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									        PRAY FOR THE HOMELESS
NO one is an accident. God has a purpose for creating every human being
who has ever lived.

Yet there are thousands and thousands of individuals who are living on the
streets of America and other countries. They are there because they never
discovered their purpose for living.

Jim Hogsett invites you to pray for all of the homeless and specifically for
those he has listed in his diary. You already know them because they are a
living soul just like you!

                From Jim Hogsett’s diary…….

John Bulich and Tara Wolfgang - Tara who is John's friend states he has a medical
problem which could not be discussed and, therefore, this keeps John from looking for

Tiffany Akyes - This young lady has been on the streets for one month. She states she
was subleasing an apartment with someone but was required to move and lost everything
and could not work.

James and Laura Buonasera - James states he is a veteran and lost his job in
construction and lost his home.

James Jones - Has been on the streets for three years. He is divorced.

Keith Smith - Has been on the streets for eight years. His last job was in the diamond
district (47th Street) where he cut diamonds for a living.

Stephanie Stapleton - Has been on streets for several months and when I met her, she
was holding a sign which read "PREGNANT". She states she and her boyfriend were
paying his aunt for housing but was required to move when the aunt had another tenant.
Stephanie's last job: a cashier in a local supermarket.

Katlyn O'Sullivan - Has been on the streets for nine months. She states she finished
school at Cornell University but "ran out of funds" after taking out a loan to pay for
school. She has previously served as a nurse for thirty years.

Walt Zabo - Has been on the streets for eight years. Was working as a night clerk but
lost his job. Has asked that we also pray for a two year old son, Walter Jr who has a
serious illness and who is in the hospital.
Armand Von Plotho - I met Armand on Madison Avenue. He is originally from
Germany. He states he is "a great singer" and decided to provide me with a few verses.
There is no question that God has given him a magnificent singing voice! He was asking
for money to help him get on stage. He states he previously worked in a print shop. He
says everyone tells him he should retire (which should not be a surprise since this is
standard advice for senior citizens from the American secular society). I urged him to
contact local churches since there may be a need for a full time musician on the staff. I
also urged him to conduct some performances on the streets of New York which is a
common way of earning GOOD money. I am concerned about this individual throwing
away a precious God given talent,

"Mr. Z" (no name given - during our short conversation, I had met another very
intelligent homeless individual. It is so easy to throw away God given ability.

George Cox - George is a New York native whom I met in the Port Authority Building.
He has been on the streets for five years. He has had a drinking and drug problem but,
thank God, the problem has been eliminated.. He states he recently lost his mother. He
previously worked in the mailroom of the Brooklyn Army Terminal and has worked with
mentally challenged children.

Michael Brown - Has been on the streets for two years. His last employment was with
Enterprise but when the company moved, he lost his job and was unable to pay his rent.

Mathias Lopez - This individual had an immediate request: "Please pray for
me!".......and I did! I might add it is not common for a homeless individual to request
prayer even though I often pray with them.

Ziaanni Lopez - Daughter of Mathias Lopez

Collin Veno - Has been on the streets for two years. Was previously employed as a
private investigator with Northeastern Security in Boston. He states the job was very
stressful and he became depressed and lost his job. He decided to come to New York
City to "start life over". He says he has not seeked employment and is currently engaged
in a rehabilitation program.

John Grovall - I first met John just outside the Port Authority Building. This is an
elderly gentleman who has been on the streets for 3 1/2 years. I do not normally give
money to the homeless since there is the distinct possibility that some individuals will use
that money for alcohol and/or drugs. In the case, I felt a conviction to assist him in this
manner. To accomplish this, I took him to McDonalds and invited him to order the meal
of his choice. This provided me the opportunity to sit with him during the meal and learn
more about his situation. During our conversation, I asked if he ever drank or used
drugs. He stated "no" but added he did like to drink beers. No, I do not question God's
conviction to feed him but regret that this is another one who will use cash money to
engage in this form of drinking.

"Mr. Y" (no name given) - This individual has difficulty communicating because he is
deaf. However, he was able to read my lips when I left him with the most important
message: "I promise to pray for you."
LaFrances Williams - Has been on the streets for five years because of an alcohol
problem. No further details were shared.

Keith Kimbro - Has been on the streets for four years. Worked at Sevrin Grill but lost
his job and apartment and lost his mother.

Daryl Wynn - born in Raleigh, North Carolina where he worked at Standard
Products. He has lived in New York City for twelve years. Came to the city to work as a
street vendor but lost his job.

Jeninx Hodge - When I met him, he was retrieving items from a garbage can on Eighth
Avenue. Jeninx is originally from the Caribbean where he was married. He states
that after moving to New York, his wife tried to kill him through drugging him. As a
result he was in a coma for twelve days after which he developed a severe vision
deficiency. He states that his wife was trying to collect on a $250,000 life insurance
policy. He says he cannot work because of the vision problem.

Jackie Clinton - Has been unemployed for two years because of a disability. She
worked as a cashier at Tuesday Morning and states she can now work.

James Wilkins - He is originally from Columbia, South Carolina. Has been homeless -
off and on - since age 14. Has problem with depression but does some seasonal work.
James in his mid-fifties.

Troy Walter - Has been on the streets for eight months. He worked as a supervisor in a
warehouse. He says, "I lost my job because a jackass made me angry so I just walked off
the job. He wouldn't listen."

James Walter - States he has cancer. He says, "I would still work any job you give me
and I will be at work on time."

Frank Oldring - States he has been homeless since age five. No other information

Eric Jason Bell and Cashae Bell - I met them on 42nd Street. Eric states he had an
accident and broke his thumb. Due to this one injury, he receives $800/month social
security disability. Since that accident, he also fell into the subway and broke his wrist
and fema bone. They are looking at possibility of moving to Charlotte. They became
familiar with this area when relatives were living there. When we met, they were very
upset because they had just been evicted from their residence.

James Hickox - Has been on the streets for more than ten years. States he has been
mentally and physically disabled since age 6. He says, "I am dying because I have a rare
blood deficiency disease. I could go anytime." He states he has worked only four or five
years of his life.

Joseph Devins - I located Joseph inside Grand Central Terminal. He has been on the
streets for seventeen years. Divorced from wife.
No other information given.

Edwin Ortiz - Has been on the streets since 1997. He states his family was Jehovah's
Witnesses. He did not wish to subscribe to this "religion". . He stated he was ordered
away from his parents' home because he would not follow their religion. He then began
to "hang out on 42nd Street and drank and act crazy". He was also sentenced to nine
years in prison in 1993. He also states he has a learning disability and receives $500/mo
government assistance. In spite of his situation, his first comment to me was that he
knows that God is taking care of him.

Basco Ortiz - He is the brother of Edwin Ortiz. No other information provided.

"Mr. S" - I found him asleep on the floor downstairs in the Port Authority Building.
Upon awakening, he would not give me his name for our prayer list.

Donald Ballard - States he has had a disability since 2007 and would provide no other

Joe Dooly - Joe is a young man who has been on the streets for six months. He was self-
employed as an auto mechanic. He became divorced and lost all of his monetary assets
and has a problem with depression.

Roy Johnson - Roy is 57 years old. States he has been on the streets for "three or four
years". He receives food stamps. He is not working but states he wanted to work.
However, he has a greater problem. He admits he is an alcoholic and, although he was
not drunk, as we spoke, I determined he was under the influence of this substance.

Robert Glenn - Has been off and on the streets since 2004. He worked for the Parks
Department. He is separated.
Jamel James - Has been off and on the streets since 1996 and states this was caused by
"drinking, losing my job, and going to jail".
While speaking to these individuals, they were distracted by a yell from someone and
stated they had to leave me but "will be right back". They never returned.

Christopher Levi - Has been unemployed for seven years. He previously worked as a
counselor at the state mental hospital. He says he had to stop working because of a
disability. He received $500/month disability income.

John Donohue - I met John on Lexington Avenue. He is originally from New York and
has been on the streets for twenty years. He states he has worked on and off jobs. He
asked for prayer because he suffers from having seizures.

Joe Bradford - Joe is in a wheelchair and has been on the streets for eight months.

Bryant Newton - I met Bryant on Lexington Avenue in Harlem. He has been
unemployed for 1 1/2 years. He worked at Rite Aid before it closed.

Issa Coulibaly - I met Issa in Grand Central Station. He has been on the streets for seven
years. He states he lost his job due to sickness.

"Mr. S" (no name given) - Upon meeting him on West 40th Street, he immediately
stated he had just been released from jail "30 minutes ago". Would not provide me with
any further information. He just wanted money for food.
Crystal Williams - She is originally from New York City and has been homeless for 3
1/2 years. She states she had family problems and formerly been employed as
maintenance worker, cleaning, etc.

Charine Rose - She is originally from New York City. She receives $694/month in
social security disability benefits due to a speech impediment. Yet, as we spoke I could
easily understand her. At one time, she worked in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

"Mr. C" (no name given) - This is a young man who served in United States Marine
Corp until 2002. He worked from 2006 until 2009 in computer networking but became
sick and left. He receives money from the government for his disability (no amount
given). Yet, when I asked if he could work a job that paid $3,000/month, he quickly
replied, "Yes".

Dwayne Banks - I met Dwayne in Grand Central Station. He has been on the streets for
approximately five years. He was formerly employed in New Orleans and Atlanta. In
his last job, he worked as a telephone line man. He is 54 years old.

Ernie Cox - No other information given.

John Wilson - Worked in the kitchen of a restaurant but lost job. No other details

"Mr. P" - No other information given.

Kevin Brown - Has been on the streets two years. Lost his job.

Sicf Jackson - I met this former young military man on Madison Avenue. He is sitting in
a wheelchair without any feet and legs. His legs had to be amputated after an explosion
almost killed him in Afghanistan. Here is one who was willing to serve his country.
Now, is there anyone who will NOT discriminate against this disabled individual who is
willing to work? Yes, there is an American With Disabilities Act that forbids
discrimination in hiring such individuals. But due to the hypocrisy in this country about
injustice, I just wonder how many employers are complying with this law designed to
protect such individuals.

Steven Joyce and Kendall Hofstra - No information provided.

Kevin Michael - Has been on the streets for eight months. Lost his job. He was
previously a construction worker.

Ronald Diggs - I met Ronald on Fifth Avenue. He is in a wheelchair because of arthritis
in hip. Has just started receiving disability compensation.

Zachery Cohen - There is something about a homeless person and his dog that is
extremely touching. That is the case of Zachery whose dog lay close to him. He has
been on the streets for three years. He was living in Florida when his dad passed away
and he lost the home due to bank foreclosure. Although he did not discuss his reason for
moving to New York, I relayed information about cities/towns across this country which
have a low unemployment rate and, thus, more jobs available.
A highlight of Operation Uplift this year was the opportunity to speak to a captive
audience of homeless in Harlem. The Metropolitan United Methodist Church at
West126th Street and Madison Avenue feeds the homeless each day except for
Mondays. I was invited into their facility and spoke to each group being fed between
11:00am and 2:00pm. When I told them I was from North Carolina, one lady yelled,
"I'm from Kinston" to which I replied, "Yes, Kinston is next door to my alma mater
ECU" and all of a sudden I heard a chant from the audience: GO PIRATES! The
following individuals requested prayer after their meal:

Luis Mvnoz - Has been on the streets for eight years. Was previously employed as a
mechanic when he lost that job.

John Mosley - Has been on the streets for seven months. He is 34 years old and states he
has never worked. He lived with his mother until she gave up her apartment. He is not a
high school graduate.

Elijah Jorden - Unemployed three months. He worked as an intern for MTA
(transportation) but they failed to hire him. He is 28 years old and is a high school

Qiorta Jorden - wife of Elijah Jordan.

Elijah Jordan also requested prayer for following names which he wrote on my note
pad: Diego, CCarrero, Daisy, Carrero, Diegcarre, Suses, Carrero, Maylee, Rivera,
Niome, Rivera.

Shawn Dardeb - Unemployed since 2008 due to congestive heart failure.

Mr. & Mrs. Shephard - No other information given.

Maria Gerrato and Jessica Salvegsi - No other information given

Louis Maldonado - No other information given

Andre' Johnson - This young man is 28 years old and shared with me his resume'. He
has held a wide variety of jobs which could be a major problem because some employers
may view him as a job hopper. For this reason, I emphasized it is time to settle down and
find the job that meets his calling and stay there. Before coming to New York, he
worked as a sales representative for Comcast in Baltimore, Maryland. He was involved
in a family dispute and came to New York because "they have better shelters".

Mary Green - No other information given.

Vaughn Hammond - No other information given.

Rafael Caives - 53 years old and has been unemployed for four years.

Michael Brown - No other information given

Hose' Gonzales - No other information given

Loretta Ladson - No other information given
John Moses - No other information given

Bernard Smith - He has been on the streets since 1968.

Jadde M - No other information given

Calvin Robinson - No other information given.

During my walk from Ground Zero back to mid-town Manhattan, the following contacts
were made with homeless individuals camped out on Broadway:

James Hagedorn - States he is not completely homeless (staying in guy's apartment).
No other information given.

Michael and Charise Pilgrim - have been on the streets approximately five years.

Jason Williams - Has been on the streets 2 1/2 months. Lost his job and divorced.
States he is thinking about traveling to Atlanta. I counseled him to be very careful in any
decision to move to another location. While the option of moving can be very good,
Atlanta also has a high unemployment rate. I encouraged him to go to the local library
and google low unemployment cities and towns across America before making any
decision. I gave examples of those locations with low rates of unemployment meaning
that jobs can be plentiful.

Michael Burns - States he was involved in the cleanup operation at Ground Zero after
the 9-11 disaster and now has breathing problems and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Jay Wallace - Was working at Macy's until he was laid off five months ago. I
encouraged him to immediately begin knocking on doors and explore possibility of
moving to a low unemployment location.

Paul Castro - Paul is 21 years old and has been on streets for one year. I encouraged
him not to throw away his life but to find his calling and keep knocking on doors.

After being exposed to the wrecked lives of so many contacted during Operation Uplift, I
must admit that I needed an uplift and I received it from 53-year old Rafael Camilo
whom I met in the Port Authority Building. Rafael was born on Christmas Eve and
began drinking alcohol at the age of 15. Two years later, he had become an alcoholic.
He has worked in excellent paying jobs including his service to Newark International
Airport. But, because of the drinking habit, he lost these jobs and became homeless. One
day, he was sitting in the Port Authority Building when a stranger approached him and
stated he wished to provide help. The stranger who had also suffered from alcohol
addiction directed Rafael to Alcohol Anonymous. It should be noted that Rafael had
tried to stop drinking through the help of other such organizations but failed to eradicate
the habit. He proudly announced that he had not had a drink in ten months. He added
that he is absolutely confident that he will never return to the habit and he provides a
solid reason. He declares himself to be a Christian and believes his God is with him and
will continue to help him. And, there is more good news. Rafael is now employed
through an agency as a maintenance worker. He currently performs work in the
basement of the new Freedom Tower at Ground Zero. He proudly produced his bank
card and explained that a direct deposit of his paycheck is made weekly. This is a man
who is absolutely married to the Christian work ethic. He has been told that if he works
hard and produces excellent results, he will become a regular employee. In effect, he is
simply being tested in his present assignment and while we need to pray for him, there is
no doubt in mind that he will pass the test.

And, I was also so happy to meet Harry Rowland who was homeless but is now free to
use his God given talent: teaching history! He is self-employed and refers to himself as
"the History Guy" because he teaches an entire lesson concerning what took place on 9-
11. He speaks from the side of a building that houses the New York fire trucks that serve
lower Manhattan including Ground Zero area. (It is located next to the new Freedom
Tower skyscraper.)
And, Harry uses a magnificent visual during his presentations. It is a gigantic three
dimensional plaque which is mounted on the outside wall of that fire department and it
runs a very long distance starting at the corner of the building. The engraved images
show major highlights of the tragedy and a list of firefighters killed is included. When he
is not lecturing, he is constantly cleaning the plaque with a cloth.
As the crowds gather at this location, Harry begins to teach. When I first heard him, I saw
a direct reflection of one of my U.S. History professors who used no notes and made the
subject come alive through the excitement of her voice. It was a very moving moment
when I saw him bend down to speak to a little girl who was not alive on that tragic day.
That child was fully focused on "the History Guy" as he explained the minute details
and quizzed her at the end of the lesson!
As I stood and watched in amazement, it was easy to see this is another former homeless
person who has found his calling and will impact many lives that pass his way. (I might
add his students are filling his jar with plenty of $$$$.)

WOW! I have just had a reunion with Daren Nesbigg. I first met him one year ago in
the Port Authority Building where he was busy helping customers find their way to the
buses. He knows every bus location in that building and he shows anyone how to
provide quality service. His income is totally dependent on tips as he is not an employee
of the Port Authority even though they are blessed to have such an individual who is
willing to perform this service without any guarantee of income. When I first met him,
he was also receiving disability income. (I never knew why he would be entitled to this
compensation since he is physically able to stand on a concrete floor all day and assist
customers.) Daren states he has graduated! This means he no longer receives any
government assistance!
Is there hope for the homeless? Just ask Mr. Rafael Camilo my brother in Christ and "the
History Guy" and Daren Nesbigg!


Saturday, November 23, 2013

I have had the wonderful opportunity to deliver a message to a captive audience of
homeless during a service conducted in the park by Pastor Earl Webster. My brother
in Christ is the minister for Corinth Baptist Church in Capital Heights, Maryland.
Something very UNUSUAL occurred during that outdoor service. A homeless
gentleman gave his heart to Jesus and was SAVED!!!

Why would I call that event UNUSUAL? It is because we just don't see that happening
very often in these times in which we live. I can remember when it was NOT
UNUSUAL for unsaved to walk to the altar almost weekly. The fact this is not
happening further reflects a society in which there are so many hearts that are so

Does this mean that an individual has to reach a point of desperation (such as
homelessness) before the heart is softened and the person recognizes his/her sorry

Unfortunately, the news about the homeless is often bad news. But, what occurred in
Freedom Park yesterday is an exception......a GREAT exception! Yes, Heaven is
rejoicing because this homeless soul has joined the Kingdom of God!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

For the second consecutive year in Washington, I have joined Reverend Unchu Na in a
service being conducted for the homeless on Sunday afternoon in Franklin Square
Park. This brother-in-Christ is pastor of Cross Community Mission Foundation, Inc. in
Oakton, Virginia.

At the end of the service, our homeless friends here were also fed by Brother Na's
ministry so it was important that I keep my message short. That was easy because I only
had to amplify the two most important decisions they will ever face in life. (1) Accept
the Lord Jesus as your personal Savior AND (2) find your purpose for living and get to
WORK because that is the only way you will escape your prison of poverty......the O N

This is also the second outdoor service in which I have been involved as part of this
year's Washington Operation Uplift. Such a connection is similar to what is done in
Memphis when I am with the Warriors. In effect, it becomes a partnership in which we
have one common goal: to give those in need a HANDUP, a firm foundation upon which
they can stand provided they choose the RIGHT path!

Again, this also helps me in making one-on-one contacts after the service since they
already know that I am here to meet with them and explore specific options for obtaining
work and escape from their poverty condition.


Ken Lam - has been on streets ten years. States it is hard to get job, "bad business".

Davinia Myles - On the streets seven years. Lost home. States she has been looking for

Bryon Hawkins - On the streets six years. States he has had "small pieces of work".
James Hunter - On the streets two years. Looking for work. States he has interview
today. Worked for Raised the Steaks Restaurant in Washington but was fired "so they
could hire a foreigner for cheaper price".

Donta Harris - No background information given.

Jeff Williams - On the streets for seven years. States he has been looking for work.
Previously employed at Washington Hospital Center performing "utility work".

Hector Cazares - Has been on streets for fifteen years. Previously employed as a cook
at local restaurant.

Donald Medley - Unemployed since February, 2013. Was employed as a shipping clerk
in DC; in a rambling conversation, he referred to going back to work next year and he is
"working on physical and spiritual things".

Terry Winslow - Has been on streets for four years, two months. Was working full time
in construction business when he was laid off. Has recently been employed as
a temporary.

Victor Carnesolta - On the streets for nine months. Came to Washington from
Providence, Rhode Island. States he left Providence because of discrimination and "I
wanted to be close to the White House" (meaning of this not clear). States that a local
Presbyterian Church is helping him and that he has had some temporary work.

Antonio Lewis - On the streets two years. He emphasizes the difficulties of his life
starting with the death of his grandmother. He says, "I messed up my hip and got shot."
He also states he is trying to get a job and asked for prayer. We immediately prayed

Sherwood Wright - On the streets for ten years and previously worked in home
improvement business.

Harriet Welch - On the streets for six years. Extremely confused in her conversation.

Bryan Raw - On streets for 5 1/2 years. States he was injured on the job but received no
worker's compensation. Has been trying to get a job.

Wylie Birch - On streets for one year. States he is a disabled veteran. Served three tours
of duty in US Marines, worked as a postal inspector, held three security jobs. States he
began working at age 15. Also states he expects to begin receiving military retirement
pay starting December 1.

Ronald Luther Hill - Has lived on the streets since last August, 2013. Extremely
confused in conversation.

Franscura Sims - Has lived in homeless shelter for two years. Has been working in
temporary positions.

Marchellar Lesueur - On the streets for last eight months. Worked In maintenance but
starting having problems with arthritis. Yet, he agrees there are some types of jobs which
he can physically work.
Mike Thomas - On the streets for one year and three months. Stated he managed a
Wendy's Restaurant but became a diabetic. Yet, he admits there are jobs he can perform.
He states he is currently participating in a class at the shelter.

Melvin Smith - Has been on streets for 5 1/2 years. He states the cause is drinking
alcohol and engaging I n use of marijuana. He also states he has a disability. Yet, he
also states there are some types of work which he can perform.

David Woo - On street for "awhile". No further information provided.

John Jackson - On streets for six years. He referred to a drug problem. He also states
he has been working for a temp agency,

Jeffry Stokely - No background information provided.

Gordon Crichlow - Six years on the street.

Jamie Escamilla - On the streets for ten years. Previously worked in construction.
States he has an arthritic knee and is a diabetic and it is difficult to find the job "which I
can work due to my condition".

Robert Henry - On the streets for six years. Lost job in telemarketing. Rambled in
conversation making it difficult to determine the state of condition of his work ethic.

James Joyner - States he has been on the street for a "long time". He has applied for a
job in the business office of the AFL-CIO.

"Mr. A" - Would provide no other identification. However, he said "I'm somewhere
between being an atheist and an agnostic". When I am confronted by anyone who
doubts the existence of God, I present them with challenging questions: "How was the
world made? Who made YOU? How did all of the animals come into existence? Who
laid out the oceans? Who placed the moon and the other planets in the sky?" Such an
individual has NOTHING to defend his position when these kinds of questions are
asked. They also provide an excellent opportunity to ask: “Do you believe Jesus Christ
lived on this earth?" Many atheists will say, "Yes" which leads me to provide a critical
lesson on the difference between knowing about Jesus and actually knowing Him. I also
ask, "Just suppose you are wrong and when you leave this world and enter eternity, you
suddenly find you are in a hell that is far worse than poverty and living on the streets.
You will find you have gambled and you have lost the gamble which is the greatest
tragedy that can occur in your existence."

Ramos Felrnande - One year on the street.

Rafael Caban - Has been on the streets since 2000. States he is a certified cook.

Melvin Rivera - On the streets for two years. States he lost everything because of being
addicted to alcohol. But, he states he no longer has the addiction.

Jimmy McKennelly - Served in the US Marines and was "blackballed". Has only an
elementary school education.
Kenneth Riddick - Would not provide further information.

"Mr. Y" - Would not provide any background information.

Nelso Martinez - Would not provide any background information.

Michael Williams - On the streets for two years. During 2006, he had both hips
replaced. He worked in Colorado as a dance teacher. He came to Washington to be with
his mother who passed away. This appears to have had a devastating effect on his life.

E J Lesane - Has been on the streets for two years.

Kevin Johnson - On the streets for four years. Troubles started when he was divorced
and was incarcerated (no other details given), He went to the shelter and was receiving
$679/month disability pay from Uncle Sam but money was later terminated.

Terry Thomas - I met Terry inside New York Presbyterian Church. He has been
unemployed for four years. Stated he became sick and had to have heart surgery in
February. Has been denied social security disability compensation. He does state there
are some kinds of work he can perform.

Cheri Dews - Has been on the streets with her children for seven months. Problems
began because of domestic violence.
Symone and Sumiya - Cheri Dews' two precious children who carry such a loving smile
and attitude. I hugged them and wish I could have had more time with them and their

John Jones - Has been in St Elis Hospital. Would provide no other information.

Jay Riggs - On the streets for six years. States he was working for Defense Department
but provided no other details.

Nathaniel Jenkins - 30 years on the street. States he does a little work at local vendor
stand when needed. Has had stomach and knee surgery. States he is also under
psychiatric care.

Eric Jones - Has been on the streets only a few days. Was previously working in
landscaping but the business was closed and he is now on food stamps. Has been
unemployed four months. States that his mother put him out of the house because he had
been drinking a "couple of beers". Eric states he is a Christian and has been staying at the
local mission for three nights.

Barbie Jean Smith - 26 years old and has never been employed. High school graduate
and has tried to seek employment.

Larry and Jennifer - Have been on the streets since December. She states they left
Little Rock together and came to Memphis after her dad stabbed her with a knife. Larry
states he was employed in construction trade but the company moved. BULLETIN: On
the next day after meeting them, God allowed us to cross paths again in downtown
Memphis. Larry exclaimed the good news. He stated he had been employed by the local
newspaper and had the potential to earn as much as $80/day To God be the glory!

Mark Jasmon - Has been on the streets 39 years.

JC Holt - He is originally from Michigan and has been in Memphis for four months. He
states he had a concrete job but also served time in jail for 7 ½ months.

Amby McCuddy - has served time and provided no other details.

Charles Luttress - He is a native of Raleigh North Carolina and moved to Memphis to
be with his sister. Since that time, she has moved to New York. Worked at Harris Teeter
(part time) until last November.

Nyron Batts - states he is living in a "high rise" and is on disability.

Fred Jones - States he is not looking for any work.

Sherman Wilkins - Has been on the streets for two years. He previously worked as a
press operator at a warehouse but lost his job. He is 59 years old.

David Metcalf - Has been on the streets for four years. 65 years old. No interest in

Timothy Gaines - Has been on streets for one year. States he lost his job and had to
move out of apartment. He was previously an iron worker. He is 58 years old.

Alan Smith - He is currently working for Staff Line (temp agency) which assigns him to
different jobs. This is another case where excellent performance on these jobs is needed
because any company could come to Alan with a full time job with salary and benefits!

Roger Martin - Has been on the streets for one year. States he lost his apartment and his
job due to a reduction of employees. He worked as a custodian at ISS.

Adrian Cross - worked as a truck driver and has a current Commercial Driver's License.
Has also been employed in many other lines of work including those with computer
applications. However, there is some question related to his stability due to the number
of jobs held.

Rudell Funzie - He is on food stamps. However, there is good news! He has recently
started a handyman business and formed a partnership with another member of his
church. He proudly shared a one-page advertisement with me which lists all of their
services. He states they are making excellent progress. Good for you Mr. Rudell!!!!!!

Karl Pilcher - Has been on the streets for one year. Before losing his job due to a
massive layoff, he worked in a pallet company. He has tried to obtain employment
through the local unemployment office.

"Mary" - Has been on the streets for more than one year. Rambles throughout
conversations making it difficult to understand her.

Arthur Gilland - Has been on the streets for twelve years. Was in prison for 32 years.
Chadwick Lilly - Unemployed four years. Got into trouble and served time in jail. His
family turned away from him. States he has tried to obtain employment through the
temporary agency but they show no interest in employing him.

Nate Wilbon - I met Nate last year and am sorry to learn he is still on the streets. He
does state that he "has done a few cleaning jobs at the Exchange Building".

"Mr Y" - Worked at McDonalds and was fired and provided no other details.

Cliff Taylor - Was working for Filters Depot before the company was bought out. He is
actively seeking employment.

Eric Jessen - Has been on the streets for four days. He was previously in Nashville but
came to Memphis seeking work. States he is drawing disability but is willing to come off
disability if he can get a job.

Anthony Kemp - He is originally from Arkansas and has been on the streets a few
weeks. He previously worked in a warehouse where there was a reduction of the
workforce. He had been employed four years.

Davy Thacker - Has been out of work since 2011. He previously worked in construction
for nine years but was laid off.

Delilha Churchwell - She is from Michigan and has lived in Memphis for a few years.
She has worked as a Certified Nursing Attendant. However, she has a real stronghold
which is choking her: alcohol. During my conversation with her, it was quite evident
that this lady is also extremely depressed.

Paul Williamson - Has been on the streets for three years. He previously worked for
Firestone but was terminated (no reason given). He then worked for McDonalds and left
without giving a notice.

Adrian Cross - He was previously an asphalt worker. He came to Memphis to be with
his father who has Alzheimer’s.

Terry King - Has been on the streets for twenty years. States his house burned and he
then became addicted to drugs and "never got back into the mainstream. 57 years old and
has worked for temporary agencies.

Ben Lewis - Has been on the streets for two years. Worked as an installer of satellites in
Chicago where he was married and then divorced and then came from Chicago to
Memphis. After arriving in Memphis, he suffered a stroke. He is 49 years old. He states
he has applied for disability. At the same time, he states he is able to work.

Cody Jennings - 22 years old. Did not graduate from high school but is currently
working on his GED and has worked a few jobs via temporary agencies. I emphasized
the importance of him completing the GED and he indicated he was aware of the
importance of education when seeking employment. I also emphasized importance of
excelling in job performance when allowed to work through the temp agencies. Many
employers use this medium to locate individuals who get their attention through taking
their work seriously regardless of the number of hours worked. Part time employment
can lead to a full time job with salary and benefits.

Teresa Peete - Looking for work. (No other information provided.)

Charles Smith - Has been on streets for several weeks. Previously worked at Sam's
Club in Atlanta but was laid off.

Truman Walker - Has been on streets two months. States he is looking for work and
gave example of his desire to work. He is sometimes employed by Samuel's Furniture
where he holds a sign advertising the firm.

Regina Lacy - Truman Walker's friend. No information obtained.

"Mr Y" - Would not provide name or other information. Speaks of having already gone
to Heaven. while avoiding discussing his current life.

Derick Basuez - Unemployed for one year. Previously worked for Nike. Is actively
looking for work.

Terry Walker - Unfortunately it was extremely difficult to communicate with Mr.
Walker who was under the influence of alcohol.

Frazier Carr - Has been on the streets for seven years. Began working for a concrete
firm two weeks ago. Since he is only employed for two days per week, I encouraged him
to put forth his best effort because increase in working hours is normally rewarded to the
best workers.
Never assume anything else!

Dahvid (Beloved of God) - As I left downtown Memphis, I heard the sound from one
who was playing a drum and singing "The Little Drummer Boy". It was Dahvid using
his talent to entertain those passing by. I wish to emphasize that his equipment consists
of a plastic bucket turned upside down and two drum sticks. Yes, Dahvid may be
homeless but he is making every attempt to WORK in this manner. While a drum is not
normally my favorite musical instrument, I must say I enjoyed his "concert" and provided
him with a monetary reward so he is encouraged to excel with what God has given him!
(We normally do not hand the homeless money since we are providing a hand lift - not a
handout. This was a worthy exception.)


The moment I met Calvin Brittingham, I saw another example of God's Divine
Providence as He placed us together.

He is 55 years old and has worked for thirty five years as a heavy equipment operator.
He was laid off when his company missed a bid for a major interstate job. Since
he previously had a back injury, it is important for him to continue work in this
occupation since he is able to sit in the cab as he operates the equipment.

He came to Memphis because he felt there were more employment opportunities here.
Since he has not been successful in securing employment, he is now thinking about going
to Atlanta.
This is a classic example of a homeless person who truly wants to work but who does not
have knowledge of where jobs are located. Therefore, he can waste a lot of valuable time
"jumping from pillar to post". His decision making with regard to this matter is based on
the size of the city which does not necessarily correlate to abundant job opportunities. In
fact, all of our satellite locations (New York, Washington, and Memphis) have high
unemployment rates and that is not good for job seekers.

This is where the connection to Worker Ministries becomes a critical one.

We are constantly monitoring locations where jobs are plentiful. I am speaking of those
towns and cities across America which have the lowest unemployment rates. This
information has been shared with him which will enable him to make a wise decision
concerning his next move. He immediately stated that he had never thought about this
and was anxious to explore the possibilities.


I first met Chris Williams on Sunday afternoon soon after arriving in downtown
Memphis. He has been unemployed since 2008. His last job was at Brothers, a
manufacturing concern located in Bartlett Tennessee. Chris and wife who have five
children are divorced. He suffers from depression and states he has attempted suicide
several times. Although he receives a disability check, he has been told he is permitted to
work at least 20 hours/week and still receive the check.

On Monday, as I walked through Squirrel Park, I also heard a voice: "Good Morning,
Jim!" It was Chris. God had brought us together again. Although I wish to reach as
many homeless as possible, I placed Operation Uplift in deep freeze for a while so we
could have more time together. This was the time to align with HIS concerns and
become HIS listening post.

This is why we never set numerical goals when reaching out to the homeless because
there are too many variable conditions which can arise. We desire quality interventions
rather than concentrate on meeting with large numbers of individuals.

Reinaldo Romero has been on the streets since 2002. Receives $435 in social security

Tommy Oleske - states he is half Russian and half Irish! While speaking with him, he
did not hesitate to take remove his bottle of liquor from the inside pocket of his coat. He
states he uses it to ease pain in his back. He said, "I don't blame God. I made wrong
decisions. I thank God for every day."

Michael Hawkins - has been on the streets since 1981. Would not share any other
background information.

Rosemary Braxton - Has been on streets for at least five years. Lost her job but would
not discuss reason. States she is an illegal immigrant from Trinidad which is why she
cannot seek employment. On the other hand, she states that she has been trying to obtain
a "green card" and become legal citizen but does not have money to process all of this. I
directed her to the Calvary Baptist Church in New York City as I believe they would be
willing to assist her since this is the one major blockade to becoming a productive citizen.
The Lord knows we need PRODUCTIVE citizens in our society free of LAZINESS.

William Smoke - Has been on the streets for 1 1/2 years. Says the story of his life and
why he is on the streets is a "long one" and would not provide any details.

John Owens - John is the third homeless individual whom I have met who provides
assistance to passengers who enter the Port Authority Building searching for their bus.
Unlike the other two whom I met in 2012, he has a terrible affliction. He limps on one
leg. Furthermore, instead of just telling passengers the location for their bus, HE TAKES
THEM THERE. If you stand still long enough, you will see John coming down the
escalator and walking swiftly back to the front of the authority building to greet another
passenger. I observed him for approximately 30 minutes and became tired just watching
his work pace that is marvelous considering his physical condition. Mr. Owens is another
example that the work ethic does exist among some of the homeless. What is so sad is
that these folks could be putting all of that energy into a job that provides regular income
enabling them to escape from the streets. However, if they will follow my instructions,
this can become a reality.

Ben Ragland - Originally from Taladoga Alabama. On the streets 1 ½ years. Worked in
warehousing and lost his job.

Richard Terry - Has been on streets five years and states he has spent one half of his life
in prison. In spite of his situation, he says, "I know there is a God. He freed the slaves.
There are those who will help you."

Michael Colarusso - Has been on streets six months. He worked for a tree service until a
large number of tree service firms decided to merge and some employees were

Anthony Lawrence - Anthony is a very young man and states he would not be homeless
if he could get to his parents' home that is near New York but needs $$$ to get there.
When I asked about his parents, he stated they were elderly and, therefore, were not able
to come to get him. He states he has been diagnosed with Lymphoma and was terminated
from employment one year ago because he had to miss many days of work due to his
illness. He had previously worked as an audio technician. (I wasn't sure he was giving me
the whole true story. He refers to having elderly parents; yet, he is so very young.)

John Doe - This one would not provide a name but I witnessed to him and told him he
would still be on our prayer list.

Joseph Griffith - Is in a wheelchair. States he was homeless but through Common
Ground he now has a room in which he resides. Was on the streets for twenty years.

Vincent Roman – He cannot speak English. However, Jose' Santana who was nearby
served as my interpreter. Vincent would not provide much information about his
background and later walked away from us. Jose' later told me that Vincent was on drugs.
Jose' Santana - Jose currently lives in a family shelter while "getting my life together".
States he has never had a job.

Ayeshia Antomattel - States she has never worked because of a learning disability.
During my time with her she often cried.

John Jackson - Has been unemployed and on the streets for `1/2 years. Previously
worked as a painter and cook and is a victim of the Great Recession.

Ronnie Brown - While drying my hands in the restroom in Grand Central Station, I
suddenly heard a magnificent voice....singing! I looked behind me and there was Ronnie.
We chatted in one of those little restaurants in the basement of Grand Central. Ronnie is
originally from Charlotte, North Carolina but has lived in New York City for over twenty
years. He worked as a caddy on PGA tours for over twenty years. One day in 2004, he
suddenly collapsed and was taken to the hospital where it was determined that he was a
diabetic. He left his last job three years ago and states he is now on Medicaid and is
receiving food stamps. He described severe problems which he has that relate to being a
diabetic. I encouraged him to look at possibilities of using his God given voice singing
before others. There are many who do not live on the streets but who perform on the
streets and make a decent living because of those who will pay them tips.

John Jogalekar - homeless but would not provide any details.

Bernice Thomas - Has lived in New York City since 1978. Has been on the streets 5 1/2
years. She had open heart surgery and lost her apartment. Her last job: Child Care
Provider. She says she is done and is just waiting for God to take her home. I tried to
encourage her and remind her that God still has a purpose for her life.

Franjo Corluka - has been on the streets two years. His last job: house painting. He is
another victim of the Great Recession.

Sue Doe - This young lady was sitting on the sidewalk close to Grand Central Station.
Her sign read: "PLEASE HELP ME ANY WAY YOU CAN" When I approached her
and introduced myself, she immediately said "No, I know about you. I don't need your
help". I pleaded with her to speak with me and she simply repeated the same message.
Sue is an exception because most homeless folks are happy to have a conversation with
anyone who offers assistance. Sue needs our prayers.

Jason Holmca - Has been on the streets since 1994. States he grew up as an orphan and
has history of being in the penitentiary.

I met John Bulich, Ismel Jimenez, and Joey Gallo on the front steps of Saint
Bartholomew Church on Park Avenue early one evening. I always enjoy teaching a small
group of homeless individuals since this often energizes them to speak up and ask

John Bulich - Has been on the streets for eight months. Due to the Great Recession, John
lost his business which provided service for walking dogs and pet sitting.

Ismel Jimenez - Has been on and off the streets for 38 years. Although he has had a heart
attack, he states that he actually helps take care of other homeless through the All Angels
Church in New York City.
Joey Gallo - Has been on the streets for eight years after getting sick.

Theresa Barton - Husband was a painter but lost his job due to the Great Recession. Her
husband is Frank Santas. Just as I was leaving, her husband appeared holding pieces of
pasteboard to be used in protecting them from the weather elements.

Zito Dowls - Has been on the streets for ten years. He states that he simply chose the
wrong path.

Richard Savage - states he has been on the streets for "a number of years". He says he
helps at a local delli on Sixth Avenue where he can get food.

Woody Cooke - He is originally from Maxton North Carolina but has lived in New York
City since 1967. He has been on the streets for two years. He is sixty two years old and is
waiting for social security. I encouraged him to wait as long as possible to begin drawing
social security because there is such a significant difference in the amount received at full
retirement age versus age 62. However, he expressed a concern. It was his understanding
that if he waited to receive this benefit, he would be questioned by the Social Security
Administration later as to why he waited. This, of course, is false. I regret not asking him
where he had received this information. I would hope the SSA is not instructing their
employees to use this as a scare tactic since they will pay out less if an individual starts
collecting social security early.

Blondell Welles - Unemployment compensation has run out. Has previously performed
housekeeping duties. Appears to have attitude problem which made me wonder if she
may have caused her own problem. (I don't normally guess about such situations but the
attitude was also revealed in our conversation.)

Jenneth Brown - Has been on the streets for one year. Was working in data
entry/computers but lost job and previously worked in construction. He is a native of
New York City

John Jones - Has been on streets three months. Was working in warehousing and lost his
job. He is a native of New York City.

Alonzo Thomas - Has been on the streets six years. He is a native of Selma Alabama and
his lived in the city for eighteen years. He worked on the assembly line for a corporation
which manufactured desks, safes, and other such commodities made of metal. He also
served as a home attendant for senior citizens.

Andrew Hylton - Born in England. The apartment which he rented was destroyed by
Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully, he works in the Gold district from 10am until 5pm.
However, he needs a second job for additional income so he can begin to re-establish
himself in a home. In the meantime, due to his current situation, he has sent his children
to live with his sister.

Pernell Styles - Was born in Georgia. Has held multiple jobs and simply walked away
from them.

Robert Smith - Has been on the streets for six years but would not share any other
LaFrances Williams - Has been on the streets for several days. States she has never
worked but feels she could work. However, she speaks of "relapsing" as a result of
problems with drugs.

Juan Pekes - No other information provided.

Jason Burton - He is 31 years old and has been on the streets all of his life. In his
younger years, he simply traveled and jumped into and out of different jobs. His most
recent job was in Vermont where he was the Head Chef at a restaurant but lost his job.
He was able to hitch ride to New York City.

Bryan Dine - Has been non streets 6 to 7 years. Has always been dependent on family.
Waiting on social security disability benefits.

Maria Peters - Has been homeless for five years. No other information provided.

Julio Collazo - Has been on the streets two years. Lost job because of alcohol addiction.

John (No last name given) - Asked us to pray for his family nearby. Would not provide
further information.

Tymeyoe Holder - .Has been on streets eight years. Has worked for K Mart.

Fred Johnson - Has been on streets two years. Has worked as a truck driver. Stated he
was robbed and "went into a coma". (Not very clear on this last statement)

Keith Kimbrough - GOOD NEWS! Keith has just gotten a job and gave me his address
of employment.

Keenan Bryce - Has been on street ten years. Hasn't worked since his mom died.

Ethel Williams - Has been on street two years. Had an apartment but lease ran out and
had to move. Says it is better to be on the streets than to be in a homeless shelter due to
robberies, fighting occurring there. States she has a Master of Social Work Degree from
Mercer College.

Leshae Wade - Was shot in leg. Husband has just been released from prison.

Fred Smith - Husband of Leshae Wade.

Barbara Tookes - homeless for nine months. Worked in a doctor's office but was laid
off. Had been there six years. Gave mixed signals. On one hand, she states she has
applied for SSD (disability). On the other hand, she states doors are starting to open for
her to return to work.

James Buonasero - Has been on streets for one year. States his sister who lives in West
Virginia will allow him to stay with her provided he gets enough money to get to West
Virginia. He states his brother was supposed to get him a job but the brother lost his job
and they lost their apartment where they were living together.
Daniel Nunez - Has been on streets for seven years. States he has a Master's Degree from
New York University. His wife and daughter left him after he became addicted on heroin.
States he is now free of the addiction, States his closest relative was his brother who
recently passed away and he has no other family.

Russell Green - Has been on the streets for one year. Divorced. Lost job installing vinyl
siding caused by devastation of Hurricane Sandy. However, when I raised question
concerning why he would not be able to work as houses are replaced and cleanup
operations take place, he stated that FEMA had brought in outside workers. Shame on
you Uncle Sam!

Tiffany and Joseph Stewart - lost home. Both have also lost their job. She states that her
husband is a Registered Nurse and she specializes in treating those who have drug

Tommie Brown - not homeless but in a wheelchair.

Ray Williams - Has been on streets five years and has served time in prison. During our
conversation, he became extremely aggravated and raised his voice. He did not wish to
discuss WORK. What he needs is for someone to pay for an apartment in which he could

Jerry Brill - Thankfully, this individual is not homeless. In fact, he lives in a five room
apartment in Manhattan. His rent is very small (considering he lives in Manhattan) and
only because he is protected through rent control meaning the cost of his rent can never
be increased since the apartment was handed down through other relatives. However,
after paying the rent with disability monies, he has hardly any money left for food. For
this reason, he frequently visits those locations that provide food for the homeless.

Bradley Wood - Has been on the streets since 2002. He previously lived in Ohio. He
states that he lost his relationship and two houses including an apartment building. He is
47 years old and has no interest in working.

Joe Pastore - Has been on the streets for one month. States he lost his belt and wallet
containing $1,000. States he has a hip problem.

Johnny Wilcox - States he was hit on left side of his body by a speeding automobile.

Edgar Gamble - Has been on streets for one year. Has worked on an off at hospitals
through a temporary agency. Shows no evidence of actively seeking work.

Donald Murtie – States he has been in jail at least thirty times.

John Peterson – He is 24 years and has already been on the streets NINE years. States
that his mother and father were not “good people”. Never finished school.

Kenneth Ancrum – Has lived on streets for two years. Previously worked as a forklift
operator loading and unloading trucks.

Al Latimer – Has been on the streets since 1951. States he became “shell shocked” while
performing military service.
Paul Santo – Has been on the streets two years. He is divorced and once owned a
construction business.


John Lima Doe - Born in Central America; older gentleman who has lost the desire to do
better. States he has health problems. He said, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh
away" which caused me to ask, "Do you believe in Jesus Christ?" He tearfully replied
"He's in my heart."

Andrew Jackson - Previously employed as a concrete worker all of his life. He is
originally from Durham North Carolina; he left DC and returned to Durham but came
back and has been in Washington since May. 64 years old.

George Rivera - Originally from Puerto Rico. He grew up in Newark. Served in the
Navy for one year. He is 55 years old and says he never held a job for more than one
year. When asked to explain, he simply says "I have mental issues. The stress gets to
me." Receives food stamps and receives housing from Veterans Administration. Says he
sometimes steals napkins from McDonalds which he uses when going to the bathroom.

Russell Melton - Originally from DC, he is 51 years old. Worked as a mover. States
work became slow. He also laid tile but owner of the tile company moved to North
Carolina. Has been on the streets for three years. Has tried to obtain employment but has
not been successful.

Herbert Evans - Served time in federal prison for six years. States he was receiving
disability check when he went to prison because of aggravated assault. Also states he was
a mental patient. Has NO interest in working.

No Name given - two years on street (No other information provided)

James King - Originally from Kinston, North Carolina. Has been in Washington since
1972. Worked as an electrician for twenty years and in maintenance. Got into trouble and
served time in prison. He is 64 years old.

Tyron Goldsmith - Has been on the streets for fifteen years. Has no family. Worked for
a printing company but was laid off. Has worked odd jobs. 48 years old.

Rodney Hill - Has been on the streets for ten years. Lost job and had a broken
relationship. Has worked temporary jobs.
Gerry Wolfe - Has been on streets for twenty years. Was a warehouse worker but was
terminated. During our conversation, he provided good news. He has just obtained
employment with a furniture warehouse in Huntington Virginia where he will be paid
$10/hour and will be able to ride subway to this location.

Dean Clark - Has been on streets for thirty years. He simply states that he has made bad
choices during his life but did not share any other details.

William McMillian - Has been on streets for three months. He was working on an
international cruise liner when he was terminated. Once upon a time, he worked in food
services for two years at North Carolina A & T State University in Greensboro North
Carolina. During our conversation, I detected a very negative attitude concerning his last
employment situation.

Everett Hines - Has been on streets for eight years. Was in construction work before the
job ran out. He is 50 years old.

Kaulett Varnes - He is 32 years old. Has been on the streets six years. Have no relatives.
States he has worked some summer jobs.

John Hackett - Has lived in Washington for three years. He previously resided in
Arizona. States he worked for Selective Service at one time. States he is disabled because
of being exposed to chemicals and his disability check has been cut off. He rambled a lot
in his conversation which indicates he may have a mental problem.

Stella and Shelton McFadden - They have lived in DC all of their life. Stella states she
had a conflict with her family. She has worked for a temporary agency. She states she has
been approved to enter project empowerment which is a training program designed to
help her secure employment. After orientation and other training, she will be placed in an
actual job enabling the employer to actually hire her provided she meets the needs of the

Peter Ogbo - Has been on the streets for four years. States he was an engineer with the
post office. States he had to return home to Nigeria where his father had died but stayed
too long causing him to lose his job when he returned to Washington. States he has tried
to obtain employment. During our conversation, I detected alcohol on his breath and
when I asked if he drank, he was honest and stated it was not causing him a problem.

Richard Dawson - His social security disability income has just started. States he has
TMJ, a disorder of the jaw. When asked if he could work if I gave him a job earning
$60,000, he immediately stated, "Yes!"

Jeffrey King - He is 51 years old and has been on the streets for five years. He has had a
multitude of family problems; his wife died of a heart murmur, both parents died and he
states that all of this pushed him to using drugs. However, he has been clean for three
years. He states he prayed to God and asked Him to deliver him from the drug addiction.
He states that he hears voices and is going to receive disability income. He was a plumber
but turned over his truck and, because of not wearing a seat belt, he received serious
injuries. Still has spasms.

Kenny Gill - Has been on the streets 1 1/2 years. Previously worked as a cook but lost
his job (no reason given).

Michael Adams - Has been on the streets since 1992. His company had a reduction in
employees. He is 63 years old.

Earnest Coleman - Has been on the streets for twenty years. He became addicted to
drugs and alcohol but states he has been clean for five years. Receives social security
disability because of mental issues.

Paul Harvey - Has been on the streets for seven years. Had colon cancer and the
chemotherapy caused problems to his fingers and feet. He previously worked as a forklift
operator but was terminated because of having too many accidents. He relates the
accidents to his inability to us motor skills due to the disability.

Ralph Graham (No other information shared)

Ira Tolen - Has been unemployed since 2011. Worked in building maintenance but
became disabled. He says, "My heart, mind tells me I want to work." States he is partially
paralyzed and has mobility problems.

Carl Jones - Has been on the streets for five years. Has problem because of using
alcohol. Lost his job in construction.

Thomas Yates - Has been on streets for three years. Separated from family. Previously
worked for the Salvation Army for nine years. He became sick and left that job. He
receives social security disability income.

James Brown - Has been on the streets for seven years. He receives social security
disability income.

Joe Blow (NO NAME) - Has been on the streets for one year. (No other information was

Jennifer McLaughlin - Has worked for the Paralegal Institute of Washington DC;
received a grant to work on the Street Sense newspaper which is written for homeless

Leslie Horton - Has been on streets for ten years. (No other information was given.)

Leonard Jordan - Worked for temporary agency as a forklift operator in a warehouse.

Renea Reid - Has been unemployed for two months; worked in food service for a
Catholic charity. Although he is NOT yet homeless, he states this may happen because
the mortgage broker is about to foreclose on his home.

Rita Green - Unemployed since 1996. (No other information was given.)

Joretta Coleman - Worked part time for id Atlantic Carpenters Union; also worked at
Giant Store but was laid off.

Benjamin and Pamela Holland - Pamela states she is an attorney but has had a nervous
breakdown. She states that both have been disabled for over a decade. Yet, she states they
could still work.

Wilhelmina Durant - Has been unemployed twelve years.

Ronald Clayton - He is originally from Roxboro North Carolina; Has lived in DC for
twenty years.

Gregory Peyton (No other information was given)

Billy Pauling - Has been on the streets 26 years. Was in a mental hospital. States he
suffered from child abuse at an early age. States he was also guilty of committing a
crime. He is 63 years old and has been in Washington since l987. He has had no job
while in DC but performed some work while living in Atlanta.

Getachee Wolde - Originally from Ethiopia. He was driving for a shuttle service back
and forth from the airport. However, because of a layoff, he has been unemployed for two

John Doe (No name given) - Has been on streets for thirteen years. He split from his
wife and also got into trouble with the law. Has worked in security at Smithsonian,
National Gallery of Art and International Monetary Fund. Served for twenty two years in
the US Army.

Diallobe McDougald - Has been homeless for ten years. Previously worked for UPS,
Jiffy Lube, and McDonalds.

Robert Scott - Has been on the streets for twenty years. Terminated from last job.

Derek Templeman - Has been on the streets for twenty years. Separated from wife and
lost job.

Samuel Fullwood - This United States Veteran, he has been on the streets for five years.

Michael Ray Johnson - Originally from Rocky Mount North Carolina. He has been in
DC for seven years. He was injured during military service with the US Marines. He is
extremely negative about the experience and the fact that he can not obtain benefits from
the government.

Romeo Flores - Has deep depression.

Ivy Parker - Born in Washington. He has worked in DC public food service and in a
warehouse. States he was injured on the job and hurt his spine. He is 49 years old and is
receiving social security disability income.

Cynthia Gaiter - Has been addicted to drugs. States that a case worker is helping her
find employment.

Bob - tried to get work. (Would not provide any other information

Larnette Westbrook - Has been on the streets since 1995. Previously worked in home
improvements. States he is in project empowerment but he says, “You've got to be on
parole to get in".

Garcia Robinson - This is a gentleman who seems to have done all the right things and
yet he has been on the streets since the economy turned sour in 2008. He was employed
as a truck driver. He says he saved his money and when he was terminated, He lived off
unemployment benefits and savings for two years and when there was no more money,
he came to the streets. He has tried to obtain employment but has been unsuccessful.

Anthony Joyner - Has been on the streets for five years. Has been unemployed six years.

Harold - States he has been on the streets since he was 14 years old. He is now 56 years
old. States he would not be able to work because of a mental problem.

I recently heard a message from Rev John Hagee who was preaching on the subject of
addiction and how good it can feel unit.....until....the consequences are reaped. Lewis
Huggins is the "perfect example" of that truth.

Just before leaving downtown Memphis yesterday, I met Lewis and he shared his sweet
and bitter life with me. He began his career in Memphis at a local hospital and attended a
local community college enabling him to become a Registered Respiratory Therapist.
He worked here for eighteen years before moving to Duke University Medical Center
where his salary reached $40,000/year.

Unfortunately, personal problems occurred throughout this time which would eventually
place him on the streets. While working in Memphis, he had a child with an individual
whom he later married. Before leaving Memphis, he divorced her. He later married
another individual.

Looming in the background was an even greater problem. He states he has been an
alcoholic since Age 15. The use of alcohol caused him to lose his job at Duke at which
time he returned to Memphis and states he then began action to divorce his second wife.

He became mad at the courts because they sided with his ex-wife and he then became
mad at the world and asked, "I've been helping people in my work all of my life. But
why? Because I had nothing left, I threw up my hands and went to the streets".

At the close of our conversation, he did indicate an interest in contacting the Salvation
Army to see if they could help him break the alcoholic addiction and I encouraged him to
do so. I also told him that the real tragedy in this story is that he could still be in a
hospital using his skills to serve thousands through the important occupation which
God gave to him.

He was told that he has two choices: Get rid of the alcohol for good and then move
toward restoring his certification as a therapist or, more than likely, eventually die on the
streets from his addiction. He fully agreed.

The older I become, more and more I see that life is all about choices, for we do make
our own bed. I invite you to join me in praying for Lewis Huggins and all others in
Memphis Operation Uplift who need to get on the right track of life!

Ira Nealy - Upon arriving in Memphis, Ira ran to me to remind me that when he met me
one year ago, he had NO job. He then announced that, today, he is now employed at the
Marriott in Memphis! Yes! There is HOPE FOR THE HOMELESS!

Gloria Evans - Has been on the streets for four months. She states she was previously
employed in Texas until her boyfriend brought her to Memphis. When he learned that he
had impregnated her, he left town. She asked me for $$$$ which we do not give out on
the streets. However, I invited her to join me at St Mary's Church where the homeless
would be fed in less than one hour. She still pressed me for $$$. Again, I invited her to
walk with me to St Mary's. "No thanks" was her reply. She leaves me with no choice but
to believe that if I had given her $$$$, it might have been used for other purposes.

Edward Jackson - Has been on streets ten years.

Derick Lesueur - Has been on streets for one year. He came from Pennsylvania. He is
receiving social security disability income.

Anthony Sasfrass - Has been on streets six years. He is 40 years old and worked at
Brown's Grocery and at Security One. The grocery store closed and the security company
moved its location to Southaven Mississippi which is only a few miles from Memphis.
Therefore, I had to raise the question why he could not continue working for the security
company. He stated he had no transportation. Yet, he was able to get to his job in
Memphis. This raises serious questions about his desire to work.

Vicki Erickson - Has been on streets six months. She lost her apartment and is disabled
and receives disability income. States she has a spinal deterioration. She once was
employed in the Parks and Recreation Department in Tacoma Washington.

Cheryl Houston has an associate degree from Southwestern Community College and at
one time worked for the IRS until she was laid off. Due to the lack of jobs in a market
with ten percent unemployment, she worked for a little while at a local laundry. Then,
she was laid off from that job and is now on the streets. I am hearing more and more
about individuals like this going to school but after they graduate: N O J O B S. (We will
never hear that from the politicians who are always talking about retraining the American

I am advising Cheryl to leave Memphis and go to another location where unemployment
is low. That is why I carry a list of cities and towns with lowest unemployment rates in
my coat pocket. Two examples: 3.4% unemployment in Amarillo Texas; 5%
unemployment in Charlottesville Virginia! Yes, there are jobs but sometimes it is
necessary to move to where they are located since that is the nature of the economic
conditions in our country. Homeless people have a very distinct advantage: they are
already mobile with no strings attached.
Olivia Street - She showed me marks all over her body which, according to her, are
caused by her ex-boyfriend stabbing her 30 times. She is currently on social security
disability but would work a job if she could sit down. Yet, Uncle Sam is more interested
in paying for disability than providing an incentive to an employer to hire her!

Michael Oliver - Michael is in a wheelchair and receives social security disability
income which is not sufficient to remove him from the streets.

Christine Walton - Christine is in a wheelchair and receives social security disability
income which is not sufficient to remove her from the streets.

Tharry Ayers - Has performed remodeling work but current economy has adversely
affected his employment possibilities.

Robert Crabtree - Has been on streets since February 2011. He was in the wrecker
business but the owner closed it and he lost his job. He also lost his family. He can sleep
in the shelter but despises it. So, he sleeps in a tent under a bridge near the Mississippi
Glenda Pryor - Living with sister in Memphis. She admits she has limited ability and,
therefore, dropped out of school while in the ninth grade. Yet, she reveals a real zeal for
wanting to work. Thank God there are certain jobs which can easily be performed by
such individuals.

Steven Travis - .He served in Vietnam. He was previously a truck driver but hurt his
knee and can no longer perform the job.

Anthony Ware - Has been on the streets for two days. He worked at Sears for five years
and lost his job but would not provide details. Has worked different temporary jobs since

Paul Dennis - Has been on the streets for only one week. He was a truck driver for
twenty years but had to leave that occupation due to health problems including seizures.
He left this job five years ago and has lived off and on with relatives.

Ricky Carter - He is 51` years old and has been unemployed since 2008; His last job
was in security but the firm closed after losing its contract. He has also worked at
Corporate Security and the food stamp office and USA Security One and Burns Security.
He states that after he did not pay child support, the authorities came from Indiana and
extradited him to that state where he served a short prison sentences. He expresses a
sincere desire to work so he can pay the $700 child support still owed and clear his record
which he feels is keeping him from getting another job.

Deangelo Mertez - He is 25 years old. He worked at Captain Dees Restaurant but was
fired for coming to work late. He states this occurred only once. Has been unemployed
five. He states he wants a job. Yet, he admits he has not applied for employment at any
time since being terminated by Captain Dees.

David Bell - He is 46 years old. He sits in a wheelchair and has no legs. He was once on
drugs which caused serious sores to occur on his legs and eventually gangrene and then
amputation of the legs. He has previously been involved with the gangs and his brother-
in-law shot him in the stomach. He appears to have made progress in his life with one
exception. He is still addicted to alcohol which he declares he will whip. While speaking
with him, he sobbed because he had just lost his mother who died from cancer.

Joseph H Blackmon - Joe is 75 years old. He has been homeless one year. He receives
social security and lives in the shelter. Unfortunately, he has made some unwise decisions
in life. He was once employed in a Chicago chicken factory for twenty years and could
have eventually retired with retirement income. Instead, he chose to quit.

Albert Caston - One leg has been amputated because of diabetes.

Don Panell - Don is 48 years old and has been on the streets for fifteen years. He
previously worked in a warehouse. He states that he suffers from severe depression which
was caused by a number of untimely deaths which occurred in his family. Yet, he states
he is constantly seeking employment.

John Smith - He was in construction work in Oklahoma City where he lost his job three
months ago. He came to Memphis to stay with a friend. This may have been a mistake
since the current unemployment rate in Oklahoma City is half the rate in Memphis!
David Fitzpatrick - Has been homeless for seven months. His life shows how mistakes
can cost plenty! He, himself, says "I made some bad decisions." He once worked for
Swift in Louisville a major meat processing company. This is the kind of company which
offers major benefits including retirement plan. Yet, he chose to quit. He does receive a
pension from Veterans Administration. He is 56 years old and has been unemployed
since 2003. Since the VA permits him to draw a pension AND work, I simply raise the
question about his desire to really work.

Michelle Henderson

Thomas Wimbush

Robert Lewis

Josephine Williams

Rikki Hodges - Has been on streets two months and receives social security disability.

Terry Sims - Originally from Washington DC but no other information available.

Patricia Lester – She applied for work at Madison Hotel. Although she is not homeless
and lives with a daughter, she has not worked for quite some time and expresses the
sincere desire to be hired.

Michael Johnson - He has been on the street for one week. He states he has applied for a
job at a new restaurant.

James Powell - He is 34 years old and has been on the streets for two years. He earned a
degree in computer science from the University of Mississippi. He worked as a
programmer at Contract Computer Services in Tupelo, Mississippi but the company
closed. He then moved to Memphis, thinking there would be plenty of opportunities for
employment. After being unsuccessful, he ran out of money and came to the streets. To
add to his misery, he is also drinking alcohol.
Doug, CJ,, and Anna Grace (no last names given) - While displaying a very sour
attitude, one of these individuals still asked that he and the other two be placed on our
prayer list. (Would not provide any further specifics.)

Demetrius Johnson - Has been declared disabled. Worked for Sharp Electronics, Coca
Cola, and Commercial Pier but was laid off each job.

Mary Macky - On the streets for three months. Has always worked temporary jobs.

Cherikai Underwood - He is not unemployed and currently works for a gentleman who
owns a company that provides landscaping, home repairs, handyman services. However,
he has two problems. The boss will not give him sufficient hours and the boss has a bad
attitude. On the other hand, the boss tells Cherikai that he is a good employee but has a
bad attitude. Cherikai has worked for him for five years. I advised him to be objective
and go to the mirror and look at himself and be honest. Determine if he really has an
attitude problem because, if the answer is yes, this can cause the boss to penalize the
employee. On the other hand, the total problem may rest with the behavior of the boss. In
this case, I advised the employee to consider going into business for himself. After all, in
the last five years, he has learned valuable skills and knowledge which cannot be taken
from him and can be put to use in serving others!

Patrick Holley - Has been on the streets for five months and states he has never been
employed. This individual has limited ability but this does NOT suggest that he is not
capable of performing types of work that are completely in line with his abilities.

Mary Cooper - She is not homeless but is working only two days a week, 4 hours per
day. Money is getting tight because of having to pay her expenses. She has an excellent
work background and always left a job with a good work record. At one time, she
operated her own restaurant. Unfortunately, she chose the wrong location for her business
and eventually had to close it due to lack of business.

Wesley Johnson - This is a good news story! He is not homeless. He has worked in the
Gulf of Mexico serving oil platforms. When the Great Recession began, he was laid off.
He tried to obtain employment for two years but was unsuccessful. He ALMOST gave
up! But, his daughter encouraged him to keep trying, keep trying, keep trying! Finally, he
received the telephone call of his life! He was hired to work on American Queen
(formerly the Delta Queen), a tourist boat which runs up and down the Mississippi River.
He is currently a deck hand and receives $100 per day. He states he is doing his best to be
promoted to a deck hand position which pays $150/day. He works every day for six
weeks and is then off for two weeks. In addition to his pay, he has excellent benefits
including a retirement plan. And, he thoroughly enjoys his journeys to different towns
and citizens connected to the river!

Lawrence Bennett - This individual is currently disabled and will need surgery on his
abdomen caused by a gunshot wound.

Moe Hudson – He has been on the streets for five months. He is 46 years old and was
laid off from remodeling, construction work.

Kark Anthony - He is 57 years old. He has been off drugs for eighteen months. He
received permission from the City of Memphis to clean car windows and headlight
lenses. His objective is to make at least six dollars/day so he can pay this amount to the
local mission where he stays.

Larry Brown - On the streets one month. Last job was carpet installer. He was injured
on the job causing serious neck situation caused by bones near spine being affected. This
affects his balance. Is using cane to walk. He is reluctant to have surgery due to location
of injury. Had to quit job.

Eric Hart - Has been on and off streets for approximately seven years. He once served as
Director of Area Operations for the Wendy's Restaurant chain earning over
$200,000/year. He left Wendy's and went to McAllister’s Restaurant where he was paid
$228,000 to run one restaurant. While there, he states his daughter had a serious illness
during which time she went into surgery and "they cut half her face off". He left the job
under the Families with Leave Act to be with her. When she died, he went back to work
but became dissatisfied with being placed on a different job. Since he had $180,000 in
savings, he left and bought a penthouse since he thought he would have no problem
getting another comparable job. It didn't work out so after spending all his money, he
eventually had to go to the streets.
Frank Ousley - On the streets for one year. His last full time job was ten years ago; i.e.
cleaning streets, washing dishes, etc. He is 65 years old. I advised him to start drawing
his social security and perhaps supplement this by working "odd jobs".

Kenneth Peacock - Both legs amputated. When I met him, he was sitting on the
sidewalk trying to make a repair underneath his electric wheelchair since it would not

Earl Williams - Has been on the street 3 1/2 years. Has been on drugs and alcohol. His
wife left him and has their child.

Willie Jones – He has been on the streets five years. Worked for Ledbetter Meat
Company. Has a broken knee cap. He is 50 years old and is trying to obtain disability

The Former Fireman - Finally, I have accidentally misplaced information concerning a
young man who worked as a fireman for the City of Memphis. He was terminated
because of using alcohol. As I spoke with him, I detected he was on alcohol and he
admits he is still addicted. Here is an individual who was working in an honorable
profession serving the citizens of this community and alcohol bit him!


Billy Walls - Disabled; would not talk further.

Chris Thompson - Worked for New York Aquarium, Wild Life Society. Had good work
record but was terminated due to cutbacks. Has been on streets for three months.

Michael Johnson - 48 year olds. Both parents passed away when he was nine years old
and he was left to be raised by an aunt. He is a high school graduate and has taken some
college prep courses. However, he also has been in and out of jail from age 17 to age 35.
The good news is that he has turned the corner because he has had a clean record since
leaving prison. In fact, he worked as a baker at the Port Authority Building until a new
manager came on board and wanted to transfer him to La Guardia Airport. After Michael
refused the transfer, he was terminated. He wants to be a baker again and has been doing
some catering on and off but this is not enough to remove him from the streets.

Juanita Brown - Unemployed four years. Worked for NYC Parks Department. Became
sick with pneumonia. After leaving for sickness, the department refused to bring her back
to her job.

Marcus - He would only say that he has been unemployed a short period of time and has
done a lot of cleaning work.

John Alexander - Worked in produce. Has bad heart. This one who was on Fifth Avenue
was observed looking into a trash can for food.

Thomas Foster - Worked as a truck driver for a moving company which went out of
business. Has a family in Florida. He states they took his mother's estate and "kicked me
out". Has looked for employment and tried to stay in a shelter but was robbed (a frequent
kind of incident in many shelters.) He said, "I'm homeless but not hopeless."
Nicole Moberly - This is a young girl who states she has been unemployed for three
months. She has worked in roof top gardening but this is only seasonal work.

Edward Brown - Was a Drug Counselor for Day Top. When the firm was sized down,
he lost his job and had to use all savings to survive before going to the streets. His
daughter is the manager of a Bo Jangles Restaurant in High Point North Carolina.

Shawn Williams - Has been on the streets for six months. Worked at Wal Mart in New
Hampshire but there was a family dispute so he left and came to New York City since he
had previously lived here. States he has NOT tried to locate a job. When I met him in the
Port Authority, he was wearing only socks - no shoes. He states someone stole his shoes
while he was sleeping in the bus station.

Jose Fernandeem - Originally from Cuba. Worked in Miami International Airport for
twenty five years. He also lived in San Francisco for nineteen years before coming to
New York. States he will soon receive some kind of assistance from Uncle Sam.
(Difficult communicating with him including any plans for seeking employment.)

Leveice Baker - Has been on the streets six months. Was in a shelter before someone
robbed him and he broke two ribs in a fight with the perpetrator. Has previously worked
in maintenance, cleaning, etc. He broke arm in an accident away from the job. However,
when he was ready to return to work, his employer would not allow him to return.

Richard Spann - Has been on the streets three months. He was in prison for seventeen
years. He has worked as a forklift operator. States that he will be drawing food stamps
shortly. This individual does not show very much motivation in seeking work.

James Buonasera - Has been on the streets three months. Was engaged in construction
work but, due to the Great Recession, he and his brother were laid off. His brother moved
to Charleston, West Virginia and they have not been in contact with each other. (James is
one of many veterans who are on the streets. He served his country in Afghanistan.)

Tiffany Boyce - Has been on the streets for one year. She states she lives on the subway
train where she is able to sleep. Was working for the State of New York taking care of
disabled individuals. She had back problem and unemployment insurance ran out. She
has put in applications but is concerned since she does not have a home telephone
number or address. (In this case, I emphasized to her the importance of going back to the
locations where she filed the applications and bug them. That is, let them know you are
SERIOUS about wanting to work!

Konti Zinn - Has been on the streets for one year. He was previously working in Raleigh
North Carolina but lost his job.

Arthur Bolton - Has been off and on the streets for five years. He was staying with a
female companion for fifteen years and she passed away suddenly. He states he has been
suffering from a blood clot in one leg.

John Matthews - He served sixteen years (off and on) in prison. He was previously
employed in other states but was extradited back to New York. Since he was paroled
from prison, he has been on the streets for two years.
Douglas Applegate - He is 59 years old and has been on the streets for TWENTY
YEARS! At one time, he lived in Gastonia North Carolina and was engaged kin
landscaping work.

Achileas Fanbiapos - He divorced his wife who took the house and their business.
Although he has been homeless for three years, he appears to be motivated and states he
is looking for work every day. (Assuming this is true, he simply may not have known
how to conduct a thorough job search!)

Youssef Huggein - He is a native of Egypt and wishes to return there. Although it was
difficult for me to communicate with him, I know he cannot be called "Lazy". When I
met him, he was busy selling pictures in front of the New York Public Library. (It is
interesting that each picture is a scene from the American Civil War!) ONLY in New
York can you meet such interesting and wonderful people!

Eric Blakey - I met Eric in Harlem. He has been unemployed for eight years and lives
kin the shelter. He was employed at White Castle, a fast food restaurant in Columbus,
Ohio which is his hometown. He states that while working, a young cashier ran into the
parking lot and began embracing him and kissing him. She was pregnant and her
boyfriend, who observed the behavior, began a fight with Blakey. Blakey was terminated
because of fighting. Before working at this business, he stocked trucks and also worked at
McDonald's. He quit the job at McDonald's for no apparent reason.

Angek Cruz and wife Martha Hernandez - Angel has been unemployed for two years.
He was previously self employed and also worked for a company which exhibited shows.

Naquan Mack - Unemployed one year. He was previously a messenger but was
terminated because of frequent tardiness. He states he wants to better himself.

Dwaine Davis - Unemployed two years. He was working at Walt Mart in New Jersey
where he was terminated when cuts were made. Before that time, he worked for Avon.

Randall Cord - Unemployed three years. He was working for a printing company which
failed to keep up with technology. As a result, the company went out of business. Randall
has been cleaning the streets and performing other duties through a public work program.
Although Randall is still in a difficult situation, he did not fail to forget his brother
Randolph. He asked that this brother be added to our prayer list. Unfortunately, Randolph
was injured in a serious accident thirty years ago. In recent times, he has developed a
mental illness and has become extremely aggressive and is not focused. This is causing
great problems for the family.

Ali Morti - Has been on the streets for ten years. He previously worked at a grocery
store. He states that the business moved away and that he has tried to get work but
couldn't find it.

Ricky Lambright - This individual worked 30 years before he had a serious stroke in
2008 and again in 2010. He is 51 years old and states his leg is very weak.

Sean Harris - He filed for divorce and his landlord required him to move out. He was
previously an elevator operator and porter. He has been unemployed eight years.
Moshe Nelson - Originally from Chicago, he has been in NYC for twenty years ago and
is a very intelligent individual. He just happened to have lived for two months with a
friend in HENDERSON, NORTH CAROLINA (my hometown)! This is a very sad
case. Moshe admits to being an alcoholic and says he has tried treatments and has been
connected with AA, but has been unable to stop. Yet, he shows evidence of having a
work ethic. He became a street vendor in which case he was able to make as much as
$800/day which is not a surprise. Unfortunately, he was arrested because he did not have
a vendor's license. When he was released, he was told that he could not purchase a license
since the city has frozen these permits due to the number of street vendors. His parents
were living in New Jersey but have left to live in Syria. His father was an engineer and
his mother was a writer. His mother kicked him out of the house due to opposition to
alcoholism. Two days ago, he had $90 but while he was sleeping, someone stole his
money. He frequently uses a computer at the library and has promised to contact me and
stay in touch with me.

David Coppage - David was originally from GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA.
His father was a barber and worked on Fifth Street. (While attending college, I lived on
Fifth Street! It is a small world! David states he left Greenville two days after John F
Kennedy was killed and came to New York for work opportunities. He worked in a
hospital and was then drafted and served in Vietnam. He came back to New York City
where he was self-employed in painting and maintenance work. Later, he went to jail on
an assault conviction and when he was released, he stated the cost of renting a place had
become so high, he could no longer afford a place and went to the streets. He has been on
the streets since October 2011.

Kenet Reed - Worked in a mail room and in customer service. Began taking illicit drugs
and drinking alcohol. He has been on the streets for seven years.

Liza Sibley - Liza is a very young lady. She states her parents kicked her out of the
house. She has worked many places. She was the manager of a restaurant in Lynchburg
Virginia and the business closed. She states she has made specific and definite plans to
join with a friend in living on a farm in Virginia. She wants to go into the bakery business
but none of this can occur until later this year. I encouraged her to stay with her plan and
go for it! Very encouraging from a young soul who I found sitting on Sixth Avenue close
to Fox News Headquarters.

Victor Branch - Native of New York City. Has been on the streets just over a year
caused by circumstances which he preferred not to share. He was in jail and then moved
into a shelter but left it. He says he prefers to sleep on the subway.

Larry Parker - He immediately stated he is HIV positive. Has been on the streets eight
years. He started drinking and staying around the wrong crowd. He was in construction
work but says, "I didn't invest my money."

Mike West - Has been on the streets three years. He worked for a firm in shipping and
handling. The business failed. He has worked some temporary jobs but indicated
dissatisfaction with these. I issued a stern warning: When you take a temporary job, be
the very best performer you can be. Firms often take on temporaries as full time
employees but they select only the best ones! Taking that temporary job is known as
"getting your foot in the door”!!!!!
Henry McPhee - I met Henry on Lexington Avenue. He has been on the streets three
years. He and his wife divorced. He states he had money but used it up and went broke.

William Henry - William was born in New Bern, North Carolina. He is 65 years old and
currently lives in Brooklyn. He served in both the US Army and US Marines and worked
as a truck driver. He states he is panhandling on the street just to get extra money.

James Washington - James has been on the streets four years. He has worked in a
hospital, in security, and maintenance and construction. He states that due to peer
pressure, he has a drug addiction and lost his last job. He has also been in and out of
prison. The good news is that he states he has overcome drugs!

Terry Porter - Once upon a time, Terry lived in Lumberton, North Carolina. I met her
on Eighth Avenue where she was asking for money. She has previously performed
maintenance/cleaning work. She and her mother live together in a shelter.

Ralph Alfarommed - I met Ralph at Penn Station. He has been on the streets for eleven
years. His mother and father passed away and he had to sell their home to pay for funeral
and other expenses. In the meantime, he worked in landscaping but lost his job when he
began drinking alcohol. He says he was alone without any family inferring that his
drinking problem came from loneliness.

Ronnie Mitchell – Has been on the streets three years. He was previously employed in
maintenance work. Became very irritated and abruptly left me because he said he had to
get something to eat.

John Jackson – Has been on the streets one month. Has been working in the mail room
at a legal firm in Manhattan. However, the firm recently cut many individuals from its
payroll including attorneys and support personnel. This why John lost his job.

Charlton Matias - Has been on the streets twenty years. It all began with drugs and

Darren Nesbitt - Has performed security, courier, and construction work. He states he
voluntarily left this type of work because he received a calling from God to help people.
It may surprise you to know that homeless people can be some of the most innovative people in
the world. I have a fresh example.

I met Charlton Matias and Darren Nesbitt in the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Although
homeless, both were busy.........W O R K I N G! In fact, my conversation with each one
was often interrupted because they had to take care of their customers!


The Port Authority is a huge huge four story building on Eighth Avenue where hundreds
of buses park at various boarding stations within this facility. Most customers who enter
the building need immediate help in locating their bus.

NEVER FEAR.......Charlton and Dafrren are here to help! They direct hundreds of
customers to their destination. What is so amazing is they know every square inch of this
terminal. I watched and listened with amazement as they gave specific directions to
clientele whose faces displayed a familiar fear in being late unless they could find their
They never ask for money which may be the reason why those in charge have not
stopped them. So, what keeps them motivated? Because of their excellent customer
service, travelers often tip them. It is not unusual for them to make $200/day.
Unfortunately, this amount of income is not sufficient to meet basic needs for living in
this expensive city.

ALL HOMELESS ARE LAZY ? ? ? Don't believe it. They simply have not located THE
LIFE BUS that can take them off the streets of New York.


Elizabeth Lessingcon - Elizabeth is NOT homeless. However, she lost her job six
months ago. She was employed as a data clerk by the Environmental Protection Agency.
However, when there was a downsizing, those with less education were the first to be
terminated. I met her in Harlem while she was taking a break from class. Yes, this worker
is now working on completing her GED and has been told that, upon satisfactory
completion, she can return to the EPA.

Anthony Means - I met Anthony at the same time I met Elizabeth Lessingcon. Anthony
was also terminated from his clerical job with the City of New York. This worker is
working on completing his GED and has been told that, upon satisfactory completion, he
can return to work for the city.

While in Manhattan, I visited the Ecumenical Community Development Organization
and learned that they have openings for 20 SECURITY OFFICERS. And, the
qualifications are minimal; i.e. high school education or GED, at least 18 years of age,
and be able to pass drug test and criminal background check.

During our Operation Uplift, we cross paths with Helen Williams at Georgetown
University Medical Center. She had just learned that cancer had spread throughout the
body of her mother, Doris Crump Henderson. We are adding this individual to our prayer
list because we serve the only God who can still perform miracles!

DeLonte' Jones

James L. Brown

Tina White - Had a stroke. Living on the street because social security disability income
is not sufficient. States she is willing to work if the she could physically perform the job.
However, she would no longer receive the disability income so her wages would have to
offset loss of that income.
Thomas Hood - Worked for Goodwill Industries from 1976 until 1994. Goodwill closed.
Thomas also has a record after serving in the penal system.

Russell Ell Tucker - Has been on the street two months. Previously worked at Howard
University but was laid off.

Jerome Howard - Has just been laid off from construction work. Not on the streets yet
but appears to be close.

Lady A (would not provide name) - Feels she has been called to be an evangelist.
Describes her very difficult past as being like Jonah in the belly of the whale. But, she
says, "Like Jonah, God has delivered me from my past."

Nigussie Girma - This individual is originally from Ethiopia. Has lived in Washington
DC ten
Years. Was working in the security field but was laid off. Not homeless yet but is close.

Champ Lee - Receives social security disability. His attitude clearly shows he does not
possess any kind of work ethic. Upon leaving him, I looked back and observed him
pulling a pint of liquor from his coat pocket as he was laughing with another homeless
individual. Yes, and he turned up the bottle and began consuming the alcohol.

LJ - Has been unemployed for two years. Served time in jail for fighting.

D. Lewis - Disabled due to a neck injury.

Tim Tharpe - Served in Iraq. Disabled veteran.

EL Earlty - Lost mother, lost wife, and lost family. States he has pulled his hair and is
envious (whatever that means)

Walter Holmes - Son was shot and killed. He has congestive heart failure, diabetes, a
hernia, and asthma. Yet, as I approached him, he was cleaning the sidewalk in front of an
apartment complex. He earns $7.50 an hour which it makes it difficult for him to make it
in Washington. However, he is a prime example of a homeless person WHO IS

Wayne Moore - Has been on the street 2 1/2 years. He and his wife have split. He went
home to take care of his mother. Was self-employed as carpet cleaner. He is 60 years old
and states he is disabled.

Willie Bonds - 73 years old. He was in a wheelchair and has been retired for 17 years.
Yet, he states his desire is to work with other senior citizens through social services.

David Wilkerson - He calls himself "Dr Feelgood". He was sued three years ago. He
states he had rather be on the streets than live in an apartment.

Stanley Ricks - Has been on streets since April 2011. He was a day laborer who moved
furniture. Has a back injury, chest pains, and swollen legs.
Wesley Simmons - Served time for using cocaine and PCP drugs. Was placed in a
mental hospital for a while. Has also been a schizophrenic? However, he indicates he has
now overcome all of these problems and appeared to be very normal.

Joe Embrey - Has been on the streets ten years. All members of his family died. Worked
at Safeway Store but was "suspended because I cussed the manager." He states that since
he was suspended, he could have returned to the job but refused. He states I CHOSE

Antione Wilkins - Had fight with wife. Left her three days ago (November 2011). States
he has three children. He has a job cooking at a law firm and earns $1400/month. Yet,
this does not appear to be sufficient to keep him off the streets.

Francwa Sims - Has been off and on the street for ten years. He is trying to get into
public housing.

Linwood Baylor - Retired three years ago. Worked thirty two years driving a tractor-
trailer. Had to retire because of diabetes, high blood pressure. He will soon begin drawing
social security at which time he can come off the streets. He currently performs volunteer
work with seniors which is commendable.

Chon Smith - Has been on the streets for four months (November 2011). Was driving a
truck but lost job. Before that, he was a police officer. He never tried to apply for police
work again.

Nolan Settles - Worked at Safeway Store. Was laid off. Has worked temporary jobs.

Jeffrey Miller - Has served time. Mother passed away in 2007. Mother's inheritance
went to sister. He has no contact with his sister.

Brian Raw - He states his apartment burned two years ago. He also states he has
performed janitorial work most of his life. He also states he was drawing unemployment

Man B (Name not provided) - Has been on the streets since he was sixteen years ago. He
did not finish school. Has a record and does not show any enthusiasm for work.

Man C (Name not provided) - Has been on the streets ten years and has NO desire to

Marcel - Was on street but got off the street. He is disabled due to a mental condition. Is
in subsidized housing.

Robert Graham - Has been on the street for four months. Separated from wife. Wife
went to her mother's home. He states he has worked all of his life as a mechanic. He says,
"When I was twelve years old, a man told me if I could install a transmission in a car, he
would give the car to me. A friend and I did it!" Has worked as a mechanic for Brakes On
Wheels, a mobile brake service. However, he lost his job when the employer went out of
business due to putting too much money in the business. Graham states that he can obtain
employment at any time. However, he says, "Right now, I just want a little peace but I do
plan to get a job the first of the year." (He was warned not to delay applying for a job
since history shows that the longer an individual is unemployed, the more difficult it
becomes to obtain another job.)

Catrion Knights - Has been on the streets five years in Baltimore. Could not get a job.
Walked on the train tracks to Washington. Did not finish high school. This is a very
depressed individual. He is so young; yet he appears to have given up.

Maxine Brice - Hitch hiked from Baltimore to Washington three weeks ago. Had a job
but left it because she feels Jesus has a calling for her. She speaks in a very spiritual
manner. She says, "My brain is like a sponge; it can hold holy water."

Marshall Capers - Has been on the streets three years. Was employed in construction
work but was laid off because of the recession. Hurt ankle. Yet, he is able to walk so one
would have to ask, why he can’t work. Upon pursuing this issue, his feedback indicates
he may have given up.

Antonio Hines - Fully disabled.

Anthony Horlback - Currently works as a paper handler at District Photo, currently
earning $7.50/hour. He was previously working as a cook at the naval base earning
$10/hour. However, it closed.


Donald Ivory - came to me literally crying BIG tears! Since I first met Donald one year
ago, he has become employed in landscaping work! He is so joyful for this
accomplishment and so are we! Praise the Lord and may we continue to pray for Donald!

Jim Morris - This individual is on the street but his wife is in the VA hospital in
Memphis! Both need our prayers.

Darrell Campbell - He states his strength is in the Lord and his family. Lost his job and
has been a drug addict and has suffered a relapse because of the drug addiction.

Calvin Blakley - works through temporary hiring service which does not provide
sufficient income. However, his willingness to work shows he has not lost the work
ethic. He states he is still looking for permanent employment. He further states he may
be able to move sandbags needed because of flooding in Memphis.

Raymond Meeks - Raymond is originally from Georgia. He was traveling to Pensacola
to perform electrical work. He stopped for gas where someone stole his truck. He came
to Memphis. He has no family and is performing some work via temporary agencies.

Charles Pilgram - Was working in Mississippi until Hurricane Katrina.

John Seals - Previously worked for five years for American Workforce a temporary
hiring agency which went out of business. He has arterial disease but is still able to
Dwayne Jones - Served three years in the penitentiary for manslaughter. Cannot get job
because of his record. Before serving time, he had painted and plastered walls. Dropped
out of school at age sixteen.

Jacob Washington, Jr and Crystal Carle - Jacob is disabled veteran and has a felony
background. He receives $600 in social security and $1200 from Veterans
Administration. He is a volunteer for the VA hospital where he has mopped floors; in
addition he has assisted at the car wash.

Abraham Hunter - Has been unemployed for five years. 65 years old. Originally from
South Carolina and raised in Wilmington NC.

Kenneth Cooper - Unemployed for one year. Has performed some work via temporary
employment agency. Has previously lived in low income housing project but could not
renew lease.

Jason Park - Jason is divorced and pays $111 per week child support. For the last two
years, he has worked on and off for temporary employment agency for $7.25 per hour.
After paying child support, there is little left.

Ronald Shivers - Unemployed since May 3, 2010.

Kirklon Edwards - Only states he lost job a long time ago.

Rick Hope - Unemployed approximately three years. He was previously a cook in
restaurant in Jackson Mississippi.

Nichael Nevels - Unemployed for ten years. Had an aneurysm in 2000. Receives

Marvin Collins - Unemployed for six years. Served 8 1/2 years in US Army. Only
states her has done a little work on and off.

Kenneth Cooper - Has a felony background and is on medication.

Dana Savage and friend James Clemmons - Dana has been unemployed for six weeks.
He has good background in construction work. Without further explanation, James states
he lost one condominium, two homes, and two businesses. He has some health problems
including DJD in neck, back, and hips. He has done a little restaurant work such as
washing dishes. THE GOOD NEWS: Dana has contacted a friend in New Orleans who
is in the construction business and who will hire Dana immediately. In addition, Dana's
friend states he is willing to hire James and allow him to perform the easier kind of work
due to James' disability. This is called WIN WIN!

Jean McClaine - Unemployed for six months. Receives social security disability. Has
bad leg circulation and states she was injured in an accident. On the other hand, she has
been seen constantly walking through downtown Memphis which would indicate she is
capable of performing some work but there is a serious question about her desire.

Joe Watson - Unemployed. Last job was at Jones Products where he loaded
food commodities on trailers. However, this is only seasonal work. At one time, Joe
operated his own business. He would pick up scrap metal on the streets of Memphis and
deliver them to a scrap yard where he was paid excellent $$$$ for loads of metal.
However, while making excellent money, he blew it by living in a high rent district. All
of a sudden, his truck broke down and he had no money to replace it. It is so sad that he
had to walk away from his business due to his failure to properly budget and lay aside
money for a rainy day. However, he states he will be able to return to Jones Products
(unless the recent floods cause food commodities to be reduced). He wishes to save
money for a new truck from working at Jones Products. and return to the scrap metal

Tallen Williams - Unemployed 1 ½ years. Has no unemployment money and states he
has tried applying many places with no success.

Raymond Branch - Unemployed for one year. Last job was at Jones Fiber, a cotton gin.
Worked there for three years and earned $800/week but was laid off. This individual has
another problem. He has worked at so many places, some employers might believe he is
a job hopper. Sometimes it doesn't pay to move around for a little extra money because
many employers like for employees to be stable.

Calvin Brown - Unemployed five years. Previously worked as a painter. Had no
transportation as he lost his car because of getting behind on paying on the loan. This is
another individual who created his own problem because of not having a budget!

Beverly Faulkner - Unemployed seven years. Was working at Commercial Appeal
(Memphis newspaper office) where he performed custodial work. The boss wanted him
to work double shift but since he did not receive extra pay for double time, he abruptly
quit. In effect, he burned a critical bridge behind him!

Derick Linwood - Has not had a job for the last 30 years. When he was young, he
served time in penitentiary for robbery.

Karl Nolan - Unemployed eight years. Worked in a barbecue restaurant in Fort Worth
Texas but wasn't getting enough hours.

Greg Jackson - Unemployed for one year. Worked as a line man for Memphis Light,
Gas, and Water. He retired at age 44. He had the choice of getting a pension OR taking
a lump sum of money. Since he was already paying his ex-wife $2000/month, he elected
to take the lump sum so she could not receive any of the money. Unfortunately, he did
not invest the money and simply lived on it. When the money ran out, he went to the

Joe Page - Hurt on the job three years ago. He stepped on a nail which went through his
heal. He states he is also a diabetic. Yet, he appears to be able to work. Had a cigarette.

Steve Clark - Unemployed ten years. He receives a disability check because of a mental
disability. He states he would like to work. Yet, he has not taken the initiative to apply

Anthony Bowman - Has been on the streets since March. Has performed some
temporary work. Receives disability check for yellow jaundice. He is 43 years old and
has never been employed in a regular job. Yet, he admits he could work if he could find
the job.
Clay Provence - born in Oklahoma. Receives social security check for mental
disability. Formerly cut trees and performed tree farming until 1996. His conversation
with me was quickly cut off. He shows no interest in working.

Harold Handa - This individual receives social security check for disability. He comes
across as one of the most depressed individuals with whom we have had any contact.

Wayne Settles - Unemployed two years. 49 years old. Has served time in the
penitentiary. Has worked with temporary agency on a few jobs.

Tony Valentine - Unemployed for many years. Has worked a few jobs through the
temporary agencies. Served time in 1983 for 1 ½ years.

Todd Waldran - Unemployed for five years. Formerly employed in construction work.
Has had drug and alcohol problem.

Patrica Smith - Disabled; has severe problem with depression. Is waiting on
government benefits.

Willie Barnes - Boyfriend of Patricia Smith. Patricia requests prayer for him. He is
currently serving a sentence in the penitentiary.

Rick Sexton - Receives social security disability but says he is allowed to make up to
$4,000 and still keep the disability benefit. Yet, he shows no proof of looking for any

Marfino Frazier - 37 years old and has been unemployed all of his life. Has also served
time in prison.


Jerald Dawson
Marlon Willingham
Edward Jackson
James Harmon
JR Ferfuson
Dan Miller
Tony Saulsberry
David Metcalf
Robert Roberson (77 year-old veteran)

I have recorded details from cases involving two homeless individuals with whom I
interacted while in Memphis. They need our prayers:


Alonzo Wilson is on the Memphis streets but IF he is careful he can soon move from
"rags to riches". Although Alonzo receives a social security check, it is not sufficient to
provide with him with shelter and so he is on the street. That's the bad bad news. The
good news is that he has just inherited $432,000 from his father's estate. (He is the only
child.) He shared his paperwork with me as "proof of the pudding" and his identification
card. He cannot touch any of the money until the probate process is completed..

   Unfortunately, he has already made one mistake. His father also left a piece of rental
  property to him valued at $25,000. He was approached by someone who wanted to buy
it. To make a long story short, he signed a quit claim deed and was handed $500 with a
promise to pay the remainder. The buyer hasn't returned with the balance which is not

This is a usual case in which a homeless person suddenly has money but does not have
sufficient financial knowledge to know what to do with his new gold nugget. It is like
holding a time bomb which can quickly explode.

Homeless or not, when a person loses a loved one and is left with an inheritance, studies
clearly show that person can also act in an irrational manner.which is what occurred
when he gave away the rental property. Although he is very anxious to get off the street,
this anxiety can also cause him to do dangerous things with the money.

For these reasons, I have pleaded with him to take the following steps in protecting this
wonderful gift that can remove him from the streets:

1. COOL IT! Do not act too quickly. Sit on it for a while! Haste makes waste!

2. Seek the wise counsel of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER so most of the
money can be invested and produce necessary growth. In addition, it will provide
additional necessary income.

3. Beware of attorneys. Many of them will take you to the cleaners through charging
exuberant fees.

Thankfully, Alonzo is one of the homeless who is very intelligent. He simply lacks an
understanding of personal finance as related to handling large sums of money and this is
DANGEROUS. Let us pray for this individual to use what God is suddenly providing to
him to rescue him from the streets!


In my book A Worker Need Not Be Ashamed, I refer to those wanderers in the
wilderness. These are individuals who have never found their purpose for living. They
merely exist. (My pastor, John Shields, has also recently addressed this subject in his
sermons as he has expresses his concern about those who just merely go through the
motions of living without REALLY LIVING out the purpose God has for them.)

One such wanderer is Jason. Upon my arrival in Memphis, he expressed urgency
in wanting to meet with me on Sunday afternoon. Initially, he came across as a person
who really wishes to get off the streets. His most recent job was bartending. He also
worked in a warehouse where he was earning $880 per week. He states he borrowed
some tools from a co-worker to use in making repairs to his home. He says that later it
was determined that the co-worker had actually stolen the tools from their employer.
Since Jason had the tools, he states he was charged with theft and police pressed charges
and he served six months for the offense. In addition, he states he had a bad relationship
with a girl who worked there who was a drug addict. His story had so many
contradictions; I am left wondering how much of this was true.

As he spoke, I sensed a deeper problem. I asked him to tell me about his work
background BEFORE he worked in the warehouse. He had moved from job to job to
job.....NUMEROUS jobs. I carefully reviewed with him my thoughts about his situation.
Although he believes the ONLY reason for not obtaining employment is the jail sentence,
I emphasized that employers do not like to hire employees who do not have a stable work
record. "Jason, as we lay aside the jail sentence for a moment, I must tell you that
employers may view you as a job hopper and this does not help your case". Before I
could provide some answers to his predicament, Jason quickly thanked me and walked
away without further conversation. It was obvious I had hit a nerve. Job hoppers do not
like to face the truth. Many of them suffer from self-denial thinking they are OK because
they do not want to face the truth. This is so sad.

I share this case with you for two reasons: (1) The unemployment rate in a city such as
Memphis is NOT the sole reason for a person being denied employment (2) Job hoppers
who have become homeless can be the most difficult individuals with whom I work.

I cannot force Jason to change his ways no more than my pastor can force any one in our
church to change. This is a behavioral issue, an INDIVIDUAL responsibility. There is
a very pronounced dividing line between instruction and action. I have not given up
on Jason but all we can do is pray for him and the rest is up to HIM.

There is so much happening through contacts with the homeless, I will be careful to be as
brief as possible. Unlike the listing sent to you all daily from New York, I thought you
might wish to view details from a few individual cases which have profound revelations!


When I am on the streets with the homeless, sometimes I run into individuals who are not
homeless but who are in great need of prayer.

Clarence Porter - has cancer (bone marrow). Taking chemotherapy. 48 years old.


Philip Hubbard - Has been on the streets for several years. He previously worked in the
emergency room of a New York hospital but lost his job.

Andre from Puerto Rico - Could barely speak English which prevented me from
obtaining background information. This makes no difference as God knows who he is.

Jeff Daw - Unfortunately, he has a problem which is very common to senior citizens. He
states he retired in 1992, and although he is on the streets, it’s as though I have "done my
thing in this life" and am just biding time and waiting for the end. How tragic! Yet, this
attitude is very typical among many seniors who do NOT live on the streets. Footnote:
This is one reason why we don't have alot of seniors in Sunday School rooms sharing the
gospel with young people!!!!!!!!!!!
Stanford Ivey - Stanford was a foot messenger but was laid off several months ago and
has been on the streets since the layoff.

Jack Engle, Jr - When asked if I am permitted to add his name to our prayer list, he
exclaimed, "Yes, Yes, I am a Christian. I am a Lutheran." He has been homeless since

Billy Evans - States he has a bad heart and can't work. I asked, "If I could give you a job
which does not require any heavy physical activity such as sitting at a security desk,
Billy, could you work it." His response was "Yes". I asked the question because
individuals with disabilities often ignore the possibility of performing work which does
not further cause a health problem. Billy has been on the streets for eight years.

Angelina Cosellaneo - I found Angelina on Fifth Avenue close to St Patrick’s
Cathedral. This is a very young lady who appears to be in her early 20's. She states that
at one time she was Junior Executive Vice President for New York BankCard. Her
husband left her and she has been homeless since. Hesitant to discuss any details.

The Journalist - This one is MOST UNUSUAL. She approached me just outside Club
Quarters, my residence for Operation Uplift. She was very well dressed. She said, "Sir,
could you please give me one dollar toward a meal?" She states that she worked as a
journalist in New York and has a Master's Degree in Journalism but was terminated due
to labor cuts. Although this lady still has a residence in the city, it appears she is just ON
THE EDGE of having to come to the street because she is now having to ask for food
money. As I discussed different avenues as to how she might be able to get on a
different track leading to working again, she put up a resistance to each suggestion. It
appears that she is one who has resigned herself to the "fact" that "things can't get better
for me". Unfortunately, when I spoke with her, I had given out of my supply of the
important handout which I distribute to each individual. I asked her to please remain at
her location and I quickly went into Club Quarters to get a handout for her. Upon return,
she was no longer there. (I also failed to get her name at the beginning of the
conversation. But, again, God knows the name of one called The Journalist.)

Mark Clemente - very young individual (twenties) sitting on 6th Avenue on the way to
Grand Central Station. Has been traveling from city to city trying to find a job. His next
attempt will be to travel to Arizona. I discussed importance of paying close attention to
unemployment statistics before deciding to travel to a specific area. For example, if cold
weather is not a problem, North and South Dakota have some of the lowest
unemployment rates in the country.....far below national average.

Daniel Hamer - has HIV. Lost his job in Pennsylvania. States he had rather live on the
streets than in homeless shelters. Stated he had been robbed several times by individuals
living in the shelters. He also removed his jacket to show a scar on his arm which was
caused by someone attacking him in one of the shelters.

James Risher - has been unemployed for 12 years. Lost his last job because of a conflict
with a female employee. Also lost his family. (I try not to assume anything about a
homeless person. However, in this case, it appears he MAY have been accused of sexual
harassment. This is because he admitted that the situation was so serious, this
background information has caused him not to be able to obtain employment.)
Richard Jar - lost his job in September. Not very talkative but did not hesitate to give
permission to have his name added to our prayer list.

GAMBLER - This individual would not tell me his name. He only smiled and stated he
was a "gambler" meaning he gambled himself all the way to the street. (He evidently lost
everything he owned.) This is the only contact, thus far, that appears to enjoy his current
"life style" on the street. It is this kind of individual who cans not be helped through
Operation Uplift.

Nigel Porter - Hails from New York City. Has been unemployed for one year.

Lisa Cowell – Found her sitting on the floor in the Port Authority Building. Appeared to
be in late 20's. Already has six children and is five months pregnant with another child
whose boyfriend is the father. During one previous marriage, the husband took one of
her daughters named NEVAEH (Heaven spelled in reverse). Lisa has been in the city
four years. She is originally from Niagara Falls where her parents live. When she lived
there, she worked in tow truck business in Canada but hurt her back. She states she has
been away from her family thirteen years because they have no room for her because of
the size of her parent’s home. She was abused by grandfather's second wife. She went
through counseling. She says, "I have found Jesus in my life now." She still reads her
Bible. She says she would work if the job did not cause further injury to her back.

Richard Mejia - Has been serving time in prison because of a parole violation but was
released on December 3rd. States he is disabled yet he says he would work if he could
physically perform the job. His last job was in a casino in Atlantic City. Unemployed
for five years.

Allen Brockington - hails from the Bronx. Has been an alcoholic. Currently in an
apartment treatment program. This enables him to leave the street at night and live in a
government sponsored apartment facility but is subject to urine testing. If he returns to
drinking, he is totally on the street again. Allen is 61 years of age and has been out of
work 25 years. Born in Darlington South Carolina.

Mr. Unknown - Would not provide name. While speaking with him, he sipped beer
from a can which was concealed in a paper bag. Appears to enjoy his current lifestyle.
How sad.

Ricky Wallace - born in Hampton Virginia. 29 years old. Quit his job in 2009 and went
back home. Has also been in prison for six months before being paroled and placed in a
rehabilitation program that focuses on behavioral health. Before coming to New York,
he was in Boston. At one time, he had some money but went to Atlantic City and
gambled it away. He is trying to get to back to Boston.

Larry Green - Has been on the street for three years without a job. Would work if
someone would hire him.

Andrew Curtis - 50 years old. States he has had six heart attacks and nine surgeries.
BUT, he could work if hired. (No disability living on the streets.)

Mark Robinson - Has lived off and on four years on the street. Injured on the job
while in Alaska. Worker's compensation was cut off and other such benefits cut.
Milton Williams - Unemployed ten years.

Wilbur Johnson III - hails from New York. Seventeen of his years in wasted in prison.
He recently buried his dad in Bare Creek North Carolina. He is working part time one
day per week but does not earn enough money needed to get off the streets. And, he
states that because of being on parole from prison, he is not permitted to leave New York
area to seek employment in an area of low unemployment.

Gregory Hyman - Has been on the street for two years since losing his job.

Barry Foster - originally from Philadelphia. States he has hurt his back and is going to
have surgery. Willing to relocate if necessary to get a job.

It amazes me that the US Government has the American With Disabilities Act which is
"supposed" to protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination. Yet, Uncle Sam
never turns ”his" head toward applying this same law to those on the street who have a
disability but could work many jobs which do not require physical activity.

So many of these circumstances seem so hopeless. The good news is that many
individuals who have come off the streets and are now working faced the same kinds of
desperate situations. Will continue to emphasize that WHERE THERE IS A WILL,
THERE IS A WAY because God created them for a PURPOSE. Each individual is being
given a very specific recommendation as to how to get off the streets based on their
individual situation. I carefully emphasize that I do not underestimate their situation, but
I know that with God all things are possible!

Lewis Stokes - individual is from New York. Has been in a wheelchair since l988. He
says, "I would love to work and help kids. Anybody wants to feel part of society. My
grandfather taught me the work ethic but no one will hire me." To hear him speak will
break your heart!

Jose' Gonzalez - Has been on the street for at least four months. At the same time, he
states he "never was working anywhere". (Had difficulty getting to bottom of his story.)

Focus Bell - Has been on the street for three years.

Carlos Martin - Gave me his name but, otherwise, not very responsive.

Dwayne Robinson - On the street six years.

James Brooks - this individual exemplifies so many of the homeless. Go to the corner or
Lexington Avenue and 125th Street and you will see many of the homeless lining up to
deposit their bottles and other items for which they receive a little compensation. James
was pushing one cart and pulling another one to move his items. As we discussed the
importance of working, he opened his wallet and showed me MANY identification cards
proving he had been trained for different kinds of occupations. These range from a
supervisory certificate to a fire inspection license to a security license. Yet, he can't find
a job that matches his many qualifications. As I left this individual, my thoughts turned
to Alamance Community College where thousands are being trained. But, will they face
the same stark reality as James Brooks who can not use his training due to lack of jobs.
My contact with him has been one of my most frustrating moments since starting
Operation Uplift. I still hear political talk about retraining our population for the jobs of
today, but where are they?

Joe Mangione - Served in two wars including Desert Storm. Has been on the street since
November. However, recently he was able to go back to construction work but fell and
broke some ribs and had to leave the workplace. He smiled and said "I got a call to serve
on the jury. I plan to serve."

Melvin Rodriguyez - As I returned to Port Authority Building, Lisa (the young lady
whom I reported earlier as being five months pregnant) was with this individual whom
she identified as the boyfriend/father. He stated he has been in prison twenty years
which was never mentioned by Lisa in our previous conversation. Based on his response,
it is unlikely he will ever adopt a new lifestyle. Comes across as one who doesn't value
life very seriously.

Hugh Porter - from New York City. Unemployed one year. Had worked on a delivery
job but when he lost it, he came to the street. Has no family.

Roman Vincenty – Stated he broke his back.

Daniel Nunez – has been on the streets for six years.           Relapsed on heroin.     Has
previously worked as a therapist.

Eddie Hall – born in 1957. Eddie has been homeless nineteen years.

James Vigliatura – worked as a rest server but was terminated because there was not
enough business. Has been homeless since December 17th.

Rene’ Riquelme - Rene’ hails from Miami and has been homeless for a few weeks. Is
able to work a few days for fifty dollars a day but this is not enough to keep him off the

Last year, I visited the Church of St Paul the Apostle on Ninth Avenue where they serve
lunch for the homeless each day. I asked if it would be possible speak to the homeless as
a GROUP as soon as they are fed. I was abruptly told there would be no interest in this.

Yesterday (Thursday, January 13), I returned to this church. Since the receptionist has to
activate the door for it to open, I slipped in behind a delivery man as the door was opened
for him. I remained in a small area between the door and where another door opens into
a lobby where the receptionist is located. This enabled me to make some contacts as the
homeless left the church after being fed. Results:

Liz Rivera - has been on the street two years. Stated she was raped by three "black men"
and now has HIV virus (AIDS).

Jaun Martinez - speaks no English but was able to obtain his name as he understood
when I asked if I could place his name on our prayer list.

Tony Martinelli - one year on the street. Lost his customer service job.

Tony Williams - five years on the street after losing his job. Says he has not been able to
get another one.
Maxey Moore - from New York City. Worked in construction until he lost his job. Has
been on the street six years.

Ann - Would not give me her last name. Would only say she lost her job as a secretary
would not discuss her status further.

Hank - introduced himself as a laid-off actor but later stated he was a retired federal
employee (mail clerk). Wife has been in nursing home for 1 1/2 years on Medicaid.
Although he has place to stay, he comes to the church for meal. (Hank is example of
individual who is focused in only one area -- acting -- which is a dangerous form of
tunnel vision. Needs to open his vision to other possibilities and face the reality of the
moment as related to job availabilities.)

Raymond Fishe - have just located this individual over on Lexington Avenue. He is
another one who is not totally homeless but is on the edge of coming to the street full
time. Has previously worked in kitchen of an elderly care facility. Stated that the
residents were asking for more fruit and so he accommodated them with extras.
However, when the nutritionist learned of this, he was fired. Has been working part time
on taking the census.


Tim Tharpe

George Milton


Dwayne Johnson – This homeless individual took the opportunity to give me a “first
class tour” of the area in downtown Memphis in which so many of the homeless live. He
was such a great help and such a loving individual. Thank you Dwayne!

Larry Jones

Cedric Webb

Marvin Stringfellow – Every time I saw him in the park, he was reading his Bible.
When I first approached him, he stated that he had been in trouble. He stated he would
have to report to jail in early June and complete a 47-day sentence. But, the good news
is that he said he has found his calling! He has been called into the ministry! He read
Psalm 143 to me and then we prayed together. I told him that in the future, I wanted to
come to Memphis and speak at the church which he may be establishing! If Jerry
Falwell could do it, Brother Marvin can do it!

Houston Baggett
Carrie Dowdy

Alexander Murrain

Greg Jackson

Julian Gonzales

“John the Baptist” – No one knows his name so this is the nickname given to him by
other homeless individuals. It is obvious that his individual has some mental problems
which many homeless have.

Ralph and Amanda Crowley

Chad Smith – This is his first time on the street and he has been here since January. He
is a victim of the Great Recession. Lost his job and has no other income.

Robert and Donna Patterson – PRAISE GOD this husband and wife are no longer
homeless. Both were on drugs for fifteen years. They have kicked the drug habit.
Robert is employed at Ashley Nursing Home! There is HOPE for the homeless through
Christ Jesus! Their story inspires me to continue to deliver this message to every
homeless person from New York to London and in between!

Fletcher Ferguson

Debra Sutton

Joda Moriarty

Mark Mitchell

Thomas Willis

Woodrow Bailey

James Buchanan

Robert Sanford

Kaanon Duncan

Ron Wright – Ron is a veteran. WHAT A SHAME! One who has fought to protect the
United States and, yet, there is no job for him! This is a ROTTEN SHAME and makes
me angry!

Brian Woodruff

Joe Green

Chris Johnson
Ricky Parham – Ricky feels his calling is making music! I reminded him that some of
the greatest musicians ever created by Almighty God hail from Memphis. I discussed
ways in which he can persue his passion and his need to persevere.

Adam Carter

Cedric Sanders

Duona Town

End of mission – Memphis, Tennessee - 2010.


Ray Gregory – Found him sitting on the floor of the Port Authority Bus Terminal on
Eighth Avenue. Each day of every week, he boards the bus which takes him to Atlantic
City. Just before leaving the bus, the driver hands him twenty dollars which is given by
the gambling casinos hoping Ray will come inside and gamble it away. Instead, it
becomes his survival money used to buy food. He would like to work; he is 62 years old
and no one will hire him!

Joey Dalton – came to New York City in 1959. He is 56 years old and has a disability
but would still like to work. No one will hire him.

Bill (no last name given) – is camped out on West 57th Street every day starting early in
the morning.

Therese (no last name given) – found living on the floor of the Port Authority Bus
Terminal on 8th Avenue in New York City.

Walter Paris – a proud Vietnam veteran but no one will hire him!

Eric Washington

Fernando Martinese

Benone Joseph – a quiet individual living on the streets of Harlem.

Floyd Ford – living on the streets of Harlem. Because of frostbite, all fingers were
amputated. Yet, he expresses a desire to work but no one will hire him.

Jo Jo – sits in a wheelchair because of having one leg. Yet, he would work if someone
would hire him!

Cornell Lockhart – lives on the streets of Harlem where he makes a little money playing
his guitar.

James Baul
Tom Kelly – found in Central Park. This is only individual I have met who states that he
lives on the streets by choice. What a shame when he could be a WORKER WHO

Bobby Nichols – found on the street in mid-town Manhattan. WOW! This individual
threw a real curve at me. He asked, “Where did you go to school?” I replied, “East
Carolina University”. His response was, “I know your football coach. He’s Skip Holtz.”
WOW! He is right! This tells me that some of our homeless keep up with the times and
know what is going on!        My conversation with Bobby revealed that, despite his
circumstances, he is an enthusiastic, cheerful individual! I suppose that is why God still
allows the world to stand when a Bobby Nichols can set the example for cheerfulness!
The Lord knows we need more cheer and less despair in this tough world!

Bryan Wilson

James Meyer

Daniel Nunez

Finally, a young 23-year old female (shame on me but because of the intense nature
of her situation, I failed to write her name) – She stopped me on Broadway in Times
Square and begged for a quarter. I was shocked because her appearance would suggest
that she was just an ordinary young lady who might have been a mother. I invited her to
sit down with me on a bench and unload on me because she seemed so frustrated. She
stated that she was from Texas and had tried to get a job in the city but had been
unsuccessful. Although I love New York City and its people, I reminded her that New
York is extremely expensive. I asked if she had considered moving to another location
where expenses are much lower. She said that her live-in boyfriend worked as a gold
broker and that she had suggested this to him but he wanted to stay in the city. However,
she admitted they could not live on his money alone. This is a woman who has a moral
decay problem by living with a male to whom she is not married. So her problem is not
just a monetary one. She needs prayer on both accounts!

End of mission – New York City - 2010.


We are working with two individuals who have a critical situation:

Lisa in Memphis Tennessee – This individual who has excellent credentials has been
unemployed since March 2009! GOD will rescue her but she also needs to be
remembered along with millions of other unemployed workers. PRAYER

David in Atlanta, Georgia – He has a medical degree but is still unemployed. Pray that
David will find his calling and the job to match that calling! ALERT: PRAYER

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