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					                                                                 Tac k l e Yo u r I ndu s tr ial P C N eeds w ith A Prove n B ra n d.

DS PowerView 8000iE, Rev A                                    For more information or to request a quote, visit us online at www.nematron.com

PowerView 8000iE Series                                                                                                   NEW!

 7.0" to 10.0" Industrial Operator Interface HMI Panels

       PV-8100iE                                                     Slimmer De HMI
                                                                      7" and 1 izes                       Now Compatible with
                                                                       Display S
                                                                                                          EasyBuilder Pro

                                                                          The PowerView 8000iE Series is next generation em-
                                                                          bedded HMI hardware from Nematron that helps boost
                                                                          productivity and flexibility with improved features such
                                                                          as brighter LED-backlit displays, faster RISC processing
                                                                          speeds, and more robust communication through Ethernet
                                                 g   So                   and Serial.
                                           o min
                                        "C                                The PV-8000iE Series is now EasyBuilder Pro software-
                                    4.3                                   compatible, which means all the built-in development
                                                                          features like PLC driver support, advanced operations
                                                                          such as EasySimulator, Easy Access, and PassThrough,
        PV-6070iE -7.0"
                                                                          and simplifed installation, plus much, much more - come
        PV-8070iE -7.0"
                                                                          standard with each PowerView 8000iE unit.

 Hardware Features & Benefits
 The Powerview 8000iE Series has taken on a new look and feel with slimmer design and lighter plastic housing.
 The PV-6070iE/PV-8070iE and PV-8100iE are fully functional HMI panels with essential features and benefits to give the user the best
 experience possible.

                      4-wire Analog Resistive
                                                                                         NEMA 4 / IP65
                                                                                         Compliant Front Panel

                                                                                                                             32-bit RISC
      Durable Plastic Housing                                                                                                600MHz
      Construction                                                                                                           Processor

 A. DIP SW and Reset Button                                                                  A
 B. Fuse
 C. Power connector - 24VDC
 D. Com1 RS-485 2W/4W
    Com3 RS-485 2W
 E. USB 2.0 Host Port
 F. Com1 RS-232                 C
 G. 10/100 BaseT Ethernet              D
                                                                                                                           Slim Design -
                                                                     F                                                     Less than 2"
                                                                                G                                          Mounting Depth
                      Standard 2-year warranty
                       Covers parts and service

         NEMATRON CORPORATION · 5840 Interface Drive, Suite 100, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 · 1.800.NEMATRON (636-2876)
EasyBuilder Pro Development Software
 EasyBuilder Pro is powerful development software for Nematron PV-8000iE
 HMIs that greatly simplifies the visualized project editing process and supports
 more types of communication protocols including Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP.
 Users can communicate with a multitude of peripheral devices - all with ease -
 and complete project designs quickly and easily.
 EasyBuilder Pro is easy to learn and intuitive, also offering support of over 250
 communication drivers for quick connection.

                 EasyBuilder Pro Development Software is available
                 for download at www.nematron.com.

Software Features
 Integrated windows development                    Trend Display object clearly shows            and programming
  environment, such as toolbars, dialog              the traces of the progress for               Recipe Data and Report Logs
  boxes, menus, and drag & drop                      record checking                               facilities
  objects design                                    Easy and comprehensible                      Schedule management enables
 Multi-function objects with dynamic                debugging mode                                executing specified process at the
  usage support users’ screen designs               Multi-language display supported              fixed time, an interval of time, or a
  (graphics, buttons, history alarms,               Up to 150 different types of device           triggered event
  etc.)                                              (such as PLC) drivers are provided           Overlappable application windows
 Library offers diverse graphics and               Security mechanism in run-time               Online/Offline simulation
  animations                                         protects the displays and objects             environment
 Supports multiple formats of pictures:             with passwords                               Remote operation and
  BMP, JPG, GIF, and PNG                            Macro allows logical expressions              management

 COMMUNICATION DRIVER SUPPORT                                         COMPARISON OF 8000 and 8000iE SERIES
EasyBuilder Pro is equipped with over 250 differ-                     This is a comparison of software feature between the
ent model specific drivers for controllers to support                 previous PV-8000 and PV-8000iE Series HMIs.
product from over 150 PLC manufacturers.                              Description                                 PV-8000      PV-8000iE
 CANOpen                       Rockwell Automation
 EMERSON                       Samsung
                                                                      Embed Pictures in Project File                N/A           ü
 Fuji Electric Co., Inc.       Schneider Electric
                                                                      Embed PLC Tag Information in Project File     N/A           ü
 GE Fanuc Automation           Siemens
                                                                      Enhanced Security                             N/A           ü
 Hitachi, Ltd.                 Toshiba Corporation
                                                                      Recipe Database / Database View               N/A           ü
 Keyence Corporation           WAGO
                                                                      VNC                                            ü            N/A
 Mitsubishi Electric           Yaskawa Electric                     Download Project via USB cable                 ü            N/A
 Modbus                        Yokogawa Electric                    SOE (Sequence of Events)                       ü            N/A
 Omron Corporation             ...many more.                        User-defined startup screen                    ü            N/A

 Device Connection Structure                        Built-in VNC Server - Anytime Access             RS-485 Dual Isolation Design
                                                    PV-8000iE HMI units have built-in VNC            RS-485 dual isolation design ensures
                                                    Server which allows the user to operate          reliable operation in complex ground-
                                                    the HMI anytime and anywhere under a             ing applications. In some field appli-
                                                    network environment once your PC or              cations, due to complicated electrical
                                                    cell phone is equipped with a VNC Client.        wiring, the ground difference between
                                                                                                     an HMI, a PLC, servo and inverter
                                                                                                     may cause damage to components if
                                                                                                     these devices are connected togeth-
The PV-8000iE Series brings you a well                                                               er. The PV-8070iE / PV-8100iE pro-
designed HMI that is able to connect dif-                                                            vides dual isolation RS485 port that is
ferent devices simultaneously and also to                                                            ideal for applications with complicated
exchange and save data easily with diverse                                                           electrical wiring.
applications and management.
    Support different types of external connection devices
    A maximum of 64 devices can be connected                          Offline Simulation with EasySimulator
    Via Internet, data can be exchanged and saved between HMIs.       Upon completion of project programming, you can execute Online
    Via Internet, HMIs can connect and operate each other.            Simulation on PC by directly connect with PLC or Offline Simulation
    Via connection management to remotely control and diagnose.       on PC without connecting PLC.

www.nematron.com                                                                                                                           2
PowerView 8000iE Features Matrix

HARDWARE SPECS                                        PV-6070iE                                            PV-8070iE                                            PV-8100iE
Display Size                                      7.0" TFT LCD                                         7.0" TFT LCD                                            10.0" TFT LCD
Backlight Type                                         LED                                                  LED                                                     LED
Backlight Life                                    > 30,000 hrs.                                        > 30,000 hrs.                                            > 30,000 hr.
Resolution                                          800 x 480                                            800 x 480                                               800 x 480
Colors                                                 16M                                                  16M                                                     262K
Brightness (cd/m2)                                     350                                                  300
Contrast Ratio                                        500:1                                                500:1                                                    500:1
Touchscreen                                      4-wire Resistive                                     4-wire Resistive                                         4-wire Resistive
Construction                                          Plastic                                              Plastic                                                  Plastic
COM1                                         RS-232/RS-485 (2W/4W)                                RS-232/RS-485 (2W/4W)                                    RS-232/RS-485 (2W/4W)
COM3                                              RS-485 (2W)                                          RS-485 (2W)                                              RS-485 (2W)
                                                                                             (Com1/Com3 RS-485 Built-in Isolation)                 (Com1/Com3 RS-485 Built-in Isolation)
Ethernet port                                          N/A                                         One (10/100 BaseT)                                    One (10/100 BaseT)
USB Host                                             USB 2.0                                              USB 2.0                                               USB 2.0
USB Client                                           USB 2.0                                                N/A                                                   N/A
Processor                                   32bit RISC CPU 600 MHz                               32bit RISC CPU 600 MHz                                32bit RISC CPU 600 MHz
Program Storage                                      128MB                                                128MB                                                 128MB
DRAM                                                 128MB                                                128MB                                                 128MB
Configuration Software                     EasyBuilder Pro V3.0 or later                        EasyBuilder Pro V3.0 or later                         EasyBuilder Pro V3.0 or later

Input Power/Fuse Rating                       24±20% VDC / 1.25 A                                  24±20% VDC / 1.25 A                                   24±20% VDC / 1.25 A
Agency Approvals & Compliance                            CE                                              UL/cUL/CE                                             UL/cUL/CE
NEMA Rating                                       NEMA 4 / IP65                                        NEMA 4 / IP65                                         NEMA 4 / IP65
Operating Temperature                                 0~50°C                                               0~50°C                                                0~50°C
Operating Humidity                        10-90% RH (non–condensing)                           10-90% RH (non–condensing)                            10-90% RH (non–condensing)
Dimensions                                     7.88" x 5.75" x 1.33"                                7.88" x 5.75" x 1.33"                                10.67" x 8.38" x 1.57"
WxHxD                                       (200.3 x 146.3 x 34.0mm)                             (200.3 x 146.3 x 34.0mm)                              (271.0 x 213.0 x 40.0mm)
Panel Cutout                                7.5" x 5.4" (192 x 138mm)                            7.5" x 5.4" (192 x 138mm)                            10.2" x 7.91" (260 x 202mm)
Weight                                       1.32 lbs (Approx 0.6 kg)                             1.32 lbs (Approx 0.6 kg)                                   2.9 lbs (1.3 kg)
Note: For information on COM Breakout Cables and connecting HMI Interconnect Cables to each unit see the charts on next page.

PowerView Unit Conversion Chart

Previous Order #                  Current Order #                             Note
PV-6050WV2                        PV-6050WV2                                  Currently No Changes in S/W or Cables, New unit to be released in Q4 2013
PV-8050WV2                        PV-8050WV2                                  Currently No Changes in S/W or Cables, New unit to be released in Q4 2013
PV-6070WHV2                       PV-6070iE                                   Requires EasyBuilder Pro & COM Cable Changes
PV-8070WHV2                       PV-8070iE or PV-3070A                       Requires EasyBuilder Pro & COM Cable Changes
PV-6100WV2                        No Longer Available                         N/A (can use PV-8100iE as replacement). Requires EasyBuilder Pro & COM Cable Changes
PV-8100WV2                        PV-8100iE                                   Requires EasyBuilder Pro & COM Cable Changes
PV-8104XHV2                       PV-3105P                                    Requires EasyBuilder Pro & COM Cable Changes
PV-8121XV2                        PV-3120A                                    Requires EasyBuilder Pro & COM Cable Changes
PV-8150XV2                        PV-3150A                                    Requires EasyBuilder Pro & COM Cable Changes
Note: EasyBuilder Pro allows a previous EasyBuilder 8000 application to be uploaded and then downloaded to the current units with the same size display.

www.nematron.com                                                                                                                                                                           3
Ordering Information
PowerView Part #                Description
PV-6070iE                       7.0" Widescreen TFT color display, 16M colors, Touch, High Resolution, NO Ethernet (See Note 1 & 2)
PV-8070iE                       7.0" Widescreen TFT color display, 16M colors, Touch, Ethernet, High Resolution (See Note 2)
PV-8100iE                       10.0" Widescreen TFT color display, 16M colors, Touch, Ethernet (See Note 2)
Note 1: Non-Ethernet models (PV-6xxx) are not stocked items and may incur longer lead times than Ethernet models (PV-8xxx).
Note 2: PV-6070iE, PV-8070iE, and PV-8100iE require the use of EasyBuilder Pro configuration software.

PowerView COM Breakout Cables
Part #                          Description                                                                                                                                     Applies to:
CBL-DB9M2F                      Low profile gender adapter for COM1-485 (2W), COM1-485 (4W) only. Allows Nematron HMI RS485 cables to be connected to current
                                generation (PV-xxxxiE) units. Note: Does not apply to COM3-485 (2W) connections.                                                                PV-xxxxiE

CBL-DB9M2FNM                    Low profile null modem gender adapter for COM1-232. Allows Nematron HMI RS232 cables to be connected to current generation
                                (PV-xxxxiE) units.                                                                                                                              PV-xxxxiE

HMI Interconnect Cables
Nematron HMI Cable Cross-Reference by Controller. Cables are 6-foot length unless otherwise noted. The use of the appropriate PowerView COM
Breakout Cable is required to connect to the PV-6xxxiE/8xxxiE Series units (except PV-6050 unit) with the cables below. Consult the PowerView COM
Breakout Cable section above for the appropriate cable to use with the following Interconnect Cables. Direct connection with customer created cables is
possible, reference the PLC connect guide in documentation included with software.
                                                                                                                           PV-6xxxiE/8xxxiE Series
Mfg               Model                                                              Type/Controller Connector                 (See Note 3 & 4)
A-B/Rockwell      MicroLogix 1000/1200/1500                                              RS-232 (DIN 8-pin)                       CBL-PV3-8
A-B/Rockwell      MicroLogix 1500                                                         RS-232 (DE9S)                           CBL-PV4-8
A-B/Rockwell      SLC 5/01, 5/02, 5/03, 5/04, 5/05,                                        RS-232 (DB9)                           CBL-PV4-8
                  A-B Communications Interface Module (DF1)
A-B/Rockwell      SLC500 (DH485)                                                               RJ45                                CBL-PV12
A-B/Rockwell      A-B PLC5 (DF1)                                                          RS-232 (DB25)                           CBL-PV13-8
GE                Series 90                                                               RS-485 (DA15P)                           CBL-PV5
GE                VersaMax                                                                RS-485 (DA15P)                           CBL-PV5
Koyo              DL05/DL105/DL205/DL305/DL350/DL405 Port 2                                RS-232 (RJ12)                          CBL-PV10-8
Koyo              DL205/DL250 CPU Port 2 (cannot be used with PV-570L)                  RS-232 (15P SVGA)                         CBL-PV6-8
Koyo              DL305/ DL340 (cannot be used with PV-570L)                              RS-232 (DB25P)                          CBL-PV7-8
Koyo              DL405 port 0                                                            RS-232 (DA15P)                          CBL-PV8-8
Koyo              DL405 port 1                                                            RS-232 (DB25P)                          CBL-PV9-8
Koyo              DL405 Port 2                                                             RS-232 (RJ12)                          CBL-PV10-8
Mitsubishi        A Series                                                                RS-232 (DE9P)                           CBL-PV2-8
Modicon           Micro, Momentum                                                         RS-232 (RJ-45)                          CBL-PV11-8
Siemens           Simatic TI505                                                           RS-232 (DE9S)                           CBL-PV14-8
Siemens S7        Siemens S7-200                                                           RS-485 (DB9)                            CBL-PV15
Note 3: When installing a PV-6xxxiE or PV-8xxxiE unit in place of a PV-500 series with a previous version of a Nematron RS-232 HMI Interconnect Cable (not -8 suffix) the use of the required COM
Breakout Cables (ending in "-8") are required.
Note 4: The use of the appropriate PowerView COM Breakout Cable is required to connect these cables to the PV6xxxiE or PV-8xxxiE Series units (except PV-6050 and PV-8050 units) with the cables
above. Consult the PowerView COM Breakout Cable chart above for the appropriate cable to use with the above listed cables. For the PV-6050 and PV-8050, use CBL-PV505-PLC232 and do not include
the "-8" suffix at the end of the controller specific cable, I.e. CBL-PV4 instead of CBL-PV4-8.

 MTG-DEMO-          Stand for demo and development purposes only. In-
 STAND              cludes mounts for 75mm or 100mm VESA patterns.
                    NOTE: Not intended for use in production applications.

   Contact Information
         Headquarters - Nematron Corporation
                        5840 Interface Drive, Suite 100
                        Ann Arbor, MI 48103 USA
                        Tel: 1.734.214.2000
                        Fax: 1.734.994.8074
                        Email: info@nematron.com

                            For more information or to request a quote, visit us online at www.nematron.com                                                                                         4

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