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Five Tips for Choosing Party Dresses


									Five Tips for Choosing Party Dresses

Spring is the time of year when many of us set about updating our wardrobes for the new season. If
your wardrobe update includes a few new party dresses, we want to help make sure you do things
right. We want to make sure you are always the hit of the party regardless of the outfit choice you
make for the evening.

To that end, here are five tips for choosing party dresses this spring:

1. Pay Attention to Proportion
Each individual has her own unique body shape requiring special attention. So pay attention to your
own proportions when choosing body dresses. For example, a woman with a smaller frame should
avoid large dresses with excessive amounts of extra material. For the same reason, larger women
need to be very careful about minimalist dresses.

2. Hide the Undergarments
We know it has become quite the thing to allow the undergarments to peek through these days, but
you're not purchasing an everyday dress at a cheap clothing store; you're buying a party dress that
will set the tone for your evening out on the town. Make sure the dresses you choose will be
sufficient to cover your undergarments completely. If necessary, you can purchase special
undergarments for a specific dress you really love.

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3. Shop with Your Friends
Is there anything worse than arriving at a party only to find a friend wearing the same dress, or a
similar one? You can avoid that by shopping for party dresses with your friends. Even if you are
buying your dresses online, shopping with friends virtually guarantees you'll never duplicate.

4. Always Check the Labels
It's a given that your party dresses will require a little extra care in terms of washing, drying and
pressing. It is important to always check the labels to find out exactly how much care a given dress
will require. Any dress that seems to be a bit too high maintenance might be one to leave alone.

5. Keep in Mind Your Accessories
When it comes to accessories, party dresses are not as flexible as jumpsuits. So before you buy,
consider what accessories you already have a go with a particular dress. If you have nothing
available, are you willing to purchase accessories to go with it?

When the date of your first party arrives, and you're ready to don the new party dress you just
purchased, remember a few additional tips that can really make you look. First and foremost, strive
for focus. In other words, choose one part of your outfit to be the centre of attention. Use
everything else, including your accessories, jewellery and so on to bring attention to that focal point.

Finally, forget about that hat unless your party is to be outdoors in the sunshine. Nothing draws
attention away from a dress quite like a hat. After all, you didn't put all that time and money into
your new party dress just to have it play second fiddle to your headgear.

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