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         The Milton Keynes Early
         Years Development and
         Childcare Team and
         Partnership Newsletter
                                                                                                  Issue 13

         Milton Keynes is the place                                Contents
         to be for the workforce that                                                                    Page No
                                                                   Outdoor Learning                            2
         is here to stay!
         The Government has invested funding to                    Smile Award Presentation at                 3
         support graduate leader development and the               Abbeys Day Nursery
         Early Years Professional Status (EYPS)
                                                                   Childminders working in                     4
         programme for graduate professionals working
                                                                   Partnership with Children’s Centres
         in Early Years Childcare in the private, voluntary
         and independent (PVI) sector. The continuation            Trust sets new agenda for Children’s        4
         of this programme shows unprecedented                     Services
         forward commitment for this scheme until 2015.
                                                                   Changes to the Ofsted Childcare             5
         What is an Early Years Professional?                      Registers
         An Early Years Professional is a graduate who
                                                                   Changes to funding for training for         6
         has proved their competence to national
                                                                   groups on the Voluntary Register
         standards for EYPS via a university route. This
         gives them the training, knowledge and                    Changes to First Aid Requirements           6
         understanding to lead the Early Years
         Foundation Stage in a childcare setting.                  Early Years Core Briefing                   7

         This is a complex and challenging role                    Business Support and free Workshops         8
         This    role    requires  vision,  resilience,
                                                                   Sure Start Grant Funding                    9
         determination and commitment. EYPs are front
         line practitioners who change, shape and                  Families Information Service                9
         improve practice. They increase the quality of
         experiences and raise the outcomes for each               Connexions Personal Advisors for            9
         individual child.                                         Young Parents

                                                                   New Staff at Galley Hill Education         10
                                         Continued overleaf.....   Centre
Continued from front page…                                               Northampton University library membership funding
                                                                         Free Higher Education library use, including the NILE
Other people rely upon Early Years Professionals. They                   online facility.
give leadership and support to their own teams and
                                                                         Postgraduate module funding
also across multi-disciplinary teams. They are the
                                                                         A growing Postgraduate Certificate designed to meet
‘change agents’ with responsibility for leading and
                                                                         your needs with additional modules already in
developing the Early Years Foundation Stage and                          development.
supporting and mentoring other professionals.
                                                                         Funded conference places
Have you achieved Early Years Professional Status?                       Access to national and local conferences to increase
If you have achieved Early Years Professional Status or                  networking and support your development.
are working towards it, we would like to support you via
                                                                         Funding of Continuous Professional Development file
an EYP Network. We want to ensure that EYPS is not
                                                                         Expert advice and guidance from leaders in this field,
the end of your journey and we would like to expand
                                                                         Pen Green, who have developed a CPD log for your
your horizons again by giving you even more                              use to support your professional development.
                                                                         Support session to use the CPD file
In Milton Keynes we are offering you access to:                          A one day free course to support your use of the Pen
• Discussion and networking groups;                                      Green CPD log will be offered annually.
• Current research and information;
                                                                         Funding of up to £600 for cover
• Continuous Professional Development; and
                                                                         Opportunities to access funding for cover to enable you
• Funding.                                                               to access training and conferences.
Other benefits include:                                                  For further information or to claim your pack, please
Membership funding of EYP Network                                        contact Tammie Redman on 01908 253 784.
Subscription to a nationwide and local online forum                      Tammie Redman – Workforce Training Officer
open to all EYPs and candidates. Register at:                            Tel: (01908) 253784                                                            Email:

  Outdoor Learning
  Following the recent release of Government funding, the Early Years Learning Team have organised a three phase
  plan for preschools and nurseries to help with Outdoor Learning.
  Phase 1 has been the provision (for every PVI setting) of a set of high quality wooden hollow blocks from Community
  Playthings, with either a cart or outside storage unit.
  All practitioners attended free training from Community Playthings where they expanded their knowledge of the value
  of block play and how it relates to child development. They also learnt how block play supports all the six areas of
  Phase 2 saw all settings and nurseries come to Galley Hill Education Centre in October for a session with the Early
  Years Consultants on “How to promote and extend children’s learning” using, amongst other items, “We go” system,
  wind-up torches, large magnifiers, bug viewers, diffraction tubes, rope runners, Talking Tins, String-on-a-stick, rakes,
  brooms, fork/spade sets, den-building kits, camo nets, outdoor romper suits, wellies, hoops and stilts.
  Phase 3 will be an opportunity for settings to bid for funding to help improve their outdoor area. Funding will be
  allocated in the first quarter of next year. Watch this space for further info!
  It’s been a really exciting time for the team at Galley Hill as well as for practitioners, settings and, of course, the children,
  whom we know will greatly benefit from this funding.
  Debbie Litchfield – Learning Team Administrator
  Tel: (01908) 258060

The children at Abbeys Day Nursery in Bletchley had a visitor from the Primary Care
Trust Oral Health Promotion Team. Sharon Jones who co-ordinates the Early Years
Smile Award Scheme came to present staff and children with their Smile Award
The scheme is working in association with Early Development and Childcare
Partnership. The Smile Award Scheme has been developed to encourage Early Years
Settings to provide healthy food and drink choices for babies and children less than five
years of age.
Healthy teeth are important to help children to eat, talk, smile and feel confident about
their appearance. Avoiding sugary snacks and drinks between meals and giving fruit,
vegetables and ‘tooth friendly’ alternatives help prevent tooth decay.

                Sharon Jones, Oral Health Promoter, Smile Award Co-ordinator

All four Acorn Childcare Day Nurseries within Milton Keynes have received certificates of
compliance. To become eligible for the Smile Award the majority of staff need to take
part in an Oral Health Awareness training session.
For those interested in information about the Smile Award Scheme please contact
Sharon Jones or download the information from Milton Keynes PCT website below:
Sharon Jones, Smile Award Scheme Co-ordinator
Shipley Court, Marsh End Road
Newport Pagnell, MK 16 8EA
Tel 01908 217030

Childminders working in                                       Trust sets new agenda for
partnership with                                              Children’s Services
Children’s Centres                                            Services for children, young people and their families in
                                                              Milton Keynes are being transformed. The work is being
Excellent links have been made with Childminders in
                                                              led by the Children’s Trust, a local partnership made up
many of the Sure Start Children’s Centres. There is now
                                                              of organisations that provide services for children and
a strong partnership between the Children Centre staff,       young people. It includes the Council, Health and
the Early Years Childminding Team and Childminders            Voluntary sectors.
themselves. This partnership has enabled groups to
                                                              Localised services will be at the heart of the
become established in Children’s Centres and
                                                              transformation programme. The Children’s Trust will
Childminders are made very welcome at all events.
                                                              take services to where children, young people and their
What can the groups offer?                                    families are to make it as easy as possible for them to
                                                              access what’s available. Work is under way to create
• A friendly environment where parents can meet
                                                              locally based teams who will work closer together to
  Childminders, or find out about what childminding
  can offer.                                                  provide joined-up services in one place, such as
                                                              education, healthcare and social services.
• A meeting place for Childminders to share good
  ideas and good childminding practice.                       Councillor Sandra Clark, Chair of the Children’s Trust
                                                              Board and Lead Member for Children, said: “We are
• An opportunity for Childminders to promote                  committed to providing local joined-up services that fit
  childminding and showcase their professionalism to          around children, young people and their families. We
  parents and colleagues.                                     want to offer support where they live so they don’t have
• A fun, safe environment for Childminders to interact        to go and seek out services elsewhere. Of course no
  with the children.                                          single organisation can do this on its own and that is
                                                              why the Children’s Trust partnership is so important to
• An environment where healthy eating is promoted.
                                                              ensure the city’s youngsters thrive and prosper.”
• A chance for Childminders to swap contact
                                                              Now online!
  numbers; this may help in filling vacancies and in
                                                              The Milton Keynes Children’s Trust is now online at
  creating networking opportunities.
                                                     and provides a central
• Support on childminding issues.                             point for partners, stakeholders and the wider public to
• A chance for Childminders to be a part of the local         access information about the work of the Trust.
  Children’s Centre community.                                Information available includes what the Trust is, what it
                                                              is working on, latest news (including information on
For more details about childminding groups or about           ContactPoint and the Common Assessment
strengthening childminding links with local Sure Start        Framework), training and important policies and
Children’s Centres, please contact:                           documents.
Jane Webb – Support Childminders’ Coordinator                 Clair Thomas -
Tel: (01908) 258070                                           MK Children’s Trust Communications Officer
Mobile: 07957 564277                                          Tel: (01908) 253887
E-mail:                        Email:

Changes to the                                                   those who provide childcare on domestic premises,
                                                                 such as Childminders.
Ofsted Childcare Registers                                       We run a crèche at our Children’s Centre for an hour
The Childcare Act 2006 introduced two new registers              and a half. Do we need to register?
for people caring for children. The Early Years                  You will be exempt from joining the Early Years Register
Register and the Childcare Register came into full               as you do not provide care for more than four hours.
effect on 1st September 2008.                                    You may be eligible to join the Voluntary Register but
The Early Years Register is for providers caring for             you will need to contact Ofsted on 08456 404040 for
children from birth to the 31st August following the             advice.
child’s fifth birthday. Providers must deliver the Early         We run a gymnastics club from 8.30am to 5.30pm
Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Types of providers on             during the school holidays. Will we need to register?
this register would include Day Nurseries,                       You won’t need to register as you run an activity based
Childminders, Pre-schools, After School and Holiday              club but you may choose to join the Voluntary Register.
                                                                 What are the benefits of joining the Voluntary
The Childcare Register has two parts. The Compulsory             Register?
part is for providers who care for children from 31st            Those on the Voluntary part of the Childcare Register
August following the child’s fifth birthday, up to the age       will be able to:
of eight years, including Childminders, After School and
                                                                 • link with schools who offer extended provision
Holiday Clubs. These providers must meet the                       (schools will be given guidance only to work with
Childcare Register requirements.                                   providers who are registered).
The Voluntary part is for those who are exempt from the          • access advice and support through local authorities.
Early Years and Compulsory part of the Childcare
                                                                 • demonstrate to parents that they have met
registers but who choose to register. This could include
                                                                   standards designed to safeguard children.
those who care for children in the child’s own home,
such as Nannies; activity based settings, such as sports         Parents who use registered provision will also be able
clubs; crèches that care for children for less than four         to claim Tax Credits.
hours but where parents remain within the immediate              How do I register my provision?
locality; and providers who care for children aged eight         There are different ways and forms used to apply for
years and over only. Providers on this part of the               registration depending on the type of childcare you
register will have to meet the Voluntary Register                offer. Further information can be found on the Ofsted
requirements. They will be issued with a registration            website:
number so parents can claim Tax Credits and Childcare  
Vouchers and will be randomly inspected by Ofsted to             guidance/Care-and-local-
ensure they comply with the requirements. Some                   services/Childcare/Registration/How-we-register
providers may be on all three registers to reflect the age
                                                                 How will I know if I don’t need to register?
of children they care for.
                                                                 Visit the following link on the Ofsted website, which has
All providers who are currently registered will have             a guide to registration and a fact sheet on registration
received a letter from Ofsted in the summer, notifying           not required:
them of the changes and which of the registers they will
be transferred to.                                               guidance/Care-and-local-
Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Schools (HMCI) at the           services/Childcare/Registration
Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services           Will the quality of care I provide be inspected by
and Skills (Ofsted) has the responsibility for maintaining       Ofsted?
these registers and regulating all those who are on              If you are on the Early Years Register, Ofsted will inspect
them. Regulation of childcare ensures that children are          and make a judgement on the quality of your provision.
well cared for in a safe environment that meets the              Providers on the Voluntary and Compulsory part of the
Government’s requirements.                                       Childcare Register will be inspected to check they
                                                                 comply with the requirements, though Ofsted will not
FAQs                                                             check quality as the Childcare Register is a compliance
If I provide care for children in the reception year up          based scheme.
to the age of ten years on a non-domestic premises,              For more information on the Early Years and Childcare
what register will I be on?                                      Registers, please go to the Ofsted website:
You will be on the Early Years Register and the        
Compulsory part of the Childcare Register, therefore
you must deliver the EYFS and comply with the                    Charlotte Martin – Childcare Development Worker
Childcare Register requirements. You may also choose             Tel: (01908) 254528
to be on the Voluntary Register. The same applies for            Email:
Changes to funding for                                                From 1st April we may have to withdraw this support.

training for groups on the                                            We intend to have made a decision by February 2009.
                                                                      We will ensure that we get information to you as soon
Voluntary Register                                                    as possible, as this may have implications for your
As of 1st September 2008, the Local Authority has an                  business plans and future opportunities.
obligation to provide advice and guidance only to those
                                                                      What do you need to do now?
groups who sit on the Voluntary Register. We have
                                                                      As our information system only shows us settings who
secured funding to enable us to continue supporting
                                                                      are Early Years or Childcare registered, it is essential
voluntary registered groups until March 2009.
                                                                      that you inform us if you are now on the Voluntary
Over the next six months of transition we will be looking             Register to ensure that we are still able to send this
at the feasibility of continuing this funding for voluntary           information through to you.
registered groups. This will be subject to the funding
                                                                      Please email:
that we receive from Central Government.
                                                                      Or write to: Childcare - Voluntary Register, Galley Hill
What does this mean for you?                                          Education Centre, Galley Hill, Milton Keynes, MK11
Groups who are registered on the Early Years or                       1PA.
Childcare Register will continue to receive funding
                                                                      If we do not receive your details then we will not be able
towards qualifications and will be eligible for the
                                                                      to continue to send you any further information.
subsidised taught and distance learning courses.
Groups who have opted to join the Voluntary Register                  Tammie Redman – Workforce Training Officer
are eligible for funded qualifications and subsidised                 Tel: (01908) 253784
taught and distance learning courses until March 2009.                Email:

  Changes to
  First Aid Requirements
  On 1st September 2008, the new EYFS guidance was introduced for schools and settings who deliver care and
  education for children from birth to five. This new statutory guidance combines welfare and education requirements in
  one document and in one inspection. This has major implications on the acceptability of first aid qualifications, and
  may mean that qualifications that were acceptable in the past are no longer deemed acceptable.
  ‘Welfare Requirements: Appendix 1’ states that first aid courses:
  • Must be approved by the Local Authority.
  • Must lead to a paediatric certificate.
  • Must be a minimum of 12 hours in length.
  Further information is on Page 21 of ‘The Early Foundation Stage Practice Guidance’.
  The following local organisations provide this training in the Milton Keynes area:
  Milton Keynes Play Association, Tel: 01908 263033 – Chris Pinches.
  Safety Centre, Tel: 01908 263009 – Suzanne Davies.
  St Johns Ambulance, Tel: 08700 104950.
  Costs are subsidised for childcare settings only with Milton Keynes Play Association. The full cost is payable with other
  Tammie Redman – Workforce Training Officer
  Tel: (01908) 253784

Early Years Core Briefing

New Qualifications List – for those delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage

This is the third Core Briefing about the revision of the Early Years and Playwork Qualifications
Database1 and the development of the new Qualifications List2.

From 1st September 2009 the new Qualifications List will replace the Early Years and
Playwork Qualifications Database.

Until 31st August 2009 settings delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage and working within the
Statutory Framework for the EYFS should continue to refer to the Early Years and Playwork
Database to check that their setting is meeting the qualification requirements.

From November 2008 to September 2009 the Early Years and Playwork Qualifications Database and
the new Qualifications List will both be available publicly. This is to ensure that settings can check
whether they meet the current requirements and identify the training and development required for
individual practitioners to meet the requirements from 1st September 2009.

CWDC will launch the new pages on it’s website, to host both the Early Years and Playwork
Database of Qualifications and the new Qualifications List, in 2008. It will be more user-friendly with
simple navigation tools and an improved search engine. The website will enable users to search for

  The Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC) has commissioned work to review the Early Years and Playwork Database
of Qualifications. The database, which CWDC host, was developed by the Department for Children Schools and Families to specify
qualifications acceptable to meet the requirements of the National Standards for under 8yrs Day Care and Childminding. The database
is used mainly by employers, the workforce, OfSTED and local authorities.
  From September 2008 it will be mandatory for all schools and OfSTED registered early years settings to deliver the learning and
development and welfare requirements in the Statutory Framework for the new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The Statutory
Framework for the EYFS will replace the National Standards and the Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage. The Framework
identifies a role for the CWDC in defining ‘acceptable’ qualifications. To this end CWDC is developing a new Qualifications List for the
Early Years Register.

qualifications and to identify whether or not particular qualifications are acceptable for registration and
regulatory purposes. If they are not it will identify:
   • further training and development required,
   • suitable qualifications to meet that requirement and
   • whether or not this training and development is mandatory or recommended.

Local authorities, employers and practitioners now have more time to understand the implications of
these changes and to plan training and development for practitioners whose qualifications will no
longer be acceptable from September 2009.

CWDC will provide more detailed targeted information to local authorities, employers and
practitioners in October 2008.

       If you have any questions please contact our information team at

Business Support for Childcare -                              FREE Business Planning
did you know?                                                 and Marketing Workshops
Are you aware that there is a range of FREE business          for Childcare Providers
support available for childcare providers in Milton           Are you planning ahead? Have you got an up-to-date
Keynes?                                                       Business Plan? Are you looking to attract and retain
The Milton Keynes Childcare Team has a Business               customers? Would you like to find out more about how
Advisor Manager who can offer free advice and support         business planning and marketing can help your
to childcare providers on the many aspects of running         business?
a business, including business planning, marketing and        Why not attend one of our FREE Business Planning or
finance.                                                      Marketing Workshops?
A range of business tools and services have been              Workshops last for two hours and are held at Galley Hill
developed including:                                          Education Centre, near Stony Stratford.
• Business health-check questionnaire (Sure Start).           For further information contact Karen Smith,
• Business Planning and Marketing workshops.                  Business Advisor Manager, on 01908 253919 or
• Information packs – including Business Planning,            email
  Marketing, New Provider and Funding.
• Access and support with funding opportunities.
• Business Plan templates.
• Cash-flow forecast templates.
• Useful information sheets.
• Signposting to the information and support that is
  available from the many other childcare and
  business organisations that exist both nationally and

Advice and support can be given on either a one-to-
one or group basis.

For further information contact Karen Smith,
Business Advisor Manager, on 01908 253919 or

Sure Start Grant Funding -                                       Families Information Service
New Childcare Places                                             In line with the Department for Children, Schools &
Funding is available to help create more childcare               Families (DCSF) ‘Section 12: Duty to provide
places in identified areas of Milton Keynes.                     information, advice and assistance’, the Milton Keynes
                                                                 Children and Families Information Service is changing
A full range of childcare is needed for children in the 0-
14 age group (up to 16 for children with special needs).         its name to Families Information Service.
The childcare required needs to be for a minimum of              Our remit has grown extensively over the last three
four hours a day and would include care such as;                 years and we now provide comprehensive information,
• Before and after School care;                                  advice and guidance services to parents and the wider
• A place with a Childminder, Day Nursery or                     community of children from 0 to 20 years of age.
• A wrap-around place that extends nursery education             These are exciting times of change. During the coming
  provision to four hours or more.                               months we will be procuring a new database, designing
Who can apply?                                                   a new website and revisiting the marketing and
New providers who wish to set up a new childcare                 branding of our service.
provision, or existing Ofsted registered childcare
                                                                 If you have any queries then please contact the
providers if they are looking to expand their current
                                                                 Families Information Service on 0800 035 0335 or visit
childcare provision in Milton Keynes.
For an application pack with full details contact
Karen Smith, Business Advisor Manager, on 01908                  Miranda Darbyshire – Families Information Service
253919 or email                 Outreach Coordinator
                                                                 Tel: (01908) 253918
Alternatively, visit the Early Years and Childcare
website on                        Email:

                                                                 Connexions Personal Advisors
Sure Start Grant Funding –
                                                                 for Young Parents
                                                                 Judith Taylor and Sue Pochin, Connexions Personal
If you are a childcare provider and are experiencing a
                                                                 Advisors for young parents, are now based at Lloyds
short-term financial crisis, help may be available
through Sure Start Grant Sustainability Funding.                 Court and can be contacted as follows:

Sustainability Funding is available to help put a                Judith Taylor – works mostly with pregnant teenagers
childcare provision back on a sound financial footing. It        Email:
is a one-off payment to keep open a childcare provider           Mobile: 07827 302470
that would otherwise have to close due to a lack of              Tel: (01908) 398300
financial resources, or to cover unforeseen
                                                                 Sue Pochin – works mostly with teenage mothers
Who can apply?
                                                                 Mobile: 07827 302469
Existing Ofsted registered childcare providers may
                                                                 Tel: (01908) 398300
apply for the funding.
                                                                 Judith and Sue can advise and help teenagers find
For an application pack with full details, contact
                                                                 suitable childcare and claim ‘Care to Learn’ childcare
Karen Smith - Business Advisor Manager, on 01908
253919 or email                 funding.

Alternatively, visit the Early Years and Childcare               Liz Knight – Teenage Pregnancy Coordinator
website at                        Tel: (01908) 253710
preschool/home.asp                                               Email:
New Staff at
Galley Hill Education Centre
                                                                   Hi, I’m Roxanne Minter and I joined The Research and
My name is Stuart Martin and I am the Data Assistant
                                                                   Performance Management Team in July 2008 as the
working as part of the Research and Performance
                                                                   new Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. My role is to
Management Team. I’ve been here for about six months
                                                                   evaluate services within childcare, which will in turn
now, having started as a Temp in May, although I did
                                                                   support the development of these services.
not officially come into role until August. I am originally
from Carlisle (which is not in Scotland, or Wales, as a            Since completing my degree in Psychology and
surprising number of people think), but most people                Sociology my employment background has always
think I am from Newcastle because of my accent. I                  appeared to revolve around children and young
moved down here to attend Cranfield University in                  people. My most recent role was working within the
2006. After becoming quite settled in Milton Keynes I              Young People’s Team in Children’s Social Care, and I
decided to stay and began temping whilst looking for a             also side-line as a volunteer counsellor for 12-25 year
job. It was through the recruitment agency that I got a            olds at the weekend. Previous to this I worked with
temporary position here at Galley Hill and the rest, as            children aged 3-13, so my interests and enthusiasm are
they say, is history.                                              very much focused on supporting young people.
Due to my background in physics I am very much                     In my first few weeks here at Galley Hill there have been
numbers orientated, which complements nicely the                   a few changes to the team, with the Manager, Julie
report writing skills of the other members of my team.             Tisbury, heading off on maternity leave, Stuart Martin
My role involves mostly inputting and analysing data               becoming permanent and Priscilla Johnson taking over
from the Children’s Centres, but I will also be working            as Interim Manager. I have now met most of the teams
with various other teams producing and analysing                   and the people who work in them and have been very
statistics – so if you need any pretty graphs for your             kindly welcomed. I am enjoying my role and am
reports, I’m your man (I may come to regret saying that,           looking forward to the developments of the work that is
won’t I?)!                                                         planned for me!
Stuart Martin – Data Assistant, Research &                         Roxanne Minter – Monitoring & Evaluation Officer,
Performance Management Team                                        Research & Performance Management Team
Tel: (01908) 252447                                                Tel: (01908) 252407
Email:                          Email:

               Milton Keynes Early Years Development and Childcare
Galley Hill Education Centre, Galley Hill, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes, MK11 1PA
                       Tel: 01908 254509 Fax: 01908 307314