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                                       Newsletter                                               UPDATE Newsletter
                                                                                                Volume 1, Issue 1

                                                                                                    Fall 2009

AODA Coordina-         Oct.   Fostering Resilience in Kids
tors Mtg.                1
                              Resiliency is defined as      grams and/or classes              competence
Upper El Peer Me-      Oct.
diation                  5    the ability to spring back    they were involved with.
                                                                                              Promote positive social
                              from and successfully         Many times students
Fetal Alcohol Spec-    Oct.                                                                   connections
trum Disorder            6    adapt to adversity. An        mention it was teachers
                              increasing body of re-        who made a difference!            Encourage helping oth-
Teens Against To-      Oct.                                                                   ers
                              search is showing that
bacco Use               20                                  Tips to foster Resilience
                              most people-especially                                          Teach problem solving
                                                            in the Classroom
Delta 9—Marijuana      Oct.   kids, can bounce back                                           and peace-building
Use/Abuse Preven-       23
                              from risks, stress, crisis,      Be caring and suppor-
tion Curriculum                                                                               skills
                              trauma, and experience           tive
Delta 9—Marijuana      Oct.   life success.                                                   Ensure healthy habits
Use/Abuse Preven-       23                                     Provide clear and con-
tion Curriculum               When kids are asked who          sistent expectations        Recognize and assist with
                              has contributed to their                                     stress reduction.
Middle School Peer     Oct.                                    Foster positive atti-
Mediation               26    resilience, they most of-        tudes
Project Northland     Nov.    ten name individual people
                      3&4                                      Nurture positive emo-       www.resiliency.com
                              in their lives first…then
Class Action           Nov.   go on to talk about activi-      tions and behaviors         www.resiliencycenter.com
                              ties, opportunities pro-         Develop feeling of

                              Peer Mediation Workshops

                              Mike McGowan will facili-      solve their differences         Contact Kim Eder for a
                              tate two peer mediation        when a conflict is brew-        copy of the training
                              workshops at CESA #11 –        ing or has already oc-          brochure.
                              October 5th , (elementary      curred. Peer mediation          kime@cesa11.k12.wi.us.
                              mediation for 4-6 grade)       recognizes that students
                              and October 26th , (middle     can utilize conflict reso-
                              school mediation for           lution practices and so-
                              grades 7-8).                   cial skills to play a lead-
                                                             ership role in increasing
                              In peer mediation pro-
                                                             peace and reducing vio-
                              grams, trained students
                                                             lence in their school.
                              help other students to re-
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder                                                                                              Page 2

“Not all children with FAS are alike. The     ple with FASD might have prob-          tify at least 5 characteristics/
effects of alcohol use during pregnancy       lems with memory, attention span,       behaviors of FASD in each of the 3
will vary. Some children are more se‐
verely affected than others. Some show        communication, vision, hearing or a     developmental stages, 2) identify at
more of the reasoning and behavioral          combination of these.                   least 5 aspects of an environment
problems than the physical features. 
Some have a normal IQ while others do         On Tuesday, October 6 at the            conducive to working with children
not. Many will have learning disabilities.    CESA #11 office, Lynn Frigaard          who have FASD, and 3) gain knowl-
Each child will have his or her special       will present information on this        edge in at least 5 specific techniques
needs, problems and potential.” 2 
                                              important topic. Lynn is the admin-     in working with children/youth who
Prenatal exposure to alcohol                  istrator/fetal alcohol educator at      have FASD.
can cause a range of disorders,               Arc Northland in Duluth. She has        Please contact Kim Eder for a regis-
known as Fetal Alcohol Spec-                  over 20 years of professional ex-       tration brochure,
trum Disorder (FASD). FASD                    perience educating others on this       kime@cesa11.k12.wi.us.
can cause problems that often                 topic.
lead to difficulties in school,
                                              Objectives for the day include;         2 What is FAS/FAE? Guidelines of Care for Children 
both academic and social. Peo-                                                        with Special Health Care Needs: 
                                              participants will be able to 1) iden-   http://www.mofas.org/guidelines/whatFAS.htm (24 
                                                                                      September 2001). 

School Counselor Network Meeting

   Join your colleagues to                     October 14th from 9-12:00 pm at         mation about for future meetings.
   share, learn and exchange                   the CESA #11 Conference Center.         The meeting will also include lim-
   ideas on what it means to                   Lunch will be served at no cost. (A     ited CESA sharing and building
   be a School Counselor in                    school not purchasing the HSSS          based networking time.
   the 21st Century!                           Program will be charged a $100
                                                                                       Contact Karen Chilson,
                                               fee per registrants.)
   CESA #11 Healthy Students,                                                          karenc@cesa11.k12.i.us, for more
   Staff, and Schools (HSSS)                   Agenda: We agreed last spring           information on the ½ day agenda
   Program will host a network                 that our first meeting will include     or Kim Eder to register,
   meeting for K-12 school                     an open discussion of what topics       kime@cesa11.k12.wi.us.
   counselors on Wednesday,                    counselors would like more infor-

   Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU)

   Tobacco use is the single                     training for middle school stu-
   most important preventable                    dents on Tuesday, October 20,
   cause of death in the United                  2009. Bring a team of 6 stu-
    States, accounting for one out               dents and be prepared to have
    of every five deaths. Ninety                 some fun while learning how to
    percent (90%) of those who                   teach other children in elemen-
    smoke, started smoking by                    tary and middle school why and
    age 21, and 1/2 of them had                  how to avoid using tobacco
    become regular smokers by                    products!
    their 18th birthday.                         Contact Kim Eder for a copy of
     CESA #11 will host a Teens                  the registration brochure,
     against Tobacco Use (TATU)                  kime@cesa11.k12.wi.us.
                     UPDATE NEWSLETTER
                        VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1
                                                                                                                   Page 3

DELTA—9: Marijuana Prevention Curriculum Training
Marijuana has become the drug of        ♦ Patterns of adolescent abuse         Please contact Kim Eder for a
choice for many American teenag-          and addiction                        registration brochure,
ers. Delta-9 is a researched-           ♦ Legal aspects                        kime@cesa11.k12.wi.us.
based prevention curriculum spe-        ♦ Drugged driving
                                                                               Great American Smokeout
cifically designed for middle and       ♦ Refusal Skills
high school students. Highly en-                                               November 19, 2009
gaging and interactive, Delta-9
                                        On Friday, October 23, 2009
helps teens recognize the myths
                                        CESA #11 will host a Delta-9
and truths about the nature of
                                        training. Facilitator for the
marijuana use.
                                        day is Carrie Kulinski, Janesville
Delta-9 lessons include:                School District ATODA Coordi-
                                        nator and certified AODA
♦ How many teens smoke mari-
                                        Counselor. Delta-9 was devel-
  juana? (social norms)
                                        oped and written by Ms. Ku-
♦ Marijuana myths and facts
                                        linski and she has taught the
♦ How marijuana effects the
                                        curriculum for the past few
                                        years at Janesville.
♦ Attitudes and behaviors

Project Northland & Class Action Workshops

Two evidenced –based prevention           moting or discouraging alcohol use      which someone has been harmed
curriculum trainings will take place      among teens. Project Northland          as a result of underage drinking.
in November at the CESA #11 of-           for grades 6-8 focuses on engag-        The six cases are Drinking and
fice - Project Northland will be of-      ing not only youth but also             Driving on Trial, Fetal Alcohol
fered on November 3rd and 4th and         schools, families, and the larger       Syndrome on Trial, Drinking and
Class Action on November 9th.             community in one comprehensive          Violence on Trial, Date Rape on
                                          prevention effort.                      Trial, Drinking and Vandalism on
                          Alcohol is
                                                                                  Trial, and School Alcohol Policies
                          the drug of     This high-school component of
                                                                                  on Trial.
                          choice for      Project Northland is called Class
                          American        Action. This curriculum looks at        Contact Kim Eder for a copy of
                          teenagers,      real-world social and legal conse-      the registration brochure with
                          and alcohol     quences of underage alcohol use.        more detailed information.
                          use during      Based on the social influences          kime@cesa11.k12.wi.us.
                          early ado-      theory of behavior change, the
                          lescence        goal of Class Action is to change
                          increases       the social norms around alcohol
the likelihood of progression to          use and to change negative peer
heavy alcohol use and to the use of       pressure into positive peer pres-
other illicit drugs. The influence of     sure. In eight to ten weekly ses-
peers, family members, school, the        sions, teens are divided into six
media, and the community have been        legal teams to prepare and pre-
shown to play a critical role in pro-     sent hypothetical civil cases in
Parents Who Host Campaign                                                                                            Page 4

                                            Watch for this statewide cam-
                                            paign during the spring 2010!          ♦   Alcohol age compliance checks
                                                                                       and/or party patrol by law en-
                                        Community coalition members will               forcement.
                                        be providing information about the
                                        dangers of underage drinking, the          On November 10th, (1:00 – 3:30)
                                        legal consequences of hosting un-          CESA #11 will be hosting a
                                        derage drinking in homes and how           ‘training orientation’ to assist coa-
                                        parents and other family members           litions and others in implementing a
                                        can host safe and fun alcohol free         successful campaign in the spring.
                                        events for youth.                          The application process for free
                                        The campaign will include:                 campaign resources will be cov-
                                                                                   ered. Please contact Kim Eder to
                                        ♦    Public information
                                                                                   register. kime@cesa11.k12.wi.us.
                                        ♦    Media advocacy

The Heart of the Matter DPI Prevention Conference

          December 3-4, 2009            Ted Wachtel, keynote presenter,        eligible, applicants must meet the
                                        will show how the comprehensive        following criteria:
           Kalahari, WI Dells
                                        implementation of restorative
           This year’s conference                                              •   Applicant's district cannot have
                                        practices has a dramatic impact
           provides a significantly-                                           a 2008-2009 State AODA grant.
                                        on violence and misbehavior in
 different format and organization      schools. Providing empirical re-       Applicants must be employees of a
 of content matter from past            sults, case studies and video, the     school district.
 years. While there are still 90-       speaker will highlight the value
                                                                               Applications are on-line (DPI site)
 minute sectionals on "best prac-       of a restorative whole school
                                                                               and need to be submitted by Octo-
 tice" models in a variety of pres-     approach to positive culture
                                                                               ber 30th.
 entation areas, they are focused       change.
 on three specific tracks—AODA,
                                        There are a limited number of
 tobacco, and violence prevention.
                                        scholarships available (no more
 The conference this year is also
                                        than two per district) on a first-
 offering extended training oppor-
                                        come, first-served basis. To be

                                                                                       SCHOOL GRANTS...
                                                                                       A collection of resources and tips 
                                                                                       to help K‐12 educators apply for 
                                                                                       and obtain special grants for a 
 The Governors School Health           munity involvement. Schools receiv-             variety of projects. The site offers 
                                                                                       fundraising ideas, sample propos‐
 Award is a way to recognize and       ing an award will be recognized by              als, grant writing tips, and schol‐
 celebrate schools with policies,      the Governor and State Superinten-              arship information. 
 programs, and infrastructure to       dent and may be eligible for a finan-           *SOURCE: U.S. ED's Migrant Edu‐
  support and promote healthy          cial award. Award applications are              cation News Digest‐‐08/25/08 
  eating; physical activity; alcohol   due March 19, 2010. Go online to
  -tobacco, and drug free life-        www.schoolhealthaward.wi.gov for
  styles; and parental and com-        more information.
                      UPDATE NEWSLETTER
                         VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1
                                                                                                                    Page 5

 National Safe Schools Week
 October 18-24, 2009
 Empowering Students Across
 the Country to End School Violence
 ABOUT SAFE SCHOOLS WEEK                      a T‐shirt that includes the SPEAK UP     One author will be recognized for
 According to the Centers for Disease         hotline (1‐866‐SPEAK‐UP)                 their literary work with an iPod
 Control, over 1 million students             and website (www.speakup.com). The       shuffle. Both of the student’s
 across America take a weapon to              T‐shirt can depict a symbol, pattern     schools will also receive a School
 school each month, and over 1.3              or simple image that is                  Safety Package (a $2,500 value).
 million students are injured or threat-      eye‐catching), and contains a message    DEADLINE
 ened with a weapon each year.                promoting safety. A handout with a       Mail or email submissions by Friday,
 National Safe Schools Week provides                                                   October 16, and the top entries will
 an opportunity to empower                                                             be announced on Friday,
 students to keep their schools safe by                                                October 23.
 encouraging them to speak up                                                          MORE INFORMATION
 against school violence.                                                              Visit www.safeschoolsweek.org for
 ABOUT THE PROJECT                                                                     additional classroom activities. You
 The National Student Design Project is                                                can also join our Facebook and
 intended to get middle and high school                                                Myspace pages. Search for “SPEAK
 students thinking                            blank t‐shirt template                   UP.”
 about the safety of their schools and        and some tips about designing
                                                                                         Contact us with any questions at
 communities.                                 T‐shirts can be found on the NSSW
                                                                                       212.269.5100 or
 HOW TO ENTER                                 website.
 High Schoolers: students can submit a        Please email all submissions to:
 poem, story, song, or rap that ex-           speakup@paxusa.org or mail to:
 presses their thoughts on                    STUDENT DESIGN PROJECT
 school violence and safety. Any form of      PAX / Real Solutions to Gun Vio-
 writing is accepted. Submissions can be      lence
 fictitious or factual,                       100 Wall Street, 2nd Floor
 and are meant to encourage kids to           New York, NY 10005
 speak up against school violence. Please     RECOGNITION
 visit the NSSW website                          All students who submit an entry
 (www.safeschoolsweek.org) for mate-          will receive a prize.
 rials and suggestions for getting the           T‐shirts with the most outstanding
 conversation started.                        design will be printed and distributed
 Middle Schoolers: students can design        to the designer’s class.

Greetings from the Media Center!
The Healthy Students, Staff,                healthystudents/libraryresources/                         center staff will
Schools Media has some exciting             NewResources10.pdf.                                       be available those
new resources available for you!                                                                      days to help you
                                            As in the past, if you have ideas for
Titles include: Amazing Kids of                                                                       search and pre-
                                            resources – DVD’s, print, websites,
Character, Portion Distortion: See-                                                                   view items that
                                            etc. - please send those ideas to Cindy
ing the Healthy Way to Eat, Cau-                                                                      are of interest to
                                            Becker (cindyb@cesa11.k12.wi.us), we
tion Teenager Under Construction,                                                                     you.
                                            are always looking for great resources
Nobody’s Perfect, Understanding
                                            for you to use in your classroom.           If you have any questions on the
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and Pan-
                                                                                        media center, please contact
demic Preparedness to name a few.           If you are looking for an alternative
                                                                                        Cindy Becker, 715-986-2020
For the complete list visit the             activity during the teacher convention
                                                                                        ext. 2171 or
CESA #11 Websitehttp://                     – October 8 & 9, I would like to ex-
www.cesa11.k12.wi.us/                       tend an invitation to you to stop in
                                            and visit the media center. The media

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