THE GREEN VALLEY ARIZONA
                        AMATEUR RADIO CLUB
   145.270 MHz PL-107.2           449.375 MHz, PL-107-2     145.290 MHz PL-107.2

        Meeting July 8, 2009                 New club member
                                             Richard Boyles K7INN 375 E.
The above meeting was canceled               Camino Rancho Seguro, Sahuarita,
due to a monsoon rain that took out          AZ 85629 480-540-8555
18 power poles leaving the SAV
without power prior to the meeting           Silent Key
starting. Hope most of you got               Long time club member Fred
word of the cancelation and did not          Russell W3JNE from Wheaton, Md
make the trip to the SAV only to
find out there was not going to be a         Misc. Items of Interest:
meeting.                                     1.) Meredith Attwell Baker, Mignon
                                             Clyburn Sworn in as FCC
       CONTINENTAL SCHOOL                    Commissioners: Now There Are
                                             Five (Aug 3, 2009) -- The Federal
Continental School regular classes           Communications Commission now
started on August 5th, but Radio             has its full complement of five
Club will not start until October 29.        Commissioners: On Friday, July 31,
This gives students time to get              Meredith Attwell Baker joined
adjusted to their regular school             Chairman Julius Genachowski,
routine before starting an after             Robert McDowell and Michael
school program. One exception to             Copps. On Monday, August 3,
this is the Robotics group which             Mignon Clyburn came on board.
will start October 1st. This earlier
start is required as the first robot         2.) Feature: QRP “Over the Top” for
competition is held in January and           the Colorado 14er Event (Jul 31,
the robot must be completely                 2009) -- After reading the August
redesigned to meet the new game              2005 QST article by Chris Ormsby,
requirements. This year the                  K0CAO, and Bob Witte, K0NR, I
program will move from                       thought what fun a HF low power
Wednesdays to Thursday afternoons            (QRP) operation from a Colorado
due to school scheduling changes.            14er (A mountain over 14,000 feet
We offer three different programs,           high.) would be. The “carrot” would
radio club, robotic club, and radio          be that an out-of-state 14er to 14er
controlled airplane club. If you             HF contact had yet to be made.1
would like to work with students 10          After the N7UN and WG0AT fun-
to 14 years in any of these areas            packed hike through the
contact Lloyd, N7GV, at 648-2834.            Canyonlands National Park in April
No specific experience is required.          2008, Steve and I made plans to
                                             participate in this unique Colorado
                                             operating event. 2 It was after we
                                             heard that Brian Boschma, N6IZ,
                      THE GREEN VALLEY ARIZONA
                        AMATEUR RADIO CLUB
   145.270 MHz PL-107.2           449.375 MHz, PL-107-2     145.290 MHz PL-107.2

was planning to HF QRP activate Mt           contact and a few “FB” congrats to
Whitney (14,491 feet) the same               each other, we were off to other
weekend as the Colorado 14er                 callers. Steve took over the CW key
event that our mutual plans                  on the K2 and then made a number
solidified. We would take a crack at         of additional contacts.
making the first out-of-state summit
HF QRP contact between a                     We switched over to 20 meter SSB
Colorado 14er and Mt Whitney in              and also made a number of contacts
California                                   throughout the US. But we were
                                             watching the weather closely as
Uncompaghre Mountain at 14,309               some dark based clouds were
feet and located just northeast of           forming upwind from the mountain
Telluride was a perfect choice. We           top. Around noon, we decided to
had requested N0B (pun intended)             start our decent just as a
as our special event 1×1 call                threatening dark cloud was forming.
several months in advance. The               The descent was easy since gravity
summit climb, at just under 8 miles          was working with us. We made it
roundtrip from the base camp area,           back to base camp, wearing the
was remote enough to not have                excited glow of accomplishment
hundreds of hikers distracting us            and a job well done. We exceeded
from our mission of making contact           our goals of not only climbing a
with as many HF and VHF folks as             14er, participating in the Colorado
we could. Even then for the 30 or so         14er event as primarily a QRP HF
hikers we encountered at the                 station, but to als14er contact.o
summit during our 3 hour stay, we            make contact with N6IZ and
put on our “ham radio ambassador             become the first for an out-of-state,
hats” to explain what we were                summit 14er-to-14er contact.
doing and why. It also amazes me
how curious folks are about ham
radio — or was it Steve’s pack                       August 12th Meeting
goats?                                       The meeting on August 12th will
                                             include a demonstration of the
After several contacts and difficulty        Buddipole antenna. Meeting time
explaining our location (QTH) (How           1900 hours at the SAV building
do you sound believable: “QTH CO,            behind the library.
N..6..I..Z weakly under several              Hope to see you there.
stronger stations. I yelped “that’s
Brian” with a fist pump into the
rarified air. I called N6IZ and with a
quick exchange to solidify the

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