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									                                               Umbrella welcomes such visits! We hope
                                               that these visits are a positive signal that
                                               the 10 year civil conflict really is over, that
                                               peace has returned to Nepal’s villages, and
                                               that many families may now be in a
                                               position to take their children home.
The Umbrella Foundation
October 2007

Dear Friends of the Umbrella
October is the month of the major Hindu
festival of Dashain. In a celebration of the
triumph of good over evil, Hindu’s all over
the world (and especially in Nepal) offer
sacrifices to the goddess Durga, and pray
for a prosperous year ahead.                      Families wait in a tutorial room to pick up
                                                      children to go home for Dashain

                                               Umbrella used this opportunity to make
                                               detailed records about each child’s family’s
                                               circumstances and we plan follow up visits
                                               to many villages in the coming months.
                                               If we find that families are willing, and
                                               schools are open, Umbrella looks forward
                                               to reuniting many conflict displaced
                                               children with their families in the coming
  The Hindu goddess, Durga, defeats the evil   We believe that whenever possible,
   demon restoring harmony to the world        children should be with their family.

Goats are slaughtered, tikka (red paste on
the forehead) is given and received, and
when humanly possible every Nepali tries
to get back to his/her village or home to be
with family at this time of year.

Dashain visits for 100 Umbrella
More than 100 Umbrella children received
visits from their parents or relatives over
Dashain, and travelled with their families
to their villages to celebrate the festival.     Umbrella children meeting their relatives in
(Compare this with last year, when only 36               Sagarmatha playground
children had Dashain visits).
                                                 Visit from an African Storyteller
Celebrating Dashain                              There was great excitement on Sagarmatha
                                                 playground, early on Saturday morning as
Of course the majority of children living        the children prepared for the arrival of
under our wonderful Umbrella do not have         Won-Ldy Paye, a storyteller from Liberia,
families to return to and so we wanted to        here in Nepal visiting Lincoln School, who
make sure they too had a special Dashain!        kindly offered to come to our orphanages
                                                 and spend the morning with the children.

  Viva Bell gives tikka to hundreds, helped by
        visiting Lincoln School teachers          Umbrella children also performed to entertain
                                                               our African guest.
Dashain Party
On Friday 19 October, all Umbrella               The children squealed in delight when
children     gathered      on  Sagarmatha        Won-Ldy Paye acted out the story of Head,
playground for a Dashain party intended to       Body, Legs, and they hooted in a mixture of
give every child tikka (a red paste of           shock and glee when in full traditional
vermillion powder, rice and water) and to        costume Won-Ldy Paye performed the
bid farewell to the many children leaving        Crane Dance.
that day for their villages.
Our wonderful volunteers helped the
children decorate the yard and organized
games to keep the children busy and happy.

   Lincoln School teachers, Viva Bell, Susan
 Burns, Peggy Keough, Cindee Robertson and         Won-Ldy Paye, a visiting story-teller from
             Carolyn Callaghan                       Liberia, performs the Crane Dance
Drums and maracas were handed out and          Not the best zoo in the world, Kathmandu
the children, led by Won-Ldy Paye and          Central Zoo is also not the worst. Some
some visiting teachers from Lincoln            animals do live in quite cramped quarters
School, tried some African rhythms and         but the zoo is well maintained, and has a
dancing. A wonderful morning was had by        surprising offering of large and small
all.                                           animals from Nepal’s amazingly diverse
Huge thanks to Won-Ldy Paye for his visit,     animal kingdom. The children love the zoo
the children enjoyed it so much and it is so   and many found the courage to enjoy
important to expand and enrich their lives     elephant rides and boat rides. Huge thanks
with such experiences.                         to our energetic volunteers who make these
The Umbrella children are taking part in a     special treats possible.
world-wide art project based on Won-Ldy
Paye’s popular children’s book, Head,
Body, Legs. We will share the finished
products with you when this project
culminates in May 2008.

                                                     How lucky our children felt to see
                                                           the tiger at the zoo

                                               One good turn deserves another
                                               Early in October when Jacky Buk, our
   African rhythms with Won-Ldy Paye in
                                               country director, met Steven and Connor,
 Sagarmatha House, Swoyambhu, Kathamndu        two young Irish men volunteering at a
                                               destitute orphanage in Kathmandu, Jacky
                                               was happy to offer them the use of our
                Zoo visits                     wonderful Medical Clinic in Annapurna
Over Dashain break, many of our
                                               House, so that the 10 children living in the
volunteers took the opportunity to bring the
                                               house where Stephen and Connor are
children on visits to Kathmandu Zoo.
                                               volunteering could have full physical
                                               medical checkups.

 The boys of Machapuchare House enjoying a
     day out at Kathmandu Central Zoo
                                                  Weighing in for medical examinations at
                                                        Annapurna Medical Clinic
Dr. Suman immediately volunteered to                Thanks to Rina Bissou, a volunteer from
conduct the check-ups and the children              Israel, many of our children are
were brought to Annapurna House for the             participating in daily yoga sessions. The
afternoon to play on the playground while           children learn so quickly and are really
they had their tests done one by one.               enjoying it. We are happy that the children
We are happy to report that all the children        are getting the chance to try so many
are in good general health.                         different activities.
Shortly after their visit, Connor and Steven
surprised Umbrella with a generous                  Volunteer News Update
donation to our general running expenses            We are often asked by potential volunteers
for which we are very grateful.                     just exactly what Umbrella volunteers do
                                                    when they are with us here in Nepal. This
                                                    month we asked the volunteers to put
                                                    together a glimpse into their daily lives at
                                                    Jason Ahmadi, from the USA, is
                                                    continuing the English courses that were
                                                    started in September by Kelly Flynn. In his
                                                    classes, he helps staff and tutors with
                                                    grammar,      vocabulary,     and    written
                                                    composition, as well as conducting a
                                                    variety of discussion sessions. All house
                                                    managers and tutors are benefiting greatly
    Steven and Connor from Dublin, Ireland,         from it, and are really enjoying it.
pictured with their children at the Dashain party

Yoga at Umbrella
I could hardly believe my eyes when I
entered Machapuchare House last weekend
and saw about a dozen Umbrella children
lying in all sorts of strange and contorted
positions on the dining room floor.

                                                    Jason Ahmadi at Ama Dablam House holding a
                                                       discussion group with some of our tutors

                                                    Eric Haynie (USA) and Josh Shrager
                                                    (USA) are busy preparing a concept note
                                                    and proposal for our Gurje Village Project.
                                                    Umbrella is optimistic that with such a
                                                    team of writers to pursue grants, we will
Umbrella children now enjoy yoga in the dining
                                                    find funding for our projects from a broad
       room of Machapuchare House                   spectrum of potential donors both public
                                                    and private.
                                                     Volunteers enjoy the sunshine in the front
                                                          garden of Ama Dablam House
  Delia, Eric, Freema Davis and Josh meet to
discuss the Gurge Village Project at Umbrella’s
              office in Swoyambhu                 Maria Budner, from California, joined us
                                                  for one week of October. A friend of
Lieke Coppens from the Netherlands is             Umbrella’s, she spent the week with the
still with us. This month, she has been busy      children of Annapurna House.
planning outings and activities for the           Jody Goldberg, also from California,
children for their Dashain holiday. She and       came back to Umbrella in October. She has
the rest of the volunteers planned movie          been spending time in Ama Dablam House,
nights, zoo trips, game days, and art             and helped plan the numerous activities
projects for the children.                        during the Dashain festival.
                                                  Ariel Morgan, from the U.S., is visiting
                                                  Nepal with her family. She is spending 1-2
                                                  weeks with us. She has been visiting Ama
                                                  Dablam and Annapurna Houses and plans
                                                  many fun activities with the children.

                                                  Volunteers who left in October
                                                  This month, we said goodbye to Rachel
                                                  from Israel. Rachel spent one month here,
                                                  working with tutors and house managers in
                                                  a psychology course on child development.
                                                  Staff loved the course and we hope it will
                                                  have a lasting effect on the way they
Art activities organized by Lieke Coppens from
                 the Netherlands                  interact with the children. Huge thanks to
                                                  Rachel for this.
Meet the New Volunteers
Rina Bissou, from Israel, will be staying
with us for 1-2 months. She has started the
yoga course for the staff and kids, and is
very enthusiastic about it. She is
volunteering in Ama Dablam House.
Delia Ryan, an English teacher from the
U.S., will stay with us for several months.
She is volunteering in Annapurna house,
and plans to help out with editing and
writing the project proposals.
                                                                Goodbye to Rachel
The Umbrella Foundation is proud that we        I see it (the village) as rife with opportunity
have so many volunteers coming from all         for the vision that most of us seem to share
over the world to serve the needs of the        for Umbrella’s future. Jyoti and Jivan, two
children in our care.                           of the staff there, showed us the beginnings
If you are considering coming out to Nepal      of a model agricultural complex. In it, they
to volunteer, go to       are working with a pilot farm that will
visit our volunteer page, and sign up to        assuredly be a successful model for the
serve the children of Nepal today!              future agricultural aspect that the Gurje
Volunteers currently at Umbrella: Lieke         Village Project entail.
(The Netherlands) Eric (USA) Jason (USA)
Delia (USA) Rina (USA) Ariel (USA)

Gurje Trip by Eric Haynie
Rachel, Jason, Lieke, Steven, Jacky,
myself, and some of the Gurje staff spent a
day in Gurje this month.

                                                   Umbrella volunteers in the fields in Gurje

                                                Using a method of farming in which crops
                                                are covered with a tarp, and thus retaining
                                                moisture, something like 10-20 percent
                                                more crop is yielded. Just as encouraging is
                                                the excitement and willingness to engage
  Umbrella volunteers enjoy being above the     with which the local community is
             clouds in Nuwakot                  responding to our project. As a community
                                                with fairly little in terms of infrastructure
Having spent quite a bit of time sifting        and economic opportunity, I think that
through and writing documents for the           many local people will see a boost in
Gurje Village Project, it was nice to put a     livelihood and stability as this project
‘face’ to its name.                             progresses.

                                                The land allocated for the school, at the top
                                                of the hill, perfectly suits Umbrella’s plans
                                                for it. It is large, flat, and has a clear view
                                                of everything around it. There is plentiful
                                                space for future projects and offices.

                                                After a visit to Gurje, it is easy to see why
                                                Umbrella want to work out there. Far
                                                enough from the problems of the city, but
                                                near enough for convenience, Gurge will
                                                be a great environment for the children to
  Breathtaking views and clear skies in Gurje
                                                grow up.
 Village in Nuwakot, just 20kms from bustling
If you would like to sponsor a child or have any questions about our projects, please do email us.
Feel free to email us at the main office in Nepal or email your contact in your own country.

Or Jackie McPherson at

Ireland: Dave Cutler:
Or Harry Coogan:

USA: Bryan
Or Karl Kersiek

Italy: Lucia at

Germany: Sabina at

Holland: Henny Coppens
Or Gerard Meeuwsen

        The Umbrella children are so grateful to Nepal’s very own number-one Internet provider
                         Making Donations to the Umbrella Foundation.
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                       Part                         18,000   200        150         250
                       Monthly Standing Order       3,000    33         25          40
                       General donations are also very welcome

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