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					Cartersville Middle School Newsletter
Sept e mbe r 2009                                                                      Jeff Hoga n, P ri nci pal
Volume 1, Is s ue 1                                                  Bre nda Cam p bell, As sis ta nt Pri ncipal
                                                                      Dr. Thar is Wor d, As sis tant Pri nci pal
                                                                                                 Antho ny Cr w

                          Principal’s News

                          Welcome to Cartersville Middle School!

                           CMS is a very unique, but, innovative
                          school. The faculty and staff of CMS are
                          committed to the growth and
                          development of each and every student
                          that enters our building. You will not
Contents                  find a more caring and dedicated group
                          of teachers and professionals than you
Principal’s News      1   will meet at Cartersville Middle School.
                          We are always open to your ideas and
Dear Parents          1
                          suggestions and encourage you to be an
Upcoming Events       1   active part of your child’s education.
                          Please call me if you have any questions
Sixth Grade News      2
                          or concerns. I look forward to meeting
Seventh Grade News    2   each of you and assisting you as your
                          child transitions through three of the
Eighth Grade News     2
                          most exciting years of their life.
Athletics News        3   Remember, together everyone achieves
Counselors News       3

School Nurse News     3   Go Canes!
                          Jeff Hogan, Principal
New Students          4

New Staff             4

                          Dear Parents
                          Parents, we urge you to keep up with         personnel. All phone calls and e mails
                          your student’s progress by getting your      will be answered within 48 hours, if
                          Power school access. The website is          possible.
     Upcoming             updated every Tuesday morning. We
      Events              also urge you to ask your child about
                          their day so you can be informed about
                          what is going on at Cartersville Middle
 Progress Reports         School. For concerns with sixth grade
 ♦ September 17           students and seventh grade girls, please
 ♦ End of Nine            contact Mrs. Campbell, and for seventh
    Weeks Oct 8           grade boys and all eighth graders,
                          please contact Dr. Word.
 Report Cards             Our counselors are also available to
 October 15               discuss student concerns. Please contact
                          the school to get in touch with our
Page 2 of 4                    Grade Level News                                               CMS Newsletter

                               Sixth Grade News
                                                                               phone at 770-382-3666 or through e-mail
                                         As we begin the new school year,      found at the school’s website,
                               the 6th grade teachers are excited about Daily
                               welcoming this class to the CMS family!         homework assignments and upcoming test
                                         The 6th grade is composed of 3        dates can also be found on the CMS website
                               teams. Susan Cook, Steven Flowers, and          under Homework Hotline. Also, we
                               Emily King will lead Team 6-Purple this year.   encourage parents to use Power School to
                               Team 6-Gold is taught by Jill Archer, Kathy     keep up with grades. Please visit the front
                               Hays, Christine Lumsden, and April Stevens.     office to obtain your child’s Power School
                               Stephanie Copeland, Laura Cumbee, Wayne         login id. This is a wonderful tool to monitor
                               Kent, Kim Poe, and Marsha Wallace make up       your child’s academic success.
                               Team 6-White.
                                         All teachers can be reached by

                               Seventh Grade News
 .                             . The 7  grade teachers are excited             Gold team - Mrs. Gravley, Mr. Hays,
                               about the new school year. Our goal             Mrs. Turner, and Mrs. Wilson (team
                               is to make this the most successful             leader). Our support teachers are
                               year ever. Seventh grade is made                Mrs. Banks and Mr. Payne. We are
                               up of the following teams: the White            all working together to provide each
                               team - Mrs. Bangert, Mrs. Collins,              student in 7 th grade the best
                               Mrs. Cottongim, and Mr. Paradis                 educational experience possible.
                               (team leader); the Purple team -
                               Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Morris (team
Outside a dog, a book is       leader), and Mrs. Smith; and the
man's best friend. Inside
     a dog, it's too dark to   Eighth Grade News
         read." ~ Groucho      We welcome back the class of 2014. As           Congratulations go out to Ms.Germano,
                   Marx.”      eighth grade teachers, we look forward          2009 Cartersville Middle School Teacher
                               to an exciting and productive year with         of the Year. This will be one of our
                               our new students. This year we are              most exciting years yet, as we welcome
                               divided into three different teams. The         new students into our classrooms to
                               Gold team consists of Mr. Burel, Ms.            engage in wonderful activities, lessons,
                               Hawn, Ms. Clark, and Ms.Couey. The              and experiments designed to enrich
                               Purple team includes Ms. A. Archer, Ms.         their educational opportunities and
                               Chupp, and Ms. Flowers. Ms. Germano,            experiences.
                               Ms. Dale, Ms. Adams, and Ms. Kinney
                               make up the White team.
School Newsletter                                  Grade Level News                      Page 3 of 4

Cartersville Middle School has great         limited by gender and age so be sure to
sports teams. The Fall Sports include:       check with Dr. Word or Mr. Hogan. All
golf, football (7th and 8th only),           athletes are required to maintain
volleyball, softball, Cross Country, and     eligibility.
Cheerleading. Winter sports include
basketball and wrestling. Spring Sports       All players must have their physicals
include Soccer and tennis. Please check      and parent releases turned in before
for sports schedules on our website. We      participating.
also have cheerleading and competition
cheerleading. Tryouts for each sport
occur during the year. Some sports are

Counselor News
We have two counselors at CMS this           Mrs. Rogers: 678-535-6265     Room 310
year. They are Mrs. Lori Rogers and Ms.      Ms Willis: 678-535-6266       Room 314
Jocelyn Willis. The CMS Guidance and
Counseling Department offers many
different services to our students. These
include: weekly classroom guidance
lessons, a girl’s group called “girl Talk”
that meets once a week, teacher
consultation, parent consultation and
training, as well as in school mentoring
through the Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

School Nurse

        Hello everyone and welcome             all who completed and returned a
back. I am Jessica Cannon, your school         blue health card. This information is
nurse. Thanks for making a safe start to       imperative if your student is to be
a new school year. I have listed a few         seen in the clinic or in case of
reminders from the clinic to aid in            emergency.
answering any questions you may have.        • Medications at school:
                                                    1) Must be brought to school by
•   Immunizations: If your child is not             the parent/guardian and taken
    up-to-date with immunizations or if             directly to the clinic.
    there is no record of immunization on           2) Must have a note of
    file at CMS, this missing information           permission with specific
    was due on Friday, August 28. By                instructions for administration of
    Georgia law, the student is not                 the medication
    allowed to stay in school without               3) Must be in the ORIGINAL
    adequate certificate of immunization.    CONTAINER
    Your student should have brought                4) Check with the physician
    home two notes from the clinic if               about the need for medications,
    his/her immunization record is                  prescription or over the counter,
    inadequate. The immunizations can               to be administered during school
    be obtained from the Health                     hours. The clinic does have
    Department or your physician.                   some over the counter
•   Blue Health Cards: Thank you to                 medications available for
                                                    students. These are listed on
                                                    the back of the blue card.
                             We would like to welcome all of our
                             students back to school. We want you to
                             be successful as you complete this
                             school year.
                             We urge you to become involved in our
    Cartersville Middle      extra-curricular activities and clubs. We
          School             offer Beta Club, Bible Club, 4-H,
  825 Douthit Ferry Road     Student Council, Academic team and
  Cartersville, GA 30120
                             our newest club, the Y-Club.
      (770) 382-3666
      (770) 387-7495

                             New Staff
       Exceeding             We have new staff members to                 Specialist, and Bonnie Hammett,
                             introduce to the Cartersville family. We     receptionist.
   Expectations: Make
                             have a new Assistant Principal, Dr.
       It Personal           Tharis Word. Additonally, we have Mrs.
                             Dale, 8th Social Studies, Mrs. Kinney, 8th
                             Science, and Mrs. Collins, 7th Language
  We’re on the Web!
                             Arts. We also would like to welcome
                             Mrs. Lori Rogers, counselor, Susan
                             Tolbert, Behavior Intervention

Cartersville Middle School
825 Douthit Ferry Road
Cartersville, GA 30120

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