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Cheer Our Invasion of New Haven!
Bryan Richards, President | bryan_richards@harvardindiana.org

Our past two years of Harvard vs. Yale parties at
the Skyline Club were such a blast, we’re having
another one! Cheer on our Crimson’s pursuit                     Harvard vs. Yale Football
of a third straight Ivy League Championship.
Our “tailgate” buffet will feature pasta, hot                   Saturday, November 21
dogs, hamburgers, salads, veggies, fresh fruit,                 Doors open at 11:30 a.m.
cheeses, and desserts, complemented by tea and                  Kickoff is at 12:00 p.m.
soda. We have room for 55 Harvard and Yale                      Live game telecast.
grads combined, and we are already receiving
reservations. Order your spot before we sell out!               Buffet lunch!
                                                                $35/adult. $15/children 15 and under.
RSVP to clay_miller@harvardindiana.org                          ($5 off with each paid individual or
by November 14. Specify how many adults                         household club membership.)
and children will be coming. Mention your                       Skyline Club:
affiliation(s) with Harvard and/or Yale. Send a                 1 American Square (Illinois & Ohio St.)
check to “Harvard Club of Indiana” or pay at the                Park for free on curb, enter on north
door. Clay will give you the postal address when                side, and go to penthouse level.
you RSVP by e-mail. Wear Crimson attire!

Conversation and Cuisine
Amy Weir, Director | amy_weir@harvardindiana.org

Our fall Ivy League Dinner series is underway.
Following a delectable dinner at the Machu Picchu
Peruvian Restaurant on September 22, our next
culinary adventure will take place at:

   Saffron Moroccan Cafe
   Thursday, November 5 7:00 p.m.
   621 Fort Wayne Avenue in Indianapolis

Moroccan cuisine features couscous, lemon, spices,
beef, poultry, and mint tea. To join, please contact me
at least two days in advance of our dinner.
Enjoy Club Membership!
We have simplified Harvard Club of Indiana
memberships. Anyone who signed up since
November 2008 is valid through the rest of
2009. In addition, if you enroll between now
and 2010, your membership will be good not
only for the rest of 2009, but also for all of 2010!
We are making this generous offer to align all
our memberships with the calendar year.

                                                       Alumni and families gather for a bike ride.
Membership is $30 for individuals or $50 for
households, provided there is at least one
Harvard or Radcliffe graduate or parent in
your home. You may donate more to assist our           Meet New Applicants to the College!
general operations and/or scholarship fund.            Robert Justice, Schools Committee Chair | robert_justice@harvardindiana.org
Our goal is 100 new members in 2010.                   Harvard College will probably have 30,000 applicants from
                                                       around the world this year, and our club may field 130
Why become a paid club member?                         to 150. As long as Harvard can offer broad financial aid,
                                                       applicant numbers should continue to rise. Since there is no
Š You will enable us to subsidize events and           Early Admissions process this year, the crunch will come
  communicate with you all year long. (We              in January and early February. We had a truly remarkable
  are, after all, entirely volunteer-run.)             number of admissions last year, with 14 admits from Indiana!
Š Only you and fellow club members will be
  eligible to vote in board elections, the next        We always need more interviewers, particularly from south
  of which will be at The Game.                        of Indianapolis. Our Fall Interviewers meeting is being
Š You will receive discounts at the Harvard            scheduled. I know everyone from last year’s team. Please
  vs. Yale Game and other gatherings.                  contact me to join the team as a new interviewer.
Š Your dues can help students. We are
  providing scholarships to two Harvard
  freshmen from Indiana this year.
Š Outside of Boston and NYC, membership
  grants you access to any Harvard Club in
  the United States and worldwide.
Š Check with your tax advisor; membership
  may even be deductible for you!

You may sign up:

Š Online at post.harvard.edu.
Š By post to “Harvard Club of Indiana”, 641
  East 80th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240.
Š In person at The Game and other events.

Write to drew_noga@harvardindiana.org to
learn more about membership features.                  Incoming freshmen meet at our summer picnic in Carmel.
Calendar of Events                                             Poetry, Prose, Politics, and Profits
                                                               Jarek Harezlak, Director | jarek_harezlak@harvardindiana.org
Here are recent and upcoming events. There are many            Following the fun outdoor summer events, the
ways to engage in Indiana’s Harvard community.                 time has come for our fall lecture series, including
                                                               a live lecture at Butler University and an online
September                                                      course through the Harvard Alumni Association.
22     Ivy League Dinner
       Machu Picchu @ 7 pm
                                                               Butler’s Fall Writer Series will
22     Admissions Night for Families                           feature Harvard’s Boylston
       Indianapolis Keystone Crossing Sheraton @ 7:30 pm       Professor of Rhetoric and
23     Harvard Professor Graham’s Poetry Lecture               Oratory, internationally
       Butler University’s Atherton Union @ 7:30 pm            renowned poet Jorie Graham.
                                                               She has been described by
29     Harvard Professor Christensen’s Business Lecture
                                                               the poet James Tate as “a
       Conference at Indiana Convention Center @ 11:00 am
                                                               poet of staggering intelligence.” This event
                                                               will occur at the Atherton Union’s Reilly Room on
                                                               campus on Wednesday, September 23 at 7:30 p.m.
1      Board Applications Available
       www.harvardindiana.org                                  For more about the Writer Series, call 317.940.9861
                                                               or see www.butler.edu/writers-studio/.
8      Oxford Professor Harris’s Diplomacy Lecture
       keith.w.lerch@hud.gov | H-Y-Oxford-Cambridge event

20     Board Application Deadline                              Meanwhile, the Harvard Alumni Association will
       www.harvardindiana.org                                  offer “Through the Looking Glass: The History,
                                                               Philosophy, and Literature of Childhood” by
20     Harvard Online Children’s Literature Course Starts
                                                               Professor Maria Tatar. This course will begin
                                                               Tuesday, October 20. One can register now. The
29     Guilded Leaf Lunch with Harvard’s Joseph Finder         theme is, “Childhood is unknown to us.” Prof.
       Author luncheon at Ritz Charles Hotel in Carmel         Tatar will lead us through the wonders and
       bryan_richards@harvardindiana.org                       curiosities of childhood reading. Eight online
                                                               lectures will include most material from an
November                                                       original undergraduate class, the professor’s
5      Ivy League Dinner                                       commentary, and guest lectures. Prof. Tatar will
       Saffron Cafe @ 7 pm                                               host online discussions and office hours.
                                                                         This program is free of charge, and one
19     Alumni Dinner in South Bend                                        can view the lectures via the course
       Summit Club @ 5:30 pm                                               website or downloaded podcasts. Topics
       boberry@post.harvard.edu                                            will include the “origins of children’s
21     Harvard vs. Yale Game and Board Elections                            literature” with a guest lecture by J.K.
       Indianapolis Skyline Club @ 11:45 am                                  Rowling, “attractions of beauty and
       clay_miller@harvardindiana.org                                         horror,” and “brushes with death.”

December                                                       Additional luminaries will speak this fall. Notably,
2      Liz Murray: Homeless to Harvard Speech                  we will co-host a lecture by Oxford Professor Peter
       Kids Count Conference @ 11:30 am                        Harris, former advisor to Prime Ministers Thatcher
       www.iyi.org                                             and Blair, and to the House of Lords. Organizer
       Organizers of Graham, Christensen, Finder, and Murray   and alumnus Barrett Berry will host a dinner with
       events are Butler U., Techpoint, Carmel Clay Public     bank CEO and HBS graduate Christopher Murphy
       Library Foundation, and the Indiana Youth Institute.    in South Bend. See details in fall club-wide e-mails.
Join Our Leadership and Enhance Our Community
Bryan Richards, President | bryan_richards@harvardindiana.org

November will be a time of transition. After seven years of selfless service, our Vice
President, Clay Miller, will leave the board. Directors Amy Weir and Jarek Harezlak
will also complete their terms after running our successful Ivy League Dinner Series,
summer picnics, museum tours, and academic gatherings. Meanwhile, I will focus on
business and nonprofit strategy projects once my term as President ends in November.

Our outgoing leaders can reflect happily on a two-year period in which we hosted more than forty events,
assisted with 200+ college interviews, provided monthly e-mail notices to 750+ alumni and families,
enhanced our web site, introduced social networking tools, made club governance more transparent, earned
global recognition via the Harvard Alumni Association, injected new life into Harvard vs. Yale Game Day,
helped scores of families learn about college, and personally welcomed dozens of alumni to Indiana. Our
club enjoyed a spirit of learning, friendship, and service thanks to committed and passionate volunteers.

                          We seek leaders eager to continue our growth. Ongoing initiatives include creation
                          of a high school outreach program and recruitment of a Harvard professor to speak
                          in Indiana in spring of 2010. There is space for you to join the board as a Harvard
                          graduate or parent. Our ongoing directors can help you adjust to a board role. We
                          meet in person and via teleconference, and run club events and communications.

Board application forms will be at www.harvardindiana.org. Submit yours by October 20. Elections will
occur at The Game party. Please contact me by e-mail or at 317.826.8520 to learn more about opportunities!

           8363 La Habra Lane
           Indianapolis, Indiana 46236

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