraiser                                                                         FROM

 The VAVS Executive Committee will be selling “Santa                               Would you like a special child to receive a
                                                                                personalized letter with a North Pole postmark
 Letters” in the Canteen from November 2-6 from                                       from Santa this Holiday Season?

 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. These letters will be per-                                You will have a choice of 3 designs.

 sonalized for your loved ones. Orv Stevens, Ameri-
                                                                      The VAVS Executive Committee will take orders on November 2-
                                                                                            6 2009\

 can Legion, is chairing this activity and would like                                        10:00 am to 2;00 pm
                                                                                      In the Canteen Lobby, Building 5
 your help selling, stuffing or mailing letters. Contact
 Orv at (269) 968-6637 or email address                                 The cost will be $3.00 per letter and the proceeds will be used to
                                                                              support the Veterans at the Battle Creek VAMC if you would like to assist with                                   Checks must be made out to

 this fundraiser. Proceeds will be used for Veterans’                                        VAMC GPF-1002


                                      Veterans Voices
    Do you know of a hospitalized Veteran who likes to write stories, poems, or articles? If so,
    you may encourage them to submit articles to “Veterans Voices”. This is a publication de-
    voted exclusively to the works of hospitalized Veterans and is published with contributions
    to Hospitalized Veterans Writing Project, a volunteer, nonprofit organization, in cooperation
    with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Visit the web site for
    more information or to submit articles.

    United Way Days of Caring
    This year’s Days of Caring was held September
    10 and September 11. The VAMC hosted both
    days with visitors from two different organizations.
    On September 10, six employees from Battle
    Creek Health System visited our Community Liv-
    ing Center. They served refreshments and social-
    ized with several residents.

    On September 11, members of the American Red
    Cross came and hand decorated greeting cards to
    give to our Veterans to hand out or mail to family,
    friends or other loved ones.                                Employees of Battle Creek Health System
                                                                  visited the Community Living Center

Page 5                                                                                                                                       VA Medical Center
                                                     VA Medical Center
                                               Community and Volunteer Service
                                                   5500 Armstrong Road
                                                   Battle Creek, MI 49037
                                         CURRENT NEEDS LIST – October-December 2009
  Miscellaneous                                                  Toiletries
  Meijer or Wal-Mart Gift Cards                                  Toothpaste
  Gas Cards ($20 amounts)                                        Toothbrushes
  Telephone Cards - 60 minutes                                   Hair Combs & Brushes
  McDonald’s and Burger King Gift Certificates                   Denture Adhesive/brushes
  DVD Players                                                    Body lotion
  Board Games                                                    Spray Deodorant
  Hand Held Games
  Portable Radios                                                Ink Pens
  Stamps; .44 cents                                              Decaffeinated Coffee
  Men’s White T-shirts (2XL-3XL)                                 Sweetener, Creamer
  New men’s underwear (all sizes)                                Stir Sticks
  Casual Shoes (size 10-13)                                      3 Ring Binders
  Coffee Pots,42-50 Cup                                          Spiral Notebooks
                                                                 2010 Calendars

                      Due to infection control policies, personal care items must be new and not have expired.
                                                            No sample sizes
                                                             No sunglasses
                                                              No bar soap
                                       100% of your donation will be used for Veterans’ needs

          Monetary Donations                                                            Monetary Donations
  *GPF #05        Recreation                                         *GPF #25           Pontoon Boat Fund
  *GPF #09        Emergency Funds: Battle Creek                      *GPF #26           National Veterans Programs/Games
                  or Grand Rapids                                    GPF #34            Mental Health Intensive Care Management
  GPF #18         Grand Rapids CBOC Cookie Fund                      GPF #41            Seamless Transition Fund
  GPF #16         Homeless Veterans Program Fund                     GPF #20            VA History Museum
  *GPF #17        Vietnam Veteran Memorial Trip                      *GPF #20           Valentines for Veterans Concert
  GPF #20         Cultural Transformation Project
  GPF #20         Planetree Initiatives
  *GPF #20        Videos for Vet – Needs $392.65 per month
                  Project funds showing of first run movies
                  over VA cable system. Sponsor is listed
                  in the bi-monthly movie guide.

  * = General Post Funds or items most in need

  Please call and check with the office prior to making purchases. If you wish to contribute or have any questions, call Com-
  munity and Volunteer Service at (269) 223-5497. Make checks payable to VA Medical Center. In the “memo” section of
  the check, please indicate which General Post Fund you want the donation deposited into.

Page 6                                                                                                                 VA Medical Center
   ANNUAL JOINT REVIEWS                                         CERTIFICATIONS

                                                        Merridy Lewis, Deputy, Veterans Foreign Wars
                     November                           Renee Powaga, Deputy, Veterans Foreign Wars
  American Legion Auxiliary                             Ginger Jacobson, Representative, Disabled
  Jewish War Veterans                                   American Veterans Auxiliary
  Polish Legion of American Vets Auxiliary              Gus Groat, Representative, Knight of Columbus
  United Auto Workers
  Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary
  Please call Linda in the Community and Volun-
  teer Service office at (269) 223-5497 to sched-       Jesse Smith, Representative, JWV
  ule your Annual Joint Review.                         Helen Everett, Representative, MOCA

                                                                 DATES TO
  Please mail or drop off the last page of the Annual
  Training Newsletter you received last month as         11—Veterans Day-Office Closed
  soon as possible with your signature for certifica-    26—Thanksgiving Day-Office Closed
  tion. These were due on September 25, 2009.
  Always check with staff about any special dietary
                                                         21—VAVS Set up for Gift Distribution
  requirements/restrictions our residents may have.
                                                         22—VAVS Gift Wrap
  Letters for scheduling recreational events on the      23—VAVS Gift Distribution
  2010 Recreation Activity Calendar will be mailed       25—Christmas Day-Office Closed
  in early November. Please work with your organi-
  zation on dates and return your material to Thera-
  peutic Recreation as soon as possible.                                JANUARY
                                                         1- New Year’s Day-Office Closed
  Donated clothing should be new or gently used,
  clean and in good condition.

Page 7                                                                                     VA Medical Center
                                         Battle Creek, MI 49037-7314
                                         5500 Armstrong Road
                                         VA Medical Center (135)
          Nancy Babcock
Chief, Community and Volunteer Service
            Dawn Craig
     Volunteer Service Specialist
         Linda Heidenreich
      Program Support Assistant
 Community and Volunteer Service
     Building 10, Room 110
       VA Medical Center
      5500 Armstrong Road
     Battle Creek, MI 49037
         (269) 223-5497

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