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                                                                                       October 2009                        Springfield, Oregon 97477

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 Monday of the previous month before the                                          to make a big difference. 
 next newsletter.                                                              Such an opportunity has arisen!  
♦Committees                                                        EAC will increase its presence in the regional art scene 
 Please list your committee meetings on            
 the calendar in the Dottie Chase Class           The Gallery at the Airport (GATA) has lost its funding from the City of Eugene. Rather than 
 Room to avoid over booking. Thank You!           lose this important venue, which provides the introduction to travelers of the culture in 
♦Sue’s Help Wanted:                               the whole area, four art organizations have partnered and have agreed to each have an 
  Contact Sue at 726‐8595 with your               art exhibit for three months, on a rotating basis. Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art  has 
  interest in any of the positions listed 
                                                  agreed to take the first exhibit scheduled for July, August, September 2009.  

  * Computer help … please                        Each of the other partners (EAC LCC, DIVA) will also have a three‐month segment. The 
  * Adult Class Committee Chair                   time frames will be determined by the GATA Board which consists of one representative 
  * Database entry                                from each organization. Dottie Chase will represent EAC and Cheryl Leontina will fill in 
  * Design flyers for adult classes               when needed. 
  * Cleaning Crew‐ (instead of guiding)            

  * Shows on View                                 Each Partner organization will present a proposal to the GATA committee for approval for 
                                                  the year's exhibits. 

                                                  An Art Selection committee has been formed at EAC including Dottie Chase, Ellen  
    What’s New at EAC ............. 1
                                                  Gabehart, Bernie Herr, Cheryl Leontina, Bev Partridge, and Jan Vanderspek. This commit‐
    Shows on View ................... 2           tee has put together a Call to Artists for the EAC membership (another reason to become a 
    Gallery Exhibits .................. 3         member of EAC). The criteria of the GATA committee is that the art be of the "highest 
    Members’ Page .................. 4            quality representing our organization." The theme for the Emerald Art Center Exhibition is 
    Member Meetings ............... 5             “Face of the Community.” 
    Volunteers .................... 6 & 7          

    Mayor’s Art Show ............... 8            This wonderful opportunity gives EAC exposure it would not oth‐
    Workshops.......................... 9         erwise be afforded. Our collaboration will promote tourism in 
    Adult Classes .................... 10         Springfield, identify EAC with the whole community, and in turn, 
    TEACH Arts ....................... 11         will look good on our grant information. 
    Thank YOUs ...................... 12           

    Calendar ...................... insert        Inserted in this newsletter is the “Call to Artists” with Guidelines, 
    GATA Call to Artists ..... insert             Timeline, and Entry Form. Good luck with your submissions! 
    Chamber Music Amici .. insert

                                                  Dottie Chase 

                              PH: 541.726.8595 FX: 541.726.2954 admin@emeraldartcenter.net www.emeraldartcenter.org
                                        Classes, Workshops, Gallery & Gift Shop Tues—Sat 11 am— 4 pm
                                                                                  SHOWS ON VIEW
                                                                            To schedule an exhibition: Contact Isabel L. Dutroncy at 513-4123

                                                                Venue                          Oct.                  Nov. / Dec.                 Jan. / Feb.
                                                              U.S. BANK
Emerald Empire Art Association is a nonprofit              437 Main St., Spfld              Nancy Cook                Sandi Grubbs
organization dedicated to developing and encour-                8 pieces
aging visual arts in the community.
                                                      AFFOLTER, WEST & JONES
Vision: A community embracing and celebrating            1600 Valley River Dr.          Brooke Borcherding           Alana Feldman
the arts, experiencing the joys of creative expres-          8-10 pieces
sion, and sharing artistic creations with one
another.                                                     KOHO BISTRO
                                                           2101 Bailey Hill Rd.            Diane Morrow              Isabel Dutroncy             Sandi Grubbs
Mission: To develop and encourage greater                      16 pieces
interest in the arts.                                       SIUSLAW BANK
                                                           707 Main St., Spfld            Alana Feldman             Charles Roehrick
Goals:                                                        8-10 pieces
• To provide an environment which supports
                                                         OR. RESEARCH INST.
    and develops artists.                                 1715 Franklin Blvd.             Isabel Dutroncy           Donna Schimmels
• To provide opportunities for artists of all                20-30 pieces
    ages to display and market their work.
                                                          FULL CITY COFFEE
• To offer a variety of programs and events to               842 Pearl St.              Oct. - Rina Francisco
                                                                                                                  Nov. - Anita Browning         Jan. - Marge Tull
    teach and display art.                                                                                        Dec. - Margaret Plumb          Feb. - available
                                                              5-6 pieces
• To enrich the community through outreach
    and in-house art programs.                        Dear Members, I am happy to say that the whole calendar for the reminder of this year is full.
• To thrive as an organization with committed         Thank you so much to all of you that participate, our venues are very grateful for the beautiful
    volunteers, sustainable funding sources, and      art we constantly bring to their places of work. Keep up the shows. If you have never been
    sound business practices.                         part of the "Show on View" this is your opportunity, as most of 2010 is open, so take advan-
                                                      tage and be able to choose the venue and the month you want. Also if you are interested in
• To provide leadership in collaborative efforts
                                                      taking over my role please let me, Sue or Cheryl know as I will not be doing the schedule after
    to support organizations located in the
                                                      the end of this year. It is a great way to know venues, I can tell you more about it if you are
    Springfield Downtown Cultural District as
    well as area arts organizations.
General Membership meetings occur the third                                                                                                        Isabel
Tuesday of each month at 6 pm. Visitors are
always welcome.

              Executive Director:
               Cheryl Leontina

            Gallery Coordinator:
                 Sue Banta
                                                                                                                       Certified Organic Coffee
              Newsletter Editor
                Tammy Magee

              Phone: 726-8595
     Website: www.emeraldartcenter.org
                                                                                                                             Founded in 1984 by
Officers:                                                                                                                     Alberto Miranda
President - Joe Leahy                                                                                               The Cafeto Custom Roasting Coffee
1st Vice President - Guy Weese                                                                                          is now the most respected and
2nd Vice President - John Siwinski                                                                                  established coffee roasting company
Secretary - Rina Francisco                                                                                             in Lane County. As a courtesy,
Treasurer - Shirley Reade                                                                                              all coffee is given to us free by
Immediate Past Pres. - Steve Hill                            Janet Smith (541) 746-1100                             Mr. Miranda. (Centrally located in the
                                                            Toll Free # 1-800-746-1102                                 Eugene/Springfield metro area by
                                                                                                                              Exit 191 on I-5.)
Page 2 – The Artists’ Corner– October 2009
         Cyd & Casey Woodard Gallery
          John & Robin Jaqua Gallery
            Brockett Family Gallery
              The Emerald Art Center presents

            The exhibit is shown from
      October 3rd through October 30th, 2009.
                  You are invited to be our
                   Honored Guest
                        to attend the
             Sponsor Recognition
   Artists’ Reception & Awards Ceremony
            Friday, October 2nd, 5:30 ‐ 7:00 pm
   The Emerald Art Center has planned a special evening to
thank YOU, our esteemed sponsors, enjoy a great art exhibit,
          and meet the artists who made it great!

     Join us for hors d’ oeuvres, confections, and a toast
     to the artists and arts advocates in our community.

                                                             Page 3 – The Artists’ Corner– October 2009
         “SMALL ART” SHOW
The November/December Members' Show              Welcome Experience Works Employees:
will be a theme show--a repeat of last year's    Rich InLove (Left)
"Small Art for Everyone" show that all           Lindsay Graham (center)
seemed to enjoy. The intake date for the         Sandra Powell (Right)
show will be Saturday, October 31. The           My name is Rich InLove and I come to Emerald Art Center
specifications for the pieces of art             by way of the Experience Works program. I've lived in
INCREASED THIS YEAR to 12 inches in              Eugene for just over three years now, and before that I was a
any direction, NOT including frame. Also,
if you participate in the theme, you will be     native Californian. I've enjoyed working with elementary
allowed to display two pieces, since we're       school age children and it's my hope to be able to assist Annetta with the art programs that are
dealing with the small size. If you choose to    offered to children and families at Emerald Art Center. A pleasant surprise for me has been to
do something other than a miniature, that's      discover that Springfield is a city that strongly promotes various art, such as murals, that one
fine, just remember that it needs to be the      can enjoy even while walking or driving. It's such a nice positive for a city. Thank you!
normal one piece per member. So, start to        Hi, I am Lindsey Graham and just starting at EAC with the Experience Works and was very
work on something small! It will be fun see      excited to be training here because I am a very shy artist and I know this will be exciting to add
what you all create. There won't be another      to my artist skills and just be around other artist! I like to dye, card and spin wool, draw in color
reminder because the November newsletter
will come out after the October 31 intake        pencils and watercolor. I am starting a small group of women that are doing the whole process
date. If you have questions, feel free to give   in making a garment from the wool off the sheep's back to a pair of socks or hat.
us a call at 689-5485.                           Sandra Powell has been trained both classically and academically in the Visual Arts. She
     Don & Ginny Burgess, Exhibit Directors      earned a B.A. with Distinction from San Jose State University in Art History and Painting. She
                                                 taught two years at UCSD and eight years at Mendocino College. Sandra has been a member
                                                 of numerous Art Galleries and Art Coops over the years.

                                                                                                               Welcome New Members 
                                                                                                                           Theo Glenn 
                                                                                                                         Annetta Hepner 
Introducing EAC’s New Gift Shop Director: Tali McKay                                                                        Associate: 
                                                                                                                            Al Couper 
I moved to Eugene in 1992 after living most of my life in hot, dry
places. I was drawn here by the lush vegetation, rivers, mild
weather, and by the diverse, thriving artistic community. I simply
fell in love with this place and knew I belonged here.                                                 Payroll and Accounting Help Needed
I chose to work in a very demanding field—trained as a therapist,                                      We need someone who can and would
                                                                                                       make out 'Payroll' each month, including
but specializing in treatment for addiction and criminality—I spent                                    Federal and State taxes and re-
the last 25 years of my career managing treatment programs for                                         ports. There are only 2 employees and
felony offenders. I also did consulting work, specializing in pro-                                     most of it is completed online, so it is a
gram development and staff training. I loved the challenges of                                         pretty simple job for someone who knows
my work, but found it essential to balance my life with things that                                    what needs to be done. We also need a
nurture my spirit—lots of time outdoors, gardening, meditation,                                        retired accountant to work with me and help
sewing, knitting, and adopting abused animals.                                                         me make some adjustments to our General
                                                                                                       Journal. This would be a one time occur-
I have always thought of myself as a fairly accomplished artisan,                                      rence.
but not an artist. In 2002, I had a chance meeting with longtime                                                           Thank you,
EAC member (and amazing artist) Jeanne Hammond Elliott. I                                                                  Linda Kaye, Bookkeeper
told Jeanne that I had always wanted to paint, but knew I couldn’t, since I have no tal-
                                                                                                                   Member Wall Exhibit
ent. Jeanne talked me into taking a beginning watercolor class from her, insisting that she
                                                                                                                     East Wall            South Wall
could teach anyone to paint, and a whole new world opened up to me. Another chance
meeting in 2005 with Jo Dunnick brought me to EAC for her wonderful workshop, and intro-                Oct.             - Mayor’s Art Show -
                                                                                                        Nov.       Fran Pecor          Janet Biles
duced me to this incredible place. When I retired in 2007, I became a member. I am not a                Dec.       Don Burgess         Leigh Avery
professional artist. But my involvement at EAC gives me access to real artists who are                                                 Michele Thorp
amazingly generous with their knowledge and talent. I am continually inspired and energized
by this community.                                                                                          Woodard Gallery Members’ Shows
                                                                                                                           2009 Schedule
When I was asked if I would be interested in managing the gift shop, I realized this was an
                                                                                                        Oct. 31 – INTAKE ONLY (because of MAS)
opportunity to give something back to people who have enriched my life in many ways. I love               [end of MAS and start of Nov/Dec show]
our charming little gift shop, and want it to meet your needs and expectations. I look forward          Jan. 2 – PICKUP AND INTAKE
Page 4 – The Artists’ Corner– October 2009     to working with you.                                       [end of Nov/Dec show and start of Jan/Feb show]
                                                                                     THANK YOU: Emerald Fall
                                                                                     Follies Director Daryl Swan,
                                                                                     Event MC: Thomas Draggoo
                                                                                     Performers: Tom Draggoo,
                                                                                     Kevin Ko, Marc LePine, Mark
                                                                                     Lewis, Mystery Train: Dan Egan,
        Emerald Fall Follies                                                         Shirley Reade with Danae
                                                                                     Winder, Amy Goeser Kolb with

                                                                                     Sharon Schuman,
                                                                                     Tech Support, Skip Hubbard
                                                                                     Stage Crew, Chris Mackay, Robert
                                                                                     Fredrick, Demetra Kalams,
                                                                                     Cheryl Leontina
                                                                                     Hospitality & Event Committee:
                                                                                     Clinton Conley, Jerry Williams,
                                                                                     Dottie Chase, Sue Banta, Kris
                                                                                     Stewart, Diane Morrow, Deanne
                                                                                     Tiffany, Esther Yamaoka, Carol
                                                                                     Plaia, and Yvonne Stubbs!!!!!

                                                                                     Thank YOU ALL for coming to share
                                                                                     your beautiful energies with each
                                                                                     other and our community at our first
                                                                                     ever Fall Follies 2009. It was a magi-
                                                                                     cal evening that flowed seamlessly
                                                                                     and elegantly... and that's a tribute
                                                                                     to the professionalism and excel-
                                                                                     lence of our artists...
                                                                                     It was a thrill to see so many people
                                                                                     in the audience... And we have been
                                                                                     showered with thank yous and
                                                                                     praises, from everyone who came.

                                                                                        “Dear Cheryl: What a great show-
                                                                                        we really enjoyed it. Hope you do it
                                                                                         again. We appreciated having the
                                                                                          front row seats too. Our Best —
                                                                                               Cart & Joy Woodard”

           What’s up next?
October 20 from 6—8 pm  Mozart "Big Wig" Costume Ball  
Costumes (or the suggestion of a costume) highly encouraged. Music  
donated by Mozart Players Woodwind Ensemble. Dance Ballroom dance instruction from Mozart era. Finger Food from the 
era.  Costumes Prizes given (most original, most authentic, funniest, etc) 

December 15 from 6—8 pm  Holiday Dinner  
Join your friends at Emerald Art Center for a Holiday Dinner . Music provided by  
   Shirley Reade, Vocals
   Dona Clarke, Vocals, Flute
   Beau Belansky, Piano & Keyboard
   Travel with us through the decades with songs for all ages.
From the heart… to the heart! Old songs…New songs…Jazz…
  Swing…Blues…Fast…Slow…AND surprises in between.                                            Page 5 – The Artists’ Corner– October 2009
                                                     PLEASE CONSIDER VOLUNTEERING
Dear Emerald Art Members, Spouses, Partners, Friends, Family Members and Significant Others:

Emerald Art needs your help to continue offering the programs and the celebration of the arts that we enjoy at Emerald Art.

This organization was built and runs on the dedication, enthusiasm, innovation, contributions and energy of its volunteers. Many of you already
give countless hours to the organization. For those of you, however, that may have some additional time and would like to become involved or
more involved, we want to hear from you. This is an opportunity to share your ideas, energy and good works for Emerald Art. Please consider
volunteering. Opportunities abound. Attached is a volunteer list. You will note that while some programs are enjoying wonderful support,
there are a number of programs which desperately need volunteers. Please consider helping to grow these programs. Call Cheryl or Sue at
541-726-8595 to sign up. We need your help. Please volunteer.

                                                                     "Birds do it,
                                                                       bees do it,
                                                               even educated fleas do it,
                                                                   let's volunteer."
                                                                                                             With apologies to Cole Porter.

      MAYOR'S ART SHOW                            NAT'L JURIED SHOW                      FAMILY ARTS/                 WORKSHOPS
                                                                                      SUNDAYS EDUCATION

Shirley Reade                                Gladys Bacon Rust                   Annetta Becker               Janet Biles
Sandy Grubbs                                 Rina Francisco                      Maile Carter                 Bess Nobel
Elsie Sharp                                  Isabel Dutroncy                     Koka Filipovic               Don & Ginny Burgess
Jan Griesel                                  Carol Plaia                         Joy Fine                     Michelle Thorp
Deborah Weese                                Janet Smith                         Carol Plaia                  Lou Maenz
Guy Weese                                    Rosemarie Atencio                   Kim Jarvis                   Paul Bourgautt
Sara Lawrence                                Dottie Chase                        Ellen Furstner               Cindy Asay
Steve Schweitzer                             Deanne Tiffany                      Jan Griesel                  Germaine Hammon
Inez Wacker                                  Fran Pecor                          Charlene Eckman              Sharon Heinz
Hanno Hagen                                                                      Ellen Gabehart               Margaret Plumb
Deanna Grimes                                                                                                 Kathy Thompson
Joy Fine
Tammy Magee
Chris Mackay
Carol Lane

              CLASSES                              JAQUA GALLERY                      WOODARD GALLERY                  MEMBER
            HELP!!!                                                                             help                 DEVELOPMENT
                                             Guy Weese                           Don & Ginny Burgess          EVERYONE and
                                                                                 Daryl Swan
 * Merrilea Jones                                                                                             Cheryl Leontina

                                                       * denotes persons who may not have volunteered yet.
Page 6 – The Artists’ Corner– October 2009
          HELP!!!                     HELP!!!                    With Museum Coordinator,
                                                                School District, Library Direc-
                                                                   tor, Wildish & Chamber

                                                                Cheryl Leontina                      Dottie Chase
                                                                Dottie Chase                         Izzy Fletcher

Chris Stewart                                                                                        Joe Leahy
                                                                                                     Nada Zawadny
                                                                                                     Linda Kaye

       MAINTENANCE                   GIFT SHOP                         COMMUNITY                              ACCOUNTING
              help                        help                   BUSINESS/RENTAL SUITES                          2010
David Marks               John Siwinski                         Dottie Chase                        Treasurer:
John Siwinski                                                                                       Accountant: Gene Emge
Guy Weese                                                                                           Bookkeeper:
                          *Tali Makay                           Joe Leahy                           Data Entry:

       EMERALD FALL                 DONATIONS                               GRANTS                      PUBLICITY/OUTREACH
         FOLLIES                          help                              HELP!!!                             HELP!!!
Daryl Swan                Dottie Chase
Chris Mackay              Joe Leahy
Demetra Kalans            Ed King                              Jette Foss                           Janet Smith
Robert Fredrich
Clinton Conley
Dottie Chase                                                   Grant Writers
Shirley Reade

 GALLERY AT THE AIRPORT             HOSPITALITY                             SUNSHINE                            ARCHIVES
                                     HELP!!!                                   help                             HELP!!!
Dottie Chase              Deanne Morrow                        Bev Partridge
Bernie Herr               Esther Yamaoka
Ellen Gabehart            Deanne Tiffany
Bev Partridge
Jan Vanderspek
Cheryl Leontina
              WEBSITE            SHOWS ON VIEW                          NEWSLETTER
               help                  HELP!!!                                 help
Guy Weese                 Isabel Dutroncy                      Tammy Magee

                                    * denotes persons who may not have volunteered yet.
                                                                                                  Page 7 – The Artists’ Corner– October 2009
                                                          Don’t Miss It!!!
                                                          The 17 Annual
                                              Springfield Mayor’s
                                                   Art Show
                                             October 3 -30, 2009 at the Emerald Art Center, 500 Main Street, Springfield
                                             Artists’ Reception & Awards – Friday, October 2, 2009 – 5:30 to 7 pm
                                             Enjoy a great art exhibit and meet the artists who made it great!

                                Special Thanks to our Sponsors…                    Thanks so much to the Springfield Mayor’s Art 
                                Major Family Funeral Home $2000                    Show Committee & Volunteers…  
                                Comcast $1000                                      The show would not come together without the 
                                Bi Mart (In‐ Kind) $1000 Advertising               amazing group of people behind the scenes who 
                                Springfield Arts Commission $250                   have put in numerous hours for this show to take 
                                Sanipac  $250                                      place.  
                                Northwest Community Credit Union                    
                                (Children’s Division)$200 & (3) $25 children’s     Shirley Reade, Show Director (7 years) 
                                awards                                             Sandi Grubbs, Assistant Show Director  
                                Emerald Empire Art Association (In‐Kind)           and 2010 Show Director 
                                EAC Workshop of recipients choice                  Elsie Sharp, award donors & sponsors, publicity 
                                                                                   Jan Griesel, award donors, publicity, entries, and 
                                Thanks to all our award donors…                    reception food 
                                Leahy, Van Vactor, & Cox Attorneys $350             
                                Mayor’s Choice Award                               Deborah Weese, poster design and brochures 
                                Springfield Chamber of Commerce  $100              Guy Weese, poster design and brochures, advertis‐
                                (art depicting Springfield)                        ing, photos 
                                Springfield Arts Commission (3) $100 awards        Sara Lawrence, judges and hanging art work 
                                Springfield Creamery $100                          Steve Schweitzer, award ribbons  
                                Siuslaw Bank $200                                  Inez Wacker, entry day & hanging art 
                                                                                   Deanna Grimes, entry day & hanging art 
                                Sterling Editions                                  Geni Roberts, entry day 
                                U of O Book Store                                  Bonnie Sandland, entry day 
                                Harlequin Bead  & Jewelry                          Merrilea Jones, entry day and hanging art 
                                Georgie’s Ceramics & Clay Co.                      Joy Fine, invitations and reception food 
                                Oregon Art Supply                                  Tammy Magee, newsletter articles and data entry 
                                Raven Frame Works                                  Shelley Naptel, data entry  
                                Clay Dimensionals                                  Chris MacKay, sound system and hanging art work 
                                Willamette Valley Awards                           Carol Lane, sponsors, food for reception 
                                HK Holbin, Inc.                                    Joe Leahy, reception emcee 
                                Jack Richeson & Co.               Vistra Framing   Cheryl Leontina, printing posters & brochures and 
                                Vistra Framing                      & Gallery      numerous other helpful duties! 
                                                                                   Sue Banta, the iron rod that keeps everything and 
                                                                                   everyone cool, collected and humming at the art 

Page 8 – The Artists’ Corner– October 2009
                                                Jo Dunnick
                                                “Play with Watercolor”
     October Workshop Offerings                 All Skill Levels, Oct. 19-21
As the blush of Autumn gently tones our                                                              You’ll be bewitched by the way that Jo
path, we look forward to a richly colored                                                            brings out a subject from the mist of her
array of workshops through November. Let                                                             imagination. Let her cast an inspiring
the harvest moon light your way to an en-                                                            spell over you as you learn to work with
gaging experience that promises to en-                                                               color and water movement. Jo finds that
hance your skills while stirring the pot of                                                          the most enjoyment often results from
creativity. Those who enjoyed taking a                                                               allowing the paint and paper to dictate
workshop from Gerald Brommer last month                                                              the subject. Enhancing the image results
can attest to the value of learning from our                                                         in a one of a kind painting that speaks of
superb instructors. Comments included                                                                the joy of spontaneity. Students from her
appreciation of his emphasis on design,                                                              classes speak highly of her watercolor
manageable increments (concepts, exam-                                                               techniques as well as her gentle guid-
ples, tasks, reviews), and the friendly and                                                          ance as an instructor.
encouraging atmosphere created. Also
mentioned were his humor, knowledge and        Larry Johnson
great ability to teach. If you have not yet    “Tips, Tools, & Techniques of Watercolor”
ventured out of your comfort zone, tiptoe to   Nov. 2-6
one of the EAC’s workshops....we can
promise you a hoot of a good time!             “Tips, Tools, & Techniques of Acrylic”
                                               Nov. 9-12 (4 days)

    You can win a free workshop!               As one of the top wildlife artists in the United
                                               States, Larry’s paintings come from years of
Each time you attend a workshop this year,     experience with watercolor and acrylic tech-
your name will be entered into a drawing for   niques as well as a keen ability to observe
a workshop of your choice in 2010. Each        and collect the information needed to produce
time you sign up, your odds of winning in-     outstanding paintings. His step-by-step
crease! It won’t be long now before the        method of teaching allows students to learn
drawing at the end of this year. This pro-     more, learn quicker and retain more of the
gram will not continue next year. Best of      painting techniques he uses to help students
luck to everyone!                              improve their skills. Composition, focal points,
                                               and the careful use of value are among areas
                                               of study. Although retired, Larry’s demand as
         Part-time Students                    an instructor keeps him busy! Treat yourself
contribute to success of Workshops!            to a workshop where you can take a vantage
                                               of the golden, coppery colors of autumn in a
Many members are benefitting from our          rural scene or landscape.
Part-time Student Program. If you are
unable to attend an entire workshop or
would like to acquaint yourself with an
instructor before committing to an entire
workshop, you may sign up as a part-time                                                  Judy Morris
student. The first day is required but then                                               “Still Life with Glass & Silver”
you may sign up and pay for as many or as                                                 Nov. 17-20
few days as you wish. We wish to extend
appreciation to the part-time students as                                                 This exciting four day workshop for intermediate/
they have helped to keep some workshops                                                   advanced students is filling quickly in anticipation
from being canceled!                                                                      of a close study of reflective and transparent sur-
                                                                                          faces. Judy’s wizardry will help you to unravel the
                                                                                          mysteries of this subject by teaching you her tech-
                                                                                          niques for depicting glass and silver. Her work-
                                                                                          shop will give you a balance of demonstration,
                                                                                          discussion and painting time to help you represent
                                                                                          these illusive surfaces. As one of the nation’s most
                                                                                          admired artists, authors, and educators, Judy’s
                                                                                          classes fill quickly and keep her in high demand.

                                                                                                           Page 9 - The Artists’ Corner - October 2009
                     Friday Open Studio
                                                                                BRUCE MITCHELL “Drop‐in Clinic”  
                   with friends every Friday                          Wednesdays September 9th– November25th  
                      11:00 am—4:00 pm                                       PAINTING FOCUS ‐ 1:00 pm ‐ 3:30 pm  
                             Free!                                          DRAWING FOCUS ‐ 3:30 pm ‐ 6:00 pm 
                                                                      $3 /session EAC Members  $4 Non‐Members  
                                                                      On‐Going… Drop in Students Permitted. 
                                                                                  (Membership is open to anyone) 

                                      Bess Nobel ‐ Painting a Watercolor Floral Inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe 
                                      Thursdays, October 1– 29, 2009 from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. 
                                      Advanced Beginner to Intermediate Watercolor class Members ‐ $82.50,    Non‐Members $90 
                                      Bess will help students choose an image from Georgia O’Keeffe’s book, One Hundred Flowers. This oil image 
                                      will provide the basis for understanding watercolor washes, values, color choices, composition, abstraction, 
                                      expressionism, cropping, and enlargement. The class will feature demonstrations, talks, discussions, painting 
                                      time with individual attention, and the enjoyment of the company of other artists.  

                      Merrilea Jones “Card Making Class: Learn to make unique hand‐made cards” 
                      Saturday, October 10, 2009 ‐ 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm – 2 hours $11.50 Members; $13.00 Non Members +$3 Materials fee 
                      Merrilea will teach techniques in stamping, embossing, paper tearing, chalking, punches, dye cuts and many more in her 
                      interactive paper crafting class.  A new trio of cards will be offered each month with tips and ideas that all can enjoy.  

 Alan M. Clark “Controlled Accidents, Exercises in Spontaneous Image Generation” 
 (Acrylic Painting class for adults and young adults (12 and older) October 5—November 2  
 Monday Evenings 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM Members $82.50, Non‐Members $90.00  Plus $2 materials cost 
 During each class, Clark will demonstrate painting techniques that produce fascinating and complex variations of shape 
 and value on a painting surface.  Much like finding faces in wood grain, rock or clouds, these variations can present to the 
 imagination fantastic suggestions of form. By adding highlights, shadows and color, one can develop these painting sur‐
 faces into finished compositions. 

                                      David Ewart “Beginning Portraits” October 22 through November 12, 2009 Thursdays 10 am till 4 pm  
                                      Members $140.00, Non‐Members $160.00 Using simple, step‐by‐step instructions, this class begins 
                                      drawing individual parts of the  face and you will progress to drawing your very first portrait. No experi‐
                                      ence necessary for this exciting new class. David Ewart comes to EAC with over 50 years of experience, 
                                      and his students have gone on to become nationally known artists. 

                                       JOHN WATSON  “Bookbinding: Coptic Binding 3: Sewing Single Sheets” 
                                        Sunday, November 15  10 am till 4 pm  Members $27.50, Non‐Members $30.00  $15 materials cost  Join 
                                       us as John Watson shows you how to take the Coptic‐sewn binding to new heights in Coptic Binding 3: 
                                       Sewing Single Sheets. With Single Sheet Sewing you can have matted photographs, loose watercolors, 
                                       prints, drawings on any surface, metal plates or anything you can poke or drill a hole in COMBINED in a 
                                       single book, or you can make the pages of the same material! Learn this as a completely new technique or 
                                       build on the Coptic Sewing you have already learned. Many artists use this to present matted or mounted 
                                       artwork. And, like other Coptic bindings, it opens and lies perfectly flat! You are sure to find many uses for 
                                       this interesting and beautiful binding style.  

Page 10 - The Artists’ Corner - October 2009
                                                                                                                    By Ellen Furstner

               *Drop in* for…
 Drop In Family Art Studios                Family Art Sundays                                        Presents
                                            Five 2nd Sundays   
    Every 4th Saturday  
 10:00‐12:00 All Ages Welcome           OCT / NOV / JAN / FEB / MAR  
                                                                                           TEACH Arts
Starts 4th Saturday, Oct 2009 and     from 2‐4 pm Emerald Art Cen‐
 continues each 4th Sat. through       ter hosts free art activities for 
  May 2010.  Drop in and enjoy           children and their families. 
  guided art projects, including:       There will be special cultural 
printmaking, collage, masks, clay,    themes and a variety of "hands
puppets, watercolor, mosaics, &                     ‐on”  
             basketry.                       projects each time. 
     $5 per student per day                      — FREE —  

               October 11, 2009
                   is our FIRST
                   2nd SUNDAY
            Family Art Sunday
                  in October.
      The success of this fabulous program
   is dependent on our wonderful volunteers
          here at Emerald Art Center.

          Our theme for this particular
             Family Art Sunday is
                 "Urban Art"                                                                Family Art Sundays
                                                                                           Join us from 2-4 pm on five 2nd
                                                                                           Sundays through the school
The first free family art Sunday of this school year will be
held October 11 from 2 to 4 pm for children 3-and up. We are                               year, when Emerald Art Center
starting out with a bang with URBAN ART.                                                   will host free art activities for
                                                                                           children and their families.
Projects include: making “Bling” Jewelry, decorated CDs,                                   There will be special cultural
name graffiti, modern architectural buildings, murals, pam-                                themes, music, dance, and a
phlets on urban animals, urban maps, a story teller and urban                              variety of "hands-on projects"
night scenes, We will have a hip hop DJ for entertainment.
Come and help volunteer with the stations and tell children
                                                                                           each time.
you know to join us for the fun. Call Sue at 726-8595 if you                               Come visit us!
can help.                                                                                  October 11, 2009
                                                                                               Urban Art & Culture
                    WE NEED YOU!!!               "EAC ME"                                  November 8, 2008
                                                 TEACH Arts                                    Egyptian Art & Culture
                                                 Art Materials Wish List:                  January 10, 2010
                                                 * Bling! (for Urban Art in October)           India’s Art & Culture
                                                 Sparkling, bright colored BEADS, rhine-   February 14, 2009
                                                 stones, and bracelet cording                  Folk Art & Culture
                                                 * Tempera Paint                           March 14, 2009
                                                 * Watercolor Brushes                          South American Art & Culture

                                                                                                  Page 11 - The Artists’ Corner - October 2009
                                                                                                                    US Postage Paid
                                                                                                                      Eugene, OR
                                                                                                                     Permit No. 859

    Headquarters & Office
      500 Main Street,
    Springfield OR 97477
       (541) 726 8595

Thank You Members:                                        Above and Beyond:                         Wish List: Logan 3269 blades
Marianne Bailey for tablecloths.                                                                    for matt cutter, 4-6 tablecloths
                                                          Thanks to Daryl Swan our fall fol-
Maile Carter for large paper, lively flowers, and                                                   for card tables. My first wish
                                                          lies came off without a hitch. Daryl
for helping with our signage… Thanks!                                                               would be that they all match.
                                                          Swan directed our first ever Fall Fol-
Lee Harrison for keyboard                                                                           Since I am begging, I will take
                                                          lies! She was grace under pressure…
Shirley Froyd for sweeper                                                                           anything, easy listening music,
                                                          and she knew just what to do. She
Vicki Kauffman for cookies and awesome contain-                                                     File folders, Key rings, Heavy
                                                          was perfect and we can not thank
ers                                                                                                 tape
                                                          her enough. Way to go Daryl.
Carol Plaia for cool glass jars (for Cheryl) and al-                                                Big Wishes: Business card
ways being here for moral support and wise council Special thank you to Shirley Reade               stock 8871
Daryl Swan for tons of paper                              for another amazing year directing        Little Wishes: staplers, plastic
John Siwinski for fixing table                                   the Mayor’s Art Show! Shirley
                                              Please put your                                       cups for punch file, and white
and donating yummy teas                                           has her hands full with many
                                            name on what you                                        out.
Marilyn Stauber for the absolutely           donate what pro-      volunteer positions, with
                                                                                                    And things we always need …
gorgeous flower arrangement …               gram the item is for   nursing her husband back to
                                                                                                    card-stock paper, copy paper
WOW!!! aaAAnd… Special thank you             so we can thank      health, singing arias in talent
                                                                                                    (8 ½x11 & 11x17), envelopes,
to Marilyn (from Cheryl) for the porce-            you!          shows and taking care of
                                                                                                    small paper plates, and paper
lain Slip and Plaster Mold materials!!!                          M.A.S. business each October.
                                                                                                    coffee cups, plastic bags for
Roger Sylwester for silk screen donations                 Our hat is off to you Shirley!

                                        EMERALD EMPIRE ART ASSOCIATION
                                                     Adult Class Chair!
          If you are interested in contracting with area artists to teach classes at Emerald Art Center, contact Sue or Cheryl
                  at 726-8595 with your interest. We can meet to discuss the ideas you might have for the program.
                       What PERKS do you get? As facilitator, you may attend each Adult Class at no charge!!!
                          Thank YOU for getting involved and shaping the direction of classes for the future!
Page 12 - The Artists’ Corner – October 2009

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