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									                                  Santa Clara Valley (SCV) Section
    October 2009                                    

Famous Quotes              Message from the Chair
Leaders are made,          Dear members,
they are not born.
They are made by           Last month, Mahantesh Hiremath, our past section chair and now district D leader presented a
hard effort, which is      professional development seminar on “Systems Engineering – Process and Practice” to an
                           audience of 80 online and in-person attendees. We received many positive comments as well as
the price all of us        suggestions for a follow-up course.
must pay to achieve
any goal that is           At one point in the seminar, Mahantesh flashed on the screen ten different quotes and asked the
worthwhile.                audience which quote best coincides with the main theme of systems engineering. The answer
-Vince Lombardi            was the following proverb, “A good beginning makes a good end.” In other words, a thorough
                           understanding of your customer’s needs early on will help you to deliver a solution that the
                           customer really wants. I believe that the services that we offer you this year should reflect this

                           So my question to you is simple. How can the Santa Clara Valley Section best meet your needs
                           this year? Would you help me answer this question by clicking on the following link and taking a
The greatest
                           moment to send a brief response? Your responses will help your leadership team plan additional
accomplishment is not      activities for the coming year that will be both meaningful and beneficial to you.
in never falling, but in
rising again after you
-Vince Lombardi
                           Johann Tiamzon

Cross country skiing is
great if you live in a
small country.
-Steven Wright

                            Topics Inside This Issue
                            P1   Message from the Chair                           P7    Global Engineering Management Conference
                            P2   Calendar of Local Engineering Events             P7    22nd Annual Bioprocess Technology Seminars and
                            P3   Engineering Employment and Volunteer             P8    ASME Volunteer Opportunity Bulletin Board
                            P4   ASME-SCVS PD Seminar: “Geometric Dimensioning    P9    Value of ASME membership
                                 and Tolerancing”
                            P5   ASME-SCVS PD Seminar: “FEA and CFD Simulations   P10   ASME-SCVS Professional Development Events
                                 for the Solar Industry”                                Calendar
                            P6   ASME HQ news: 2009 ASME Congress Notice          P10   ASME-SCVS contact information
                            P6   New Faces of Engineering

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                                  Santa Clara Valley (SCV) Section
October 2009                                         

                                                                                             Santa Clara Valley Section
  Calendar of Local Engineering                                                                          Sponsors


  Description                                                           Date
  IEEE Santa Clara Valley monthly events                                various
  Monthly meeting of AIChE NorCal Section                               TBA
  Organization: IEEE-CNSV                                               10/20/09
  Event: From Bell Labs to Silicon Valley: A Saga of Technology
  Transfer, 1954-61

  PD Seminar: Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, ASMEY14.5-        10/24/09
  2009: What’s New in the Standard? Santa Clara University              9-4 pm

  PD Seminar: FEA and CFD Simulation for the Solar Industry             11/7/09

  Electrochemical Society Dinner Meeting: Featuring Kurt Kelty from     12/10/09
  Tesla Motors. Contact Sarah Stewart:

           Want to add your event to our list?
     Send your event information to Dave Bartz, newsletter

                                                                                                   Your Company Logo Here

                                                                                                   Interested in sponsoring ASME SCVS?
                                                                                                       Please contact Johann Tiamzon
                                                                                                                (408) 480 6540

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                                   Santa Clara Valley (SCV) Section
    October 2009                                 

                            Engineering Employment Opportunities
To post employment opportunities for your company, please send a description of the position and contact
information to:

Dave Bartz
ASME-SCVS newsletter editor

                                                Science is Elementary
 Interested in having a lasting impact on your community in just 2 hours a month?

 Science is Elementary, a Silicon Valley non-profit, is looking for engineers, scientists, and others with a background in
 science or engineering who are interested in volunteering two hours a month to lead science units in local elementary
 school classrooms. If you have a passion for science or science education and you care about your community, you can
 help by volunteering to facilitate hands-on experiments with children. Last year we reached 170 students in underprivileged
 schools every month. This year, with your help, we will reach 440.

 Each unit has been designed with kids in mind. The hands-on curriculum is fun and engaging. And, what's more, you'll be
 helping enthusiastic students in underprivileged elementary schools. A volunteer says "It was great fun working with the
 kids. They were so excited about the hands-on activities they were smiling and laughing almost the entire time while
 learning about science, including advanced concepts. I definitely encourage other adults, whether they are parents or not,
 to volunteer -- you will have a great time, too"
 You probably already know that the state of science education is critical - especially in the Bay Area. A recent study from
 the Lawrence Hall of Science revealed that teachers spend less than 1 hour a week on science. It's time to change that
 Become a volunteer with Science is Elementary by visiting our website at For more information, please read our FAQ at The children will thank you for your effort.
 Tzipor Ulman
 Executive Director, Science is Elementary

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                                              Santa Clara Valley (SCV) Section
        October 2009                                                 
                                                  ASME PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR
                                       Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing:
                                    ASME Y14.5-2009: What’s New in the Standard?
                                                                 Bryan R. Fischer, President
                                                   Advanced Dimensional Management, LLC
    Register & get your 50+ page                  Saturday, October 24, 2009 9 am – 4 pm PST                                           
        GD&T booklet FREE!
    Attend in-person or by Webinar
                                                        Location: Santa Clara University
                                                                 Non-Member: $125 per person
                                                             Member ASME or SVEC: $75 per person
                                                              Student, Unemployed, or Retired: $45
                                             All in-person attendees will receive a catered lunch as part of the seminar experience.

Bryan R. Fischer is an ASME Certified Senior Level GD&T Professional, a member of several national standards committees involved
with GD&T and other engineering standards. Bryan is the author of several books on GD&T, Tolerance Analysis, and Print Reading. He
has been actively involved in the shaping of the new GD&T Standard, ASME Y14.5-2009. This seminar is a detailed, technical and in-
depth overview of the principal changes and improvements in the ASME Y14.5-2009 standard. Changes in philosophy and the overall
intent of the new revision are discussed and have applicability to the migration from 2-D to 3-D. New terms, definitions, symbols, rules,
feature types, tools, techniques, approaches, and changes made to each section of the standard are also presented. Implications of the
changes to the design, manufacturing, inspection and other downstream processes are discussed.
Bryan is President of Advanced Dimensional Management LLC in Sherwood, Oregon, offering leading-edge training and consulting in
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, in Tolerance Stackup & Analysis, in Dimensional Management, in Variation Management, in
Design Quality and Drawing Quality to companies worldwide.
  • Overall intent of the new standard
  • Changes in philosophy
  • New Terms, Definitions, Symbols, Tools and Rules
  • New and expanded Feature types, techniques and approaches
  • Examples, applications and alternative methods
  • 3-D Model-Based Techniques
  • Extensive Discussion of changes:
         o Dimensioning, Tolerancing, Symbology, Form, Orientation, Location, Profile, Runout
  • Implications of the new standard to design, manufacturing, inspection and other downstream processes
YOU WILL GET – 50+ page PDF booklet loaded with information about the new standard – a $30 value
GD&T Professionals, Design Engineers, CAD Users, Mechanical Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Quality Engineers, Inspection &
Assembly Professionals, Machinists, Technical Managers, Project Managers, Technical Professionals, Unemployed Engineers

CONTACT REGISTRAR                                                            Send payment to: ASME SCVS, P.O. Box 611865, San Jose, CA 95161-1865
                                                                           Payment must be received prior to the seminar and will not be accepted at the door.
•     Sunil Belligundu: (408) 768-2391                                                  Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
•     Email:                             Name________________________________Company____________________________________
REGISTER AND PAY                                               Address_________________________________ Title_____________________________________
• Acteva (Credit Card Service)                                 City______________________________ State ______ ZIP __________ Phone_________________
                                                               Email___________________ Engineering Society __________
•     Mail-in form with Check/ Money Order
      - must be received on the day prior to seminar start       Attend in Person     Attend online
                                                               I can provide proof of membership (Circle one) Yes    No;        I eat vegetarian when it is provided

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                               Santa Clara Valley (SCV) Section
    October 2009                                 

                    “FEA & CFD Simulations for the Solar Industry”
                            Metin Ozen, President and CEO, Ozen Engineering Inc
                                          Location: Santa Clara, CA
                                        Saturday, November 7, 2009
                                    ASME or SVEC member: $50 per person
                                        Non-Member: $69 per person
                                 Student, Unemployed, or Retired Member: $30

                                     ATTEND IN-PERSON or BY WEBINAR

The Solar industry faces many technological challenges. In the center stage of making Solar Energy achieve its
promise is the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD) Simulations. Come
and see the applications of FEA and CFD to the Solar Industry that involve thermal, structural, thermal-stress, solder
joint reliability, electrical, and fluid structure interactions. This is an applications oriented class.

  Use of Finite Element Analysis for thermal analysis
  Principles and applications of design optimization for Solar Applications
  Use of Finite Element Analysis for addressing structural issues in Solar
  Analysis techniques for interactions including thermal-stress
  Simulations for modeling & understanding PV electrical behavior in Solar
  Analysis of fluid-structure interactions
  Use of Computational Flow Dynamics in Solar Applications
  This class will be focused on applications developed in ANSYS                                       ANSYS OPTIMIZATION OUTPUT

Professionals responsible for Solar Design Optimization, Solar Design Engineers, Clean Tech Mechanical Engineers,
Electrical Engineers, Clean Tech Consultants, Manufacturing Engineers, Users of Finite Element or Computational
Flow Dynamics Software, Mechanical Engineering Supervisors, Unemployed Engineers and Technical Engineering
Supervisors & Managers.

• Acteva (Credit Card Service)                          Send payment to: ASME SCVS, P.O. Box 611865, San Jose, CA 95161-1865               Payment must be received prior to the seminar and will not be accepted at the door.

•     Mail-in form with Check/ Money                                    Simulations for the Solar Industry
      Order- must be received on the day   Name________________________________Company____________________________________
      prior to seminar start               Address_________________________________ Title_____________________________________

CONTACT REGISTRAR                          City______________________________ State ______ ZIP __________ Phone_________________

• Email Registrar:                         Email___________________ Engineering Society __________                      Attend in Person     Attend online
• Call Registrar, Sunil Belligundu         I can provide proof of membership (Circle one) Yes   No;   I eat vegetarian when it is provided
  (408) 768-2391

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                                 Santa Clara Valley (SCV) Section
October 2009                                         

         Energy a Key Strategy for ASME                                          PLAN TO ATTEND
In 2008, the ASME Board of Governors identified energy                        THE 2009 ASME CONGRESS
as of the areas where the Society is poised to leverage the
expertise of its members - as well as its products and
services – to play a leadership role in matters impacting
the globe. Energy Grand Challenge as one of the Society’s
three strategic priorities, along with globalization and                The ASME International Mechanical Engineering
engineering workforce development.                                      Congress and Exposition, including 20 discussion tracks
                                                                        on topics ranging from energy to nanotechnology, will be
As a result, the ASME Energy Grand Challenge Roadmap                    held Nov. 13-19, at the
was established as one the first steps that the Society will            Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin in Lake
take to identify, organize, and build upon existing energy              Buena Vista, Fla.
capabilities, products and services to better serve those
who rely on and expect the highest quality energy                       The Congress, the Society's largest annual conference, will
information and expertise.                                              bring together engineers, scientists
                                                                        and other professionals from around the world to discuss
The Challenge initiative identified nine areas of                       new research and applications that are shaping the future
opportunity for ASME in energy. Among the areas are:                    of engineering. The conference will feature nearly 350
                                                                        technical sessions covering advancements in aerospace
    •    Strengthen alliances with other societies and                  technology, manufacturing, micro devices, transportation,
         international organizations                                    and biotechnology to name a few. Get unique insights into
    •    Increase ASME’s profile in renewable and                       engineering's cutting-edge research and development and
         emerging technologies.                                         how it will determine the evolution of technology
    •    Provide a rational, informed voice for political               worldwide. Discover trend setting innovations and tools
         engagement.                                                    being showcased by industry leading companies, and build
    •    Build on existing ASME capabilities and                        your professional network, expand your knowledge,
         expertise in the nuclear area.                                 and advance your career through various forums,
                                                                        workshops, industry tours, and a Career Expo.
Read more about the Energy Grand Challenge and
                                                                        For event information, visit
ASME’s Strategic Roadmap. Visit:

                          Are YOU the New Face of Mechanical Engineering?
  ASME wants you to tell us your story! The New Faces of Engineering program strives to promote the accomplishments of
  early career engineers by highlighting their engineering contributions and the resulting impact on society.

  How Do You Get Recognized? You've got to be 30 years of age or younger as of Dec. 31, 2009; have a degree in
  engineering from an ABET accredited U.S. college or university, or from an equivalent international educational institution;
  and be a current member of ASME.

  Nominate yourself, or a worthy colleague, today:

  This year we are again asking nominees to include, if available, video showing them on the job (on or off site). This will not
  impact the selection chances. Last year we received informal action and on-the-job photos from several New Faces; these
  snaps were a popular addition to our online feature and we encourage you to include these again, if available. See for more information.

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               Santa Clara Valley (SCV) Section
October 2009  

                        Page 7
                                     Santa Clara Valley (SCV) Section
    October 2009                                      

                                                                          22nd Annual Bioprocess Technology Seminars and
                                                                          Exhibition Focus on New Insights and Real World
  Global Engineering Management Conference
  (GEMC) Provides Hands-on Experiential Learning                          The 22nd Annual Bioprocess Technology Seminars and
                                                                          Exhibition, to be held June 14-16, 2010 in Montreal, will
  Opportunities for Engineering Managers                                  feature seven seminars and a special new workshop – all
                                                                          exploring the theme of “New Insights and Real World
  The challenges facing mid-career engineers today require a              Applications.” The event is intended to provide attendees
  balanced portfolio of technical and soft skills. In response to         with the chance to learn practical strategies and techniques
  this need for specialized training, the ASME Management                 from more than 30 leading industry experts who will
  Division has developed the Global Engineering Management                discuss the latest topics related to the design and
  Conference (GEMC) in conjunction with an Advisory Board                 operations of today’s bioprocessing facilities.
  of industry leaders. With a focus on knowledge transfer from
  best-in-class organizations and an emphasis on hands-on                 The event will comprise seven two-day seminars, Design
  experiential learning, the GEMC will provide unique insights            and Operation of Clean Utilities for the Bioprocessing
  into what engineering managers need to compete in an                    Industry, Process Modeling and Simulation in the
  increasingly demanding global market place. Attendees will              BioPharmaceutical Industry, Bioprocess Equipment
  benefit from technical panels discussing critical subjects              Design and Facility Layout, Bioprocess Fermentation &
  including, but not limited to:                                          Cell Culture Scaleup and Design, Bioprocess Technology
                                                                          Implementation, Bioreactor and Fermenter Design, and
      •    Global Manufacturing & Management Challenges                   Bioprocess Purification Process Development. Attendees
      •    Crisis Management & Business Recovery                          are eligible for PDHs upon completion of the seminar.
      •    Design & Development of Sustainable Energy
      •    Managing & Developing Engineers in Large                       This year, the 22nd Annual Bioprocess Technology
           Corporations                                                   Seminars and Exhibition will include a new feature, the
                                                                          Applications of ASME BPE (Bioprocessing Equipment)
  The GEMC includes a host of activities, such as an exclusive            Standard Workshop. Led by ASME BPE experts, this
  tour of the Texas Instruments LEED Manufacturing Facility               session will acquaint attendees with current trends
  and a behind the scenes engineering tour of the new Dallas              happening in the biopharm industry and show them how
  Cowboys stadium. Furthermore, attendees will be able to                 the ASME BPE standard is used to address these trends.
  earn continuing education unit (CEU) accreditation through              The workshop, which will be held on June 16, also will
  tutorials led by Dr. Jerry Westbrook, past president and                include hands-on training to demonstrate the applications
  executive director of the American Society for Engineering              of the BPE standard in the development, design and
  Management (ASEM).                                                      operation of bioprocessing facilities.

                                                                          For more information, contact Jennifer Delda, program
                                                                          manager, by e-mail at, or visit

                                      E-MENTORS PROVIDE CAREER GUIDANCE

If you are interested in finding an E-Mentor, visit ASME’s E-Mentoring Program on ASME.ORG — — and take a look at the various mentor biographies in the E-Mentor database, or
search for an E-Mentor by industry or location. E-Mentors in the program represent a wide range of companies and organizations,
including Abbott Labs, Boeing, Caterpillar, Cessna Aircraft, Duke Power, Entergy Nuclear, IBM, Lockheed Martin, UPS, Procter and
Gamble, the Smithsonian Institute and more. Candidates need to submit an application form and specifying up to three mentors who
best fit their career interests. ASME will
confirm your membership status and the matching process will begin. Mentors and mentees will be notified by e-mail when their
match has been made. ASME has more than 800 mentors who are waiting to help guide students and early career engineers via the
Society’s E-Mentoring initiative.

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                                    Santa Clara Valley (SCV) Section
    October 2009                                    

                                                                          PPC Online – Make the Jump from
                                                                          Engineering Graduate to Business
Don’t Miss Your Opportunity                                               Gain Knowledge that will help you succeed as a
                                                                          professional in the engineering workplace with
Looking for a new adventure at ASME? Need a volunteer to help
                                                                          this comprehensive online series of 49 self-learning
your group get on track? If you answered “yes” to either of these
questions, the Volunteer Opportunity Bulletin Board (VOBB)
                                                                          --The modules are designed to provide you with the
could help. The VOBB is the one-stop online resource for those
                                                                          everyday business and management skills necessary for
interested in finding open volunteer positions and groups needing
                                                                          smooth career entry and advancement.
enthusiastic volunteers for their ASME local, District and/or
                                                                          --Learn professional written and verbal business
international level committees. As a tool designed to help ASME
                                                                          communication skills to improve your performance with
leaders promote and fill volunteer positions throughout the
                                                                          co-workers and potential employers.
society, the VOBB opens the door to new opportunities.
                                                                          --Information about different industries and career paths so
                                                                          you can make the choices that are right
To learn more about the VOBB, posting an online position or
                                                                          for you.
         filling a posted position, go to or contact Ty Booker at                     Enhance your career today! Visit                                                 

                         You have the power to shape the future of ASME!!
  During the 2010 ASME Annual Meeting next June, the Nominating Committee will evaluate candidates, deliberate and nominate
  individuals from our Society for the following offices:

                 Board of Governors - 3 to be elected
                 Vice President

                    Leadership and Diversity – Centers Sector
                    Nuclear Codes & Standards – Codes and Standards Sector
                    Pressure Technology Codes & Standards – Codes and Standards Sector
                    International Petroleum Technology Institutes – Institutes Sector
                    Global Communities – Knowledge and Community Sector

  Terms of office for the positions voted above will begin in June 2011. Please evaluate individuals in your unit of ASME as possible
  nominees for the officer positions in your Sector. You may also consider potential nominees for the offices of President and the
  three Board of Governor positions.

  Additionally, Voting and Alternate Members for the 2011 Nominating Committee will be elected during the business meeting of
  the ASME Annual Meeting.

  The Nominating Committee is now smaller, and it is crucial that each segment of the Society be represented in the selection
  process by a highly qualified Nominating Committee member. Please identify members to represent your sector.

  For further information please contact RuthAnn Bigley at 212.591.7650 or

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                              Santa Clara Valley (SCV) Section
October 2009                                

Dear Members,

The world is changing at blinding speed. Major discoveries are made every day. New inventions and innovations
dramatically benefit billions of people around the globe each year. So, who is on the forefront of all this change? OK, that
was a loaded question and you knew I was going to say mechanical engineers, didn’t you? Well, believe it! Mechanical
engineers are making the world better, safer, cleaner and healthier!

Mechanical engineering encompasses so many disciplines and touches every aspect of our lives. This is truly an exciting
time to be a mechanical engineer, and your fellow ME’s are working on some pretty amazing things right now:

    •   Dr. Danny Olivas, a mechanical engineer (and ASME Member) served as a mission specialist on Space Shuttle
        Discovery mission STS-128. Dr. Olivas made three spacewalks and helped improve the International Space Station
        as part of the mission.

    •   Nano Researchers in California are reporting development of a "NanoPen" that could provide a quick, convenient
        way of laying down patterns of nanoparticles — from wires to circuits — for making futuristic electronic devices,
        medical diagnostic tests, and other nanotech applications.

    •   A group of students from Rice University recently won the ASME I-Show (Innovation Showcase) competition for
        a medical device that can aid physicians and other health care professionals in evaluating muscle injuries in the

I take great pride in my ASME Membership and so should you! I challenge you to get out from behind your desks and
spread the word about the amazing work you do every day. Mechanical Engineering is F-U-N. And creative. And
important. And exciting. Share your pride with your neighbors and friends. Share your pride with your children and their
friends. Show your excitement when you tell them what you do for a living. Mechanical Engineering is anything but
boring. Today, I am sharing my ASME Member Pride with you, and I hope you do the same with people you know!

Along that line, this month I’d like you to share something about yourself. Please send an e-mail to
and let me know why you are proud to be a mechanical engineer (or an ASME Member). I’ll share some of the responses in
a future Member Savvy.

Warmest regards,

Michael Kreisberg, director, ASME Membership Development

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                             Santa Clara Valley (SCV) Section
 October 2009                              

                                          Upcoming Seminars
 Date                        Topic                             Guest Speakers               Organization
                  Geometric Dimensioning and                                             Advanced Dimensional
10/24/09                                                        Bryan Fischer
                          Tolerancing                                                        Management
              FEA and CFD Simulation for the Solar
11/7/09                                                          Metin Ozen                 Ozen Engineering
                How to Pass the Fundamentals of
12/5/09                                                        Shariar Jahanian               EITEXPERTS
                     Engineering/EIT Exam

                               Contact your Santa Clara Valley Section
           We want to hear from you. Please, send an e-mail to any of the Board Members below.
   Chair: Johann Tiamzon                              Professional Development Chair: Scott Burr
   E-mail:                         E-mail:
   Tel: (408) 480-6540                                Tel: (408)689-0888

   Section Vice-Chair: Amip Shah                      Treasurer: Ying F. Pang
   E-mail:                             E-mail:

    Secretary: Piyush Savalia

                                     MONTHLY MEETINGS
                                   (2nd non-holiday Thursday of the Month)
   Expand your professional network. Join us at our regular Membership/Business Monthly Meetings

                                          Mark Your Calendar
                                      When: 7:00PM, Nov 12th, 2009
                                   Location: Virtual Meeting, held online
                                Contact: Piyush Savalia (
                    Santa Clara Valley Section Website:

                           SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

Find out how becoming a sponsor to the ASME can enhance your visibility and reputation
with Engineers and Business Professionals across the Pacific Northwest.

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