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                                                       Sarah Monickam HlthSci- Globalization
   Recent Graduates (June 2006, 2007, & 2008)          Fidi Mwero     ExSci: Wellness Mgmt
                                                       Jane Nam       ExSci: Scientific Basis
      We have had the opportunity to say good-bye to   Thuy Nguyen    HlthSci- BioHealth
graduating seniors the past few years with mixed       Kenneth Ransonet ExSci: Scientific Basis
feelings. While we are sad to see them go, we are      Isaiah Rojas   ExSci: Physical Education
excited that they are embarking on a new chapter in    Blaine Smith   ExSci: Scientific Basis
life.                                                  Michael Staker ExSci: Scientific Basis
                                                       Darcy Trenkle ExSci: Scientific Basis
Those who graduated in 2006 include:

Name                      Major                        2008 graduates include:
Sharon Agir       ExSci: Wellness Mgmt
David Bainer      ExSci: Scientific Basis (Med)        Name                      Major
Derikka Bolds Health Science                           Moises Alvarado ExSci: Scientific Basis
Felix Carrillo    ExSci: Scientific Basis (PT)         Pam Auyon        HlthSci- Hlth Prom & Ed
Cassandra Cole ExSci: Physical Education               Rudy Beteta      ExSci: Physical Education
Beth Davies       ExSci: Physical Education            Oscar Bueno      ExSci: Scientific Basis
Brie Dobbins      Health Science                       Tzelon Chernin HlthSci- Hlth Prom & Ed
Angel Herrera ExSci: Physical Education                Andy Choi        ExSci: Scientific Basis
Sue Homicile      ExSci: Scientific Basis              Rachel Earle     ExSci: Scientific Basis
Tania Kurunathan ExSci: Scientific Basis               Sirena Flores-Mays HlthSci- BioHealth
Jimi Lemasters ExSci: Physical Education               Thomas Hong      ExSci: Scientific Basis
Natasha Litchfield ExSci: Wellness Mgmt                Nathen Horst     ExSci: Scientific Basis
Candria Meharry ExSci: Scientific Basis (Optom)        Georgette Hughes ExSci: Scientific Basis
Bethany Morse ExSci: Physical Education                Christy Kim      HlthSci- BioHealth
Michael Nguyen Health Science (Pharm)                  Michael Klien ExSci: Scientific Basis
Luckyna Phuong Health Science                          Joon Lee         HlthSci- BioHealth
Isaiah Rojas      ExSci: Physical Education            Jodian Lyn       ExSci: Scientific Basis
Rajina Schlitt    ExSci: Physical Education            Roland Montang HlthSci- BioHealth
Michael Tomas ExSci: Physical Education                Jennifer Solanky ExSci: Scientific Basis
                                                       Krista Stinson   ExSci: Physical Education

2007 graduates include:
                                                                    2007-2008 HES Club Officers
Name                       Major
Kimberly Aceres ExSci: Scientific Basis                President          Jodian Lyn, ExSci, Sci Basis
Leslie Anglen     ExSci: Scientific Basis              President-elect    Shanna Opitz, ExSci, Sci Basis
Jean Pierre Bullon ExSci: Scientific Basis             Vice-President     Jason Tomas, ExSci, Phys Educ
Patrick Crarey ExSci: Scientific Basis                 Chaplain           Pam Auyon, HlthSci, Hlth Educ
Markisha Davis ExSci: Scientific Basis                 Treasurer          Sarah Ortega, ExSci, Sci Basis
Rebecca Diaz      Health Science                       Public Relations   Andy Choi, ExSci, Sci Basis
Veronica Guerrero ExSci: Wellness Mgmt
Nathan Jeon       ExSci: Scientific Basis              Sponsor            Rob Thomas
Tynan Lesser      HlthSci- BioHealth
Vina Lungay       ExSci: Scientific Basis
Congratulations go to……!                                     In late spring 2008 we installed the concrete
                                                         throwing pads and the landing areas for shot and
                                                         discus events. We also have MOXUS software that
Students of the Year                                     now allows us to do breath-by-breath gas analysis
Shanna Opitz   NASPE Major of the Year                   while still using our “historic” lab-grade treadmill in
Tzelon Chernin AAHE Major of the Year                    our Human Performance Lab which many of you
Andy Choi      HES Outstanding Senior                    probably remember.

Scholarship Recipients (for next year)                             Retirement of Hedrick Edwards

Shanna Opitz                Hamerslough Scholarship           Dr. Hedrick Edwards retired at the end of school
Ruby-Ann Lamig              Dyer-Gwynn Scholarship       in 2006 after teaching at LSU for 8 years. Dr.
Open                        Kofoed Scholarship           Edwards was the key player in the 18-month process
                                                         of assessing
                                                         and revising
    LSU Research Week Poster Presentations               the Health
    Students in the HES department participated in a     curriculum.
wide array of research projects this year resulting in   He has spoken
16 poster presentations at the end of May during         across the US
LSU’s Research Emphasis Week. This year was the          and
University’s largest number of posters with a total of   internationally.
52. A sampling of HES poster topics included,            While retired,
“Sleep and Headaches”; “Physical Activity and            Dr. Edwards
Academic Performance of University Students”;            remains
“Tracking/Catching using Monocular vs Binocular          actively
Vision”; “Age and Speed-Accuracy Trade-off”;             involved in
“Does Age alter the Stroop Effect?”; “Effects of         several
auditory distractors on free throw performance”; and     projects
“Gender and Bilateral Transfer.”                         including
                                                         HANDS which he co-founded. Hedrick and Lenoa
                                                         live in Loma Linda, so still remain in contact with us.

     The University has been working on improving
the soccer field, multi-purpose field and outfield of       New Facility Manager / Intramural Director
the softball diamond. The track gets use by LOTS of
community in addition to students, faculty, and staff.        David Channer joined the HES department at the
The latest development is the Board voted to install a   end of the summer in 2006. He had worked at
perimeter fence to enhance a sense of the campus         Campus
boundary.                                                Security for the
     We installed 4 new Cybex Treadmills in the          past 15 years.
Fitness Center in 2005 to replace the original Quinton   He left his
treadmills. We also purchased a new electric cart to     Assistant
help with moving equipment for intramurals and           Director
classes to the fields and back to storage.               position to join
     We were able to replace our Tri-FIT assessment      our team. In
equipment and software in 2006. For the past three       2006 we
years we have offered free assessments for interested    established our
faculty, staff, and administrators to be conducted by    Intramural
students enrolled in HLED 444 Physiological              Council which
Assessment & Exercise Prescription. The students         is chaired by
assess their “client” and then create a fitness plan     David. The
based on their client’s assessment results.              Council is
                                                         comprised of
HES students, a SALSU officer, Student Life               Senior Practica for our Health Science majors. Bill
personnel, and a HES faculty member to help to            recently published a book titled, Adventist Heritage
strengthen our Intramural program. His position is ¾      of Health, Hope, and Healing. His email is
time Facility Manager, and ¼ time Intramural              wandress@LaSierra.edu, and his phone number is
Director. David screens, hires, trains, and supervises    x2174. Come get acquainted with him when you
all of our student employees within the department.       have the chance!

              “Good-bye” to JJ Gless                                   HES departmental website

     We are sad to have to say good-bye to Jennifer           The HES department website has lots of info:
“JJ” Gless at the end of this school year. JJ joined us   Academics, Community Programs, Faculty info and
in 2002 and has been a huge contributor to the            Course Syllabi, and other topics. Check out the
success of our students. She has taught much of the       Related Links and SDA-HPERA links. They contain
Physical Education Teacher Education courses along        valuable information. The web url is
with                                                      www.lasierra.edu/hes.
Fitness and
activity                                                              Assembly Panel Discussion
classes. She
was                                                            The HES department sponsored a panel
recognized                                                discussion on campus during Winter quarter of 2005
as an                                                     by its faculty. The topic was “Combating obesity and
excellent                                                 physical inactivity: Implications for future
advisor by                                                professionals.”
awarded the New Advisor Certificate of Merit (which
was only given to two new advisors nationwide!) by                        New Class Offerings
NACADA. In addition to serving as a full-time
faculty member, JJ also has helped the Athletics               The HES department has added several new
program at LSU by coaching the Golf team, serving         classes to the curriculum in the past 3 years including
as Women’s Athletics Administrator, and                   both theory and activity classes. Roger McFarland
coordinating the home game support teams. While           added Bicycling in fall 2006. He has continued to
we will miss having JJ on our team, we wish her           teach the class each fall since then.
success and God’s blessings as she pursues a Masters           Veronica Guerrero, a HES Dept graduate and
in Clinical Psychology degree.                            certified aerobics instructor, taught eight consecutive
                                                          quarters of Aerobic Rhythms while still an Exercise
                                                          Science- Wellness Management major. Her class was
               New Faculty Member                         very popular each quarter. Good job Veronica!
                                                               Donna Morgan worked full time for us as
William Andress, DPH, joined us in January of this        Facility Manager / Intramural Director for a year and
year. He comes from Oakland University in                 added Water Aerobics and Yoga to her repertoire of
Rochester, MI.                                            LSU classes. Donna’s first class of water aerobics
Prior to                                                  had over 40 students. After Veronica graduated and
teaching in MI                                            Donna left, Rhonda Maxson has taught Aerobics and
he taught at                                              Water Aerobics classes, which remain popular.
AIIAS in Asia.                                                 Rob Thomas taught Applied Public Health
Bill is filling                                           Statistics this spring as a research project-based
the open                                                  course which culminated in 3 student posters during
position left                                             LSU’s Research Emphasis Week, one of which
when Hedrick                                              became a presentation in Reno this October for the
Edwards                                                   Western Society for Kinesiology & Wellness. Kris
retired. He                                               Hamlin’s poster reported pathogens on equipment
teaches many                                              surfaces in 3 fitness centers in the Inland Empire.
of our Health
Science courses and coordinates the Junior and
        Sabbatical Leaves for HES Faculty                            Administrative Secretary

     Roger McFarland enjoyed a sabbatical leave             Cindy Turner has been with us for 5 years! She
during fall                                            joined us in August
quarter 2005. He                                       2003, and has made
has already                                            our office a warm,
completed his                                          welcome place for
Ed.S. and during                                       students. Cindy is our
the sabbatical                                         liaison with the
worked on some                                         community. She has
of his                                                 also helped to develop
coursework for                                         on Office Procedures
his Ed.D. in                                           Manual and an
LSU’s School of                                        Instructors Manual for
Education. Since                                       contract teachers, has
that time he has                                       systematized our filing system, has developed great
completed his                                          brochures for our summer programs, and most
coursework and is working on his dissertation.         importantly has been the glue that keeps our
                                                       department together! Thanks Cindy! We’re glad
     JJ Gless just finished a sabbatical this spring   you’re a vital part of our department family.
2008 where she completed a 50-day Outward Bound
adventure in central
Oregon on the                                                           Dissertation work
Deschutes River,
Smith Rock State                                            Roger McFarland is nearing the completion of his
Park, Three Sisters                                    dissertation which is titled, “History of Sports
Wilderness, and Mt                                     Acrobatics.” He’ll be focusing on that this year along
Hood. She learned                                      with teaching his classes and running our community
to teach technical                                     gymnastics program.
skills of rafting,
rock climbing and
mountaineering as                                                      Recent Presentations
well as group
facilitation, conflict                                      In July 2005, Hedrick Edwards presented “Human
resolution, risk                                       rights and global nutritional deficits: Advancing the
management and                                         right to freedom from hunger through plant-based
logistics. She came                                    dietary shifts” at an international conference held in
back with many pictures and stories about her          Oxford, England.
experience.                                                      In October 2005 JJ Gless gave a poster
                                                       presentation for a study comparing strength
                                                       measurements using free weights and strength
            Doctoral Degree completed                  machines at the Western Society for Kinesiology and
                                                       Wellness in Reno.
     Rob Thomas completed his                               This past April, Roger McFarland presented
doctoral degree at Boston                              “Cheerleading Safety 101” at the national AAHPERD
University in May 2007. His                            convention in Ft. Worth.
dissertation was titled, “An                                Rob Thomas presented “Leadership Experiences
analysis of the Seventh-day                            of Presidents in Professional Organizations” at the
Adventist Health, Physical                             regional Western Society of Kinesiology and Wellness
Education, Recreation                                  convention in October, 2005, at Reno, NV as a Dr. G.
Association, (1981-2005).”                             Arthur Broten Young Scholars Presenter.
                                                            Rob Thomas and Walt Hamerslough also
                                                       presented “The ‘Ultimate” 30-minute workout: Fact or
                                                       fallacy?” for the Exercise Physiology Academy at the
                                                       national AAHPERD convention in Salt Lake City, UT
                                                       in April 2006.
      In August 2006, Rob Thomas presented                                Recommended Web sites
preliminary results of a study he did with two HES
students (Kimberly Aceres and Darcy Trenkle) titled        Adventist Education Forum
“Fitness testing: How do SDA students stack up with                http://edforum.adventist.org
their public school peers?” at the NAD K-12 teacher’s
convention in Nashville, TN.                               AAHPERD
     In March 2007, he presented “Pioneers of SDA               www.aahperd.org
Physical Education” at the national AAHPERD
convention in Baltimore, and “History of SDA-              American College of Sports Medicine
HPERA” at the SDA-HPERA convention at CUC.                        www.acsm.org
     In April 2008, he had two presentations at the
AAHPERD convention in Ft. Worth. One represented           American Public Health Association
a state-wide study of fitness levels in California                http://www.apha.org/
titled, “Fitness testing: How do SDA students stack up
with their public school peers?” HES senior Roland         Healthy People 2010
Montang collaborated on that study. Rob also did a                 www.healthypeople.gov
poster presentation of results of a study he did with
three HES students (Sarah Monickam, Sirena Flores,         National Strength and Conditioning Association
& Oscar Bueno) titled, “Healthy People 2010 on the                 www.nsca-lift.org
front lines.”
                                                           National Wellness Council
                  Research Grants                                  http://www.nationalwellness.org/

     Rob Thomas has received two grants recently.          SDA Circle (Curriculum Resource)
“Fitness comparisons: SDA vs Public school” for                   http://circle.adventist.org/
$2500 for this past school year, and “Pioneers of SDA
Physical Education” for $2000 in 2004. Both projects       SDA-HPERA
resulted in presentations at national conferences.               http://www.lasierra.edu/sdahpera

            CAHPERD state convention

     Roger McFarland and Rob Thomas worked with
the California state AHPERD (CAHPERD)
administrative team in planning for and carrying the
logistics for the state convention that occurred here in
Riverside, CA in March 2008. Roger coordinated the
Exhibitors while Rob coordinated the AV / technical
support for the convention center.
                                                                          Alumni Contact Info?

                    New Trailer?                           We need your help in making sure we have accurate
                                                           information about our Health Science and Exercise
     Rumor has it that we may be getting replacement       Science graduates. Please send us ANY contact info
trailer this year after 35+ years in our white trailer.    you have for friends/classmates so we can continue to
LSU is awaiting approval from the City’s Planning          maintain contact with them too! Send information to
Commission. And, in case you’re wondering… now             Cindy Turner at cturner@LaSierra.edu . Or call her
that the Price Science Complex is built our new HES        at 951 785-2084. Thanks for your help.
complex is the next on the Capital Campaign.
La Sierra University
Department of Health & Exercise Science
4500 Riverwalk Parkway
Riverside, CA 92515

HES Faculty & Staff

Chair                 Rob Thomas, EdD                    rthomas@LaSierra.edu
Admin. Secretary      Cindy Turner, BS                   cturner@LaSierra.edu
Faculty               William Andress, DPH               wandress@LaSierra.edu
                      Roger McFarland, EdS               rmcfarla@LaSierra.edu
                      One open faculty position for fall 2008
Facility Mgr/
Intramural Director   David Channer, BS               dchanner@LaSierra.edu

HES web site          www.lasierra.edu/hes/