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					October 2009                                                     Visit us at\queencharlotte

             The Queen Charlotte Intermediate Newsletter
BREAKFAST PROGRAM                                         The goal of the SAFE plan is to keep children and school
The Breakfast Program began on September 22 and           personnel safe.
runs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00 -
8:35. Breakfast is free and consists of bagels, toast,    Through the SAFE plan, police officers will have access to
cereal, fruit juice and fruit. Parent and student         blue prints, aerial photos and safety information contained
volunteers are always welcome. If you would like          in a computer database. These tools will support law
more information or to volunteer please contact Sue       enforcement and other agencies when responding to
MacDonald at                  emergency situations.

H1N1 PREPAREDNESS                                         Eastern School District schools along with others across
Eastern School District schools are better prepared       the country are regularly practicing lockdown procedures
for the H1N1 Virus. Your child’s teacher has              to complement their SAFE plan.
reviewed preventative strategies to take at school.
We also sent home an information letter with your         Our school will routinely practice our SAFE plan and
child on the first day of school.                         lockdown procedures, so students become as familiar with
                                                          them as they are with fire drills. We will be having a
The school is equipped with hand sanitizers at            lockdown assembly during fifth period on Wednesday,
various locations throughout the school and posters       October 7 (Day 6) with our first drill to follow in the days
on effective hand washing methods have been               shortly after.
placed in washrooms. Together we can all do our
best to help minimize the spread of this virus.           If you have any questions or comments, please contact the
                                                          school at 368-6970.
If your child is absent due to H1N1 symptoms, it
is important that the school be informed first            GREEN SPACES
thing in the morning. Public Health will be doing         Students from 7A, 7B and 7E assisted Gary Snider in
their best to track the spread of the virus. If we have   planting mature trees around our property. These trees
students absent exhibiting ILI (Influenza Like            were made available to our school through a generous
Illness) symptoms, we need to ensure that we keep         donation from Bruce Smith and Home Hardware. Many
track here at the school and keep them informed.          thanks to everyone involved with improving the greening
You can call the school at 368-6970. The following        at our school.
is the link to the Public Health Guidance for Child
Care Program and Schools (K-grade 12) regarding           GAMES ROOM
the prevention and management of Influenza-Like-          The games room is up an running for this school year and
Illness (ILI), including the pandemic (H1N1) 2009         again we would appreciate donations. Items that would be
influenza virus:        useful are: pool table, chairs, couch, board games, coffee
alerte/h1n1/interim-provisoires0819-eng.php               table, puzzles, books, pictures or artwork for the walls. If
                                                          you have something that you are willing to donate to the
ELECTRONIC DEVICES - (Policy JICJ-R)                      games room please contact the office at 368-6970.
Students are reminded of the Eastern School
District’s policy regarding the Use of Electronic         TERRY FOX WALK
Devises. As of April 2007, the use of cell                The Terry Fox walk/run on September 25 was a great
phones/video camera cell phones, personal digital         success again this year. Money was raised by homeroom
assistants, any camera or video cameras, CD/DVD,          classes and students, parents and staff gave generously
MP3 players, digital and conventional sound               throughout a week of fundraising. It was wonderful to see
recording devices, eavesdropping devices, laptops,        students showing empathy and interest in such an
etc. are not permitted for use in the school. This also   important cause. An impressive amount of $1595.09 was
includes any newly developed devices that provide         raised. Prior to the walk, there was an assembly for
image taking, listening and communication                 students which included videos on the Terry Fox story, a
capabilities.                                             guest speaker, and Mr. MacAdam addressed the group.
                                                          Congratulations to 9A and 7G for their exceptional
This regulation applies to students, staff,               fundraising efforts. We were able to reward these two
parents/guardians, volunteers, service providers and      classes thanks to donations from Tim Horton’s, Subway
visitors in all Eastern District Schools.                 and Sobey’s.

All electronic devices must be turned off and out of      PARENT-TEACHER INTERVIEW S
sight while in the school building.                       Interviews will be held on the evening of October 29 and
                                                          during the day on October 30. Homeroom teachers will be
Staff may confiscate any electronic devise that is        sending information home for individual interview times.

PROGRAM (SAFE)                                            The Home and School Association will be selling
The Eastern School District schools are again             florescent light bulbs during parent-teacher interviews.
participating in this national program developed by       This is a great opportunity to support Home and School
the RCMP in 2007, to assure communities that              projects and purchase energy efficient bulbs.
proactive measures are being put in place to respond      The Home and School would like to invite all new and
to potentially tragic situations like those that          returning parents/guardians to our first meeting on
occurred in Columbine, Taber and Dawson College.          Tuesday, November 17 at 7:00 in the library.
SCHOOL DANCE                                             MATH HELP
First school dance for the year will be on Thursday,     There will be math help for grade nine students every
October 22 from 7:00 to 9:30 in the cafeteria. The       Tuesday from 3:00 - 4:00, in Madame MacIsaac's
cost for admission is five dollars.                      classroom. For more information, please contact your
                                                         child's math teacher or Mrs. Carmichael.
Please note that students who wish to go on a bus        HPV IMMUNIZATIONS
other than their regular bus, need to have a written     Grade nine girls will receive their first of three HPV
note from a parent indicating the bus number, date,      immunizations on Wednesday, October 21. The second
address destination and parent signature. The            immunization will be December 2 and a third date to be
student brings the note to the office and a bus pass     determined.
will be issued. The bus driver will only allow extra
students on the bus who have a pass. Please be           PEANUT/KIW I FREE ZONE
aware that some buses cannot take extra students         We are asking parents and students to please be aware that
due to full loads.                                       there are students at Queen Charlotte that have severe life-
                                                         threatening allergies to peanut products and kiwi. We
CHESS CLUB                                               would appreciate your help in eliminating their use in the
A chess club will be set up this year by Mr.             lunches you prepare.
MacNeill. Any students interested can see Mr
MacNeill      for    more    information.                VISITORS TO THE SCHOOL                                     When dropping off items or picking up your child, please
                                                         check in the office when entering the school. Also, if
SCHOOL PHOTOS                                            dropping off something for your child, please mark their
Students will have their photos taken on October         name clearly on the item.
7, 8 and 9.
                                                         OUR W EBSITE
MEET-THE-STAFF                                           ( We are using our website
We would like to thank everyone who was able to          as a means of communicating with students, parents and
join us in meeting the staff on September 14. It was     the school community at large. Links include: daily
great to be able to share the curriculum students will   announcements, access to the newsletter, an up-to-date
use this year and meet so many parents.                  school calendar, contact information, as well as other
                                                         important school information. Please keep this in mind
FOOTPRINTS - MAKING A GOOD                               when looking for information about our school.
Our staff have been looking to find students making      PARKING LOT
a good impression and doing good deeds and our           Thank you for dropping students off on North River Road
students, through their kind acts, have been making      so students can use the crosswalk. Please do not use the
their job easy. The following students received a        bus entrance. W e appreciate your assistance in ensuring
footprints card of thanks and have been recognized       all our students are kept safe.
for contributing to make Queen Charlotte a better
place:     Isaiah Jabbour, Julie Ferguson, Emma          SCENT FREE POLICY
Chilton, Ryan Drew, Katie M acLeod, Spencer              Please be reminded that in our building there are students
Sherren, Dylan Murnaghan, Emma Profit, Cody              and staff that are very sensitive to fragrance and other
Swan, Mortaza Fetchi, Andrew Wong, Cody                  scented products. Students are reminded of the Eastern
MacPhee, D’Arcy Bell, Colten Griffin, James Lantz,       School District’s Scent-Free Policy which prohibits
Anneke Dykerman and Baillee Vaive.                       scented products from being used at school. Thank you for
                                                         respecting this policy by not wearing any scented products
E-MAIL ADDRESSES                                         while here at Queen Charlotte Intermediate.
At Queen Charlotte we communicate via e-mail
regularly. It is, therefore, important to have a valid
and working e-mail address on file, if you choose to     DATES TO REMEMBER
offer it. We already have a great many email             OCTOBER
addresses but if we do not have yours please send it     7/8/9 School photos
along to your child’s homeroom teacher.                  12    No classes - Thanksgiving
                                                         15/16 PEITF Convention (no classes)
                                                         21    HPV immunization (grade 9 girls)
TREVLAC UPDATE                                           22    School dance
On the first day of school, your child received a        29    Parent teacher interviews (evening)
student inform ation sheet w ith pertinent               30    Parent teacher interviews (no classes)
demographic information. It is imperative that
parents ensure that all the information is current and   NOVEMBER
accurate. Please note the changes directly on the        4    Take Your Kids To Work Day
form and return it asap to your child’s homeroom         6    PD Day - no classes
teacher.                                                 11   Remembrance Day - no classes
                                                         17   Home & School meeting 7:00 pm
Please be reminded that video surveillance cameras
have been installed throughout the school. These
cameras have been put in place for the safety and
protection of students and staff and cover high
traffic, public areas of the school.