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					        St. Luke's Episcopal
            700 Lincoln Ave
(corner of 7th and Lincoln,
   Wamego’s main street)
              785 456-9310
                                 St. Luke’s

   Remember Day-
  light Savings time
     end Nov 1st.                To Know Christ and Make Christ Known                                  November, 2009
                                          What: Inquirer’s Class               Instructions for Receiving Holy
                                                                               Communion during the cold and flu
Points of Inter-               When: a total of 8 Wed. evenings in three       season (October thru March): You are
est:                           months November, December, and Janu-            invited to receive both the bread and the
                               ary                                             wine. If you choose to receive the wine
• Pg. 1 Prayer re-                                                             from the common cup, you are asked to
                               Who: All Newcomers to St. Luke’s and
   quests,                                                                     drink from the cup. Kindly refrain from
                               the Episcopal Church (Everyone is in-
                               vited to attend, but only those wishing         dipping or intinction.* Our Lay Eucharis-
• Pg. 2, Rector’s                                                              tic Ministers will be thoroughly trained in
   page,                       to be baptized and confirmed are re-
                                                                               wiping the rim of the common cup. Thank
                               quired to attend.)
                                                                               you, Fr. Matt
• Pg. 3, general
                               Why: Christian Education, Spiritual For-
   news                        mation, Church Integration
                                                                               * CDC and the Infectious Disease Nurse at Mercy Regional
                                                                               advises against fingers in common vessels.

• Pg. 4, Youth                 Curriculum: Via Media .       (Cont. pg.3)      Many thanks to Ed and Susan Dillinger for
   group, Diocesan                                                             hosting the Youth event Oct. 18th at their
   news,                                                                       ranch which included a hayrack ride out to
                               Vestry Notes: At annual meeting in Janu-        the buffalo herd and a buffalo burger meal. It
• Pg. 5, November              ary, the outgoing Vestry persons are recruit-
   duty schedule,              ing two people to serve. There will also be a   was wonderful!! Thanks for your generosity.
   November                    new treasurer selected.
   Birthday and                                                                PLEASE PRAY FOR: Miguel, Joe,
   Anniversaries               United Thank Offering Collection                Liane, Helen, David, Cinnie, Bryan, Deb-
                               will be Sunday, November 1st. Grateful          orah, Gary D., George, Joan, Kim, Virgil,
                               hearts are the reason for this offering.        Virginia, Randy, Ed H., Jeffrey. Remem-
                               It is used to award grants as gifts of          ber our service personnel: Deployed-
                               love and which change lives. It is one          Kevin, Michael and Will. Not deployed -
Our 2009 Ves-                  of the missions of the Episcopal                Hunter, Larry, Rory, Tony.
try members
   are Kally                   Schedule
  McConkey,                    Sunday service at 8:00 a.m.       Wednesday : 12:45 p.m.,            Tuesdays, 10:00 a.m. Bible
                               and 9:30 a.m.                     Healing service followed by        Study, Guild Hall. (please join
  Cheri Pugh,                                                    Holy Eucharist.                    in.)
                               Guild meets on 1st Sunday of
   Malcolm                     the month after the 9:30 ser-     Valley Vista service, 4th          Wednesdays, 7:30 p.m.
                               vice.                             Sunday, 2:00 p.m.                  Reunion group
  Smith, Dick
                               Vestry meets on the 2nd Sun-      Mondays, 6:30 a.m.,
Winkler, Kathy                 day of the month after the 9:30   Breakfast study group,
                                                                 McDonald’s. (Everyone is
   Hunt and                    service.
Larry Hannan.
  To Know Christ and Make Christ Known                                                                   Page 2
                              At right is a picture of Fr. Matt in his favorite t-
Rector’s Page:                shirt of all time on his second birthday after
                              eating his birthday cake.

“Trust is a Wonderful Thing!”

Recently, I was waiting to see my physician for an annual check up and I no-
ticed an advertisement for a funeral home in the T.V. Guide. Wait! Haven’t
you ever sat in the waiting room of your physician and discovered that you are
a little uptight about the “exam” that is about to happen? But, to be reminded
of your own mortality on top of that seemed to make this situation even more
difficult. Surely, we all know someone who has a phobia about hospitals or doctors, so it stands to reason that being
a little nervous while sitting in a waiting room is even okay for this priest. Anyway back to the ad, the phrase that
drew my attention to the ad read, “Trust is a Wonderful Thing!” Being a born again skeptic with tendencies toward
cynicism when it comes to our consumer driven society, I was intrigued at what the producer was trying to capital-
ize on with this message of trust. And, I was in need of some pastoral support and emotional comfort. So, I read on
thinking there might be something to this ad.

Okay, in case I have already lost you let’s recap, I am stressfully longing to find some comfort in the waiting room, I
am anxiously and phrenetically thumbing through the pages of the T.V. Guide, which I never look at or read. And,
the very first thing that catches my attention is the baby pictured in diapers standing upright, perhaps for the very
first time. All I can see in the picture is the baby and a big person’s hand holding nearby and ready. For me, in that
anxious waiting room, the sight of a baby with a hand nearby was very comforting. Reading on I find the following
definition, “Trust is knowing someone will be there when you need a shoulder to cry on. It’s knowing a promise
made is a promise kept.” Wow, I think to myself. God is good. God truly can use anything, even a T.V. Guide ad for
a funeral home to bring more love and compassion into the world.

I thought about cutting the ad out, it was so right for me at that moment. It reminded me of how God did not prom-
ise that nothing bad would happen to us. God promises to walk through it with us and thereby move us beyond to
glory, or at least to non-anxious presence. I would like to imagine that God as Loving Companion Presence will al-
ways see us through and beyond. Perhaps, this strange encounter of the heart could be made into a “Touched By An
Angel” episode, which I noticed is in syndication on the Hallmark channel. Yet, there is much more depth to God’s
compassionate embrace of us than that T.V. show could portray. God as Loving Companion Presence can make
anything and anyone useful at anytime and under any circumstances. And, this Real Presence is always available to
us. Just like the hand in the picture.

The only difficulty seems to be that we are reluctant and downright resistant at times to be like one of these little
one’s – completely and totally naked and dependent on God’s Grace. Believing that God is there is sort of like Hall-
mark, T.V. Guide, Touched By An Angel et al., a syrupy spirituality. Moreover, knowing God is there through
your own lived experience of the living Christ among us and the reign of God within us is altogether beyond all our
human limitations of conceptual knowledge. If I am that baby ready to take that next step on the faith journey as a
human being, I see God’s hand and know God’s voice saying to me, “YOU HAVE TO GO BEYOND.”

Trust is indeed a wonderful thing when your creator, liberator, and sanctifier is compelling you to GO…..BEYOND!
As we continue to journey together in faith, GO….

Father Matt
     Page 3                                                                                St. Luke’s Newsletter
ULE                        Committee Meetings: The committees                            Inquirer’s class
                           are to meet for twenty minutes prior to
Sunday, November 1,        Vestry meeting.                                                 Via Media
FALL BACK (daylight
savings time ends)         Committee Reports:                                   is an educational tool meant to keep
                                                                                members of the Episcopal Church
•   Guild meeting          Stewardship: Rob Lindsey is the convener             informed about their faith and give
    following 9:30 ser-       and Laurina Hannan is the scribe. A               seekers the opportunity to learn
                              stewardship program will be imple-                about the Episcopal Church. With
                              mented in March 2011.                             insightful videos featuring well
•   5:00p.m., Ultreya                                                           known theologians and open discus-
    and potluck, St.                                                            sion, the Via Media approach is a
                           Welcome/Outreach: The Inquirer’s class
                              begins this month.                                unique way to get people excited
•   Youth group, TBA
                                                                                about the Episcopal Tradition.
                           Youth: The Dillinger Ranch hayride was a
Sunday, November 8            success. The youth are now planning               Over a period of eight weeks, a group
                              their Haunted House in the Guild Hall             gathers together to learn about Chris-
•   Ministry Fair fol-                                                          tianity within a community. Using a
    lowing 9:30 service                                                         combination of learning styles, which
                           Worship: The Advent booklet will be                  includes videos, written materials,
•   Vestry Meeting                                                              small group discussions and large
    following the Minis-     planned at the next meeting. If you
                             have anything you would like in the                group forums, participants encounter
    try Fair
                                                                                the basic principles of Christianity
                             service, please tell Fr. Matt or Cinnie.
Wednesday, November                                                             through the Anglican approach of
11                         Building and Grounds: The Guild Hall                 Scripture, traditions and reason. Par-
                               north wall furnace has been repaired.            ticipants are encouraged to ask ques-
•   11:45 a.m. Worship
                               Consider a donation to the kitchen               tions, and to explore their own ques-
    Committee Meet-
                               fund for a new kitchen floor and                 tions through conversation in com-
    ing                                                                         munity.
                               counter top edge. There will be a
    6:30-8 p.m. In-            clean-up day to do gutter cleaning and
                                                                                 Wednesday’s from 6:30
    quirer’s Class             to tuck/point the chimney area, plus
                               other repairs/cleaning. Luke Hannan                  pm to 8:00 pm
Sunday November 22
                               has agreed to provide snow removal at
•   2 p.m. Valley Vista        the church this winter.                          November 11, 25
                                                                                December 2, 16
                           Ed Dillinger is continuing his work in Zambia
•   7 p.m. Community       and Zimbabwe the focusing on HIV/Aids pre-
    Thanksgiving Ser-      vention and education that he has been in-           January 6, 13, 20, 27
    vice                   volved with for the past five years. He has been
                           a full-time/part-time volunteer with the Insti-
Wednesday, November
25:                        tute of Cultural Affairs since 1971, focusing        If you have any news and/or views that you
                           on advancing Human Development. See                  would like to share with the whole congre-
•   7 p.m. – Thanksgiv- . He works with a          gation via the newsletter or the service
    ing Day Dinner         colleague from Chicago for a week in each coun-      sheets, please email and/or call Cinnie.
•   6:30-8 p.m. In-                                                                            Healing service
    quirer’s Class
                           Treasurer’s Financial Statement: Year to Date        Healing Services followed by Holy Eucharist will
Thursday, November 26:     as of October 11, 2009: Income is $ 52,065.22; Ex-    now be offered every Wednesday at 12:45 p.m.
                           penses $ 51.308.43. Balance $ 756.43.
•   12:00 p.m. Thanks-
    giving Day Com-
    munity Meal in
                           Keep Thanksgiving Day in mind when you start planning that weekend. St. Luke’s
    Guild Hall             will be hosting the community meal, noon on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. Bring
                           the entire family and guests to help and enjoy the meal and fellowship in the Guild Hall.
                                                                                                                       Page 4

                         Youth group                               Operation Christmas Child (OPC): As part
                                                                   of St. Luke’s effort to support the Millennium De-

Youth Group: There is a Canterbury House dinner
                      on1st. Watch for details.
                                                                   velopment Goals a shoe box collection will take
                                                                   place. Information about the collection is in DVD
for the youth on November                                          form and can be found on the information table
                                                                   (along the north guild hall wall). Please feel free
                                                                   to borrow the DVD if you are not familiar with
WMS will be collecting Dyers register receipts again this          OCP. If you wish pack a shoebox again this year,
year to help earn free educational equipment and supplies for      please bring it to church by Nov. 15th and it will be
                                                                   taken to the collection site on Monday, Nov. 16th.
our classrooms. Purchases must be made between Sept 1st
2009 and March 31st 2010. Please drop your receipts off at
the WMS office. Our goal is 50,000 points. Thank you for            November 16, Events:
                                                                    Upcoming Operation Christmas Child pick up.
your support!
                                                                    November 26, Community thanksgiving dinner hosted by St.
                                                                    • November 16-23: Operation Christmas
                                                                        Child                                              g
On Saturday, December 5th, 9-noon in the                                                                       ksgivin
                                                                                              ed o f a Than
Guild Hall, the Guild will be selling homemade                      • November i26, Community ray fully
                                                                                  ill n ne                 p Thanksgiv-
Christmas Cookies by the Pound. This is an                              e are st
                                                                     W ing dinner hosted lease Luke’s y
                                                                                           to r. P by St.
                                                                                ordina                            all
                                                                     meal co                            att or K
annual event to raise money for Church                                                      Let Fr M
                                                                    • onsider th5: . The sixth annual Cookies-by
                                                                        December is
Camp scholarships for our youth. Everyone is                          c                          sion.
                                                                                       ur deci
                                                                        -the-Pound sale in Guild Hall. Consider
invited and encouraged to make decorated Christ-                      kno  w re yo
                                                                        baking and freezing Christmas cookies in
mas cookies (none of the usual chocolate chip or                        preparation annual sale by the Church.
                                                                    December 5. The sixthof thisCookies-by-the-Pound sale in the
peanut butter cookies, etc) for this event and to                   Guild Hall.
help at the sale. Each year we try to have 150 doz.                 •   December 12: Christmas Bureau distri-
                                                                    December 12: Christmas Bureau distribution, First United Meth-
Christmas cookies from St Luke’s.
                                                                    odist Church

Diocesan News:

Save the date for a 150th anniversary gala A gala dinner and dance to cap off the 150th anniversary of the Diocese
of Kansas has been set for the evening of Friday, Dec. 11 at St. Michael and All Angels, Mission . The event will feature a
fabulous dinner and dancing to the sounds of the renowned Michael Beers Band.
Commemorative anniversary plates available for $25. A limited edition ceramic plate commemorating the 150th anni-
versary of the founding of the diocese now is available. The plates, which were donated through the generosity of a
member of St. Michael’s, Mission, features the seal of the diocese overlaid on a diocesan map. They are available for a
suggested non-tax-deductible donation of $25 to benefit the ministries of the diocese. They come in a box perfect for
gifts or mailing. They can be obtained by mail, for an additional $10 shipping charge. To order a plate, contact Char
DeWitt at .

Anti-racism training set for December Anti-racism training that is required for all clergy, church employees, Kansas
School for Ministry students and people in positions of leadership in parishes or the diocese has been set for all day Fri-
day, Dec. 4 and Saturday, Dec. 5 at St. Michal’s, 6630 Nall Ave. in Mission. The workshop is being sponsored by the
Episcopal Diocese of Kansas and the Office of Social Justice Ministries of the Episcopal Church. The Drury Inn located
near St. Michael’s at 9009 W. Shawnee Mission Parkway in Merriam is offering a special conference rate for Friday
night, but the deadline for reservations at this price is Nov. 4.To make reservations call (800) 436-1176 using "Episcopal
Diocese of Kansas" as the name of the group and specify the hotel location, Shawnee Mission/Merriam. The online link
is, click “Book it Fast” and then enter group number 2075144.General Convention in 2000 man-
dated anti-racism training across the Episcopal Church. That resolution is available online at http://
                                    To Know Christ and Make Christ Known
        St. Luke's Episcopal
                      Church                                        MDG’s at www.
             700 Lincoln Ave
  (corner of 7th and Lincoln,
      Wamego’s main street)         One item the church has decided to do is to study the Millennium Development
                785 456-9310        Goals that the national church and our diocese have adopted. Our goal is to supporting it           in 2009 with a budget line item of 0.7% of our budget going to this project. The goals are

                    700 Lincoln            1.         Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.
     (the corner of Seventh and            2.         Achieve universal primary education.
      — Wamego’s main street)              3.         Promote gender equality and empower women.
            Wamego, KS 66547               4.         Reduce child mortality.
                                           5.         Improve maternal health.
              (785) 456-9310
                                           6.         Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.                7.         Ensure environmental stability.
                                           8.         Develop a global partnership for development.

                                    BIRTHDAYS IN OCTOBER:
                                    November 3 - Kellie Dillinger            November 15 - Joe Braun
                                    November 7 – Tess Albin                  November 21 - Ron Smith              November 15 – Jena Albin                 November 28 - Maxx Dillinger

                                    ANNIVERSARIES IN OCTOBER:
                                    November 5 Ed & Susan Dillinger

                                            November                  Duties
                        November1               November 8          November 15           November22           November 29

                    Doreen Smith,          Joyce Elcock, Kathy    Vivian Orndorff,    Pat Frey, Martha       Katey Orndorff,
Altar Guild:        Myrline Winkler        Niedfeldt              Susan Burgess       Miller                 Jean Birk
Lay Reader:         Malcolm Smith          Vivian Orndorff        Doug Elcock         Myrline Winkler        Ed Dillinger

Chalice Bearer      Ed Dillinger           Myrline Winkler        Joyce Elcock        Susan Burgess          Myrline Winkler
Acolyte:                                   S – Laurina            S – Katey,
(C) Crucifer,                              C – Katey              C – Harrison,                              S – Ian, C – Luke
(S) Server          S – Ian, C – Luke,     T – Matthew and        T – Tristan and     S – Laurina, C – Ian   T – Tristan and
(T) Torch bearer    T – Emily and Levi     Hunter                 Emily               T – Hunter and Levi    Emily
Usher               Martha Miller          Hannans                Doug Elcock         Steve Hunt             Hannans
Coffee Host         Martha Miller          Kally McConkey         Mansfields          K Dillingers           Lindseys
Greeter             Larry Hannan           Steve Hunt             Martha Miller       Doug Elcock            Larry Hannan