SAINT THOMAS THE APOSTLE PARISH SCHOOL
                                               WEEKLY NEWSLETTER
                        ISSUE #6                                                       OCTOBER 16, 2009

                                                                 Class Parents 2009/2010
  Hi Everyone,
                                                                  Below is the list of the class parents for the
  Many thanks to all of you who have been joining us for the
                                                                    2009/2010 school year.
parent/teacher conferences. We know it requires a lot of
                                                                  Class parents, please look for your Class Parent
schedule juggling, but we know that it’s worth it. The
                                                                    Information Packets that will be sent home with
teachers put a great deal of time and work into preparing for
                                                                    your child on Monday, October 19th. If you
the conferences so I also want to thank them for a job well
                                                                    have any questions, please contact Marty Levine
done. As I read each progress report, I saw the thought and
                                                                    at 973.566.0416.
care that had gone into them. Of course, we need to thank
                                                                  Thanks for volunteering!
and congratulate the students whose hard work and
                                                                 PK3 Carrie Lawrence         973.759.4386
cooperation are reflected in the reports and in the
                                                                 PK4 Rebecca Lynch           973.771.1965
                                                                 K-A Susan Eardley           973.928.3863
  We can all take pride in the beautiful work mounted and
                                                                       Tracey McLauglin      973.893.1222
displayed in the hallways. The body of work already
                                                                 1-12 Patricia Polizzi       973.202.7334
accomplished in the first six weeks of school is admirable. A
                                                                       Dara Provda           973.779.2996
tour through the hallways today would have you reading
                                                                 2-13 Joan Roake             973.661.2979
interviews by second graders, poems by fifth and sixth grade
                                                                       Marystella Waffubwa 973.743.4562
poets, and viewing eye-catching posters done completely by
                                                                 3-15 Sylvia DelVecchio      973.680.1992
the fourth grade students in the classroom. This is notable
                                                                       Sandra Rosier         973.735.4694
because it indicates that they don’t need help from home any
                                                                 4-22 Diann Ancey            973.751.0874
more for a project such as this one. Walking through the
                                                                       Mike Mongelli         201.396.9846
building during class hours these past few days, you might
                                                                 4-23 Leonor Perez           973.893.9531
get stopped by a bearded, a robed, or a strangely-garbed
                                                                       Ann Marie Soter       973.893.1283
individual wishing to tell you about himself or herself; and I
                                                                 5-25 Ann Marie Bialkowski 973.546.2243
guarantee you’d want to listen. Our seventh and eighth grade
                                                                       Mary Beth Flores      973.751.9660
social studies students have taken on historical persons and     5-26 Genevieve Pezzino      973.771.0463
events in dress and speech. I just listened to Atahualpa, an           Kathy Piesla          973.338.5925
Incan king, who reigned in 1532. Draped in gold, as was his      6-35 Patti Gavasci          201.259.5187
calling card, he spoke to me of his culture and of his tragic          Celine Taylor         973.743.5778
death. Staying in character the whole time, Elizabeth            7-31 Leonor Nazareno        973.748.1539
Simpson (7-31) gave a knowledgeable presentation from                  Judy Villafranca      973.338.1127
memory and answered unanticipated questions, from the            7-32 Nancy Joseph           973.744.4912
principal, with poise and confidence. Yesterday, Sr. Joan              Michele Sweetman      973.667.6623
and I learned some new facts about the Verrazano-Narrows         8-33 Mary Ellen Branagan 973.667.5488
Bridge as told with polish and finesse by Giovani de                   Kiki Garcia           973.433.4484
Verrazano himself in the person of Jaclyn Scerbak (7-31).        8-34 Janice Childers        973.338.7107
All of the teachers enjoy basking in the satisfaction and              Darlene Saporito      973.338.0554
accomplishments of our seventh and eight graders reflecting
on the memory of having taught them along the way.
  Let’s pray for our alumnae Class of 2009
as they receive the sacrament of
Confirmation this Sunday and next Sunday.                        Thursday, October 22nd
  Have a great weekend!                                             H & S Meeting—7:30 p.m.
                                                                    All parents/guardians are encouraged to attend!
                 Ms. Ferraer
Spirit Walk Reminder                                                          JV Cheerleaders will have their first
Please watch for your pledge cards coming home on Monday,                     practice on Wednesday, October 21st,
October 19th!                                                                 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. in the cafeteria. JV
                                                                              Cheerleaders include 3rd, 4th & 5th grade
The Home & School Association Meeting is on
                                                                              girls! Any questions, please call Gen Pezzino
Thursday, October 22nd, 7:30-8:30 p.m. in the
                                                                              at 973.771.0463.
cafeteria. All are welcome to attend!
                                                                There will be a mandatory Parents Meeting on Wednesday,
                The Fall Gala Beefsteak Dinner is               October 28th, at 7:00 p.m. in the gym. This meeting is
                   Saturday, November 7th!                      for the parents of all 3rd through 8th grade basketball and
                                                                cheerleader participants.
                                                                Please be sure to check our website, www.stalife.org, for
  Please remember that every family PK-8 has one ticket
                                                                information, updates, game highlights, cancellations, work
  included in their tuition payment. Additional tickets may
                                                                assignments, etc.
  be purchased for $35 each.
  All reservations are due in by Friday, October 23rd.
  This includes your pre-paid tuition ticket as well.
  The price of the ticket includes a beefsteak dinner
                                                                            Saturday, October 24th, 9:30 a.m.
                                                                        Morning of Reflection—Women of Wisdom
  catered by Nightingales, soda, water, beer, coffee &
  dessert. You may bring in any other beverage of your
                                                                                           Monday, October 26th,
                                                                                            12:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.
  Reservation cards will be sent home on Friday, November                                  Eucharistic Adoration
  6th. We will do our best to accommodate all seating
Shopping Raffle Tickets are on sale now!
Tickets are $10 each with 3 chances to win a $500 gift
card to the Garden State Plaza Mall. We are asking every                 SMART TUITION REMINDERS
family to help by selling just 1 raffle ticket.                 Payments: ALL payments must be made directly to
Pre-Sale Raffle Tickets                                         Smart Tuition. No payments will be accepted in the
Raffle tickets for the gift baskets will be on sale beginning   school office or parish center.
the week of November 2nd in the school parking lot.             BeforeCare & AfterCare Payments: All fees for
Trunk Donations
                                                                services provided will be added to your Smart Tuition
Please send your donation in ASAP. Thanks!                      account on a weekly basis. The bill will be posted by
                                                                the Thursday following the week the service is used.
In-Service Sign-Up
If you are a Fall Gala volunteer and have not signed up for a
                                                                Payments may be made on a weekly basis. Please
committee, please call Maryann Garner at 973.338.1868.
                                                                check your Smart account for details.
                                                                Late Fees: If a late fee is assessed to your account
                                                                and not paid with your next tuition payment,
                                                                additional late fees will continue to be added on your
                 Don’t forget                                   If you have any questions about your Smart Tuition
                 to get your                                    account, please call the School Office at
                 flu shots!
                                                                              Newsletter Submissions
                                                                  E-mail information to staoffice@catholic.org. The
                        Shop Rite Gift Card                       deadline is Wednesday, 12:00 p.m. If there is a
                           Order Form                             12:15 p.m. dismissal or no school on a Friday, the
                                                                  deadline is Tuesday, 12:00 p.m. Thanks!
Parent’s/Guardian’s Name: ________________
                                                                     The NJ Sex Offender Website includes the names,
Student’s Name: ________________________                             addresses and municipalities of individual sex offenders.
Homeroom: ______ Order Amount: $ _______                                  http://www.njsp.org/info/reg sexoffend.html.

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